Sergeant Zerna Redhands The Orc

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Sergeant Zerna Redhands


The Orc


Burning Eyes, Muscular Body, Patchwork Armor, Intricate Scars, Four Arms


  • Blood +2
  • Courage +2
  • Grace -1
  • Sense +1
  • Wisdom +0


Born Rebel

What Is An Orc?

DAUGHTERS OF CHAOS Orcs are born free, submit to no authority, know no fear, and will never be ruled, chosing their own destinies. Attempting to enslave, control, intimidate, terrify or command orcs is fruitless, and they will do as they wish. Orcs are immune to the following moves: Twist the Knife, Fear Me, An Offer You Can't Refuse, Yes My Liege.

Core Moves

The Fires of Industry (With 1 minute's time, craft an Orc Melee weapon out of any object that you can destroy in the process. Orc Weapons are Clumsy in non-Orc hands. You may not carry more than four weapons, but you refresh them between scenes.)

Dishonor Before Death (Break a weapon to create an Advantage to Finish Them. When you must Pay a Price, you may always choose to break your weapon.)

Custom Moves

The Sweat of Your Brow (When you create a weapon for yourself, choose one enhancement for it: Destructive [Dangerous tag], Foe-Smelling [Hot in the presence of those who mean you harm], Spiked [Piercing])

Self-Orctualized (Extra Gear as noted below)


  • Rune-Covered Long Knife (Foe-Smelling, Orc, Melee), Hammer on a Chain (Dangerous, Orc, Melee), Back-Spiked Sword (Piercing, Orc, Melee), Double Glaive (Piercing, Orc, Melee)
  • Strange Jerky (3 Uses, Food)
  • Something I Found Over There (2 Uses, Useful)
  • Varg (VARG!)
  • Orcish Moonshine (2 Uses, Food (for Orcs only), Drunk: Grace+Wisdom, Vigor: Blood+Sense, OR stuff a burning rag in it to make those tags Ranged and Dangerous!)
  • Rights Of The Champion: Strong As Can Be (2 Uses, smash through things), Tough As Nails (2 Uses, Armor), Cunning As Can Be (2 Uses, ask one question from Look Closely instantly, without rolling)


Moonface the Varg is my loyal and fierce companion and ally. Who's a gigantic unstoppable killing machine? You are! Yes you are! Good Varg! What a good Varg!

I cannot help but respect Aurora

Sindri is my party buddy

Tanis and I are bound by blood, shared or otherwise

I'd know the smell of Aurora anywhere


Moonface the Varg (Cruel Beast, Go For The Jugular)