Session 188

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Chapter 24

Thank you to Random_Nerd for this session's game logs!

Session Start: Thu Nov 18 20:22:00 2010

  • Now talking in #nobilis

[Random_Nerd] Braaaaaiiiiiiins.

  • BethE ( has joined #nobilis

[BethE] Hi V! *HUG*
[@Verithe] Hi!
[@Verithe] Sorry, I was hanging the laundry out.
[@BethE] It's okay. I am looking at a poodle who was shaved and dyed to look like a...snail. I was saving it to show Angelo.
[@Verithe] wut
[@Verithe] Hahaha!
[@BethE] And there are _more_.
[@Verithe] Wow
[@BethE] Indeed.
[@BethE] See why I thought of Ftisk with this?

  • Angelo (~Angelo@2.37.184.IP) has joined #nobilis

[@Verithe] Yes!
[Angelo] Hi guys!
[@Verithe] Hi!

  • Knockwood

[Knockwood] Hi guys
[@BethE] Hi Angelo! *HUG* Hi Knock! *HUG*
[@Angelo] Hi Knock!
[@Random_Nerd] Brains?
[@Angelo] ohoh RN are you ok?
[Knockwood] huh?

  • @Verithe prepares some crab brain soup, just in case...

[@Random_Nerd] Brains!
[@Random_Nerd] Trout?
[@Angelo] Anyone know Milk's Kefir?
[@BethE] For you, Angelo: and

  • @Verithe serves soup!
  • @Angelo take trout from RN...

[@Random_Nerd] Well, kefir's fermented, isn't it?
[Knockwood] OK, that first shot looks like Ftisk has a thing going with Plants and Hounds.
[@Random_Nerd] I... I have my brains back in my head, I think. Probably.
[@Angelo] yep Yesterday arrived my first bottles
[Knockwood] RN: Kewl, you were just about to tell us how much XP we have
[@Random_Nerd] Three.
[Knockwood] million or billion?
[@Random_Nerd] And a half!
[@Verithe] We get XP?
[@Angelo] and now I have a question after adding milk and leaving it reproduce for a day I filtered it. Now I pull all the fermented mass back in the jar with milk or only the original mass equivalent and eat the other?
[@Verithe] Is this XP transferable to an MMO?
[@Angelo] better transfer XP to Treasure and purchase unlimited pizzas!
[Knockwood] and once again I made a post that promptly went nowhere...
[@Angelo] @Beth: is the crazier thing I see on a dog :-(
[@BethE] 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000114104780.-+
[@BethE] It is very crazy, yes.
[@Angelo] maybe if plant and Ftisk have one offshot this will seem the likely result
[@Verithe] Or maybe it's the Noble of Pet Grooming's idea of slash fanfic.
[@Random_Nerd] So, let's see. This storyline, I mostly threw some events at you and saw how you reacted. But before we get back to that, do any of you have any agendas or projects you'd like to pursue, given some free time?
[@Angelo] I have the Ftisknees projection project
[Knockwood] hang on, let me look at my –REDACTED-map
[@Angelo] that one that let Ftisk control someone
[@Verithe] Given free time, Kite would like to start a cult on Dionyl.
[@Random_Nerd] That's doable.
[@Random_Nerd] Bear in mind, unlike Earth, Nobles and Imperators are pretty much openly in charge over there.

  • BethE is now known as Theresa

[@Verithe] It just a step toward his plan in making Vulcan less of a True God and more of a...some sort of Imperator that is relevant to all Worlds on the Ash.
[@Knockwood] I've got 3 broad 'missions': figure out what happened, be ready for the age end and find out who I am
[@Verithe] *It's
[@Knockwood] do we have a way to figure out (IC) what happened on 'Breach Day'?
[@Random_Nerd] Hmm.
[@Random_Nerd] Well, I think there are two questions, there.
[@Random_Nerd] First, what actually happened?
[@Random_Nerd] Second, why?
[@Random_Nerd] I think you have a reasonable shot at a pretty complete explanation of the first part.
[@Random_Nerd] The second... the ideas are there, but it'd take a bit of a leap to put everything together with the information you currently have.
[@Random_Nerd] But you guys have surprised me before.
[@Random_Nerd] What does Dante think happened?
[@Knockwood] There was some sort of opening in the Wall.
[@Random_Nerd] Hmm. Want to discuss it in-character, or are you guys not sufficiently interested enough in that?
[@Angelo] I'm fine for the IC discussion
[@Theresa] *shrug*
[@Angelo] but expect more FUD than anything else from Ftisk
[@Verithe] Kite isn't curious enough about that question.
[@Knockwood] ...
[@Angelo] We can jump to marriage day
[@Verithe] So he won't be too helpful, IC. Otherwise, I'm fine with it being discussed, IC.
[@Angelo] ?
[@Random_Nerd] Hmm.
[@Knockwood] How about examining the 'memories' we get during the summoning?
[@Random_Nerd] Anyone object if we run with the Kite Wants To Start A Cult angle?
[@Knockwood] Or the artifacts we got back
[@Angelo] cool Ftisk may retry to spit acid again
[@Knockwood] (Dante hasn't seen the marked-up paper or faked photo IC yet)
[@Angelo] no problem with the fake cult from my side
[@Theresa] Artifacts?
[@Theresa] I don't remember artifacts. Unless you mean the sword we got from Fishing.

  • @Angelo grab some chocolate pudding with banana bits inside and add whipped cream...

[@Verithe] I don't remember the faked photo.

  • @Verithe reaches grabby hands toward Angelo's pudding.

[@Theresa] I don't remember them either...darn it, Knock, are you playing in the alternate universe _again_?
[@Angelo] the photo we received when Dollp cameback
[@Knockwood] Here, session 183, right before the stop
[@Angelo] she came and regurgitated a ?faked? photo with Dante in a pink dress
[@Verithe] Oh, I wasn't here then I mussed have missed that part when I got the logs.
[@Random_Nerd] Oh, those.
[@Knockwood] [Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel makes a sound like metal grinding, and vomits up two things.
[@Knockwood] * Ftisk poke DollP "Are you ok?"
[@Knockwood] [Random_Nerd] One is the Active Writing paper that had vanished earlier.
[@Knockwood] * Ftisk look at the things
[@Knockwood] [Random_Nerd] On it is scrawled, in some greenish fluid, "I believe I am being returned to the place in which my mind is filled with hunger and cruelty. Whoever is there, know you that that is not my true nature."
[@Knockwood] [Random_Nerd] The other is a photo of what looks like Dante in a frilly pink dress.
[@Knockwood] [Random_Nerd] Shadows: "Dammit, I am /not/ drunk."
[@Knockwood] [Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel makes a cooing noise at him, and then begins to hover.

  • @Verithe scolds fingers for missing punctuation.

[@Knockwood] We could explore that, if for no other reason than I look silly in pink
[@Theresa] Ah, thank you, Knock. I didn't remember the dress part, but I remembered the Dolly change in tone.
[@Angelo] Yep Dante look better naked!
[@Theresa] Just a different kind of pink, Angelo.
[@Angelo] yep T. but with a lot less dress
[@Theresa] Not everyone is as fortunate as Ftisk as to look smashing no matter what the form.
[@Random_Nerd] Okay, shall we start in the conference room, with Dante looking over those, and Kite conferring with Gil on his plan?
[@Knockwood] But, I'll defer to the group...
[@Verithe] Everyone looks good in pink, Knock. It all depends on what pink they choose.
[@Knockwood] OK.

  • Knockwood is now known as DanteE

[@Verithe] Works for me.
[@Random_Nerd] Okay, sounds like a plan.

  • Verithe is now known as Kite

[@Random_Nerd] _________START__________
[@Angelo] after how much time from the last time ?

  • Angelo is now known as Ftisk

[@Random_Nerd] (A day or two sound good?)
[@Kite] (Sounds good)
[@Ftisk] (ok, then I'm not with the other. Detail in private chat to RN)

  • Private to RN: [Ftisk] OK, then Ftisk with go to Dante home during the night before the start and change into the pant on top of his pants drawer.
  • Private to RN: [Random_Nerd] Okay.
  • Private to RN: [Ftisk] Is reasonable to be the pant Dante is wearing now in the main chat?
  • Private to RN: [Random_Nerd] Hmm... sure, I'll buy it.
  • Private to RN: [Ftisk] OK! Thank you! :-D

[@DanteE] (Where were we last time?)
[@Kite] (Michigan)
[@DanteE] (Ah yeah.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Oh, we could finish up that scene, if you guys had anything more to do there.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Did anyone?)
[@Kite] (Kite did not. Maybe take the empty beer cans, but nothing else.)
[@DanteE] (Well, it's assumed I've got the sword in some kind of display thing rather than lying on the floor, right?)
[@Theresa] (Nah, but I like Fishing. She's on my list for girly-Noble-time.)
[@Random_Nerd] (It's wherever you want it.)
[@Ftisk] (nope, nothing that can't be done here)
[@Random_Nerd] (You used a –REDACTED-. If you want it to be in your /mind/, or in between two and three, it is.)
[@DanteE] (Reminds me, what's special about the sword we got from Conrad's group?)
[@Kite] (In between two and three sounds like a dangerous place for a sword that cuts anything.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Oh, that one? It's not really particularly special, except in that it was a trophy from a Warmain-shard.)
[@DanteE] (IC)
[@Random_Nerd] (It came from outside reality, it's really durable and sharp in a mundane sort of way, it looks pretty cool if you like that sort of thing.)
[@DanteE] "OK, how exactly did they get a photo of me on the other side of the wall?"
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "I thought the... shapeshifting spiky sphere thingy made it."
[@Theresa] "Maybe Dolly had a picture of you in her head that didn't disappear when she went over.
[@DanteE] (Who has things-of-Amyra as an Estate?)
[@Random_Nerd] (Theresa, I think?)
[@Theresa] (Yeppers. 2.)
[@DanteE] "Ftisk, where's Dollphaniel?"
[@Ftisk] (I'm not with you)
[@Random_Nerd] Gil brings out a three-ring binder, and sets it in front of Kite, open to page one.
[@DanteE] "And Theresa, can you analyze this? ... no comments on the wardrobe, please."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Here it is, 'So you want to start a cult'."
[@Kite] "Excellent!"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "There are a few starting decisions that'll determine a lot. What sort of cult do you see yourself as leading?"

  • @Theresa looks at the photo. (LDiv using Things of Amyra feasible?)

[@Theresa] (Cult of bring me shinies!)
[@Kite] (Don't suggest it, T!)
[@Random_Nerd] (What are you trying to find out about it, Theresa?)
[@Theresa] (Wehter it came from Amyra, what its history is, because if it doesn't work, it's not from Amyra.)
[@Kite] "I want one that will help spread the influence of my Estate."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "If you want a big one, that means you'll have to try to take over one of the cities. Alternatively, some people have gotten very good results from starting with an enigmatic prophetic figure in the wilderness saying strange but insightful things."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "But given your estate, you're a shoe-in for Domination."
[@Random_Nerd] The photograph was created in Amyra, a few seconds before Dollphaniel vomited it up.
[@Kite] "A city might be more useful. Dominations have the cities, yes?"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Almost universally, yes."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "There will be, of course, one main issue. You're... made of meat."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Is there anything you can do to be... not made of meat?"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil stops for a moment, and sighs.
[@Kite] "I might try an enigmatic prophet as a secondary...what?"
[@DanteE] (metal?)
[@Random_Nerd] G: "Great, I'm turning into my mother."
[@Theresa] (Huh. That's interesting. Can I divine who made it and whether it's made of anything that you wouldn't expect from a photo? Although I have a couple of ideas.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Dollphaniel made it. It's made of normal photo stuff.)
[@Theresa] (And I love Gil.)
[@Kite] "I've never tried not being made of meat before.."
[@DanteE] to Kite: "Well, a lot of you is metal, isn't it?"
[@Random_Nerd] G: "To them, it'll be the same sort of thing."
[@Theresa] "Okay, Dante, as far as I can tell, Dollph made this photo a couple of seconds before she threw it up. Therefore, it's possibly just from...her sense of humor than some mystic commentary on your legs from the other side of the Wall."

  • @DanteE looks at the green writing...

[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "The note, though?"
[@Kite] "My feathers are the metal...I've never bothered to look at my bones, but the organs definitely are meat."
[@DanteE] "Hm... so it's possible Dollphaniel wrote this as well."
[@Random_Nerd] G:
[@Random_Nerd] "Well, it's not hopeless."
[@DanteE] "Ftisk, how intelligent is your doll?"
[@Random_Nerd] Ftisk doesn't seem to be at the table.
[@Random_Nerd] G: "We'll just have to find some who like their gods... meaty."
[@Theresa] (Bunch of perverts.)

  • Private to RN: *Ftisk tickle Dante leg

[@Random_Nerd] Dante, you feel something rubbing against your leg.
[@Theresa] "The note...well, okay, let me try and explain something in my head...."
[@DanteE] "... is he in my underwear drawer again?"

  • @DanteE looks down...

[@Random_Nerd] You don't see anything animate under the table.

  • Private to RN: * Ftisk giggle faintly

[@Random_Nerd] But your pants are giggling.
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Now that's just disturbing."
[@DanteE] "OK, I realize this question is an open invitation to ridicule, but what the hell is in my pants?"

  • Ftisk is now known as pantsTisk

[@pantsTisk] "ME!"
[@Theresa] "We have Person A on the Outside of the Wall. They come through the Wall and their mind is swiss-cheesed, creating Person B. If they go back to the other side of the wall, they lose that which makes them Person B and return to Person A. And vice-versa. But at certain points, they are AB and have _both_. And thus, Dollph may have been trying to be Person A apologizing for being Person B."
[@DanteE] "Silly question."
[@pantsTisk] "Man you look good from here!"
[@DanteE] "Will you get out of my pants?"
[@Random_Nerd] Sam picks up his cellphone.
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "William. Emergency pants. Dante's size."
[@pantsTisk] "I'm your pants"

  • @pantsTisk unwear myself from Dante

[@Theresa] (Now see, in second edition, that wouldn't have worked!)
[@DanteE] (And a lot of that is begging to go on the quotes page...)
[@Kite] "Ah...."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Hmm. Do you have any ability to animate air around you, or manipulate clothes, that kind of thing?"

  • @DanteE dumps ftisk on the table...
  • @pantsTisk float around with a happy "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

[@Random_Nerd] William walks in briskly, and hands Dante a pair of pants.
[@Theresa] (And I am reminded that since Ftisk did the change this morning before Dante put on his pants, it doesn't matter what edition. but I _am_ impressed by Ftisk not answering/saying stuff till now!)

  • @DanteE thanks William while Aspect-3 quickly dressing

[@Random_Nerd] William: "And may I fetch you a drink?"
[@Theresa] "With a high alcohol content?"
[@pantsTisk] (eheh sacrifices one do to be weared by Dante :-P )
[@DanteE] "If it had any potential effect I'd have you bring pure grain alcohol."
[@Theresa] "Your liver isn't immortal, Dante."
[@Random_Nerd] William: "There are, in fact, substances that can get physically powerful Nobles drunk."
[@pantsTisk] "uhm.. I'm interested in trying one!"
[@Random_Nerd] William: "I believe we have a bottle in the emergency cupboard."
[@DanteE] "No need... but bring us a summary of what is known about the other side of the Wall."
[@Kite] To Gil: "Sorry, I was distracted by...nevermind. I can probably figure out a way to do that."
[@Theresa] (We have an emergency cupboard? Oh, wait, that's where they keep the pants.)
[@Random_Nerd] William: "By us? That's not very much."
[@Random_Nerd] William: "There are not, nor have there ever been, any Aides on duty outside reality."

  • pantsTisk is now known as Ftisk

[@DanteE] "Ftisk... look at this note. If Dollphaniel anywhere near this coherent on this side of the wall?"
[@Ftisk] (is Imp around?)
[@Random_Nerd] William: "Let me put it this way. More than a sixth of what the Aides know about the Outside is based on reports that Samuel and myself have personally filed in the last four months."
[@DanteE] (Oh, reminds me, I was thinking of naming the imp "Puck". Opinions?)
[@Ftisk] "No Dante, even her memories are fragmented and with strange gaps"
[@Random_Nerd] (The imp is probably somewhere around the clocktower.)
[@Random_Nerd] (He usually lives there when he isn't fetching something from outside.)
[@DanteE] "I can't say I like 'hunger and cruelty'."
[@Ftisk] (and where we are now?)
[@Random_Nerd] And none of you have ever seen Dollphaniel acting as rationally as the note seems to indicate.
[@Random_Nerd] Occasionally, she says words.
[@Random_Nerd] Usually she just hisses and the like.
[@Ftisk] (even in human form? She had no learn any language?)
[@Theresa] (Don't let the imp and Lesson near an ice rink.)
[@Ftisk] (rink?)
[@Random_Nerd] (Even in human form, her mind is pretty much the same. She's capable of understanding language to some degree, but she only rarely speaks, and that pretty much just to Ftisk.)
[@Theresa] "Hunger and cruelty...kinda sounds right. She doesn't play well with others, that we've seen."
[@DanteE] "Where is Dollphaniel?"
[@Random_Nerd] (Ftisk, where do you want her to be?)
[@Theresa] (An ice skating rink. Puck as in 'hockey puck.'  :) )
[@Ftisk] (around the city scheming against us and me in particular)
[@Ftisk] (in human form)
[@Ftisk] (I keep her in human form so she can integrate better... I hope)
[@DanteE] "They're both problematic, but I wonder about 'hunger'."
[@Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel is currently sitting in a bookstore, reading The Zombie Survival Guide and planning on how to be no help whatsoever if zombies invade Amyra.
[@Theresa] "Wasn't she eating paper clips for a while?"
[@Random_Nerd] Several of the people who work in the bookstore are a bit nervous, as she's barefoot and mud-splattered, but she just glares at them when they come too close.
[@DanteE] "What kind of spirit did Shadows say she was?"
[@Ftisk] "One of the simpler one I belive"
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "I don't think he even realized he'd summoned her until after he sobered up."
[@DanteE] "William, what do those kind of things eat?"
[@Ftisk] "A lepadottira?"
[@Random_Nerd] William: "Paper clips. Dogs. Souls. Rectangles. Yellow."
[@Ftisk] "Dogs! We have them. :-) "
[@DanteE] "We also have paper clips by the tonne."
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "If she's one of the lepidoptera, I'm frightened."
[@Random_Nerd] William: "Those were just... examples."
[@Ftisk] "Buy I advocate on a varying diet"
[@Ftisk] "oh examples .. well nevermind..."
[@DanteE] (What have we seen her eat?)
[@Random_Nerd] (And Dollphaniel is of the Phasmida, for reference.)
[@Random_Nerd] (But you don't know the specific type.)
[@Random_Nerd] (She doesn't seem to eat much.)
[@DanteE] (Shadows told us that?
[@Random_Nerd] (Yeah, I think so.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Dollphaniel seems to eat only in the sense that sometimes she puts things in her mouth, and then swallows them instead of taking them out.)
[@DanteE] "Sam, she's a Phasmid. What do you know about those?"
[@Random_Nerd] (Oh, and Shadows said that he summoned a creature that animated the model Ftisk had of Dollphaniel, not that he summoned a creature that looked like a small Ophaniel.)
[@DanteE] (oops)
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "The little ones, based on what I read in Brian's notes."
[@Random_Nerd] (Top of page 51 of Unlikely Flowerings.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Summoning them is a level-0 miracle of High Summoning. For instance, Brian could summon Phasmidae now, if he wanted to, although he'd have a little trouble controlling them.)
[@DanteE] "We're forcing a spirit into 'hunger and cruelty'. That disturbs me."
[@Ftisk] "uh uh Me too"

  • @Ftisk nod nod

[@Kite] "Gil, would a covering body suit be sufficient? I could walk around in scuba gear."
[@Ftisk] "Is there a way to have a portal always open so Dollp can be herself always?"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Well, we don't want to actually /cover up/ the fact that you have a body made of meat and metal. That'd just go badly when it came out eventually."
[@DanteE] "If there's a portal she'll go back."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "But if you seem like you're rubbing it in, it'll attract the wrong sort."
[@DanteE] "Not to mention that a permanent portal would cause all sorts of problems."
[@Theresa] "I would feel very uncomfortable with an always open portal to the Outside. You could end up with nether-racoons coming in through the cat door."
[@Ftisk] "So you say Ftisk leave your anchor be free?"
[@Theresa] "Me? No, it's your anchor. Your decision."
[@Random_Nerd] Sam, to Kite: "You know about 'furries', right?"
[@Kite] "Perhaps, by that time, I'll figure out a way to blend in. Otherwise, I could assemble a curtains stand to roll around while walking inside."
[@DanteE] (You're saying Kite could be a 'fleshie'? :) )
[@Ftisk] "But Theresa! Think of the interesting things that can came from the portal!"
[@Kite] Sam: "Furries? Like the little pom-pom things at craft stores?"
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "No, like the people who dress up in animal suits?"
[@Random_Nerd] Sam, as an aside to William: "I swear, it took me the better part of a year before I realized those guys were humans."
[@Kite] "Why would they want to do that? That's disgusting!"
[@Kite] "Think of all the poor bunnies they might deceive!"
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "Imagine a religion of the dionyl equivalent of that. People going around dressed in suits made of steak and leather, pretending to eat."
[@Theresa] *to Ftisk* "Given the number of people on the other side of the Wall who may want to kill me, the number of beings that fall under 'interesting' is much smaller."
[@Ftisk] "You kill scientific research in that way.. and fun too!"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Don't remind me. That's the last time I tried dating on Dionyl in a while."

  • @Theresa sighs. "You know, it's been a while since someone has told me that I kill their fun. I have the sudden urge to pat you on the head and tell you to do your homework."

[@Kite] " what would be the best compromise?"

  • Ftisk is now known as ChildTisk

[@ChildTisk] mocking: *yes mum!*
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Well, you're partly made of metal. That helps. Maybe emphasize that a bit more? Put on some extra bits of metal, make you look more like a stylized bird sculpture than an actual living thing?"

  • ChildTisk is now known as Ftisk

[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "I think we can make this work. Hmm. You have any religious connections on Dionyl?"
[@Kite] "Hmmm. I like that idea. I think I've got a few Mardi Gras masks in my collection which could help..."
[@Kite] "Not to my knowledge."
[@Kite] "Are there things similar to Assembly that have religious significance on Dionyl?"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "What about that Caesar guy? I'd heard that you guys knew him."
[@DanteE] "During the summoning I had 'memories' of wanting to get a crown, because I felt I'd earned it. Did you guys get something?"
[@Kite] "I never met him."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "About half the things that have religious significance on Dionyl are similar to Assembly in some way."
[@Kite] "Ftisk, did you meet the Caesar guy?"

  • @Ftisk contact DollP: "Do you want to return home? Or like staying here?"

[@Ftisk] "What Kite? Was asking something to Dollp"
[@Theresa] (*looking up what she got in the ceremony* It was something about Kudzu...)
[@Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel: "I'm building a nest in one of the ventilation ducts."
[@Kite] "Sorry for interrupting. Did you meet the Caesar guy on Dionyl?"
[@Ftisk] toD: "I take this as a yes I like here"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "No, but I know a few of his followers. It had looked like a flash in the pan thing at first, but he's continuing to pick up steam."
[@Ftisk] to K: "Yes I meet him"
[@Ftisk] "what do you want know Kite?"
[@Kite] to Gil: "My Brother met him, which might be helpful."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Yeah, we can work with that."
[@DanteE] (Here: [Random_Nerd] Theresa, you realize that something went wrong. The other people, the rich ones, took all your plants, and turned you into someone else. )
[@Kite] to Ftisk: "I'm trying to figure out some religious connections we have on Dionyl."
[@Ftisk] "Wait? We are grounded here with our Imperator and stuff we are specific Earth's Powers"
[@Theresa] " was weird. Someone else took all of my plants. And that I wasn't me. At the time, I thought it was maybe what Kudzu was thinking."
[@Kite] "Yes. It's rather frustrating, that. I'm trying to fix it."
[@DanteE] "Someone _took_ your plants?"
[@Random_Nerd] (Yes. The sense of having been /robbed/ was key.)
[@Theresa] "Yes. Very much so."
[@Random_Nerd] (The plants were /yours/. You /made/ them. But them someone else /took/ them.)
[@DanteE] "... who?"
[@Theresa] "Robbed, as opposed to a rightful removal of them."
[@Ftisk] "Do you have a plan how to import A slice of Vulcan on Dyonil? Have you thinked of customs?"
[@Theresa] "No..names or like that. Others. Other people. Rich people.":
[@DanteE] "'Rich' people?"
[@Kite] "I'm just working on a foundation at the moment."
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Hmm. Do you want priests, prophets, or what?"
[@Ftisk] "ohhh, sound cool Kite!"
[@Theresa] (Did I have any sense what 'rich' meant or was that the first equiv I came up with?)
[@Ftisk] "Ahm if you need I can change your body all the time you want"
[@Random_Nerd] (It's not /quite/ right, but it's the closest equivalent you can come up with.)

  • @Ftisk change Kite into a Dyonil"

[@Kite] "Missionaries?"
[@Kite] (wut)
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Well, of course you'll have those too."
[@Random_Nerd] Kite, do you allow the change?
[@Ftisk] (if not -] wound)
[@Kite] (Do I know it's Ftisk doing it?)
[@Random_Nerd] (Yeah.)
[@Kite] (Yeah. Kite trusts him enough to believe he won't try to hurt him.)
[@DanteE] (Heh... funny, I've got MSNBC on in the background, and they're talking about a study which showed gov't guys get a lot richer by working for the gov't)
[@Theresa] "Rich...I don't know, that was the first feeling I had about them. Maybe it's my inner classist nature showing through. That the plants were _mine_ and the rich people took them _away_ and it wasn't _fair_."
[@DanteE] "I think the crown I 'wanted' was the one made of creation material..."
[@Kite] (This doesn't mean he won't be angry that he wasn't asked first.)
[@Ftisk] "See Kite, like that"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "That works. Now, we need to talk /wardrobe."
[@Kite] "Ftisk, please ask before acting, next time."

  • @Ftisk return Kite to his original shape

[@Kite] "But thank you. This look is....stop that!"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "The mask thing is good. I like that one. Could you show me some of your collection?"
[@DanteE] "Hm...
[@Ftisk] "ops, sorry!"
[@Ftisk] "Kite, was a demonstration, not meant to do harm"
[@Kite] to Gil: "So long as you promise not to take any of it."
[@Ftisk] "Do you want to be a robotic stymian bird for a bit?"
[@DanteE] "If Cneph took the 'upper class' of outside and made them...
[@DanteE] (When did we figure Kudzu came in?)
[@Kite] to Ftisk: "I understand, Ftisk, but in the future, please wait for permission. May I be a Dionyl again, please?"
[@Theresa] "Or maybe Kudzu is the 'rich person' who took the plants away from Outside and made them"
[@Theresa] (What do you mean, came in?)

  • @Ftisk change Kite in to Dyonil form

[@DanteE] "Well, you said 'rich _people_'.

  • Kite is now known as Dionyl-Kite

[@DanteE] "More than one?"
[@Random_Nerd] (He wasn't one of the first Magisters of the Wild, and he wasn't one of the last.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Oh! Hey! That's one way in which this game's setting differs a little from the base one. There haven't been any new Wildlords in centuries. Have I mentioned that before?)
[@DanteE] (Don't remember that...)
[@Ftisk] (nope)
[@Dionyl-Kite] (I don't recall that either. Fascinating!)
[@DanteE] (When did Kudzu enter Creation again?)
[@Ftisk] (when he want?)
[@Random_Nerd] (Some time in the mid to late Second Age.)
[@DanteE] (So, not too long before the Valde Bellum?)
[@Random_Nerd] (A few hundred years.)
[@Random_Nerd] (And definitely before it.)
[@DanteE] "William... when's the last time a Wildlord entered Creation?"
[@Theresa] "For all I know, each of us is equal to a 'person' and thus I can blame proto-you and proto-Brian and definately proto-Snow as well."
[@Dionyl-Kite] "Is there a proto-me?"
[@Random_Nerd] William: "That's... tricky. Somewhere between seven thousand years and four months."
[@DanteE] to Kite: "Vulcan is a True God, right?"
[@Theresa] "Probably not, Kite. Vulcan is a True God and thus...Creationy."
[@Dionyl-Kite] "Awww."
[@DanteE] "Hm... OK, half-assed speculation time...
[@Ftisk] "Hey you can always temper!"
[@Random_Nerd] William: "I would say, though, that confirmed Wildlords entering during the Valde Bellum, that we're almost positive aren't Mimics, are /rare/."
[@Random_Nerd] William: "Maybe there've been ten, probably less."
[@Ftisk] "You gain new friends and some interesting side effects!"
[@DanteE] "What if the Wildlords are some kind of privileged class on the other side--privileged enough to have control of Estates--and they keep 'defecting' to here?"
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "It'd explain a lot."
[@Dionyl-Kite] "Gil, would you like to come see my collection, now?"
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Certainly!"
[@Dionyl-Kite] "Do you promise not to take anything?"
[@Random_Nerd] His blood pumps and swirls through his veins and arteries.
[@Random_Nerd] Gil: "Perish the thought, sir!"
[@Dionyl-Kite] "Excellent! Follow me."
[@DanteE] "That's _your_ thing, Kite. :) "
[@Theresa] "Continue with the speculation, Dante."
[@DanteE] (OK, trying to remember what Kudzu said when he was semi-lucid and what that shard in NY said...)

  • @Ftisk Giggle
  • @Dionyl-Kite pretends he didn't hear Dante as he leads Gil to the Philosophy Department restroom where the nest of shinies is kept.

[@DanteE] (Haukr was Session 134)
[@Random_Nerd] Kite, as you pass through the halls, you come across a trail of bloody footprints. Quite fresh, too.
[@Ftisk] "Sooo seem like each one of you but Brian have something connected to outside... Why Brian not?"
[@Theresa] (...Entropy is walking on his hands?)
[@Dionyl-Kite] " might want to report this to the others, Gil."

  • @Dionyl-Kite follows the footprints.

[@Theresa] "Well, Brian's not in here, so he _may_ have something. Must remember to ask him."
[@Random_Nerd] You find Dollphaniel sitting in a corner, picking bits of fur off of one of her feet.
[@DanteE] (from Haukr: "We have a right to a great deal of the things you now possess. We'll take what we're owed.")
[@Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel: "Squirrels."
[@Theresa] (She's using squirrels
[@Dionyl-Kite] "Are you al...squirrels?"
[@Theresa] (I know that bunny slippers are a thing, but you need to kill and clean the squirrels first...)
[@Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel: "/Squirrels/."
[@Random_Nerd] She starts yelling: "Squirrels! Squirrels!"
[@Random_Nerd] She runs off down the hall, leaving faint bloody footprints.
[@Dionyl-Kite] "Er....yes. Squirrels."

  • @Dionyl-Kite watches.

[@DanteE] "Theresa, when you got that memory... did you get an idea of who 'you' were?"
[@DanteE] (and did I?)
[@Theresa] "The shard...about taking what they're owed.. That could be about anything. And we don't know what happens to the estates that they take away!"
[@Random_Nerd] (You did not.)
[@Theresa] " but not me and they were making me be someone else who wasn't me."
[@Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel opens a maintainence closet, and climbs in through an already-removed grate into a heating duct.
[@Theresa] (And the squirrels thing reminds me of RN, only with less blood and squirrel fur.)
[@Ftisk] (papa mode on: carefull is dangerous D!)
[@DanteE] "Well... we know what happens to Estates taken from them... they wind up here. It's how Kudzu's Estates got to Creation."

  • @Dionyl-Kite looks in the grate.

[@Ftisk] (RN wear quirells?)
[@DanteE] (H: "If you steal a man's orchard, and pick the apples, who owns them, you or him?")
[@Theresa] (NO, but he talks about how evil they are, often just using the word 'squirrel' and tone of voice.)
[@Theresa] (no even.)
[@Ftisk] "And... If Kudzu is a estate thief? No offense meant"
[@Random_Nerd] (Ah, but is Kudzu the thief, the apples, or the orchard?)
[@Theresa] (Yes.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Correct!)
[@DanteE] (the apples are Estates. Only thing to figure out is the Orchard.)
[@Theresa] (So, in you, man, orchard and apples, you just need orchard?)
[@DanteE] (Huh?)
[@Theresa] (Well, you said that the only thing to figure out is Orchard. So out of the situation, that means you know who 'you', 'man' and you said the apples are Estates.)
[@Random_Nerd] (I'm going over the Haukr stuff again, and I'd forgotten that I'd even mentioned half this stuff. Dang chatty warmain-shards.)

  • @Dionyl-Kite calls into the grate. "Dollphaniel. Do you need help or are you fine by yourself?"

[@DanteE] ( :P )
[@Theresa] (Warmains like to talk to us. We are the supernatural equiv of Ophrah or Larry King.)
[@DanteE] (Jotunheim! Hello, you're on the air...)
[@Dionyl-Kite] (Should we make that an Affliction?)
[@Ftisk] (like National Bruno Vespa or Maurizio Costanzo)
[@Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel: "Screee!"
[@Ftisk] (@ D-K: Definitely usefull!)
[@DanteE] "So, we have Wildlords swiping Estates from out there and bringing them here... not as many since the Valde Bellum, though.
[@DanteE] "Having studied some history, that sounds kinda familiar..."
[@Ftisk] "Like drugs dealers around the mexican border?"
[@Dionyl-Kite] (Does that "Screee!" sound angry or something else?")
[@Random_Nerd] ("Leave me alone!")

  • @Dionyl-Kite pauses.

[@Random_Nerd] ("Can't a creature from beyond reality trample some squirrels and then crawl into a heating duct in peace?")
[@DanteE] "I was thinking more like Berlin, before and after building their wall."
[@Ftisk] "uhm... maybe is more fitting"
[@Dionyl-Kite] "If you need help, let me know."
[@Random_Nerd] Sam: "But the Wildlords /are/ the Estates."
[@Theresa] ("Mr. Entropy, tear down this Wall!")
[@Ftisk] "Here yes but outside creation things can be different."
[@DanteE] "Well, yes and no. They're also walking building violations."
[@Ftisk] "If there is a fluid estate pool outside and will lord go, grab some and run to creation?"

  • @Dionyl-Kite leaves the closet and proceeds to lead Gil to the philosophy department.

[@DanteE] "Don't forget, the wall screws with memories.
[@DanteE] "If Kudzu came from here he'd be more lucid."
[@Ftisk] "right, but not only with that"
[@Ftisk] "Like with pidgeon, some piece of it are outside"
[@Ftisk] "or the Imp mind, I don’t remember his name that have bits outside"
[@Theresa] (For a moment, I read that as 'wall-screws with memories'...)
[@DanteE] "No, the Imp is from this side of Creation.
[@DanteE] "In fact, he probably remembers too much..."
[@Ftisk] "wait, well I can misremember"
[@DanteE] (Where's the Imp again?)
[@Ftisk] (the big brain or the little guy?)
[@Random_Nerd] (Downstairs, carving a tiny desk for himself out of a block of wood.)
[@DanteE] (little one)
[@DanteE] (and, in my notes: Kudzu, talking about JBJ: "I think that heknowsthingsabouttheWildthateventheWilddoesnot know.")
[@Ftisk] (you can offer some bits for answers)
[@DanteE] (BTW, someone should go through and summarize the chapters, possibly even sessions)
[@Dionyl-Kite] Whenever they get to his nest, Kite will begin showing Gil his masks.
[@Ftisk] (yep, I played with the idea of a summary from Ftisk perspective)
[@Theresa] (I think that it would cost more than a pinkie to get those answers from JBJ. And of course, he would know because they are part of his Age.)
[@Random_Nerd] (Yeah. Remember, the Imperator of an Age is tied to all estates that came into being during his Age.)
[@Ftisk] (handy!)
[@Dionyl-Kite] (Oooh!)

  • @Ftisk go to Imp

[@DanteE] "Hm. Now, how would figuring this out help things..."
[@Random_Nerd] The imp has a block of oak, a chisel with a modified handle, a small mallet, and a determined expression.
[@Theresa] (Getting rid of all of the bits that aren't desk?)
[@Random_Nerd] (Yep!)
[@DanteE] "What Haukr said seemed to indicate that Cneph swiped a lot of Estates and locked them away; and the Wildlords would seem to be bringing Estates in continually--until the War started and presumably security at the Wall was increased."
[@Dionyl-Kite] (I'm beginning to like Imp.)
[@DanteE] (Got a better name than Imp? I was thinking 'Puck', as in the mythical figure/Shakespeare character)
[@Random_Nerd] (We should stop soon, I think. Any brainstorming before we do?)
[@Theresa] "This stuff with the Warmains may just the next phase in the lifecycle of beings that come over to Creation."
[@DanteE] "What do you mean?"
[@Dionyl-Kite] (I like Puck, actually. Another possible Shakespearean suggestion would be Caliban.)
[@Theresa] "Well, okay, so the Willords come over and become 'naturalized'. The Excrucians get mad about losing their estates, so they try coming over to get them back. But after so long and not making complete progress...Warmains start becoming naturalized. they seem to be the closest to us other than the Mimics."
[@Dionyl-Kite] (I think Kite's done, unless there were more suggestions or questions from Gil.)
[@Random_Nerd] (I don't think so, at least not right now.)
[@DanteE] "Naturalized Warmains?"
[@Ftisk] "Hi Imp, I want to give you a gift"

  • @Ftisk lCreate a iPad preserved so don't take scratches with all Amyra Nobles fanfic inside

[@Theresa] "Warmains that want to live _here_."
[@Random_Nerd] Imp: "Is it a very tiny chisel?"
[@Theresa] (I'm pretty much done with wacky speculations.)
[@DanteE] "The only ones we see we fight.\
[@Theresa] (Can the iPad be used as a chisel?)

  • @Ftisk show him how use the iPad and read the fandom

[@Theresa] "Because they like to fight."
[@DanteE] "Whoever fought Jaris didn't get the memo, then."
[@Random_Nerd] The imp, as the idea of fanfic enters his mind, begins to smile.
[@Random_Nerd] It's not pretty, but it is rather cute.
[@DanteE] (uhoh)
[@Dionyl-Kite] (Oh my)

  • @Ftisk giggle at imp smiling

[@Theresa] "They're not all naturalized. Just some. Like how only some of the Imperators from Outside became Wildlords."
[@Ftisk] "well it's all, good reading Imp"

  • @Ftisk return to the other Nobles

[@Theresa] (I feel bad for you, Dante. I see Ftisk/Dante slash blanketing the net within hours. In a variety of positions.)
[@DanteE] (urk)
[@Ftisk] ( *GRIN* )
[@DanteE] (Then again, Ftisk has been around a while, it's probably already there.)
[@DanteE] (Can we get some kind of epiphany about the goofy speculation we've been doing?)
[@Random_Nerd] ________________STOP_______________
[@Random_Nerd] (You're, like, 85% there.)
[@Dionyl-Kite] (Does Ftisk get his raging libido from rule 34?)

  • Dionyl-Kite is now known as Verithe
  • DanteE is now known as Knockwood

[@Ftisk] rule 34?
[@Random_Nerd] (And the other 15% ties in with a combination of stuff you've been going over today and stuff you were pondering a week or two ago.)

  • Ftisk is now known as Angelo

[@Random_Nerd] Hmm. Am I being too mysterious about this?
[@Knockwood] Destiny points?
[@Random_Nerd] I could drop some hints if you guys want.
[@Knockwood] We're used to 'spot orc, whack orc, move to next orc'
[@Angelo] lol
[@Knockwood] BTW, any opinions about
[@Verithe] I think, if we're that close, it depends on how many sessions of trying to figure it out you feel were fruitless.
[@Theresa] Quick reminder, we'll be gone next Thursday for American Thanksgiving.
[@Theresa] And RN's finals will be coming soon.
[@Random_Nerd] Hmm...
[@Knockwood] (Or, laz/Brian will come in and spot the missing piece immediately)
[@Knockwood] (and make the rest of us feel like doofi.)
[@Theresa] *(I don't mind feeling like doofi.)
[@Knockwood] (you mean a doofus)
[@Angelo] btw Etheric news?
[@Random_Nerd] None since the last I mentioned.
[@Knockwood] Hell, Snow should be here. We'd have figured everything out by now.
[@Angelo] :-(
[@Random_Nerd] Hmm. How about this. I think I've been too vague about some stuff, so I'll mention three questions that are all quotes from this game or close variants on them. That way, you won't know any more than you did before, except what stuff's important to think about.
[@Verithe] Then I think we can wait on heavy hint-dropping until we stop making progress.
[@Random_Nerd] That sound good? Too much? Too little?
[@Verithe] That works for me.
[@Angelo] I have a friend that want to start to read the logs... any point from where start?
[@Theresa] Sounds like a good idea to me, dear.
[@Knockwood] hm... Yeah, telling us what 30 questions are important is good, means we have a good 300 things to think about.
[@Theresa] Angelo - the beginning, if he/she has insomnia.  :)

  • Theresa is now known as BethE

[@Random_Nerd] Okay. The first one is from this session. "Was Kudzu the thief, the apples, or the orchard?"
[@Verithe] I started from the beginning, Angelo. It seemed like the more coherent choice.
[@Random_Nerd] The second one is from your conversation with Haukr. "Why don't Warmains use summoning?"
[@Knockwood] He's not the thief?
[@Verithe] I thought he was the apples.
[@Random_Nerd] The third one is related to the conversation you had with who you think was alt-Shadows: "Who was 'James' father?'"
[@Random_Nerd] And with that, I go.
[@Knockwood] Wait...
[@Random_Nerd] Oh?
[@Verithe] Hmmm.
[@Knockwood] Considering we won't see you for 2 weeks, how about more questions for us to screw ourselves up with?
[@Knockwood] :D
[@Random_Nerd] Hmm...
[@Random_Nerd] No, I think those three are enough.
[@Random_Nerd] See you in two weeks.
[@Verithe] Take care!
[@Random_Nerd] And good brain-pondering, this time.
Session Close: Thu Nov 18 23:19:09 2010

Chapter 24