Session 121

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Chapter 14

-->| YOU (Angelo) have joined #nobilis
<Angelo> Hi all!
<lazarus> hey
<Angelo> at Rand: do you have a plan to insert your noble in the game?
<Angelo> uhm... maybe he is afk?
<Angelo> laz, can you read me?
<lazarus> yep
<Angelo> well ^^
-->| Knockwood (~chatzilla@75.141.248.IP) has joined #nobilis
<Knockwood> y0 d00d2
<lazarus> j0knw1
<Angelo> HI Knook!
<Angelo> Baciamo le mani!
<Knockwood> whazzat mean?
-->| BethE ( has joined #nobilis
<Angelo> Hi BethE
<BethE> Hi guys! RN is on his way.
-->| Random_Nerd ( has joined #nobilis
<Random_Nerd> Hey.
<Angelo> Hi RN
<lazarus> hey
<Knockwood> Hi guys
<lazarus> afk
<Angelo> Baciamo le mani = Kiss your hand = My respects boss
<Knockwood> neat
<Angelo> yep
<BethE> Cool!
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
<Theresa> And sorry about the sickness last week. We're feeling kinda better now.
<Knockwood> so, Rand, you joining us?
<Angelo> No problem, you can't control sicknes... you are plant! :-P
<Theresa> True, plants don't have to worry about the flu but they can get all sorts of other nasty stuff. I've seen the mold that grows on rye and on corn...diiiiisgusting!
<Random_Nerd> So, let's see.
<Random_Nerd> When we had our last session, Ftisk had just been brought into Amyra, and Samuel had been set to put his grad students on figuring out the new/old estate.
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
<Theresa> We were thinking of a guise, maybe>?
<Random_Nerd> Yeah.
<Ftisk> was setthling ona bird one?
<Random_Nerd> Which do you prefer for the default one, bird or human?
<Ftisk> well Ftisk is not human sot the bird will be ok.
<Ftisk> If it need a human form it have the gift
=-= lazarus is now known as Brian
<Brian> (Sorry, some final last minute scrambling ... moving tomorrow @_@)
<Random_Nerd> That works. We'll have Ftisk guise as a bird if he doesn't have a body built, or as a human if he does.
<Theresa> Or if you wanted, you could have some guising pollen like Sam has. He could have a twin!
<Ftisk> ^^ Is perfect!
<Ftisk> for the bird/human I mean
<Random_Nerd> So, everyone ready?
<Ftisk> pollen is too uhm... powder-ing
<Ftisk> Yes!
<Theresa> Ready! Will Rand'
<Theresa> s character also be coming in?
<Random_Nerd> Not this session, but we'll see about integrating him later. That work for you, Rand?
<Brian> ok.
<Brian> I'm good
<DanteE> Rand? You with us?
<Theresa> So, what all does Ftisk want to see?
<DanteE> That's right, we were about to do the palace tour
<Random_Nerd> Better to do that in-character, I think.
<Random_Nerd> _____________START_____________
<Theresa> "Nice look, Ftisk."
<Ftisk> (We was outside your hedquarter right?)
<Theresa> (I think so. Either that or outside the palace.)
<Brian> (We'd just got here)
<Random_Nerd> (In the outer part of the capital city, so pretty near each, but not at either.)
<Ftisk> Thank you... Uhm the more "similar" life form to me is a bird in this chancel... interesting....
<Theresa> (Don't forget the " " )
<DanteE> "It's the floating, mainly.
<Ftisk> (ohhhh Sorry!)
<DanteE> "No floating snails on Earth."
<Brian> "Most flailsnails don't float"
<Theresa> "We don't have many floating folks. Mostly bipedal, except for Red who is legion-pedal."
<Ftisk> "yes definitely"
<Brian> (Is it wrong of me to see Ftisk as a flailsnail? :p)
<Theresa> ( )
<Brian> (yep, like that ^_^)
<Ftisk> (too meni mace!)
<Ftisk> (too many mace!)
<Theresa> "So, what would you like to see, Ftisk?"
<Ftisk> "The thrasures are off right?, The standard tour will be ok"
<Brian> "... do we have a standard tour?"
<Random_Nerd> (Let's see, established tourist attractions: Clock tower, Palace, Bureau of Monstrosities, the part of the city that Monty broke, anywhere with a big telescope to point at Monty...)
<Brian> (afk)
<Random_Nerd> (Oh, and Red.)
<Ftisk> "I hear of your bunny experiment, will be interesting to meet"
<Theresa> "We have fakes of the treasures for ooohing at, if you want. They are less likely to cause harm, although I hear that the toy departments are trying for 'realistic Nazi burning action'!"
<DanteE> (Don't forget we had a Treasures Tour even before the enChanceling)
<Theresa> "You say experiment, we say 'the Imperator told us to...'"
<Ftisk> "The fake thresures can be interesting too"
<Ftisk> "Is an experiment isn't it? you supplied the raw pieces and the thunderbolt to bring it to life?"
|<-- RandBrittain has left (Connection reset by peer)
<DanteE> well, technically Kudzu did that
<DanteE> (Oops, "")
<Random_Nerd> (Kudzu only experiments in the "Let's see what happens if I stick this fork in that socket." sense.)
<Theresa> "Well, our Imperator is very much of the 'What does this button do?!?' school."
<Ftisk> (OOC I know that you was asked to bring the pieces.. but FTisk not! also he received all the trask not just the real good information on you so it have very distorted info on you)
<Theresa> "And the continual growth thing was completely not ours specifically."
<Brian> (... and back)
<Random_Nerd> William's phone rings. He picks it up, listens for a moment, says "Okay, I'll do that." and hangs up.
<Random_Nerd> William, to Theresa: "Could I please have a piece of paper?"
<Ftisk> "uhm... my Imperator is more on a growing update path... I'm the second version of... well myself"

  • Theresa does a flourish with one hand and there is a very large origami paper crane on her palm now. She flattens it and hands it over.

<Ftisk> (er incremental not growing)
<Random_Nerd> William: "Thank you, Theresa."
<Random_Nerd> He touches his finger to his ear-sphere, and seems to be concentrating.
<DanteE> "Let's see, want to join a standard tour?"
<Theresa> (Oh come on, if he can light it on fire, Sam would have burn spots already...)
<Ftisk> "yes standard tour will do"
<Brian> "I better stay back, then..."
<Theresa> "You haven't tried your really big mustache, yet."
<Random_Nerd> William carefully writes out something that seems like a cross between trigonometry, computer code, and descriptive prose.
<DanteE> Is there a tour group forming?
<Brian> "..."

  • Ftisk look carefully at the writing

<Theresa> ("A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into the Power of Bars...")
<Random_Nerd> (Those portions of it that are actual words are in english. It seems to be basically describing, in particularly formal terms, the permission for things to be written on it by a specific external source.)
<Brian> (don't we read all languages?)
-->| RandBrittain ( has joined #nobilis
<DanteE> (WB Rand)
<Random_Nerd> (Yes, but this isn't really in language in the same sense that a letter is. This is more on the level of equations or computer code, so that you can understand what's written, but don't have the context to know what it's referring to.)

  • Ftisk mourmur: "interesting..."

<Theresa> (Welcome back!)
<Random_Nerd> William then scribbles quite forcefully on about three square inches of the paper, making it nearly black with layers on layers of ink.
<Random_Nerd> Then he puts a period at the end of one of the sentences, and sits back.
<Brian> (aaah)
<Theresa> "If he starts muttering something about 7 days..."
<RandBrittain> v Oh, right, I forgot I was here.
<DanteE> "More of that 'active writing', or whatever it's called?"

  • Ftisk ldiv Data on the overwritten text to have the complete transcipt...

<Random_Nerd> Little specks of the scribbled ink crawl across the paper, to form the words "Can you read this?" in somewhat faint lettering.
<DanteE> "Yes."
<Random_Nerd> (Ftisk, it's basically the equivalent of a network card or a telephone, but using an estate other than Electronics.)
<DanteE> "... is that from Samuel?"
<Random_Nerd> William nods. He picks up his phone, and makes a call.
<Ftisk> (ok, I acted before the can you read this moment so my action can be discrded)
<Random_Nerd> William: "It worked. A bit faint, but it worked."
<Brian> "What did you do?"
-->| RandBrittain2 ( has joined #nobilis
<RandBrittain2> Hm, I think I disconnected myself.
<Ftisk> "is a new information transmission way?"
<DanteE> (In _public?!?_ :)
<Random_Nerd> WIlliam hangs up.
<Brian> "Old form, actually"
<DanteE> "When did this estate disappear?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "That was what Samuel was working on. It seems like he's worked out the... 'netcode' of Active Writing to at least work when we're within the same city."
<Random_Nerd> William: "Early Third Age. Don't know exact year, it happened on Dionyl, and since Dionyl isn't a planet orbiting a star, converting dates is tricky."
<Theresa> "Almost as handy as wi-fi."
<Ftisk> but with different hardware
<Ftisk> "but with different hardware"
<DanteE> "There seems to be a lot of activity involving things coming _in_ from outside the Wall...
<Ftisk> (Well Elvis was from outside!)
<Random_Nerd> William: "At present, it's almost as useful as a pager. But on the other hand, it's interesting."
<DanteE> "The Ex from Jaris, the maybe-Domination on Dionyl, this Estate here...
<DanteE> "...Kudzu's memories..."
<Brian> "I have every confidence that this technology will continue to develop"
<Theresa> "Obviously there was something here that drew things in. Or something worse outside."
<Brian> (oh right, remind me when we have a lull I wanted to Anchor-Speak to Jim for a bit)
<Brian> "We're still nearing that Age change, right?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "This was his. Ymera Sakaroth, I mean. I'm not sure if what you spoke to was him or Warmain Suebi."
<Brian> "This has to be related"
<Random_Nerd> (I'll try to remind you.)
<DanteE> "This was Sakharoth's Estate?"
<Theresa> "We're still on the countdown, Brian. *wiggles hands at him*"
<Random_Nerd> William: "One of them. The only one that made any sense to me at all."
<DanteE> "... know anything about Sakharoth's other Estates?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "I don't, but someone will. I'll look into it and tell you when I find something out."
<DanteE> "Come to think of it, anyone talked to our enigmatic Ymera lately?"
<Theresa> "Our personal one? Not for a bit. Last time we checked we got told that he was remembering and that he was busy."
<Brian> "... that can't be good"
<DanteE> "Wonder if that means memories came in"
<DanteE> "along with everything else"

  • Ftisk I would like to meet Himera Kudzu

<Theresa> "If you didn't remember anything since before your were enNobled and you suddenly had a grasp at a memory but only if you concentrated like your life depended on it...would you answer the girl scout at the door selling cookies?"
<Ftisk> "uhm.. no"
<DanteE> "Sure I would, they're Girl Scout Cookies! ... but I know what you mean."
<Ftisk> "But, maybe now your Imperator is less busy?)
<Ftisk> "
<DanteE> (Come to think of it, aren't they selling now?)
<Theresa> "Well, let's tour first. That way we can make sure you at least get to see the sights before losing sanity. So, the Treasures were first displayed in .." *blather*
<Theresa> (Yes, they are. For delivery in a couple of weeks, I think?)
<Brian> (I dunno, but the roll up the rim is back, and I haven't bought coffee in a while)
[ERROR] Unknown command ``Me.

  • Ftisk show interest in the threasures and ask some historicall information on

<Ftisk> "and can be handles only by royal family member... that have no real authorities"

  • Brian looks a little withdrawn. He giggles at one point. "Brick, eh?"

<Theresa> "Well, it's an authority to not let the rest of the country turn into a famine-starved pestilence-ridden desert."
<DanteE> "Brick?"
<Ftisk> "I mean magical authorities like the one you me and your brothers have... are they reacting to this 'aura'?"
<Ftisk> "Brick?"
<DanteE> "The aura seems to work like an Auctoritas, if that's what you mean.
<Brian> "Nothing. Jim's bricks are talking to him again."
<Theresa> "Oh, that kind of authority. True, John isn't a Noble or an Anchor or like that but he is still morally powerful, I think. He turned down the job of being a Noble. He takes his duty to Amyra very seriously."
<Random_Nerd> William: "The authority is ceremonial and religious in nature, but it isn't nonexistant. It's not in the same league as Nobles, but... okay, imagine a human being who's the friend of a powerful Imperator."
<DanteE> "They shouldn't be, we chased the cultists away."
<Theresa> (Although in the back of her head, she's thinking 'But not seriously to get an heir.')
<Random_Nerd> William: "The human can't throw miracles, but he might be able to ask for a big one if he had a reason, and bad things would happen if he got killed."
|<-- RandBrittain has left (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by RandBrittain2)))
=-= RandBrittain2 is now known as RandBrittain
<Theresa> "He survived an Excrucian shard attack even."
-->| RandBrittain2 ( has joined #nobilis
<Ftisk> "oh, deferred one like subcontracted/derivated/linked... I think I get it... He survived a direct Excrucian attack? Impressive"
<Brian> "They sometimes say 'Brick', apparently. I guess the bricks still have some lingering personality." *shrugs*
<DanteE> (Speaking of which, 1) anything lurking in the Vault, and 2) where's John?)
<DanteE> "Shard, not Excrucian. And we were there."
<Ftisk> "So the stories on his speack gear damaged and then repaired are true. ^^"
<Random_Nerd> (The Vault is currently occupied by the standard contents, and nothing else that you can spot. Jim is sitting at a table reading a book in his library. Fiction, this time. A Western.)
<DanteE> "his vocal cords? Yeah."
<Brian> (...
<Ftisk> "right... Vocal cords..."
<Theresa> "Would you like to meet John?"
<Ftisk> "And he live here as a priest doing cerimonies for the ... Yes I would like!
<Ftisk> "

  • Ftisk look around... waiting for someon to enter?

<DanteE> "He's over here, actually.
<Ftisk> (I'm guised as a bird on some one shoulder?)

  • DanteE leads the others to the Library.

<Random_Nerd> John looks up and waves at you.
<Random_Nerd> J: "Is that a pet?"
<DanteE> "No, it's a visiting Noble, actually."
<DanteE> (we've determined John is inured to our abilities, right?)
<Ftisk> "Hi, I'm Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok"
<Theresa> "King John the *mumblenumber* of Amyra, meet Ftisk, Power of Metal from Chancel Vulcan."
<Random_Nerd> John: "Oh! Well, welcome to Amyra. Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?"
<DanteE> (23rd fnord)
<Random_Nerd> (Major miracles around him would be a bad idea, but he can handle Lesser ones without flipping out, it seems.)
<Ftisk> "Power of _machinery_"
<DanteE> "I think you can show him your true form..."
<Random_Nerd> J: "Interesting. Vulcan as in the god Vulcan?"

  • Ftisk deguise

<Brian> "After meeting Ftisk, I finally know where Mr. Gygax got the idea for flail snails"

  • Ftisk with pride: "Yes Vulcan made me!"

<Ftisk> "I was attaracted by the famous Nobles of this chancel and in my guest for knowledge came here"
<Random_Nerd> John: "I didn't know he actually existed."
<Theresa> (SOrry, Ftisk for getting your estate wrong.  :( )
<Random_Nerd> John studies Ftisk curiously.
<Ftisk> (no problem!)
<Ftisk> "He is an ancient God, old as man"
<Random_Nerd> (Hmm. Which of the Chancel Amyra PCs has the highest Spirit?)
<DanteE> (John must feel like he fell into a Futurama cartoon at times... :) )
<DanteE> (S2 here)
<Theresa> (I think Hope did.)
<Brian> (S2)
<DanteE> (Yeah, Hope is the winner there)
<Ftisk> "You are charged for the thresoures health, right?"
<Random_Nerd> Brian, you suddenly remember that when you were Outside of reality, that Creation was only one world of many you were aware of, and not the most notable one. Dante, you suddenly remember that one of your greatest desires was to own a crown made of material from inside the Weirding Wall."
<Random_Nerd> (err, no ")
<Brian> (I was outside of reality?)
<Brian> (I don't remember that)

  • DanteE blinks

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, you're quite sure you've never been there. But still, that thought just popped into your head from nowhere in particular.)
<DanteE> (Huh... I think we're all S2, oddly enough)
<Theresa> (I think I'm only Spirit 1.)
<Ftisk> (the kudzu's shard that made them Noble can be the first suspect)
<Theresa> "Yes, John is in charge of maintaining the treasures' rituals."
<DanteE> (Oh, my mistake)
<Brian> "Creation is only one There is lots out there, and even more important than ours"

  • Brian exits trancelike state

<Brian> (that might've well been on Anchor channel too :p)
<DanteE> "...did you just receive a weird... memory, but not a memory?
<Ftisk> "Who, what, when? Do yuo have these trance often?"
<Brian> "Something like that, Dante"
<Brian> "I'm ... I wasn't ever outside, but I saw it"
<Brian> "A million blazing suns."
<DanteE> "... it must be a past life thing..."
<Theresa> "Sure, give the funky visions to only the boys." *not really upset*
<DanteE> "Hold on...
<Brian> "It was ... I don't have the words to describe it"
<Brian> (*is totally misquoting Contact*)

  • DanteE takes a few of his dagger collection and 'weaves' them into a crown

<DanteE> "I had ... a memory ... of wanting a crown made of material from _within_ Creation...
<DanteE> "Which means that memory is from someone outside it.
<Theresa> "Therefore you were outside of Creation. You mean the Boss came to Creation because he wanted a hat?"
<Brian> "Good a reason as any"

  • Ftisk raise an eyestalk (no eyebrowns sorry...)

<DanteE> "Especially either a crown or an Indy hat."
<Brian> "Crown of Creation?"
<Ftisk> "CRown of creation's material"
<DanteE> "Of material from within Creation....
<DanteE> "Which means one or more of several possibilities...

  • Theresa lcreates a laurel crown. "Thousands if not more."

<DanteE> "Let's find out which.
<Ftisk> "Next stop will be to your imperator I think?" :-)
<DanteE> "Weave those around this..." (the daggers, arranged like a crown with the blades pointing upwards and the handles by the wearer's head.)
<Brian> "We don't find Kudzu. Kudzu finds us."

  • Ftisk float toward Jon

<Random_Nerd> Theresa, the phrase "Chaos and Old Night," from Paradise Lost, seems particularly significant for a moment.

  • Theresa weaves and nudges.

<Ftisk> "Do you know when the ritual for the threasures where defined?"
<Random_Nerd> John, to Ftisk: "I think you'll find that they're often like this."
<Theresa> *mumurs* "Crown of Chaos and Old Night...something...I don't know."
<DanteE> "Let's see if we can tap into anything. This is both my Domain and the past life's desire...
<Brian> "If only we still had Wikipedia"

  • DanteE puts on the crown

<DanteE> "We do... the local one."
<Ftisk> to John: I'm here because is 'interesting' to be around your Nobles"
<Brian> "I need a computer. And some internets"
<Random_Nerd> John: "As I understand it, the oldest rituals are about four thousand years old, and the newest about one thousand. They're been passed down by both instruction and writing."
<DanteE> "Oldest rituals around the Ark?"
<Random_Nerd> Dante, the crown doesn't do anything special, but it feels satisfying, like getting a pair of shoes the right size after wearing too-small ones for years.
<Ftisk> "can I read these ritual from your mind?"
<Brian> "Sam, can you get one of the grad students or something to look up and study what the 'Crown of Chaos and Old Night' might be?"
<Random_Nerd> John: "If what I've read is true, some of them may be older. I don't know for sure, but they seem to keep the Ark happy."
<DanteE> (Which Estate did Kudzu probably come in with, COurage or Blades?)
<Random_Nerd> William: "That's from Milton. Not the crown, but the other part."
<Random_Nerd> (Blades was taken, basically, and Courage was produced by the contact between it and Kudzu's own Estate. So, Courage is more native to Kudzu.)

  • DanteE throws a Ghost-LC-Courage on the crown...

<Random_Nerd> William: "At which the universal Host upsent/A shout that tore Hells Concave, and beyond/Frighted the Reign of Chaos and old Night./All in a moment through the gloom were seen/Ten thousand Banners rise into the Air."
<Theresa> "The only ruler I remember Milton writing about ruled in Hell."
<DanteE> "Which doesn't seem to work..."
<Brian> "Paradise Lost ... Paradise Regained?"
<Brian> "Was that the other?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "Chaos and Old Night was Milton's way of talking about what was around before the world was created. 'Now the world was formless, and void' and all that."

  • DanteE looks at Brian...

<Random_Nerd> William: "I don't know so much about Paradise Regained. Sorry."
<Ftisk> "I can search info for you"
<Theresa> "Hmm...before the world was created or before Creation..."

  • Ftisk do a ld on milton's paradise regained

<DanteE> "Wait... so can we. We're forgetting about Kudzu's Library."
<Brian> "True."
<Ftisk> "oh the groviera shaped one? Isn't on the tour?"
<Random_Nerd> (It's a poem, by John Milton. Something of a sequel to his more famous Paradise Lost. Generally considered to not be as good.)
<DanteE> "No... in fact, people generally avoid it for some reason.
<Ftisk> (I get the poem text also?)
<Brian> "... didn't we put up an 'I'm not here!' wall around it?"
<DanteE> "No, that just appeared...
<Random_Nerd> (Yeah, you can get the text.)
<DanteE> "and it has, basically, Kudzu's ... memories ... in it
<Random_Nerd> ( if you want to read it yourself.)
<DanteE> "...what are the odds it just grew another wing?"
<Theresa> "Or a basement."
<Ftisk> (Thank you)
<Random_Nerd> William: "May I have permission to add these things to the Society's list of open questions?"
<DanteE> "not yet, William...
<Ftisk> "we can go an take a look at the library"
<DanteE> "I suspect this is specific to us and Kudzu/
<DanteE> "unless....
<Theresa> (Didn't we have a promise to the Council Wildlord to let him know about memories too?)
<DanteE> "William, can you ask your 'network' if other Wildlords or Nobles of Wildlords are getting this kind of memories?"
<Random_Nerd> (Let me look up the exact wording.)
<Random_Nerd> William: "I will."
<Random_Nerd> William: "They may not tell me, though. Not all Nobles are willing to let us compare notes about them."
<Theresa> "We understand."

  • DanteE takes off the crown...
  • Ftisk parse milton's paradise regained

<DanteE> "John, did we tell you what happened when we met the Lord of Earth and the Council?"
<Random_Nerd> (You're to tell the Council anything you find out about the effects of the Weirding Wall on memory. So, you /could/ tell them this, but if you wanted to not do so, you have plausible deniability.)
<Random_Nerd> John: "No. I'm not even sure who the 'Lord of Earth' or the 'Council' are."
<DanteE> "Lucky you."
<Random_Nerd> John: "So, what happened?"
<DanteE> "We told them about the circumstances leading up to the arrival of those fishmen, and the chaos afterward.
<DanteE> "They wanted us to investigate part of what was happening. This may be related."
<Theresa> "Well, there are four Imperators who are in charge of the fight against the Excrucians...the gfuy in charge has Lord of Earth as one of his titles."
<Random_Nerd> John: "And I take it that he's not, you know, the Devil?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "No. That's someone else."
<DanteE> "No, but he's close."
<Ftisk> "Is more akin to a corruptor"
<Brian> "Entropy"
<DanteE> "He _is_ Corruption. Also Scorn and Desecration."
<Brian> "... though the scientific concept has no relation"
<Theresa> "The Devil is an Imperator too but he stays in Hell. We think."
<DanteE> "And he's basically in charge of the Nobles of Earth.
<DanteE> "...explains a lot, doesn't it? :) "
<Random_Nerd> John: "Lovely. And the living embodiment of everything that's wrong with the world is leading you in the fight against people who are, I take it, much worse?"
<Brian> "We're not sure"
<Random_Nerd> John: "Turning your boss down for the job was the smartest move I ever made."
<Brian> "They just want to unmake it, it seems"
<Ftisk> @John: "Im here also because they haved an udience with Lord Entropy, you know... is interesting"
<Random_Nerd> John: "I feel a deep and soothing calm in the knowledge that these things are your problems and not mine."
<Brian> "... guarding the Treasures, they might become your problems..."

  • Theresa grins at John. "It's what we don't get paid for."

<Brian> "... speak for yourself, T, I get all the money I want ;)"
<Theresa> "Yeah, yeah and all of the cheeseburgers your body can handle."
<Brian> "That one's not my fault"
<DanteE> "We need to take our leave, and check out this new lead on the Great Mystery we were charged with figuring out. Sorry for the short visit."
<Random_Nerd> John: "Sure. Go do vague but important things to keep demons from invading. Uh... additional demons."

  • Ftisk weave eyestalk "bye John!"

<Brian> "It's safer if they never get to the Treasures in the first place, isn't it?"
<Random_Nerd> John: "I'm not crazy when I think that a shin-high version of your demon ran in and stole one of my shoes earlier today, right?"
<Theresa> "Only one shoe?"
<Brian> "no, that's not why you're crazy"
<Random_Nerd> John: "Yes. Thr right one."
<Ftisk> (The left on?, Can never be the right on)
<Random_Nerd> (The, even.)
<DanteE> "Whoops, forgot about that imp. Did you see where he went?"
<Ftisk> (Theresa can find it with hre gift?)
<Random_Nerd> John: "He ran out into the garden, but that was hours ago. I've long since given up hope of getting that shoe back."
<Theresa> "I would have thought it would have taken both pairs. I didn't even notice if the shoes matched..."
<Theresa> "You want a pair the next time we head through Italy?"
<Random_Nerd> John shrugs. "It isn't a big deal. I get shoes for free because it's good publicity that I wear some brand. It was just odd to see a tiny demon run in, ask if I was the human in charge, and then steal my shoe."
<Brian> "It was _specifically_ your shoe, then, not just any ol' shoe"
<Ftisk> "If you want I can create one pair of rocket boots
<Ftisk> "
<DanteE> to William: "Why would an Imp want the King's shoe?"
<Theresa> "Dante, you really need to train him. We can't have him stealing John's shoes. What if he ruins the carpets?"
<Random_Nerd> John: "I was wearing it at the time! He bit through my shoelaces to get it off!"
<Random_Nerd> William: "Maybe he's heard of crowns but got mixed up as to which end they go on?"
<Ftisk> ( !___!)
<DanteE> "I'm just happy he's not humping my leg, but I'll talk to him/"
<Random_Nerd> John, to Ftisk: "I appreciate the offer, but I'm not really the rocket boots kind of guy."
<Ftisk> "Well, ok..."
<DanteE> "Let's find him, then hit the Library. Ftisk, don't forget to guise."
<Ftisk> "ok, I guise now"

  • Ftisk guise in

<Brian> (gettin' close to quitting time...
<Brian> )
<Ftisk> @Dante: "Is the imp one of your anchors?"
<DanteE> "No, he was basically thrown in when we got the 9 hell-souls."
<Ftisk> "as a take this and you receive the funny hat?"
<DanteE> "Something like that"
<Brian> "... I gotta make sure everything's going smooth for the next part of my plans. You guys have fun, I'll be visiting Jim." (Anchor Speak) "Jim, I'm going to take a visit, to meet those physicists we talked about, and to check on the next stage of collider" (OOC: me the player isn't going to have internet at home for a while, you see)
<DanteE> (Urk. How long?)
<Ftisk> (are you changing home, right?)
<Brian> (moving homes, yes, and possibly up to a month. Not sure what finances look like.)
<Ftisk> (also Beware! The couse of James take its tol!)
<Brian> (ideally, Sara will find a job this month, even if it's crappy-retail. That might allow us to get internet earlier. However, I'm basically paying rent on two places this month, and getting a refund later, so numbers I don't think quite work yet)
<Random_Nerd> (Well, I hope you get your internet back as soon as is practical.)
<Ftisk> (me too)
<Random_Nerd> (So, we seem to be slowing down. How much longer do you guys want to go tonight?)
<DanteE> (same here)
<Theresa> (Ditto. And I'm not sure how much longer tonight. I think we hit the speed bump.)
<DanteE> (Can we grab that imp and return John's shoe?)
<Ftisk> (I can go for other 90 minutes max)
<Random_Nerd> (Finding the imp would be easy with a realm div, and while he's pretty speedy in mundane terms, Aspect 2 trivially trumps that.)
<DanteE> (Hm... grab him, fix & return John's shoe, and skip ahead to the Library?)
<Ftisk> (ok for me)
<Theresa> (Sounds good.)
<Brian> (sure)
<DanteE> (Did we ever get the Imp's name?)
<Ftisk> (I think you don't give ita name)
<Random_Nerd> (I don't think he has one. Nobody's paid him enough attention to give him one so far.)
<Brian> (Imp, of course)
<Brian> (and he can only speak in his name. "Imp! Imp imp?")
<Brian> (...
<Brian> )
<Brian> (no, wait, that's pokemon)
<Ftisk> (ahah)
<DanteE> (Does he sleep in a little ball?)
<Theresa> (No, he's not a brick...)
<Random_Nerd> You arrive at the library. From Dante's right hand dangles a small and irate demon, squirming around like a midsized rabbit would if the midsized rabbit was also highly caffinated, from hell, and not a rabbit.
<Brian> (Brick! I choose you! ... "Brick?" tr. "you're an idiot")
<DanteE> "So, what exactly were you doing with the King's shoe?"
<Brian> (also, Beth, that GM quote for the quotes page)
<Random_Nerd> Little Demon: "Practicing!"
<DanteE> "... makes as much sense as anything else, I guess..."
<Brian> "Practising for what?"
<Ftisk> " The imp is a would be thief?"
<DanteE> "more like scrounge, I think"
<Random_Nerd> Little Demon: "Not would be! Successful! Got the shoe, got away clean. Not my fault if Nobles track me down later, nothing I can do about that."
<DanteE> the Library change appearance at all?
<Random_Nerd> The Library, itself, hasn't. However, the area /around/ it has, as if an immense snake were coiled around it underground, displacing quite a few tons of earth.

  • Brian looks at T

<Theresa> "I didn't do it!"

  • Ftisk look around intrigued for the shapes and the wind...

<Theresa> *to the Imp* "Having to bite through the shoelaces lost you points, though."
<DanteE> "It's growing a basement?"
<Random_Nerd> Also, yes, the changed area around it does change the way wind blows into the Library some.
<Brian> "and, ask if you got the right guy"
<Random_Nerd> Imp: "Biting through the shoelaces was safer and much quicker than biting off his foot."
<DanteE> to the Imp: "You, stay with me and do _not_ screw with anything."
<Ftisk> "Can I enter and look around?"
<Brian> "I don't see why not"
<Random_Nerd> Imp: "And I had to ask! I'm supposed to risk stealing the shoe of some /nobody/?"
<Brian> "Don't blame us if you get smotten, though"

  • DanteE enters the library...
  • Ftisk unguise and float in the library

<Random_Nerd> The thousand overlaid whispers in the Library seem more tense, somehow.

  • Theresa looks sternly at the Imp. "Harm any part of King John and I _will_ make sure that you will suffer."

<Random_Nerd> And some of them seem to have gotten disarrayed, dropping syllables here and there.

  • DanteE listens...

<Random_Nerd> The ones dealing with the Outside, with the Wall, with Excrucians, and with Wildlords seem louder than the others, almost drowning them out.

  • Ftisk concetrates on the outside memories

<Random_Nerd> It's not like there's any new information here, exactly, but the emphasis is different.
<Random_Nerd> Oh, and one other emphasis. Amnesia. Discussion of the Wildlords, of the Lost 200 Years, and even just ordinary Nobles that lost their memories.
<Ftisk> "Your Imperator changed the focus of this library?"
<Random_Nerd> There are more of those than you'd think, from the sound of it.
<DanteE> (wasn't it 500?)
<Random_Nerd> (Probably. My brain is getting tired.)
<Ftisk> ( i recall 500)
<Theresa> "Wait, what could make a _Noble_ lose their memory?"

  • DanteE listens for 'active' Nobles with Amnesia...

<Ftisk> " A noble with penetration? Or a Imperator or going outside?"
<Brian> "The Weirding Wall"
<DanteE> "Wonder if some of those Nobles are getting some memories back?"

  • Ftisk listen to "Weirding Wall"

<Random_Nerd> Dante, it sounds like roughly twenty active Nobles are known to have some degree of memory loss. When listening to that, you also notice that one of the not-currently-active ones with memory loss was the previous Power of Shadows.
<Ftisk> (look: plot!)
<DanteE> (which may mean the current Shadows just had a similar epiphany?)
<Theresa> (Or, his job dealing with the Wall has OSHA problems.)
<Ftisk> (OSHA?)
<DanteE> (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
<Random_Nerd> (Occupational Safety and Health Administration.)
<Theresa> (A department that makes rules for workplaces to follow to make sure that it's safe to work there. Especially around chemicals or dangerous machines.)
<DanteE> (Basically, the gov't agency that makes sure workplaces are safe, or tries to)
<Random_Nerd> (And you do know that at least one previous Power of Shadows was set to working on High Summoning.)
<Ftisk> (ah, ok, thank you)
<Ftisk> (go to look for shadows? first or afther a meeting with Kudzu?)

  • DanteE listens for any new info on the Estates of Courage and Blades

<Theresa> (First. Let's let Kudzu remember some more. For you taste good with ketchup.)
<Random_Nerd> (Only that the Power of Courage and Blades is a relatively young Noble. He follows the Code of the Light and the Code of the Wild. He and his Familia recently spoke to the Council of Four, and there's a summery of the decisions handed down...)
<Random_Nerd> (And so on. A list of your known associates, a physical description, and description of your personal and estate insignia.)
<Random_Nerd> (It's more detailed than the last time you listened, if you've listened to information about yourself in the Library before.)
<DanteE> (hm... no recollection of past lives?)
<Random_Nerd> (Not in the Library, at least. There are some legends of an ancient Power of Weaponry, but they're rather sketchy.)
<DanteE> (and is there a way to the basement?)
<Random_Nerd> (By which you mean the displaced earth outside?)
<DanteE> (Yeah)
<Random_Nerd> (Yep.)
<DanteE> (OK, what's down there?)
<Brian> (ok, I gotta go. G'night guys)

  • Brian heads off to Jim's

<Random_Nerd> In the new parts of the Library, there isn't really the same sort of whispering as elsewhere. But the absence feels meaningful. It's like the difference between a chapter of a book being omitted, and the chapter being present but all the words being censored out.
<Random_Nerd> The sound of the wind that is there is rather like that of the blocked syllables elsewhere, except that here it obscures any sound that might be there.
<Ftisk> (Bye Brian)
<Theresa> (Good night! )
<Random_Nerd> (Later, Laz. Hope you get connected again soon.)
<DanteE> (Cya soon, hopefully)
<Brian> (I'll be back when I'm able!)
|<-- Brian has left (Connection reset by peer)
<DanteE> (OK, what _is_ there?)
<Random_Nerd> Oh, and the louder parts earlier, the bits about amnesia, the Wild, and so on, tend to be in the tunnels that lead to the new part.
<Random_Nerd> If you didn't know that the part you're in was new, it would make sense to think that it was a part of the Library that had been defaced so that the complicated patterns of sound didn't work properly.
<DanteE> (what's it look like?)

  • Ftisk listens to the currents here... what are the topics in this section?

<Random_Nerd> None, in the new section.
<Random_Nerd> It looks like the tunnels from elsewhere in the library, but deeper, wider, and without as many oddly-placed airholes.
<DanteE> (Hm... wonder if we should bring a drill...)
<Ftisk> (I can made one)
<Ftisk> (but the new section is without infos?, the info are in the tunnel going here?)
<DanteE> "All right...
<DanteE> "Differential diagnosis, people.
<DanteE> "We have to have had some kind of contact with the other side of the Wall...
<Theresa> "You don't need to put racing flames on your sword-cane to make it go faster."
<Ftisk> "Maybe the lobrary is unfinished?"
<Random_Nerd> (There's info in the parts of the library that lead to the new section, but none in the new section itself.)
<DanteE> "Yeah, but I do so anyway."
<Theresa> "We don't. Kudzu could have. He's working on remembering, by force maybe, and we're getting fallout. The library is based on what Kudzu knows so the changes mirror."
<DanteE> "As far as we knew it was finished... this is an expansion."
<DanteE> "Right. It's a vast buried chamber...
<DanteE> "Which would mean... vast 'base' memories."
<DanteE> "Wait, you think Kudzu is _causing_ all this?
<Ftisk> "Thi is reflecting is unsussefull struggle?"
<Theresa> "Yes."
<DanteE> "I was thinking something bigger is happening that's affecting Kudzu.
<Theresa> "He tunnelled under the Chancel before with starry_James."
<Theresa> "The Chancel is Kudzu and Kudzu is the Chancel."
<DanteE> "Something related to the attack on Jaris and the reappearance of Sakharoth and at least one of his Estates."
<Ftisk> "But if can coaleshe into something more focused that all the chancel"
<DanteE> "There's 2 places that can happen... here and the clock tower."
<Ftisk> "BUT we came from the tower, I leaved there the piece from my body"
<Theresa> "It could be that the reappearance of Sakharoth is just a sign of things changing through the Wall."
<DanteE> "But... our epiphanies happened _since_ then... and we weren't looking in the Heart."
<Ftisk> (but you don't looked in the realm heart)
<Ftisk> "we can go and takea loor at the RH so"
<Random_Nerd> (They did, earlier.)
<Random_Nerd> (Mind if we stop here?)
<Ftisk> (ops)
<DanteE> (OK.)
<Ftisk> (yes, we can stop now)
<Theresa> (Blarg...*brain oozes*
<Theresa> )
<Random_Nerd> _____________STOP_______________
<Theresa> (Man, I can really tell when my brain thinks it's time to call it a night.  :) )
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
<Ftisk> (well we was slow!)
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
<DanteE> I'd imagine the dribbling is a dead giveaway...
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
<Angelo> dribliong?
<Angelo> dribilng? what dribling?
<Knockwood> from the oozing brain. :)
<BethE> Drooling/dribbling while my brain oozes.  :)
<Angelo> ah :-)
<BethE> And at least I don't short out my keyboard.
<Knockwood> so, Rand, what do you think?
<Angelo> I have Miù (my cat) the want to curl on the keyboard...
<Knockwood> BTW, did you guys forget about the Library? :)
<Angelo> we have 2 twin Rand!
<Angelo> I think the library was on the tour
<Angelo> a least in the one for Nobles
<Knockwood> Don't think so... that'd be letting strangers into Kudzu's brain
<BethE> Not exactly forget but there's lots of stuff in the Chancel.  :)
<Random_Nerd> Well, the Library isn't Kudzu's thoughts, it's something he made. That said, things he makes have a tendency to take on some of his own characteristics.
<Angelo> is a *construct*.. ftisk will fee lsympaty with if if mechanic
<Knockwood> I always figured the Library was private... otherwise it's telling everyone all his secrets
<Angelo> Well ,i nthe library there was knowledge eny noble know
<Angelo> or this was its first presentation...
<Random_Nerd> Well, the Library was designed to only contain information that was generally known.
<Random_Nerd> And so far, it's stuck to that. We'll see if it continues to.
<Angelo> the new secton is a notable change
<Random_Nerd> Yes.
<BethE> Well guys, I need to get to bed. Good night and good game! See you next week!
<Angelo> Se ya!
<Knockwood> cya next week Beth
|<-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
<Angelo> uhm feel strange integrating in a old well working group
<Random_Nerd> Seems to be working well so far.
<Angelo> I see as an hit and miss... I'm thinking most of the time "I can't do this because I'm just visiting"
<Angelo> but think that the feeling will pass quickly
<Knockwood> yeah, it's just because we're all from Amyra and you're new
<Angelo> yes, spot on!
<Angelo> but I enjoyed this session
<Angelo> ther ewas this rough edge... but is a minor issue
<Angelo> :-D
<Knockwood> you didn't think we were excluding you, did you?
<Angelo> no, I wasn't excluded
<Random_Nerd> G'night, guys.
<Angelo> but as you say you are all amyrian and the matter in game where all amyrians
<Angelo> gbye RN!
|<-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
<Angelo> so you was more involved
<Angelo> well, I leave. Good night Knok and Rand
<Knockwood> yeah, you just need to catch up
<Knockwood> g'night Angelo
<Angelo> yep
<--| YOU (Angelo) have left #nobilis

Chapter 14