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Chapter 32

Thank you to Verithe for the game log.

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«Random_Nerd» So, Angelo said he might not be here, as his kids have the flu.
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«Verithe» Aww, poor tykes.
«Random_Nerd» And I think Laz is still adapting to the hours of his new job.
«Random_Nerd» Oh, by the way, next week is cancelled.
«Random_Nerd» American Thanksgiving.
«Knockwood» gee, I wonder why
«Etheric» Figures, yes.
«Verithe» I was going to ask to be sure.
«Knockwood» with 2 missing, tho, what about this week?
«Random_Nerd» So, taking that into account, we should have a session now even though we're down two.
«Verithe» Okay!
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
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«Random_Nerd» So, you guys had been talking with a True God of Dionyl.
=-= YOU are now known as Dionyl-Kite
«Theresa» And are still alive.
«Random_Nerd» He'd agreed to oppose Entropy, but not Ananda, in supporting you, and had just been about to go check with Ananda.
«Random_Nerd» Any questions before we begin?
«Dionyl-Kite» Nope!
«Theresa» We were going to check with Ananda or he was?
«Random_Nerd» Okay.
«Random_Nerd» He was.
«Random_Nerd» But you'd asked him to let you know what his answer was.
«Random_Nerd» _____________________START_______________
«Random_Nerd» The invisible shape moving through the air above you in the dome swirls through the air, kicking off a minor dust-devil minus the dust.
«Random_Nerd» Then it seems to flow out of the skylight.
«Random_Nerd» The Triad: "So, this whole plan. Whose idea was it, originally?"
«DanteE» (There's a plan?)
«Theresa» "Define plan?"
«Theresa» "We're just moving from one crisis to the next. We have an Excrucian that wants to talk, we want Imperators there to keep our brains from seeping out of our skulls."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "The whole negotiate-with-the-Warmains thing."
«DanteE» "Well, Vassa wanted to talk, and he sent his shards to let us know."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Is he trustworthy?"
«Theresa» "Oh..well...kinda Ftisk since the Warmain that he tempered is a shard of that Excrucian. And all of the weird Warmain stuff going on is...weird."
«Theresa» "Vassa? Beats me. Probably not, which is why multiple Imperators there to kick his ass if necessary?"
«DanteE» "Well, they met us and didn't kill us."
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "I'll admit that the Warmains are better than the Stategists. But they still, you know, come here to Creation to kill people and break things."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "So just the one Warmain is coming?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "As far as we're aware."
«Theresa» "But it is a weird situation. I mean, they're shocked and kinda scared by this Shirk guy coming over. I wonder if we would be doing the same if Entropy went on vacation over there. After the partying."
«Theresa» "We've actually met two Warmains now who don't want to break things. If you count Caesar as a former Warmain. I guess he'd be a Wildlord now."
«DanteE» "The age end is making things... interesting."
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "Him... I still can't quite get a reading on him. I've never seen a Wildlord so in love with the idea of a military."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Dude, he's half Warmain and half Domination!"
«Random_Nerd» Shock: "Point."
«Theresa» "Warmanation?"
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "That should be..."
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "You are not allowed to form another band."
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "You never play with the one we got you."
«Dionyl-Kite» "You're in a band?"
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Well, I guess..."
«DanteE» (wild guess: fusion? :) )
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "We brought in human experts to play the trumpet and saxophone!"
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "I just..."
«Random_Nerd» And there's a sudden wind in the dome.
«Theresa» (It's a winds band, huh?)
«Random_Nerd» (Jazz, actually.)
«Theresa» (Hmm, does jazz improv fit in more with domination or splinter?)
«Random_Nerd» (No?)
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "That was not entirely illuminating, but I do have my answer."

  • DanteE bops Kite

«Random_Nerd» The two dionyl nobles look up.
«Dionyl-Kite» "Oh, sorry sir."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Or, rather, two answers, where I wanted one."
«Theresa» "Oh dear."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "First, no, it will not ruin any of his plans, as far as he can tell."
«Dionyl-Kite» "Yay!"
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "But second, he doesn't think it's a good idea, and he /also/ doesn't think it's a good idea to /tell/ me why he doesn't think it's a good idea."
«DanteE» (what specifically isn't a good idea?)
«Dionyl-Kite» "Oh."
«Random_Nerd» (The peace talks.)

  • Theresa rubs at her forehead.

«Random_Nerd» Drift: "So, this is difficult."
«DanteE» "It's peace talks, and possibly answers about the War itself."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "But... hmm. I am loyal to Ananda, but that does not mean that I always agree with him..."
«Theresa» "Sir, I have a question. If Lord Ananda was part Lawbreaker, like Lord Barakiel, would you be able to tell?"
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Hmm."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "How does it manifest in Barakiel, again?"
«DanteE» "Most of what he does and is."
«Theresa» "The changing qualities of his Nobles. The way that he moves between Heaven and Hell."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Then... no. Ananda is consistent. Enigmatic, but consistent."
«Dionyl-Kite» "You can't really...well, you can see his Nobles, but it's like your mind refuses to process their features."
«Theresa» "The way that he has been able to work both sides of Heaven and Hell without either side taking revenge."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "No, I don't think Ananda is outside morality. Merely a bit incomprehensible even to us. But the same was true of his predecessors, or at least the ones I've known."
«DanteE» "Well, that's a ... relief..."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "I didn't know the Most Ancient Lord. But Jan, Attaris..."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Well, have you met them?"
«DanteE» "A piece of Attaris."
«Theresa» "We have met Jan Ben Jan in person and an avatar of Attaris."

  • Theresa wiggles missing limbs at Drift. "I have paid the price for knowledge."

«Random_Nerd» Drift: "I think the ones who bear the Ages have to be at least a little beyond the rest of us."
«DanteE» "Were you there when Eprot Appeka... did whatever he did at the age end?"
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "No. But it certainly happened."
«DanteE» "Can we be sure that _won't_ happen to Ananda?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "Can we be sure that it won't happen to you, Dante?"
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Ebrot Appeka was the Lord of the Age to Come. This was known. He showed all the signs. Attaris... I did not know her, but none who did said that she had the ineffability that comes with the role. Until she did."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "And she /is/ the current age. This cannot be disputed."
«DanteE» "How exactly did the joining happen?"
«Theresa» (Let me's an Age thing?)
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "It was..."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Magic. A wizard did it."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Well... yes. As far as I know."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Dang wizard."
«Dionyl-Kite» "Really?"
«DanteE» (It was 2 entities becoming one... where was Triad at the time? :P )
«Theresa» (*shifty*)
«Random_Nerd» (But they didn't quite merge.)
«Random_Nerd» (Ebrot Appeka crumbled to dust, and then Attaris had one of his estates and took his name.)
«DanteE» (one?)
«Carrie» "And yet Attaris was always Time, correct? Perhaps that made it possible to become the Age.."
«Theresa» (Time is someone else, I thought.)
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Time was around long before Attaris. The Angels invented it."
«DanteE» (One of our wild guesses is that Attaris is a mimic, ne?)
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Firstborn. The Lord of Time and Purpose."
«Random_Nerd» (You've mentioned that theory before.)
«DanteE» "What was Attaris before she became the Age?"
«Carrie» ((Well, according to the 3e book, Attaris is Time, but I do recall RN saying not everything there is true for this campaign.))
«Dionyl-Kite» "Are Attaris's other Estates known?"
«DanteE» "Are Eprot's other Estates known?"
«Carrie» ((Firstborn is said in the GWB to be Meaning and Existence, although it never says those are his only two.))
«Random_Nerd» (I've added Time for this game.)
«Random_Nerd» (This is almost a slight joke. Because Firstborn existed before Time... except that Before didn't apply.)
«Carrie» ((Heh. Alright.))
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "...I'll do it."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "The plan. The negotiation thing. I want to see what happens."
«DanteE» "The basis of the greatest triumphs."
«Dionyl-Kite» "Thank you, Lord Drift!"
«Theresa» (There's usually a button to be pressed for this...)
«DanteE» "also the most ridiculous catastrophes, but one thing at a time."

  • Theresa bows to Lord Drift. "Thank you."
  • DanteE bows as well.

«DanteE» "We look forward to seeing you there."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "I'm not promising to agree to any proposals made there... but I'll at least come and listen."
«DanteE» "Well, we don't have nearly the authority to make proposals anyway...."
«Theresa» "If you wish, we shall provide the popcorn."
«Carrie» "The Hope of an end to the War is worth much. Thank you for helping make that Hope appear."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "But if this blows up the world or something, I'm blaming you."
«Dionyl-Kite» "Fair enough."
«DanteE» "That really won't matter."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Oh, it will."
«Theresa» "We'll put you on the list, sir. I'm sure that plenty of people will be blaming us."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "You get used to it."
«DanteE» (You make it sound inevitable)
«Carrie» (I think that "if" is the operative word.)
«Theresa» (No matter what we do, some uberpowered being will be Ticked Off at Us. The only way to get out is to get through.)
«Random_Nerd» (Or kill the overpowered being and take his stuff.)
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "So... is there anything else you want to do while you're here?"
«DanteE» ('tis the curse of PCs everywhere. :) )
«Theresa» (That too, but that's Brian's job and we can at least have the popcorn ready for the rest of the Imperators to either cheer, drink heavily or metaphysically soil themselves.)
«Dionyl-Kite» (I don't want to kill Drift and take his Blue Shock.)
«DanteE» (and I wanted to ask Gaius about Breach Day...)
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "I mean, I know that you Earth nobles are always busy..."
«Theresa» (I don't know, Kite, Ftisk might want to kill him and take the polyps.)
«Random_Nerd» (Haven't you already done that?")
«Dionyl-Kite» "Did you want to hang out a little, Triad?"
«Theresa» "A tour would be lovely, if you have the time. What we've seen on the way in is fascinating!"
«Dionyl-Kite» (Ftisk would probably want the Triad. Probably the other Estates, too, but I would assume the Triad first.)
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Or, for that matter, where are you going next? Back to Earth? Fighting ninjas on a flaming aircraft carrier or something?"
«DanteE» "We wanted to check in with Gaius, actually.
«Dionyl-Kite» "Well, we plan to talk to Caesar before going back. I'm sure we could arrange ninjas on an aircraft carrier."
«DanteE» "And maybe figure out what happened the day he came back."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Had any interesting attacks on your estates?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "Ftisk mentioned something about one of Kudzu's Nobles who had a ninja, but I never met him."
«Theresa» "Oh, we left Kite's bat-zepplin parked outside of your chancel, in case anyone comes across it."
«Theresa» "A Warmain who came across on Breach Day attacked mine with a red algae."
«Dionyl-Kite» "Supposedly by coincidence."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "...hmm?"
«DanteE» "Yeah, we've been relatively lucky."
«Theresa» "It was eating anything organic it touched. We worked it out with the Warmain who is more interested in competition than destroying Creation at the moment."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "You guys /are/ clear on the whole 'Warmains are bad' thing, right?"
«Theresa» "He's currently on that second moon of ours with the giant rabbit. I forget what his next project was supposed to be."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "I mean, if some guy attacked /my/ estate, I wouldn't just let him tap out and promise to not do it again..."

  • Theresa tries to look a little pathetic. "They follow us home?"

«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "But what about..."
«DanteE» "That's another strange thing that's happening lately... Warmains no longer giving a damn."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Shut up, that never happened."
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "I'm just saying..."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Besides, she was hot."
«Theresa» (We shall not speak of this...again.)
«DanteE» (Wait, is that mad scientist a Warmain or a Shard?)

  • Theresa smiles.

«Theresa» (A shard of a Warmain which makes it a Warmain.)
«Dionyl-Kite» "She?"
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "Do I need to give the You Are Not James Bond speech again?"
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "I /could/ be."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "I even have a..."
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "Nobody is impressed by your invisible car."
«Theresa» "Do your enemies have absurd names like Pussy Galore or Rex Thunderstout?"
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Not yet."
«Theresa» (Ftisk would be impressed with an invisible car...)
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "But I keep hoping."
«Dionyl-Kite» (Hah!)
«Dionyl-Kite» "What is the invisible car constructed from?"
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Awesome."
«DanteE» "Do you have an equipment guy who's both brilliant with his equipment and psychic enough to know exactly what you'll need?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "Literal awesome?"
«DanteE» (Can we get some of that?)
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Not yet. But I am seriously considering holding auditions."
«DanteE» "Can we get some awesome to take home?"
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "My son, true awesome must come from /within/."
«Dionyl-Kite» "We'll harvest our own, then."
«Theresa» ( Sam Triad's missing son?)
«Theresa» (Are leather catsuits considered sexy on Dionyl?)
«Random_Nerd» (Yes.)
«DanteE» (The fact that it looks like there's nothing in them, not so much)
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Still, if you get involved in anything cool back on Earth, could you give me a call? I'm sick and tired of just building up the chancel defenses and presiding over court."
«Dionyl-Kite» "Sure thing!"
«Theresa» (Cleavage could still exist on Dionyl. I'm just not sure how.)
«Random_Nerd» (Makeup?)
«Dionyl-Kite» (Animals?)
«DanteE» strategically posed wads of tissue paper. :) )

  • Theresa eyes Lord Drift. "If it won't bring you into a giant civil war among gods, sure."

«Random_Nerd» (Well, it has been established that dionyl come in the same range of shapes as humans do.)
«Dionyl-Kite» (Maybe fake boobs exist on Dionyl.)
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Oh, good point. No giant civil wars... wait. Are you actually working on one of those?"
«Random_Nerd» (Real ones do... they're just made of air and motion.)
«Dionyl-Kite» "We hope a giant civil war will not be the result of our efforts, but it is entirely possible."
«DanteE» "We kinda suspect one may just happen, really."
«Random_Nerd» Triad: "Dibs on not dying horribly in the gutter."
«Theresa» "We do have permission from a Lawbreaker to kill Entropy. Well, Brian does."
«Theresa» (..I love you, dear.)
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "I'm sure they were just joking about the civil w... what."
«Theresa» "Which one of us got the 'what'?"
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "You."
«Theresa» "Ah."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Hold on, what was this?"
«DanteE» "Part of how we found out about Barakiel.

  • Theresa gets a momentary look of 'oh crap'. "We were invited to Lord Barakiel's chancel to determine why he was not having progress with the Lawbreaker."

«DanteE» "As part of checking to see if it still 'worked'.
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "And did it?"
«Dionyl-Kite» (Does this mean that Barakiel granted permission to kill Entropy?)
«Theresa» "Brian volunteered to test the Lawbreaker and the Lawbreaker has given him the opportunity to kill Entropy."
«DanteE» "Not the opportunity, more like permission."
«Theresa» "Then Barakiel realized that he could not make a deal with the Lawbreaker and absorbed the Lawbreaker, thus making it part of him in a way outside of Time and thus he has always been part Lawbreaker."
«Random_Nerd» (Depends how you define 'Barakiel'.)
«Theresa» "But yes, Brian has a one shot at Entropy. And has been advised to use a rock."
«Theresa» (Or was it a sword?)
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "A... rock."
«DanteE» (did he even need to absorb it, or wasn't he always Lawbreaker?)
«Theresa» (That way lies temporal madness.)
«Random_Nerd» (He always was part Lawbreaker /because/ he absorbed it.)
«Random_Nerd» Blue Shock: "The civil war thing wasn't a joke, was it?"
«DanteE» "Current theory is that it's a very specific rock."
«Theresa» "Or a very big rock."
«Dionyl-Kite» (He needed to absorb the Lawbreaker to make it always so.)
«Dionyl-Kite» "We hope the civil war thing turns out to be a joke."
«Theresa» *to Blue Shock* "Probably not." *looks sad* "We've seen a King Excurican come in arm in arm with Entropy, we've seen the Council scared and Ananda is voting with Entropy. Even if we try to stop the Excrucian, it's going to get messy because we're going against Entropy."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Well, I'm okay with that. Entropy's not /my/ feudal lord."
«Theresa» "Which is why we wouldn't want to drag you and your Nobles into the civil war part, no matter how interesting it would be."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "Well, we'll see."
«Random_Nerd» Drift: "If you get something going, drop me a line."
«Dionyl-Kite» "Of course, Lord Drift."
«Theresa» (I figured out where Ftisk is. Watching the Polyps.)
«Theresa» "I _think_ that's the main interesting things we've been up to lately."
«DanteE» (Is that a euphemism? :) )
«Dionyl-Kite» (A euphemism for training them to sing in eight-part harmony?)
«DanteE» "Yeah, potential civil wars tend to shunt everything else aside."
«DanteE» "Shall we head over to Gaius' place?"
«Theresa» (I was thinking more Guarding the Polyps, like Guarding the Horses.  :) )
«Random_Nerd» (Cut to Locus Caesar?)
«Dionyl-Kite» (To Caesar!)
«DanteE» (OK)
«Theresa» (Yeah, asking RN to do a Chancel tour tonight after his work today would be rough.  :) )
«Random_Nerd» (Grr!)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar paces in his nine-foot tall empty suit of armor, in his office.
«Random_Nerd» There's a large wooden desk. It, and his chair, are scaled to match him. The rest of the chairs, the bar, and the pool table are scaled for human or dionyl size.
«DanteE» Any changes to the place since we were last here?
«Theresa» (There's a desk.  :) )
«Random_Nerd» (First time you've been to this room.)
«Random_Nerd» (Last time, he met you in his throne room.)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I'm glad you stopped by. I was just pondering something about Earth lately."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Mortal military force is still relevant there, isn't it?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "Yes, it is."
«DanteE» "Yes. All too much."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "So, where would some be of use?"
«DanteE» "... ah, what do you mean?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Say I could raise a thousand armed and trained troops. Where would they be useful, on the Earth?"
«DanteE» (Hm... Afghanistan? Somalia?)
«Carrie» (I wouldn't touch that question with a nine-foot pole, personally!)
«Theresa» "The Middle East has always had fighting for centuries. Do you wish to make peace or just fight?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "Paris."
«DanteE» "Paris?"
«Theresa» *to Kite* "Why invade Paris?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Accomplish something worthwhile. Through directed and controlled violence or the threat of same."
«Dionyl-Kite» "We're choosing a place to invade?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Peace would be one worthwhile thing to accomplish. There are others."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Invade, defend. Either."
«Dionyl-Kite» "..."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I know armies. I don't know Earth. And right now, on Dionyl, there's not much of a valid place for it."
«Carrie» (We're sure this guy isn't a Warmain anymore?)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Struggles between nations take place through conversion, not violence, in most cases. And almost any nation of note has Noble defenders."
«Random_Nerd» (Nope.)
«Theresa» "Have you communicated with the Angel of Mars, also known as the Angel of War?"
«Dionyl-Kite» (Kite thinks believing he's not makes it so.)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Don't talk to me about him."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "There's supposed to be a /purpose/"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "War, for its own sake, is absurd."
«DanteE» "Well, on Earth, there's currently a rather ill-defined 'War on Terror' going on."
«DanteE» "Some of the more powerful nations are fighting a group that basically believes in war for its own sake."
«DanteE» "Or, rather, terror for its own sake."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "And which side is in the right?"
«DanteE» "I'm against terror for its own sake, but I'm biased."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I am puzzled by something. Am I correct in believing that you find my question offputting?"
«DanteE» "Thing is, I'm not sure where 1000 troops would make much of a difference.
«DanteE» "There's a few hundred thousand running around.
«Theresa» "A little. Many nations have been trained to not publically proclaim their ways as 'right' and others as 'wrong'."
«Theresa» (But Dante, these would be Caesar-trained troops. They could probably take over countries.)
«Dionyl-Kite» "Perhaps...the civilians of North Korea could make use of an army of their own?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Do they need one?"
«Random_Nerd» He paces, and looks at a globe of Earth.
«DanteE» "Their leadership is out of their collective mind, so yes..."
«DanteE» "It's this peninsula here.
«DanteE» "The lower half is a democracy, the upper half is a dictatorship."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Does he have Noble or Imperial backing?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "The civilians of North Korea are subject to the whims of a mad dictator who has the nation's army under his control. If they had their own forces, perhaps they could be free of his influence."
«Dionyl-Kite» "I...never checked."
«Theresa» "I have no idea, sir."
«DanteE» (Do we have an Aide with us?)
«Theresa» (I thought we had Sam.)
«Random_Nerd» (Do you?)
«Dionyl-Kite» (Sam was with us.)
«DanteE» "Sam, you know anything about North Korea?"
«DanteE» "... outside of M*A*S*H reruns?"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "I don't think so. A bit about the other one."
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Politics... aren't really my thing."
«Carrie» (William would probably be the one to ask about what sovereign states have Noble backing.)
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Do you want me to find out?"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Hmm... chancels..."
«Random_Nerd» He starts to think.
«DanteE» "You and William, check which Nobles or Imperators are interested in this entire area...
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "There's hardly any chancels there, even given its size."
«DanteE» "There are two huge complications here: potential nuclear weapons and China."
«Random_Nerd» Ceasar: "Tell me more."
«Theresa» (Just thinking that Caesar invading Earth could be doom...)
«DanteE» "Well, the nation was powered by nuclear power plants monitored by other countries. Then, the Korean government...

  • DanteE blah blah blah blah.

«DanteE» (a blatant invasion could be, but a subtle popular revolution might be another story)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Hmm. So, nuclear weapony is the main thing that prevents wars between major nations on Earth, the way Nobles do on Dionyl?"
«DanteE» "It was since about 1950, if I remember history class."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Hmm. Problematic."
«DanteE» (In game, is this before or after NK launched a missile into the sea?)
«Theresa» (You think Caesar does _subtle_?)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "This merits further consideration."
«Theresa» "I think the term is 'mutual destruction'."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "If you become aware of a nation that could use a force of the size I described, for a good purpose, let me know."
«Random_Nerd» (And, bear in mind, Caesar is thinking in Dionyl terms. On Dionyl, a thousand troops is a /lot/.)
«DanteE» (There are a few NGEs that might work.)
«Random_Nerd» (Because nations tend to be about the size of one big city and maybe some surrounding towns.)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "At any rate, what did you come to talk about?"
«Theresa» (Should we tell him that there are around 6-7 billion people on Earth?)
«Random_Nerd» (Well, there are a similar number of people on Dionyl... it's just that they don't form such big groups.)
«Dionyl-Kite» (Maybe the average population for a nation.)
«DanteE» (Did we ever figure out the population of Amyra?)
«Random_Nerd» (Hmm...)
«Theresa» (One, two, many, lots.)
«DanteE» "Anyway... we were wondering if you could tell us anything about the day you came here.
«Random_Nerd» (Probably around 100,000,000?)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Certainly. I owe you that, if nothing else."
«DanteE» (We'd know the approximate size of Amyra's armed forces, right?)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "What did you want to know?"
«Theresa» (Were we going to invite him to the peace talks?)
«DanteE» (I think he has a standing invite...)
«Random_Nerd» (Yes, you would. I think they've been established as rather small for a nation of its size, right?)
«Random_Nerd» (Yeah, he's on board with it.)
«DanteE» "Well, on that day there were a number of 'incidents'... several people coming over, Wildlords acting weirder than usual...
«DanteE» "Do you remember the reason you came?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "At the time, I didn't even know who I was."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I was on the grass between cities, where Sakaroth's lands once were. I had the memories of a Warmain and a Domination in my head. But I had no purpose, then."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I don't even know if it was my idea."
«Theresa» "Interesting. We have met another Warmain who came across at that same time, but not with your determination and power. He appears to be about the power of ourselves."
«Dionyl-Kite» to Theresa: "But, Caesar isn't a Warmain."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Correct. Suebi was a warmain. Perhaps he still is, Outside. I am not."
«Theresa» "Very true. " *bows her head* "I apologize, sir. You are yourself."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "If he turns out to be an individual distinct from me, and comes to Creation, he will be my enemy. I have declared my loyalties."
«DanteE» "But you're not Sakharoth either... are you?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Correct. Sakaroth died. I recall killing him, and I recall being him, and dying."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "And I, clearly, am not dead."
«DanteE» (So, chances are he's Suebi, who Tempered Sakharoth, then came over.)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "So, I am not Suebi, for I am not a Warmain. I am not Sakaroth, for I am alive. Instead, I am Caesar, the child of those two individuals."
«DanteE» "What else do you remember from the other side of the Wall?"
«Theresa» "And thus, your own person."
«Random_Nerd» Ceasar: "Nothing. The confrontation between Sakaroth and Suebi happened here."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Well, over there."
«Random_Nerd» He points.

  • Theresa looks.

«Random_Nerd» Out the window, where he's pointing, there are two large bronze statutes of a pair of armored individuals grappling.
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Right there."
«Theresa» "Nice memorial!"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "But I have no memories of the Outside."
«DanteE» "If it happened right there, why don't you remember it better?"
«DanteE» "Your swiss-cheesed memory seems to indicate you went through the Wall at some point."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "The battle happened there. I remember it, from both sides."
«Random_Nerd» C: "But, as perhaps you have noticed, my sculpture garden is not Outside."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I gather that I went there. From all appearances, I only came to Creation from there recently."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "But I do not recall it."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I am a being who has defined himself by his memories, and against them. In that sense, I have never been Outside. I was born here, on Dionyl, and you were present for it."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Does that help?"
«DanteE» "To be honest, no.
«DanteE» "Do you remember anything else about that day?"
«Dionyl-Kite» "Remember, Dante. The Triad is a thing on Dionyl."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "An ally of mine, actually. And, I believe, of yours."
«DanteE» "You think Triad did that?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "If I cut off the head of Entropy with my sword, did you do that?"
«Theresa» "It's a way of this world, Dante."
«Theresa» ("We wish.")
«Carrie» (What is the Triad again?)
«Theresa» (And no, it has to be a rock.)
«Dionyl-Kite» "Not Triad the person. Triad the...the happening."
«DanteE» (not necessarily, that may be just the best way for Brian to do it)
«Random_Nerd» (If two things, similar in appropriate ways, spend enough time in close proximity, a third thing, bearing qualities of both, comes into being.)
«Theresa» (For Dionyl, if two of them are compatible enough, they spend time around each other and then a third being with traits of both show up.)
«Theresa» (A blue ball and a red ball in a bag together creates a purple ball over time.)
«Random_Nerd» (Like, you leave a red marble and a blue marble in the same bag, sooner or later you're going to get a purple marble.)
«Theresa» (Hah! ^^ )
«DanteE» (Oh, you mean automatically.)
«DanteE» "That'd take longer than one battle, wouldn't it?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Normally, yes."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "So if that was what happened, it was unusual."
«DanteE» (Unless Triad or Drift were involved)
«Random_Nerd» (And, bear in mind, this took place somewhere very close to Locus Drift.)
«Random_Nerd» (He and Sakaroth used to be neighbors.)
«DanteE» "We're near the home of Triad...
«DanteE» "But that should mean they know what happened."
«DanteE» "Or could determine what happened."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "And if Drift does, he hasn't told me."
«Theresa» "Or it could mean that from the process of being tempered, when under the right conditions, such conditions could produce ... offspring."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "And that doesn't seem like him. That said, the modern Power of the Triad is not the one from that age."
«Theresa» (How exciting would it be for Triad to Div the comboing of the two?)
«DanteE» "How long ago was the battle?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar, to Theresa: "Indeed."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Early Third Age."
«DanteE» "What happened in the intervening years?"
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Oh, lots of things. The Lord of the First Age died. Humans figured out how to reliably make good steel. That kind of thing."
«DanteE» "I mean, what happened to you."
«Dionyl-Kite» "You mean Sakaroth."
«DanteE» "No, Sakharoth was dead."
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "I, as far as I know, didn't exist then."
«DanteE» (when did the Lord of 1st age die?)
«Random_Nerd» (One moment...)
«Random_Nerd» (About 3300 years, Heaven-time.)
«Random_Nerd» (Doesn't quite match up to Earth time, because of complications like the lost years.)
«DanteE» (When relative to the start of the War?)
«Random_Nerd» (A bit less than 500 years after it)
«DanteE» (Hm. Not sure about what line of questioning to use to get info about Breach Day. Any ideas?)
«Theresa» (Brain dead at the moment.)
«Theresa» (He may not have anything that what we've already gotten out of him.)
«Random_Nerd» (Mind if we stop here?)
«Dionyl-Kite» (I agree, he probably doesn't have more about Breach Day.)
«DanteE» "You know anything about the attack on Chancel Jaris?"
«Dionyl-Kite» (Alright!)
«Theresa» (I'm good.)
«DanteE» (OK.)
«Random_Nerd» Caesar: "Only second-hand. Less than you do, because I heard that you were there, and I didn't even exist then."
«Random_Nerd» __________________STOP________________
=-= YOU are now known as Verithe
=-= Carrie is now known as Etheric
«Etheric» Thanks for the game.
«Etheric» Sorry for not doing or saying much... I've had a bit of trouble feeling connected since returning.
«DanteE» (Hello?)
«Theresa» Aww.  :(
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
«Verithe» No prob, Eth. Maybe our next big thing can focus on Carrie!
«Random_Nerd» G'night, all.
«BethE» I'd be happy with that.
«Verithe» G'night, RN
«Random_Nerd» Any thoughts for a Carrie plotline?
«DanteE» I'm OK with a Carrie plot
«DanteE» after the holiday, of course
«Etheric» I'm hoping it'll be better with a different storyline. Even though I like Dionyl, in the abstract, it's been hard to know what would move things forward.
«DanteE» I know what you mean...
«DanteE» speaking of which, Destiny.
«Etheric» Maybe pick up the thread from when I returned, and work with the refugees from Hell.
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
«Etheric» I also wanted Carrie to have taken an active hand with Lesson's group.
«Knockwood» maybe she did in the background
«Random_Nerd» Okay. That could work.
«Etheric» Well, I mean, that would be one of the things we could work with.
«Verithe» We haven't worked with either group for a while. It would be nice to see what they're up to.
«Random_Nerd» Let's see, Destiny-wise.
«Random_Nerd» The main thing that happened here was that you guys got Drift to agree to take part in the plan.
«BethE» Ooo, did we tell you that the ex-king-dude-soul got hitched?
«Knockwood» Epic Fail on Figure out what's going on... :P
«Knockwood» has that happened yet?
«Random_Nerd» The marriage? Yes. William's hasn't.
«Random_Nerd» Well, I assumed that you wouldn't want to make a plot out of it, and that it happened offscreen.
«Random_Nerd» But it hasn't been established as having happened.
«Random_Nerd» So if someone is interested in it, we could do it in-game.
«Knockwood» Well, we know you're waiting until Williams wedding to unleash something apocalyptic. :)
«Random_Nerd» Oh, yes. That's when the Scarlet Empress returns with an honor guard of fifty Infernal Exalted, and everyone's too polite to tell them they're in the wrong setting.
«BethE» Sam would comment on how tacky her outfit is.
«Verithe» I don't want William's wife to be a Deceiver. :(
«Knockwood» (BTW, did you read the MSTing of the Conversion Bureau that I participated in?)
«BethE» And on that note, I need sleep.  :) Night, all!
«Knockwood» g'night Beth
|«-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
«Random_Nerd» Yes, I should sleep too.
«Verithe» Sleep well!
«Random_Nerd» See you in two weeks.
«Knockwood» good night
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Chapter 32