Session 01: Where the Heart Is

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The fight in Central Park has been all over the news.

Jack Frost runs across a crime scene in his neighborhood.

Police car - officer taking statement. Homeless person missing. Symbols in blood. Manhole cover partially open.

Jack meets OG - a powered person who seems to fight back against the gangs.

One of OGs informants lets them know there were 4 abductions in the last 2 weeks, all close to the sewers and at night. There's also rumors of a huge beast under the city.

Jack and OG go into the sewers, fight some toughs and meet The Mole who doesn't want to fight.

The Mole lets them know that there was a powered girl - Flicker - who they chased out of the sewers after abducting a powered person - FlyBoy. They are rumored to be in a run down old warehouse.

The two go to the warehouse, fight Flicker and encounter Heisenberg - who seems to be a mad scientist type. Flicker teleports and shoots. They barely make it out alive as they defeat them but the lab is rigged to blow. FlyBoy is rescued, but the other homeless people are all dead after some experiment was conducted on them.

Exposure: OG now has seen Jack Frost's true identity, but nobody else in this session

Notable NPCs:Powered: FlyBoy Powered: Flicker Powered: Heisenberg Powered: OG