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Chapter 27

Thank you to RN for the piece where I was not here.

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«Random_Nerd» _____________START_______________
«Random_Nerd» William: "Okay. That info from Ymera Jan ben Jan makes sense in light of what we saw on the text of the books."
«Random_Nerd» He looks at some notes.

  • DanteE checks to see if he's still bleeding...

«Random_Nerd» W: "So... kidneys."
«Random_Nerd» (You're Durant, right?)
«DanteE» "Aha. Two."
«Theresa» "William, do the Aides have data on the whereabouts of Abhorrent Weapons.:
«DanteE» (Sacrosanct)
«Theresa» ?
«Random_Nerd» (Then yeah.)
«DanteE» "Bigger question is what does it _mean_."
«Brian» (looking at Treasure things, I think that I would have had to use a T4 miracle to make Sam always impervious to negative effects of wind)
«DanteE» (I'm still bleeding?)
«Random_Nerd» William: "'In the hands of Warmains'."

  • Kite uses Assembly to stitch himself up.

«Random_Nerd» (Then it's closed.)
«Random_Nerd» (It's still a visible wound, though.)
«DanteE» ("The price of my knowledge is pain and disfigurement". I figured.)
«DanteE» "Aren't there a few with us?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Which are you thinking of? Not every Warmain's sword is Abhorrent."
«Theresa» "The Abhorrent Rock."
«Theresa» (Possibly named Thud.)
«Brian» (What would be its other name?)
«Kite» "Hmmm....Lord Vulcan mentioned something about a stack of Abhorrent something....
«Random_Nerd» William: "Oh, yes. That one's supposed to be from Earth, originally."
«Theresa» "Does our side have it or the Excrucians?"
«DanteE» "There's one maybe-Abhorrent pocket knife"
--»| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
«Angelo» Hi boys, girls and being with splinted legs! :-)
«Random_Nerd» William: "It pops up on occasion. Sometimes Cain seems to have it, sometimes the Excrucians do."
«Kite» (Hi, angelo!)
«Angelo» (already playing? ?___? )
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
«Kite» (Sorry! There was a time change!)
«Theresa» (Hi Angelo! *HUG*
«Ftisk» (oh! I was unaware :-/ )
«Theresa» "Cain? As in that Cain? Still exists?"
«Theresa» (It's okay, Angelo, we forgot to tell you.)
«Random_Nerd» William: "A lot of people seem to think so."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Luc claims to have met him once, or thought he did."
«Ftisk» (Can someone send me what I miss?)
«DanteE» "They say he'll exist until The End."
«Random_Nerd» (Just a bit.)
«Theresa» "Were all of these people in black trenchcoats?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Pardon?"
«Random_Nerd» (William doesn't read many vampire books.)
«Random_Nerd» (His fiancee, though, does. This irritates him slightly, which is part of why she does it.)
«Theresa» "Something that I had heard before in teacher meetings. To beware of teenagers in black trenchcoats as they played some sort of vampire role-playing game and thus were possibly into Satanic cults."
«DanteE» "I studied that. Classic Moral Panic."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Beware anyone who wears a trenchcoat while under the age of thirty, as they have no sense of how to look good in one."
«Theresa» "I think Shadows wears a trenchcoat. Does he count?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "I have no idea. I can't see him."
«Theresa» "Hmm. Okay, so in theory the Abhorrent Rock is around. That is..something at least."
«DanteE» (Oh yeah, I hadn't decided what to do with my new stone. Been busy.)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Oh, before you do anything about Cain. Don't try to do things to him, unless you're willing to have the same thing happen to you, only seven times as much."
«Ftisk» "Why you want an abhorrent weapon?"
«Theresa» "Got it, William."
«Random_Nerd» William: "I'm not quite /sure/ how that works, but it's better to err on the side of caution."
«Theresa» "Because Jan Ben Jan suggested a rock could be used to kill Entropy. And I don't think just any rock would do, so..."
«Ftisk» "ahhhhh!"

  • Kite finishes adding Cain to a list of people to talk to....then scratches it off.

«Ftisk» "And that was a hinting that him is an excrucian?"
«DanteE» "He also didn't specify _which_ rock..."
«Theresa» "Do _you_ want to try and hit him with something smaller than a mountain or asteroid and just _hope_ it works?"
«Ftisk» "Well, can be a good test! ... Uhm.. maybe not ... uhm"
«Theresa» "At least an Abhorrent weapon would have some effect."
«DanteE» "It would also have an effect on us."
«Ftisk» "like bilbo's ring?"
«Kite» "Whose?"
«Random_Nerd» Dante, your phone rings.
«Ftisk» "The one from a book, Sam book I believe, the one that look like a concrete brick... from Tolkien"
«Kite» "I don't think I read that book."
«Brian» ("Every time they make a new Robin Hood movie, they burn our village down!")

  • DanteE answers...
  • Ftisk lesser creation of LordofTheRing book as data miracle

«Random_Nerd» It's a male voice that you don't recognize, panicked. "Help! We need you to get here right now! The ogre, the Camorra's ogre, it's gone nuts!"
«DanteE» "Where are you?"

  • Kite flips through the book.

«Random_Nerd» "I'm at the Bureau, but the ogre isn't here. The boss is trying to lead it on a chase. I last saw them headed south."
«DanteE» to the others: "Something about the Camorra’s ogre going nuts..."
«Brian» "Um. That's not good?"
«Random_Nerd» "The... the guy made of dead bodies and bees and stuff? It tried to stop the ogre, and he /ate/ most of it."
«DanteE» "at the Bureau.
«DanteE» "... he _ate_ Ick?"
«Theresa» (The Ogre ate Ick?!?)
«Theresa» "He what?"
«Kite» (Poor Ick!)
«DanteE» "... be right there!"
«Random_Nerd» "Some of the bits are still moving, but most of the torso and the entire head's gone."

  • DanteE hangs up...
  • Theresa Ldivs the Chancel for any plants that have been hurt by the Ogre or Lesson stepping on them.

«DanteE» "Something strange has happened at the Bureau, apparently with one of the Camorra’s ogres.
«Kite» "Ick was the thing you guys said was made from an Excrucian shard, yeah?
«Random_Nerd» (They're in a part of town that doesn't have much in the way of plants.)
«Brian» (Some of us can afford Greater Divinations in-Chancel.)
«DanteE» "William, see if the Cams have reported anything."
«DanteE» "The rest of you, meet me there!"
«Random_Nerd» William: "I'll call them."
«Brian» (Speaking of, I'll do a LDiv of Amyra, where is the Ogre? I should be able to do that, yes?)

  • DanteE flies out a convenient window.

«Theresa» (Unless he's protected from Divs.)

  • Ftisk follow Dante!

«Random_Nerd» (If you're doing a lesser div, you can't find him. He's an outsider, not a part of Amyra.)
«Random_Nerd» (A greater div would work.)
«Brian» (I can do a GDiv, but I'll have to look up how much I would need to spend)

  • Theresa runs rappels down the side of the tower with some vines and then does some Aspect 3 running.

«Random_Nerd» William, to Theresa and Brian: "I'm not getting an answer."
«Ftisk» toDante: "Hey Batman, where we are going?"
«Random_Nerd» (Just to Brian, then.)
«DanteE» "The Bureau."
«Ftisk» "Cool!"
«Random_Nerd» One bat-themed screen wipe later, Dante, Ftisk, and Theresa are at the Bureau.
«Random_Nerd» It's a mess.
«Theresa» "Oh no. After all of that work."
«DanteE» (There goes our deposit.)
«Random_Nerd» There are several bits of corpses, enough to indicate that he seems to have eaten most of three people, plus Ick.
«Random_Nerd» The death toll may be higher if he ate some of them whole.

  • Kite flies after Theresa.

«Theresa» "We shall have to bill the Camms for this."
«Theresa» (Unless they're attacking us because we're going against Entropy...)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson's assistant, Jenny, is standing over the twitching body of Ick, an indecisive look on her face.
«Ftisk» "This is ... strange"

  • DanteE flies to Jenny...

«Theresa» "Which way, Jenny? And how long ago?"
«Kite» (With a Greater Div. can a find out if the ogre is near any factories or anything Assembly related?)
«DanteE» "What happened?"
«Random_Nerd» Several of the three-armed guys are holding guns.
«Random_Nerd» One of them has /three/ pistols.
«Random_Nerd» (Yes, you can.)
«Kite» (Greater Divify me! :D)
«Random_Nerd» (And since this is in the industrial part of Amyra, you find him.)
«Kite» "I found him! This way!"

  • Kite flies to where he is.

«Random_Nerd» The ogre is currently running across a factory full of running equipment, running people, and one scampering demon.
«Theresa» "Lead on, Kite!"

  • Theresa runs after him.

«DanteE» to Jenny: "You find out who's here and who ... isn't."
«Random_Nerd» Jenny: "Will do."

  • DanteE flies to the Ogre

«Brian» (sec - looking up tax information)

  • Ftisk follows Dante

=-= YOU are now known as squidTisk
«Random_Nerd» When you arrive there, the ogre is winding up to throw another oil filter at Lesson. Lesson is clinging to a large light fixture attached to the factory roof.
«Random_Nerd» Lesson appears to be missing his hat, his jacket, most of his shirt, and three-fifths of his left hand.
«Theresa» (Do we know the ogre's name? And didn't Dante give him a Courage miracle?)
«DanteE» Is it the Ogre we met before?
«Random_Nerd» The ogre is wearing the remnant of his tailored business suit, covered in blood, and minus the flower.
«Random_Nerd» It is the ogre you met before.
«Brian» (b, I think)
«squidTisk» "Stop Ogre! These are bad fats and carbs!"

  • Theresa roars loudly, "Ogre! Stand down!"

«Theresa» (Lesson is corruptive fats and carbs!)
«Random_Nerd» There are only a few humans left in the factory. There are even fewer live, intact humans.
«Random_Nerd» Ogre: "No boss! No orders! No more!"
«Random_Nerd» He charges Theresa.

  • Theresa dodges. (Ole'!)

«Kite» "Then...could you please calm down and answer some questions?"
«Random_Nerd» (Using Aspect?)
«DanteE» *Ghost-Dest-Courage* "Stop!"
«Theresa» (Hmm..what do ogres respect? I just remember that Hugh is considered middle-aged.)
«Kite» (Yes?)
«Theresa» (Yep. Aspect 3.)
«Random_Nerd» Ogre: "Sure, I'll answer questions. Come down here and chat with me nice and close, little bird."
«Kite» ...

  • squidTisk will try spit acid on him when nearby

«Random_Nerd» (Ogres respect Hugh, regard Entropy with a mixture of fear, loathing, and envy, and think everything that is neither Hugh nor Entropy is at least potential food.)
«Theresa» (What if you smack them around, do they respect you then as higher on the food chain?)
«Random_Nerd» (What level of miracle is the acid-spitting?)
«DanteE» (You _can't_ smack them around. Strength 10, remember?)
«Random_Nerd» (Often, although it may make them try to come up with a plan to sucker-punch you later.)
«squidTisk» (none, I expect it will not work is Conrad miracle)
«Random_Nerd» (Or, in the new version: Bond: I Am Strong Enough To Overpower You (5).)
«Random_Nerd» (Ah, yes.)
«Random_Nerd» Ftisk, your scales glitter in the light, but no acid comes.
«squidTisk» (treat my action as flavor)
«Random_Nerd» Wait, scales? Squids don't have scales.
«Random_Nerd» And yet.
«DanteE» (Did he react to me?)

  • Kite lands a few paces from the ogre.

«Random_Nerd» (Not at all.)
«Random_Nerd» The ogre snatches at Kite.
«Theresa» (I may not be able to physcially smack him around. But I can hit him.)
«DanteE» *LDest-Courage* "You WILL stand down!"
«Kite» (would getting factory machinery to lunge/skewer the ogre be a lesser motion or a lesser animation?)

  • squidTisk shout "Keep my brother outside your mouth!"

«Random_Nerd» (Lesser Animation.)
«Random_Nerd» The miracle lands. You're sure of it. But it doesn't stop the ogre.
«Random_Nerd» You can see the fear in his eyes, but he seems driven by something more powerful than the fear.
«Random_Nerd» Kite, there's some good news and bad news.

  • DanteE does a Div-Courage to see what's driving him...

«Random_Nerd» Good news first. The machinery /does/ leap to life and skewer the ogre.
«Theresa» (Good news is, you won't be tried for the civil war!)
«Random_Nerd» Bad news. This doesn't stop him.
«Random_Nerd» Worse news: He grabs you.
«Kite» "May we talk now?"
«Random_Nerd» The ogre, half-impaled on some kind of metal-cutting tool, holds you with a grip that would be strong even by Noble standards.
«Random_Nerd» (Dante, you can tell that he is motivated not by courage or discipline, but by some sort of raw animal desire that's enough to overpower even his fear.)
«Random_Nerd» Ogre: "Everyone goes away now!"
«Random_Nerd» Ogre: "Or I eat the bird!"
«Theresa» (Dude, no one told us it was ogre mating season!)
«Theresa» "Everyone? Including Lesson?"
«Random_Nerd» Ogre: "In fact, I don't care! I EAT THE BIRD!"
«Random_Nerd» He moves to chomp on Kite.
«DanteE» (Did I get that super-sword I mentioned last time around?)
«Kite» "This is probably over Lesson's pay grade."
«Random_Nerd» (You haven't made it yet.)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson, clinging to the roof with a half-eaten hand: "YES IT IS!"

  • Kite pecks the ogre's nose.

«DanteE» *Create-Blades on the machinery grabbing the Ogre

  • Theresa GCs a mass of vines to overgrow the ogre, pull Kite away and give Kite some space to get away.

«Random_Nerd» The ogre takes a bite out of Kite's side. (Serious Wound.)
«Random_Nerd» The machinery slices him open from inside.
«Random_Nerd» His left arm is nearly entirely severed, and blood and squirming things crawl out.
«Random_Nerd» Then the vines spring up.
«Kite» "Ow! That hurt! Stop that!
«Kite» "Oh...gross...."
«Random_Nerd» He struggles against them, but even with his Bond, he can't overpower a Greater Creation.
«Random_Nerd» He's still holding Kite in his right hand, although he can't reach him to his mouth again.
«Random_Nerd» (Flurry over.)
«Brian» (Sorry for this guys, I have to deal with taxes.)
«Theresa» *roars* "The bird is under our Chancel protection! Do you defy our hospitality?"

  • DanteE directs the blade parts to the ogre's right arm & hand

«Theresa» (It's okay, Brian. Want us to keep some ogre for you?)
«Random_Nerd» Ogre: "I am an ogre! Anything I can hold in my hands is mine, and no one can take it away from me!"
«Theresa» (Cut off his fingers, so that Kite can get away. Otherwise, he'll just squish.)
«Random_Nerd» The blades cut into his arm.
«Random_Nerd» Rats, centipedes, and what looks like a very deformed and starved fox crawl out of his arm.
«DanteE» "We'll be more than happy to relieve you of those hands, then."
«Random_Nerd» He squeezes Kite again with the hand.

  • Kite uses his feathers.

«Random_Nerd» (Just a Surface Wound this time.)
«Random_Nerd» (What are you trying to do with the feathers?)

  • squidTisk land after the ogre and stab him

«Theresa» (Can I still direct the vines after the creation?)

  • DanteE takes off the hand and/or arm...

«Random_Nerd» (With another miracle.)
«Kite» (dice the hand, I guess.)
«Random_Nerd» Kite's feathers slash the hand deeply, and then Dante's blades sever it entirely.
«squidTisk» (stab him with the squidDragon beack)
«Random_Nerd» It lies on the floor, still gripping Kite, but not squeezing, just holding.
«Random_Nerd» Then Ftisk stabs the ogre.

  • Kite tries pecking his way free.

«Random_Nerd» It seems to lose its grasp of whatever mad desire animated it, and slumps to the ground.

  • DanteE looks at what's flowing out of him...

«Theresa» "You do not hold him anymore. What has caused this madness?"

  • squidTisk clean my beak with a tentacle bleah!
  • Kite hobbles over to something he can rest against.

«Random_Nerd» A lot of it's blood, of a mix of red, black, and brown.
«Random_Nerd» But along with the blood is flowing various verminous creatures.
«Random_Nerd» Most of these are dying already, but a few scurry into the shadows.
«Theresa» (Ogres are what they eat?)

  • squidTisk reach Kite "how do you feel bro?"

«Theresa» "Lesson, how are you?"
«Random_Nerd» Kite, you make your way free of the hand.
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Alive."
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "I don't think I can come down without falling. My grip is already too weak."

  • DanteE looks into the Ogre's eyes...

«Kite» "It hurts."
«Random_Nerd» As Kite frees himself from the hand, it makes one last feeble grasp in his direction.
«DanteE» "Ftisk, can you grab Lesson?"
«Random_Nerd» It can't get him, though.
«squidTisk» "Sure Dante."
«Random_Nerd» The ogre seems on the verge of unconsciousness.
«squidTisk» "wait a sec Kite"

  • Theresa Moves Lesson from there to the ground beside her. Gently.
  • squidTisk fly to Lesson and take him to the ground

«DanteE» to the Ogre: "You have one chance to tell... what happened?"
«Random_Nerd» Lesson lands gently.
«Random_Nerd» The ogre mumbles: "Hungry. So hungry."
«Theresa» (Sorry, Ftisk.  :( )
«Random_Nerd» When he's down on the ground, you can see him more clearly.
«Random_Nerd» The hand doesn't seem to have been bitten, but rather sheared off by some vaguely sharp object.
«DanteE» (You read Sherlock Holmes, by any chance?)
«Random_Nerd» He also has many bruises, and a piece of iron rib sticking out of his chest.
«Random_Nerd» (Some of the stories, but not all.)
«squidTisk» toLesson: "What happen to your hand?"
«DanteE» (Reminded me of "The Case of the Engineer's Thumb")

  • DanteE Div-Courage again...

«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "It threw a... I don't know what, some kind of machine at me when it couldn't get close enough to grab me. There was a blade thing, a spinning..."
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "It hurts."
«DanteE» (Or, someone with an Amyra domain can get something)
«Random_Nerd» The ogre is /terrified/, which is currently more powerful than the hunger.
«DanteE» "... I thought Ogres don't get scared..."
«Random_Nerd» (As a rule, they don't.)
«squidTisk» "You'll live. Dante can fix you in no time. Now excuse me."
«DanteE» Is he still bleeding animals?
«Random_Nerd» More slowly.

  • squidTisk return to Kite without waiting a reply from Lesson

«Random_Nerd» They aren't gushing out, just crawling out.
«DanteE» "What the hell are these?"
«Random_Nerd» Lesson tries to curl up in a ball, shielding his head and torso.
«Random_Nerd» The ogre tries to gnaw on his own right shoulder, but can't quite reach it.
«Theresa» "Dante, can you bring the blade thing that hurt Lesson here?"
«Random_Nerd» Dante, your phone rings
«DanteE» "I co... one second.

  • DanteE answers

«Random_Nerd» (The blade thing was a thrown bandsaw, that happened to hit Lesson blade-first on his hand.)
«Random_Nerd» (Not just the saw part was thrown, the whole machine was.)
«Random_Nerd» It's William.
«Random_Nerd» W: "I had the police check the Camorra office, and as near as they can tell, they're all dead."
«squidTisk» (Wow he is strong other that hungry)
«DanteE» "... The Cammora are _dead_?"
«Kite» (That's either convenient or really bad for us....)
«Theresa» (Strength 10. That can beat a lot of stuff.)
«DanteE» "... How?"
«Random_Nerd» W: "If the descriptions of the scene mean what I think they do, he even ate the nimblejack, although he spat most of it back up."
«Kite» to the Ogre: "You?"
«Theresa» (I would say "Yes" to that, Kite. In an RN tone of voice.)
«Theresa» (Ewww.)
«Random_Nerd» W: "But a combination of smashing and biting."
«Random_Nerd» W: "Permission to put 'what would make an ogre go completely insane all of a sudden' in the questions file?"

  • Theresa Moves some of the healing leaves from the plant that was Created waaaay back near the beginning of the game here to help Lesson.

«DanteE» "William, tell the police to leave the investigating to us. And send an emergency team to the Bureau, and one to here."
«Random_Nerd» William: "I've already sent one to the Bureau. Where are you now?"
«Kite» "Should we contact the Cammorae and send a report? Y'know, to show we don't have any hostile intentions."
«DanteE» "... actually, scratch that. Send a hazmet containment team to (our location)"
«Random_Nerd» William: "The special one we made in case Lesson got dismembered or something?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Uh... did he?"
«DanteE» "Yes, and partially."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Okay. Want me there too?"

  • Theresa applies the leaves to Lesson's wounds. "Lesson, can you regrow body parts?"

«DanteE» to Lesson: "We'll retrieve the part that got cut off and I can put you back together."
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Not well. New part always worse than the old one."
«DanteE» (Oops, can I?)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Long time ago. Both my legs. Same length."
«Random_Nerd» (Your gift is human-specific, isn't it?)
«DanteE» to William: "Depends. How's your stomach?"
«squidTisk» "Lesson, I can reshape your body. Do you want?"
«DanteE» (... probably)
«Random_Nerd» William: "I'll stay and coordinate from here, then."
«Random_Nerd» (I seem to recall that it was. Let me check the writeup.)
«DanteE» (But wouldn't his status as an Anchor screw us up?)
«Random_Nerd» (That works differently now.)
«Theresa» (Not if he lets us.)
«DanteE» (Lesson or James?)
«Random_Nerd» (Lesson, I'd say.)
«Theresa» (Lesson. It's his Auctoritas.)
«Random_Nerd» (I'm going to completely without checking say that Anchors take wounds in the same way that Nobles do.)
«DanteE» What's the Ogre's status?
«Random_Nerd» William: "Want me to research what I can about ogres?"

  • Theresa also moves nearest Amyrian cow carcass from a meat processor to the ogre's mouth.

«Random_Nerd» Alive. It seems impossible that it's alive, but this still is true.
«DanteE» "You ever hear of one 'bleeding' vermin?"
«Random_Nerd» If not for Theresa's vines, he would even now be hungrily devouring his own flesh.
«Random_Nerd» William: "Only older ogres. Not Hugh old, but old by ogre standards."
«DanteE» "... they 'bleed' animals when cut?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Yes. I cherish my ignorance of whatever feature of ogre anatomy makes this possible. How big of animals are you getting? Just flies and worms, or bigger things?"
«Brian» (once again, I /think/ I am done with what I need for taxes. Transferring tuition credit to Sara. Had to swim through a MURK of tax code)
«Theresa» (We got a _fox_!)
«DanteE» "We've got an emaciated fox around here somewhere..."
«Random_Nerd» (Don't talk to me about tax code, man.)
«Random_Nerd» William: "...damn."
«squidTisk» (malformed fox!)
«Random_Nerd» The ogre eats the cow carcass.
«Kite» "Should we talk to it?"
«Random_Nerd» His jaw dislocates itself like a snake to do so, and he's swallowed the whole thing in four and a half seconds.
«DanteE» "And I really don't like the timing of this."
«Random_Nerd» His stomach seems no larger, afterwards.
«Kite» ...

  • squidTisk zap some vermins in cows

«Random_Nerd» Ogre, incoherently: "More. MORE!"
«DanteE» "William, anything on sudden rampages with no apparent motivation?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "In young ogres, poorly trained ones, it happens. But this one wore clothes, spoke well, was assigned to deal directly with Nobles."
«Theresa» "Dante, ask William if the bottomless pit-like feeding is a sign of anything? Because if he's about to create a bunch of baby ogres, we don't have enough kibble."
«Random_Nerd» William: "I do have a theory, though."

  • squidTisk throw them to the Ogre

«DanteE» "Did you hear Theresa there?"
«Theresa» (It's not bunnies or lupus.)
«Random_Nerd» William: "I think the ogre got... shirked."
«Random_Nerd» The ogre seems to be twisting and writhing within the vines.
«DanteE» "... crap, that makes perfect sense."
«Random_Nerd» It rocks until it can fall over, and then starts to gnaw on the side of a cow.

  • Kite adds factory machinery to the ogre's bindings.

«Random_Nerd» The crunching sound is rather memorable.

  • Theresa also LCes a cotton handkerchief and moves Lesson's fingers from wherever they are to here. "Were these cut off in this building, Lesson?"

«DanteE» to the others: "Shirk. Making him revert to young and untrained."
«Theresa» "In our own Chancel, greeeeat."
«DanteE» (What are the new rules on Witchhunt Rites?)
«Random_Nerd» (Oh, and Kite, you have Bond: Part of my wing got eaten (3) and Affliction: Most of the flight muscles on my chest got torn off (1) until the wounds heal.)
«Random_Nerd» (Let me check, Knock.)
«Kite» (Gotcha)
«Random_Nerd» (the Witchhunt Rite, as such, no longer exists.)
«Random_Nerd» (But if you want to overpower concealing miracles, the Divine Mantle or Strike in general may be useful.)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Somewhere down there."
«DanteE» (How about Bond: the country and people of Amyra and Passion: Figure out what's going on?)
«Random_Nerd» (That bond's applicable. The ogre just seriously messed up a fair chunk of Kaerkoven.)
«Random_Nerd» Brian, you feel the itching of an incoming prayer.
«Brian» Brian listens to the prayer
«Theresa» "Okay, the Hazmat team can just clean the whole place to make sure. But here's your fingers and Dante might be able to put them back on and those leaves should at least stop the bleeding and help you heal in case."

  • DanteE tries to trace the Shirking affecting the Ogre

«Random_Nerd» As near as you can tell, it's non-miraculous.
«DanteE» "Demonic healing will probably cover it once he gets his parts together."
«Random_Nerd» It seems like random Shirking is just a /thing that happens/, part of how the world works now.
«Random_Nerd» Lesson tries to hold the fingers in place
«DanteE» "I really don't like this.
«DanteE» "Shirking seems to be just a Thing That Is... part of the world.
«DanteE» "I know it always was, but it's more so now/

  • Theresa wraps the healing leaves around where the cuts are, avoiding blood.

«DanteE» "William...
«Random_Nerd» (Hence Jerren!)
«DanteE» "I hate to ask you to do this, but we need to get a hold of the Cammorra."
«squidTisk» "And do you want to try a reshaping of your body Lesson? Like have the legs of the same length and so on?"
«Brian» (RN: the prayer?)
«Random_Nerd» Brian, the prayer is in a familiar-sounding voice: "Brian, I and my mistress would like to request permission to enter your Chancel."
«Brian» (Do I remember who it is?)
«Random_Nerd» "If you wish to grant this permission, it may be communicated by way of William."
«Random_Nerd» (Not quite.)
«Brian» (William where I am?)
«Random_Nerd» (It's someone you met once or twice, but didn't talk long with. Human, speaking English, European accent.)
«Random_Nerd» (William is in his office, but you could easily use Domain: Things Of Amyra to communicate with him.)
«DanteE» (Or, I'm talking to him on the phone)

  • Theresa looks at the ogre. "Poor guy. Was doing so well too, for a Camm."

«Random_Nerd» (Also that!)
«Theresa» (But Brian isn't with us, I thought?)
«Random_Nerd» William: "The Home Office, you mean?"
«Random_Nerd» (That is correct. He stayed behind.)
«Random_Nerd» (But he could contact Dante through the Realm's Heart)
«Brian» (sure) (to William) "William, there are two people requesting entry to the Chancel. Tell them I will meet them in a meeting room here in the tower."
«Brian» "Room 2034."
«DanteE» to William: "Their Ogre went spare and ate their regional office. I think we need to talk to them.
«Random_Nerd» William: "I will do so, sir."
«DanteE» "Then again, they might just have an office just for that..."
«Random_Nerd» William: "They will be some time, though, as they will need to pass through the borderland."
«Random_Nerd» (The Noble in question doesn't have Gatemaker or a variant.)
«Brian» (to Will) "Please relay that to Dante and company as well."
«Kite» (Make a magical rainbow road! )
«Random_Nerd» William, to Dante: "I'll make arrangements as soon as Brian's guests have arrived."
«DanteE» "Guests?"
«squidTisk» (lesson ignore my question?)
«DanteE» (RN overload)
«squidTisk» (probably)
«DanteE» (Come to think of it, some of this could go to Gil)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Not sure. Probably. Will have to think."
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Have been this way a long time. Used to it."
«Theresa» (Yeah, but Gil's Kite's and thus not connected with our Chancel.)
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "But... probably."

  • DanteE tries Zap-Healing Lesson...

«Random_Nerd» You feel your power moving towards Lesson, but his body is just so alien that it doesn't take hold.
«Random_Nerd» Lesson is actually less human than he looks, on a biological level.
«squidTisk» "Well, when you are sure call me. I routinely change body and is fun"
«Random_Nerd» Corruption and suffering are actually integral parts of how his body works.
«DanteE» "Damn, we'll have to do old-fashioned first aid on Lesson."
=-= YOU are now known as Conrad
«Random_Nerd» You'd have to study demons in some depth to be able to make changes without worrying about getting it wrong.
«DanteE» (you mean right)
«Conrad» "see? shape change!"
«DanteE» "Kite, you mind if Gil helps out William?"
«Random_Nerd» (Huh. "Worrying about getting it wrong" and "Worrying about getting it right", oddly, are almost the same.)
«Random_Nerd» William, to Dante: "Brian has invited two visitors to the chancel. I gather it has something to do with the ogre."
«Theresa» (Theresa has already done the first aiding.)
«Kite» "Doing what, exactly?"
«Theresa» (With our luck, no, no it won't have anything to do with the ogre.)
«DanteE» to Kite: "At the moment, everything."
«Random_Nerd» (Is Gil in-chancel, or in Locus Vulcan?)
«Kite» (Vulcan)
«DanteE» (nuts)
«Random_Nerd» (And Sam's currently halfway to Hell, on a giant snake.)
«DanteE» (it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.)
«Random_Nerd» (The snake is not, however, seven miles long.)
«Random_Nerd» (Nor is he old, or his skin cold.)
«Random_Nerd» (So, cut to you guys being in the office where Brian arranged to meet the guests?)
«Kite» (sure)
«DanteE» "William, see about talking with the Cams. We'll do damage control and then look over their office."
«Conrad» (yep if Lesson don't want to be zapped now)
«DanteE» (oops)
«Theresa» Sounds good. Have the Hazmat team clean up the place, bring Lesson along to keep an eye on him and keep a steady flow of cow carcass going into the ogre until we get done.)
«DanteE» (And there's the question of what do we do with the ogre)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Boss, I have like five things going on right now, and I'm only one guy. I'll get to it, but I need a little time to do it properly."
=-= Kite is now known as human-Kite
«Random_Nerd» (Do you bring the ogre with you?)

  • human-Kite feels more comfortable in bandages this way.

«Theresa» (No, we do not. I think we should just keep feeding him until we decide what to do with him.)
«Random_Nerd» (Kite, if you weren't a noble, the pain would be fairly incapacitating. Even as it is, it doesn't feel very nice.)
«Theresa» (Because I can move the vines but not the ogre in them.)
«DanteE» "Kite, can you get Gil here to help William out?"
«Random_Nerd» (Do you leave the ogre unwatched, then?)
«Conrad» (I can remain with the ogre)
«Brian» (it seemed like a good idea at the time?)
«Theresa» (*sigh* No. I will stay with the ogre. Keep Lesson with me too.)
«human-Kite» "He's got things he's working on at the Grotto. Did you have something more specific in mind, Dante?"
«DanteE» "Yeah, not having our Aide's head explode..."
«Conrad» (what you don't trust Ftisk to do guard duty? ... why? :-P )
«Random_Nerd» ---cut forward---
«human-Kite» "I don't know if that's something Gil can handle..."
«Random_Nerd» Two figures are waiting for you in the office. Both of them you've seen at least once before.
«Theresa» (She does but her miracles get extra oomph in Chancel. Plus, Lesson trusts her. Kinda.)
«Brian» (afk math)
«Random_Nerd» One is a middle-aged man in a ridiculously-well-tailored suit, with a somewhat stressed expression.
«DanteE» (after cut forward) "We've got the authorities guarding the Cam office and the ogre. I've asked the latter group not to go near him... or look."
«Brian» (b)
«Theresa» (But they can hear the eating...)
«Random_Nerd» The other is about four and a half feet tall, and looks like a cross between a human and a nimblejack. If it was red-headed and vaguely slutty-looking in a way that isn't entirely clear but is very unnerving.
«DanteE» "And I didn't like doing what I did..."
«Random_Nerd» (Ladies and gentlemen, Luc and the Power of Horrible Things.)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "I hear you have ogre problems."
«Conrad» "So unrestrained ogre can eat and eat and eat a bit more..."
«Random_Nerd» Horrible Things: "Can I see it?"
«DanteE» "Luc. Welcome. Please forgive the lack of a reception."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Can I /have/ it? My own crazed ogre!"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "PLEEEAAAASE?"
«DanteE» "Can you handle it?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc winces.
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Yes!"
«DanteE» "... we have to ask, considering the damage it caused."
«Conrad» (I like HT already!)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "We probably have worse, already."
«Theresa» "Well, while he's eating, he's not trying to get out and wreck stuff to find something to eat."
«DanteE» to HT: "Congratulations on being Just Interesting Enough to get Luc, by the way."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Mine!"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!"
«Theresa» (*giggle*)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Indeed, miss."
«DanteE» "Technically, he's the Cammorra's property."
«Theresa» (Anyone want to tell Luc about the new Ymera? ^^ )
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Actually, I'm not sure if that is true now."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Did the ogre strike you as particularly loyal to Ymera Entropy at the moment?"
«DanteE» "... this isn't isolated, is it."
«human-Kite» "He seemed to claim he serves no one now."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "We've been on the
«Random_Nerd» lookout for a disloyal ogre ever since the..."
«Random_Nerd» he waves a hand in the air.
«Random_Nerd» "...started happening."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "When William put questions about ogre behavior in the Oracle, I thought we'd gotten our chance."
«DanteE» "Luc, do the Aides have any protocols for all-hell-breaking-loose?"
«Theresa» (They trust in our ability to handle such things, sir.)
«Brian» (We trust Luc, yes?)
«Conrad» (yes I do)
«DanteE» (Yeah, he may or may not be the devil, but he's pro-Creation. :)
«DanteE» to HT: "Come with me, I'll show you the Ogre."
«Brian» "Luc, I assume you're aware of the goings on, regarding the Council and such?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Sir, with all due respect, they have very many protocals for that."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Yes. I follow the verdicts of the Council very closely."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "I publish them, actually."
«Brian» "So you're aware of Entropy's ... latest?"
«Random_Nerd» HT follows Dante.
«DanteE» to Brian: "That meeting wasn't technically a Verdict."
«human-Kite» "It wasn't public."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Indeed. That's why we were looking for such ogres. One was bound to pop up sooner or later, and yours was one of the chancels where we thought it most likely."
«Random_Nerd» Luc shrugs at Kite.

  • DanteE hops in the Dantemobile...

«Conrad» "And you /me create a tape with my memories and handle it to Luc
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Surolam cooperates with me in my efforts. He has an interest in seeing that precedent is observed."
«Theresa» "How are you doing, Lesson? Are the leaves helping any or do we need to get more basic than magical?"
«Brian» "I assume, given that you run the Aides, that you know of our current efforts?"

  • DanteE calls Jenny en route to the ogre...

«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Pardon, sir, but I do not."
«DanteE» (all aboard the Dantemobile)
«human-Kite» to HT: "So we've never formally met. My name is Chytosideron, Lord of Assembly. May I ask your name?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "I /founded/ the Aides. And I maintain close professional ties with them. But I do not run them. That would be an unacceptable division of loyalty."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "My loyalty is to my Noble. Theirs is to the Nobles they serve."
«Brian» "Apologies."

  • DanteE asks Jenny for a casualty & damage report

«Brian» "However, the question remains - do you know of our current efforts?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc, to Kite: "Pleased to meet you, sir. I'm Luc Ginneis, assistant and historian to the Nobilis."
«human-Kite» (Mine was to Horrible Things...)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "I know nothing of the details, although I assume you're doing /something/ in reaction to what happened."

  • Conrad creates a projector and show the meeting as Ftisk recall. With pink pants on Dante

«Random_Nerd» Horrible Things reaches into her left eye and pulls a reddish-brown spider.
«Random_Nerd» She holds it out to Kite.
«Random_Nerd» HT: "You want?"
«Brian» "Are you inclined to help us?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "That depends entirely on what you're doing, and on the wishes of my mistress."
«Theresa» (I thought HT was going with Dante?)
«human-Kite» "If you're offering, I think I do."
«DanteE» (I'm taking everybody to the Ogre, I think)
«Random_Nerd» (That's what I thought.)
«Random_Nerd» (That all were in the Dantemobile.)
«Brian» (Works for me)
«Conrad» (All on the Dantemobile!)

  • DanteE pulls up to the building...

«Random_Nerd» Luc: "How much damage did the ogre do?"

  • human-Kite accepts the spider.

«DanteE» "Well, you can see it... a swath of destruction from here to the Bureau...
«Random_Nerd» HT hops out of the window with inhuman speed, noteworthy even in a Noble.
«Random_Nerd» From inside the factory, HT: "OGRE!"
«DanteE» "And he ate his way through the local Cammorra office first."
«Theresa» "Oh, what now..."
«Random_Nerd» The spider wriggles in your fingers, and coughs up a whitish-yellowish fluid on your hand.
«DanteE» "Still getting details."
«Conrad» "Ah, a new imp hatched. a cuuuute baby snake it is!"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Did he kill all the others?"
«human-Kite» "Huh.
«DanteE» "Seems like it."
«Random_Nerd» The spider makes a sad and pathetic sound, and then coughs up more.
«Theresa» "So you're saying whomever is yelling for the ogre is impending doom?"
«Conrad» (The spider poo in your hand? Is horrible!)
«Random_Nerd» (Kite isn't hurting it, by the way.)
«Theresa» (Vomiting in his hand.)
«Brian» (It's a horrible thing)
«Random_Nerd» Horrible Things is standing over the ogre, looking down at him.

  • human-Kite switches to mythic
  • DanteE asks a hazmat guy for a status report.

«human-Kite» to spider: "Are you okay?"
«Random_Nerd» Horrible Things: "You're an ogre! You're a living embodiment of the experience of tearing apart a living person!"
«Theresa» "Oh, hello, there. I'm Plants. And you are..oh, you're the Noble who employs Luc. Horrible Things, right?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "You're corrupted by long exposure to Lord Entropy, and your smell is worse than almost anything in the world!"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "You are a living example of all that is wrong in the universe! One of the most wretched and vile creatures alive!"
«DanteE» to Theresa: "I figured we can do formal introductions when things settle a bit..."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "And I love you!"
«Random_Nerd» Luc winces again.
«Theresa» "I think she's going to squee...oh, the l word, even worse."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "You're so fucking /beautiful/, ogre! Can I have you?"
«Brian» "A strange mistress, no?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "All my employers have had their own quirks, sir."
«DanteE» "Watch out for the ogre's hands, there and there."
«Conrad» toLuc: "And you refuses me? ..."
«Random_Nerd» Ogre: *crunches a bit of the only remaining cow*
«Brian» "Ftisk, you're not a quirk."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Ogres can't catch me! /Gods/ can't catch me!"

  • Conrad presto zap other two dozen cows

«Random_Nerd» She hops around the room madly, like a superball on cocaine.
«Conrad» to Brian " :-P "
«Theresa» (She can't have Lesson.)
«Random_Nerd» The hazmat guys are cleaning up, with great care, everything that was in the area where Lesson was hurt, and they're getting a ladder in place to deal with the light fixture.

  • human-Kite gently nudges the spider.

«Random_Nerd» Ogre: "More!"
«DanteE» to Luc: "I'm guessing that, unlike Ftisk, she behaves in front of the Council?"
«Theresa» (See, we could try having the Triad cross her and Ftisk and unleash that on the Kings!)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Better still, she seems to avoid their attention entirely."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "May it remain so forever."
«Conrad» "Hey! I'm perfectly mannered!"

  • DanteE LOOKS at Ftisk...

«Conrad» "A gentleman indeed"
«Random_Nerd» Spider: *looks up at Kite with five assymetrical spider eyes*

  • Theresa nudges one of the carcasses toward the ogre's mouth, expecting a suction slurping noise.

«DanteE» (only 5?)
«Brian» (wow, our tax code has errata.)
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Can I have the ogre?"
«Random_Nerd» (Only five.)
«human-Kite» to spider: "Are you alright? Are you ill?"
«DanteE» "If the Cams don't mind..."
«Random_Nerd» Spider: "Glluurgh. Is that, like, your hand? Oh, hell..."
«Random_Nerd» The spider vomits more yellowish-white stuff.
«Brian» "Luc, how likely is your mistress to ... become political?"
«Theresa» (It's a spider on acid?)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "I will deal with the Camorra."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "And she appears to harbor no political ambitions whatsoever."
«human-Kite» " it troubling you?"
«Random_Nerd» Spider: "I'm not drunk! I hardly had..."
«Brian» "So getting her support, and by extension yours, would be difficult? Or easy?"
«Random_Nerd» It gets the dry heaves.
«DanteE» "If you can get him to your place, he's yours."
«Random_Nerd» Spider: "Where am I? Who are you?"
«Random_Nerd» Spider: "Last thing I knew, I was... look, I didn't do /anything/. You can't prove a /thing/. I didn't even /know/ that girl."
«DanteE» (What's holding him back right now?)
«Theresa» (Ah.)
«Theresa» (My vines.)
«human-Kite» to Spider: "I am Chytosideron, Lord of Assembly. You are a spider."
«Random_Nerd» It vomits again, and bits of reddish spider-intestine come up with it.
«DanteE» (and Kite's machinery?)
«Conrad» (and a free cow snack?)
«Random_Nerd» The spider coughs violently, and spasms.
«Theresa» (The cow snacks are working.)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Support in what?"
«Random_Nerd» (The ogre is restrained, weak from blood loss, and has plenty to eat close at hand.)
«DanteE» "Saving Creation."
«Random_Nerd» (He's currently not trying to escape.)
«Conrad» (kill bloody hands)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "That sounds dangerous."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "And boring!"
«DanteE» (Can I get "The Aides Are Behind Us" for my new Stone?)
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Instead, I have a zoo!"
«Theresa» (Oh she'd get along fine with the Kings.)
«Random_Nerd» (Hmm...)

  • human-Kite frantically looks around for an emergency kit that deals with spiders vomiting their insides.

«DanteE» "Think of it as Interesting."
«Random_Nerd» (Yes. But it won't get you /Luc's/ support.)
«Random_Nerd» Spider: "I was drunk! It doesn't count! I never would have done that when I was sober!"
«DanteE» (Kite: or you can go to bird form and eat him)
«Random_Nerd» It coughs up more bits of itself.
«Theresa» (But it's a bad person who was turned into a spider. Who is being punished.)
«Random_Nerd» (You see no such kit, sadly.)
«human-Kite» "Done what? What happened?"
«Brian» (I suspect /Luc's/ support would be really useful, too)
«Random_Nerd» Spider: "I didn't do /nothing/."
«Random_Nerd» He coughs so hard one of his eyes starts to dangle out, which spider eyes really shouldn't be able to do.
«Theresa» (Yeah, but Patterns would freak out. Moreso.)
«DanteE» "Theresa, Kite, can you wrap the Ogre to go?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "I can take him from here!"
«Theresa» "Well, if he's loyal to her, wouldn't he obey her and thus not eat more of the Chancel?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Ogre, do you want to be in my mind? There's /lots/ of cool stuff in there! Some of it's almost as awesome as /you/ are!"
«human-Kite» "..."
«Random_Nerd» She looks at the ogre, and then he seems to shrink and fly up into her left eye.
«DanteE» quietly, to Luc: "How long has she been Noble?"
«Brian» (muttering) "She's Anchoring an ogre..."
«Theresa» (So, yeah, Kite. I wouldn't eat the spider.)
«Random_Nerd» The spider flails its legs wildly.
«Theresa» "I don't think she's Anchoring him. Just...keeping him."
«DanteE» to HT: "Don't forget the hands."
«Random_Nerd» (She isn't anchoring it, actually. Lesser Motion of Horrible Things.)
«human-Kite» (Kite was just about to ask Ftisk to turn it into a fish.)
«Random_Nerd» She looks at the severed hand, and some of the bits of ogre-blood-vermin, and those fly into her eye too.
«Random_Nerd» The spider flails at the air one last time, and dies.
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Thank you. She will take very good care of the ogre."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "He's /my/ ogre!"
«human-Kite» "...."
«DanteE» "Actually, now that we have a moment to catch our breath...
«Theresa» "I hope he will regain his sense of duty. He was..very capable before."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Can I have your demons? Luc here said you had /two/ of them!"
«DanteE» to HT: "I'm Dante, Dominus Animus et Gladia."
«Theresa» "Lesson, the demon here, is our brother's. So, no."
«Brian» "Our demons are ours."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Oh, no! He'll never get it back! He'll always be a vile hungering beast driven only by fear and desire!"
«human-Kite» to Spider's ghost: "Then could you at least tell me your side of events?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Isn't it /awesome/?"
«Random_Nerd» The spider doesn't seem to have left a ghost.
«Random_Nerd» As near as you can tell, it was coughing up pieces of its soul, as well as its body.
«Theresa» *to HT* "..Ah."
«human-Kite» "..."

  • human-Kite reassembles the spider and sets it aside.
  • DanteE does the formal intros of everyone.

«DanteE» (... and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. :P )
«Random_Nerd» Lesson: "Already have a boss. Anchored, even."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Can I have the /other/ one? You don't need /two/ demons, do you?"
«Brian» (is she talking about Ick?)
«Conrad» "The imp? Ask Dante"
«Brian» (or the Imp!)
«human-Kite» (Imp?)
«Theresa» (No, Dante's Imp.)
«DanteE» What's the Imp been doing lately?
«Random_Nerd» (The imp. Luc told her about him.)
«Theresa» (He's been butlering.)
«Random_Nerd» (The Imp has been learning to make a really top-notch cup of coffee.)
«Brian» "We've also got some weirdo thing from Outside."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Oh?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Can I see it?"
«DanteE» "The Imp... was sort of ... trained. And as a result is a bit less horrible."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "BORING!"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Tell me if it goes mad and runs through the street cutting everyone's achilles tendons or something!"

  • human-Kite pulls Dante aside.

«Random_Nerd» HT: "I'll take it, and it won't be your problem!"
«Theresa» (Oh, don't give it ideas.)
«Brian» "Shadows gave Ftisk a thing he summoned, that apparently ... has fun ... while Shadows is drunk. I think I remembered that right."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Like Luc says, if I want it, you probably don't, so I'm doing you a /favor/, really."
«human-Kite» whisperwhisper "Are we thinking to buy her loyalties?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Does it kill children and cry maggots and blight the world by its presence?"
«Theresa» (Oh, you want to give her _Dolly_? )
«Theresa» "It likes paperclips."
«Brian» (No, just mention it!)
«DanteE» to Kite: "If we knew what the hell we were doing..."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "BORING!"
«Brian» "No, it's not so horrible. It makes Ftisk busy, which is, well, always good."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Paperclips are BORING, and you're STUPID!"
«Conrad» "NowayIgivemyanchortosomeoneelse"
«Random_Nerd» Luc clears his throat.
«Random_Nerd» HT looks vaguely embarassed.
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Sometimes I get excited. I didn't mean it."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "I'm sorry."
«Brian» (um, how old does she appear to be?)
«Theresa» "It's okay. Apology accepted. Thank you very much for rescuing that ogre from our Chancel."
«DanteE» (and I asked Luc how long she's been Noble...)
«Random_Nerd» (You aren't familiar enough with human/nimblejack hybrids to be able to say.)
«DanteE» "You mean our Chancel from that Ogre"
«Random_Nerd» (But by human standards, too old to act like this.)
«Theresa» (She's what you get if you crossed Paris Hilton and a nimblejack.)
«DanteE» (I thought they did)
«DanteE» («rimshot»)
«Brian» (it would make the Nimblejacks too horrible)
«Theresa» (It's kinda like having the affliction "I am a precious snowflake, no one is like me and I am awesome and always get what I want!")
«DanteE» "We could show you our menagerie, if you want."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "On a scale of one to ten, how horrible is it?"
«Brian» (to Kite) "getting her support would get Luc's support. We want Luc's support."
«Theresa» (It's Boring.)
«DanteE» "Maybe even have lunch... there's a green sandwich in the fridge you might love..."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "The ogre is wiggling!"
«DanteE» "... actually it might be turning blue..."
«DanteE» "... in your head?"
«human-Kite» to Brian: "Why Luc's, exactly?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "I have to get him home before he eats everything else I've got in here!"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Not in my HEAD. That would be STUPID. Ogres are BIGGER than my head."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "He's in my MIND."
«Brian» "Luc is ... influential. He is looked up to by society. Well, sorta and sometimes."

  • DanteE tries not to think of what happens when a crazy ogre eats a Noble's mind...

«Random_Nerd» HT: "Can I go home now, Luc?"
«Theresa» "Is he becoming more and more horrible by doing so?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Say thank you."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Thank you for the ogre! He's so absolutely gorgeously beautiful!"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "I have an ogre now!"
«human-Kite» "Please takes good care of him!"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "I love him! He's mine"
«Brian» "Hm. If we did what we're planning to, the ogres and nimble jacks will need a home."
«Random_Nerd» Luc sighs.
«DanteE» "You are welcome. Feel free to call us should you need us."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "They can always come to me. No one will care about them the way I will. NO ONE."
«Brian» (that was a muttered thing, by the way, just loud enough for it to be overheard)
«Random_Nerd» (She's high-Aspect.)
«Random_Nerd» (The Motion thing, incidentially, is a Gift.)
«DanteE» to Luc: "So, you heard about Entropy and Shirk, then?"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Indeed, sir."
«DanteE» (..sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...)
«Brian» "If you help us, HT, we might be able to make sure they get to you ..."
«DanteE» "We're ... debating about how to respond."
«DanteE» "If it isn't obvious."
«DanteE» "Come to think of it, isn't Shirk messing with the Aides?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "My name isn't HT. It's MELINDA. That's my NAME."
«Brian» "Melinda, sorry."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Sadly, that falls outside the scope of my duties, sir. My hands are rather full as it is, in fact."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Never Linda. MElinda."
«Random_Nerd» She nods.
«Brian» "Of course, Melinda."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "This is a /good/ ogre."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Where did you get him? Are there more?"
«Brian» "The Cammora and Lord Entropy have more"
«DanteE» "William, did they find dead Ogres in the Cam office?"
«Brian» "Lord Entropy made them, in fact, and he's hoarding them for himself."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Them. BORING. No /fun/. They have all the best stuff, but they don't know how to /appreciate/ it."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "They TRAIN ogres. Like they were SERVANTS."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Ogres should be OGRES."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Nobody understands them but me."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "But that's okay. I'll take care of them, once I get them. I'll let them be OGRES."
«DanteE» (Hey...) "Can you tell why this one went nuts?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Because he stopped caring about that boring old preppy guy with the red hands."
«human-Kite» "Or, rather, should they be this hungry, natrually?"
«Random_Nerd» HT looks at Kite as if he's the dumbest thing alive.
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Ogre. O-gre."
«human-Kite» "It's the first time I
«human-Kite» 've seen one."

  • human-Kite shrugs.
  • human-Kite winces.

«DanteE» to the others: "An Ogre stopped caring about Entropy?"

  • Conrad shrugs

«DanteE» to Brian particularly: "Would that happen if Shirk and Entropy were together?"
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Ogres /eat/ things. Ogres /are/ the... the eating-of-things."
«Theresa» "That's pretty strong shirking."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "You know how it feels when you pounce on your prey and it can't get away and you tear it to pieces with your mount and claws?"
«human-Kite» "Oh! Well, that explains a lot."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "In that moment, you are an ogre. Just a little bit, but an ogre."
«human-Kite» "I swallow my prey whole."
«DanteE» (Damn I wish Snow was here...)
«Random_Nerd» HT: "If you were nothing /but/ that moment, you'd be one for real."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "But Entropy /does/ things to them, to make him serve them. Make them less themselves."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "But this was an ogre that was /just/ an ogre. Pure."
«Brian» "I don't know Shirk's effects. I /think/ what would work best for us is if Melinda claimed all the Ogres and Nimblejacks."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "I WANT MORE!"
«human-Kite» "I see!"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "We'll keep looking, miss. It will be easier now that we know what to look for."
«Random_Nerd» (And she can't just use divinations because of her weak Domain.)
«Brian» "Melinda, Luc, if we figure out how to make that happen, we'll let you know."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Thank you!"
«Brian» "Melinda, can you tell Luc he can say that he supports us?"
«Random_Nerd» She hops up, perches on a dust mote, and kisses Brian on the cheek before hopping back down.
«DanteE» (Do we have the latest count of beasts in the Cam office?)
«Brian» (... -_-;)
«Random_Nerd» Melinda: "Luc is mine, too. You can't have him."
«Brian» "No, not him. We just want him to say something. It would help us a lot."
«Random_Nerd» (They had an ogre, obviously, and one nimblejack.)
«Random_Nerd» (The rest were human.)
«Conrad» "Can I have him after your death?"
«DanteE» (I thouhgt they had more)
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "We'll see, sir."
«Random_Nerd» (Not at the time.)

  • DanteE swats Conrad...

«Random_Nerd» (There were more at one point, but some got pulled to another office.)
«Random_Nerd» HT: "I want to go HOME and show everyone my OGRE."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Then let's go home, miss."

  • human-Kite waves goodbye.

«Random_Nerd» HT: "But you're so /slow/."
«Conrad» "Dante!"
«DanteE» to Luc: "Yell if you need us."
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "Sorry, miss."

  • Conrad wave

«Random_Nerd» They head out.
«Theresa» "Thank you for visiting us, Melinda. And Luc."
«Random_Nerd» HT: "Goodbye! Thanks for the ogre!"
«DanteE» "Have fun with it!"
«Random_Nerd» Luc: "It was a pleasure to meet you again, Domini, and to meet you, Chytosideron."

  • human-Kite is still waving.

«Brian» *bows to Luc and Melinda*
«Random_Nerd» She shrugs, puts Luc on her shoulders, and runs away at a bit above the speed of light.

  • DanteE bows as well.
  • Conrad wave again

«DanteE» "Time to look over the damage.
«Random_Nerd» (Anything before we close?)
«DanteE» "Luc reminded me, there's probably a trail from downtown to here."
«Theresa» (Luc has his work cut out to teach her manners.)
«human-Kite» "So, a reminder to myself: Diplomacy does not work with ogres."
«Brian» (I'm good, I think. Have questions for the GM, but nothing IC)
«Conrad» (nope RN)
«Random_Nerd» ___________STOP____________________
«DanteE» (And at some point, I'd like to ask Kudzu if he's OK with letting Ick go.)
=-= Brian is now known as lazarus
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
«Random_Nerd» (Ick isn't dead, actually, and he counts as a Thing of Amyra because he was 'born' here.)
«Random_Nerd» (Brian or Theresa could repair him.)
«Random_Nerd» So, too much?
«Knockwood» We can rebuild him. We have the theology.
«lazarus» GM-question: does the Luc & Melinda thing count as anything for a bubble of "Gain Support For the Rebellion"?
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
«human-Kite» (We can even improve him! We have extra parts to work with!)
«Knockwood» are any of the casualties fixable?
«Random_Nerd» Yes, it counts as a Victory.
=-= human-Kite is now known as Verithe
«Knockwood» And I should get points for Dante: Defender of Amyra
«Random_Nerd» The humans, yes, they're fresh enough that Dante can fix them.
«BethE» Well, all, I'd love to chat but I need to get to bed so I can get some sleep before my appointment. *HUGS* Good game and good night!
«Random_Nerd» Indeed. You fulfilled that bond well.
«lazarus» Cool :) And can I claim a (night Beth!)
«Knockwood» g'night Beth
«Knockwood» Oh, wait...
«Angelo» Hug etc. Good night
«lazarus» 2-point for declaring that I've got the Aides to look for support?
«Verithe» Is "Gain Support for the Rebellion" effectively a collective project?
«Knockwood» what do you think of doing "the Aides are behind us" for the Stone I got last session?
|«-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
«lazarus» V: I think it is a collective project, but I think also Brian's been really spearheading the whole "we must kill Entropy!" business.
«Knockwood» alternatively, there's 'learn to fucking type' as a project... :)
«Verithe» For which project, Knock?
«Knockwood» Well, that's just it, laz...
«Random_Nerd» What's your Bond rating?
«Knockwood» there's some evidence that Shirk and Entropy _aren't_ together
«Random_Nerd» All projects, ultimately, are those of one Noble.
«Random_Nerd» But everyone can help do things that advance them.
«Random_Nerd» This counts as a Victory for that project of Brian's. Melinda isn't a /conventional/ ally, but she likes you now, and she doesn't like Entropy.
«Knockwood» mainly, if they were together, wouldn't the Ogre still care about Entropy?
«lazarus» ok, well, not so much kill entropy, but defy him, and perhaps get him off the Council. Still counts as a rebellion :)
«Angelo» look at Ftisk he help you but isn’t in his project to save the world
«Knockwood» Verithe: well, I've got a 'Who am I?" branch which includes "Dante, Lord of Amyra' and 'Dante, Defender of the Universe'. One of those should work.
«Random_Nerd» Oh, and for the NPC Gift rundown, you saw HT use two Gifts.
«Random_Nerd» One was the Motion thing, and she has an Aspect Gift that lets her do level 7 miracles of speed and motion.
«Random_Nerd» Are these "this is how that NPC did that thing" asides useful to you guys?
«Angelo» Bye guys, I leave the chat open. Good session. Good night.
«lazarus» night Angelo!
«Random_Nerd» G'night.
«Knockwood» g'night Angelo
«lazarus» I like them RN. If I ever run Nobilis, it would be great to have in the back pocket.
«Verithe» Explaining the NPC gifts helps me understand some of the rules we haven't delved into just yet.
«lazarus» Also, I SO need to find better mind-mapping software for my iPad.
«Knockwood» Same here
«Knockwood» laz: what do you have?
«Knockwood» I got an iPad recently myself
«lazarus» XMind is great on the desktop and such. On my iPad, the best that I've found (of the freebies, no cash) is Total Recall. Good, but doesn't do notes associated with nodes, or very much node shapes or anything.
«Knockwood» oh, RN, which parts of my Strategy map get points?
«Random_Nerd» Hmm.
«Random_Nerd» Nothing as of yet, but if you build on your idea about Shirk and Entropy, there'll probably be something there.
«Knockwood» laz: well, the one everybody likes is iThoughts, but that costs real money...
«lazarus» I'm going to head off now. g'night! (iThoughtsHD looks fantastic, but costs cash, yes)
«Knockwood» What about the lower-right branch?
|«-- lazarus has left (Disintegrated: lazarus)
--»| Lazarus ( has joined #Nobilis
«Random_Nerd» Well, to develop that more, I see you as needing to understand who you are in the world more.
«Random_Nerd» Doing things is one thing, but saving people in Amyra doesn't tell you whether that's the most core part of who you are.
«Random_Nerd» Really, that one should be Struggle more than a Project, in my mind.
«Knockwood» Well, I thought I had 'Defender of Amyra' there... but you could argue about 'Lord of Amyra'
«Random_Nerd» Eh...
«Random_Nerd» I don't really see it.
«Random_Nerd» Sorry.
«Verithe» So, I just want to clarify: Do we all still have separate projects involving getting people together to fight Entropy/defend Creation/etc?
«Random_Nerd» I don't know, do you?
«Knockwood» I have Get Nobles Together and Save creation, basically.
«Knockwood» What do you guys think of my new stone idea?
«Verithe» I think I do. Mine's specifically Assembling an Earth defense force.
«Random_Nerd» It seems plausible to me. Enough of what you've been doing has interacted with them.
«Knockwood» and while we're at it, what would be the 'scope' of The Aides Are Behind Us?
«Random_Nerd» What do you mean by "scope"?
«Knockwood» What would it affect?
«Random_Nerd» Well, if William or Sam put up requests and mention that you guys care about them, they'll get priority now.
«Random_Nerd» Nobles with Aides will be more likely to take you seriously.
«Random_Nerd» Those few nobles who were former aides will be favorably disposed towards you.
«Random_Nerd» That kind of thing.
«Random_Nerd» It doesn't make their informational resources go farther back into history, because there's a lot that the Aides just don't know.
«Random_Nerd» But they'll be pretty willing to share what they have with you.
«Knockwood» Guess it's too much to ask for 'The Aides have activated their existential-crisis protocol, and you're in charge!' :P
«Random_Nerd» Anyway, it's nearly midnight, and I need to get up at 6:45 in the morning.
«Random_Nerd» Later, guys.
«Knockwood» But that does sound pretty good. Verithe, what do you think?
«Knockwood» oyasumi-nasai
«Verithe» Sleep well and sounds good, Knock!
|«-- Lazarus has left (Client exited)
|«-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
«Knockwood» well, good... ah, it's friday midday there, right?
«Knockwood» cya next week, Verithe
|«-- Knockwood has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.15/20110303024726])
|«-- Verithe has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014])
«--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

Chapter 27