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Jeweled Amber and the War of Balance

Jeweled Road and the War of Balance This was a campaign run in 3 sessions

  • Call to the Kin: The first campaign was from 1997 to 2003
  • Azcala Rising: The second campaign was 2013
  • The Red Sword Calls: The third and current campaign began in December 2018

By Michael J. Watson, in Southern California.

The reason this snip is here is to support the Diners of Amber article.

Campaign Particulars

Diners of Amber-Bleys at his best

Diners of Amber

Articles of Submission

Jeweled Amber-Articles of Submission

Stories of the Realm

Jeweled Amber-Stories

The Jeweled Road-A Powerful Construct

The Jeweled Road The Jeweled Road is a single road that starts in the foot of Mount Kolvir and stretches along path once taken by the Black Road all the way to the Abyss of Chaos.


Paragon-A Fallen Primal Ream


Calmir-A Fallen Primal Realm


Bursain-A Squiggle

Bursain :A squiggle of note. A burr in the waves of shadow.

Fairhand's Folly-Tosa

Fairhand's Folly

Player Characters





Vek Hendrake

People and Beings

Heirs and spares

An accounting of the House Bariman and its genealogy.

Primal Creature

Creatures of prime powers claiming great power generated by the power of wide variety of creatures of their type.


Hazarda & Timothy Elhue


My first PC. He wanders Amber shadow at will.

Ascorbic and Ox

PC of old.

Powers and Concepts

Powers of the Patterns of Amber' and Avalon'

  • 50 pips Basic Imprint: Frame can hold 12 spells of any power level with great power.
  • 75 pips Advanced Imprint:Frame can hold 18 spells of any power level with great power.
  • 100 Pips Master's Imprint.: Frame can hold 24 spells of any power level with great power.

The Sigil can be used defensively.

Flavors of the Pattern

Flavors of the Pattern Esoteric differences in Pattern Imprints.

Precedence of Powers

Precedence of Powers refers to the various levels of power and importance levels.

Contemplation and Conversations

Contemplations on the Nature of Benedict


Old Mink

A particularly potent potable.

Game Mechanic Topics

Jeweled Amber Skill Points

This system allows Players & Game Master to gain insight into Pc's interest.

Amber Standard Kit


Current Games & Past Games

The Black Road Less Traveled

Vek Hendrake

Ongoing consideration

Vek'osho du Hendrake

Little Game

The Little Game

A game unrelated to Amber. An exercise in minimalism.

Various Amber Games

Black Road Less Traveled

Available Characters


Various Veks

The various shadows of Vek


Non Sequitur

One Nebraska of Hamsters

Unit Designations



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