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Chapter 10

BethE: Are we going to try to bring Monty inside?
lazarus: hm. I vote no
lazarus: Brian votes yes
lazarus: :p
BethE: Well, it's their Chancel, they can make it possible for us to do so.
Etheric: Did Consequences sound like he would mind us bringing Monty in?
BethE: I think he's still baffled at us. <g>
Random_Nerd: Pretty much.
Etheric: Well, then he's not likely to object.  ;) My vote is we do it. Sanity is a prison and all that.
lazarus: "we're here to tell your boss he's wrong." "what?" "Orders." ... ^_^
Etheric: Yep.
BethE: That's pretty much what we said last time. I'd be baffled too. "_Wild_lord.."
lazarus: the only one I've heard possibly better than that exchange was my other group. "We're here to defile the temple". Their orders were to /desecrate/ the temple. No, they didn't survive :p
Etheric: What's the difference?
lazarus: only in word, really
Etheric: Okay.

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Knockwood: aaaaand I'm home.
Knockwood: did I miss anything? :)
lazarus: wb
BethE: Welcome back!
Knockwood: ...uhoh, no Sara?
lazarus: only us voting on making another horrible, horrible mistake :p
Knockwood: that's a relief, usually I'm the one screwing up.
Etheric: We're trying to decide whether to take Monty inside the Chancel.
Knockwood: BTW, I was thinking of putting in a Quotes page
Etheric: Oh, nice idea.
BethE: Cool!
Knockwood: I'll let you folks think of what to put there. :)
Etheric: Perhaps eventually we can have a Bloopers page too, with "outtake" versions of our past adventures.  ;)
Knockwood: As for Monty... isn't he bigger than the door, and possibly the chancel?
Random_Nerd: Door, yes, chancel no.
lazarus: eth: the "out"takes are the ones in the main cut ...
Etheric: Heh.
Knockwood: well, then, we can't bring him in anyway
BethE: I didn't think he was bigger than Jupiter yet...
BethE: And a confirmation that we are not in Hell, but it's Helllike?
Random_Nerd: Well, is Amyra on Earth? Why or why not?
Knockwood: We'll have to leave Monty in the Itchy lot and leave the window open a crack.
lazarus: both, simultaneously.
Random_Nerd: So, yeah, it's like that. Locus Barakiel is in some ways part of both Hell and Jupiter, and in other ways part of neither.
BethE: What kind of reasons would an Imperator have to make his Nobles the whole 'can't remember me exactly' stuff?
Random_Nerd: Well, it's a trait of the imperator.
Random_Nerd: It's less something he did to his Nobles, and more something about him reflected in them.
BethE: That he's a secretive someone, hiding something>?
Knockwood:, that's why Consequences' tool kept changing appearance when we first met?
Random_Nerd: Well, it's something associated with Imperators that by Imperator standards are unpredictable or insane.
Random_Nerd: And bear in mind that Kudzu doesn't have it.
Knockwood: ...
BethE: Urk.
Etheric: Unfathomable, right?
Random_Nerd: Yep,.
Random_Nerd: Oh, yeah, that reminds me. Your Gift doesn't work on the Nobles of Barakiel, Beth.
Random_Nerd: The Noble-finding one?
Random_Nerd: Or, at least, it wouldn't work reliably.
BethE: Awww...hey, wait a minute, does that mean that the times when bad things happened in the Chancel and I searched and nothing, it could have been them?
Random_Nerd: Could have been. I should have mentioned that before. But having Unfathomable means that Barakiel also has Soul-twisted.
Random_Nerd: Which makes his Nobles not show up in some of the normal ways, and also means it's very hard to catch them lying.
lazarus: ot: (Link:
BethE: Why does having Unfathomable mean he's Soul-Twisted?
Knockwood: I suspect it's related to the spectacle of white guys dancing...
Knockwood: :D
Etheric: It's the same reason an Honorable Imperator is also Principled. The one includes and transcends the other.
Random_Nerd: It probably says something about me that I assumed that you guys would take for granted that Consequences and family can't really be spotted in some of the normal ways, due to how he was described.
Random_Nerd: That's totally not at all obvious, right?
Knockwood: we were a little preoccupied
Random_Nerd: True.
BethE: I'm not as paranoid as I should be?  :)
Random_Nerd: Anything else, before we start?
lazarus: (Link:
lazarus: nope. Just waiting.
Knockwood: what's the word on Sara?

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Random_Nerd: No Sara for a while.
Random_Nerd: Scheduling issues.
Random_Nerd: Ready?
Brian: *nod*
Theresa: Ready.
DanteE: sure
Random_Nerd: You're standing outside the gates. You just arrived on Monty, there was a bit of back and forth between some things that may or may not be demons and your own definite demon, and Consequences has showed up.

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Brian: "So, can we come in?"
Random_Nerd: _____________________START______________________
Brian: (move my text until after the _START_)
Random_Nerd: C: "Well, we welcome you in to visit us, I suppose. I'm not sure about the rabbit, though."
Random_Nerd: C: "He's rather bigger than the gate."
DanteE: What's around where Monty is now?
Brian: "We're supposed to show him to your Imperator."
Random_Nerd: (What do you mean? Are you asking what's near him?)
DanteE: (Just... what's he sitting on? Can we leave him here without something untoward happening?"
DanteE: "=)
Random_Nerd: (He's sitting on what's either marble tile or concrete stained with something that looks like either blood or rust.)
Theresa: (Blood just has very tiny rust in it.)
Brian: (Beth, you scare me sometimes :p)
Random_Nerd: (Monty seems to be staying still, but from the look of his legs, he's a little on edge and he's ready to start hopping away if he has to.)
Theresa: (We could have Snow stay with him to keep him calmed that would be silly, wouldn't it...
Theresa: )
DanteE: "I suspect Kudzu wanted him here in an effort to impress you.
DanteE: "So .... impressed?"
Random_Nerd: C: "You have a giant rabbit. A very giant rabbit. I'm pretty sure I can see him growing. I'm not really quite sure what sort of response is appropriate."
Theresa: "His name is Monty."
Random_Nerd: Lesson, to Samuel: "Our rabbit is bigger than his."
Random_Nerd: S nods.
Carrie: "Our orders are actually to show him to your Ymera."
Brian: (laugh point for the aside)
Theresa: (Consq. has a rabbit?)
DanteE: (What were Kudzu's specific orders?)
Random_Nerd: (How do you know he doesn't? Maybe Lesson's seen Barakiel's Sacred Impereal Rabbit when he worked for him! You don't know!)
Carrie: (As I recall, show Monty and Lesson to Barakiel.)
Carrie: (And, wasn't there one other thing/creature?)
Random_Nerd: ([21:47] Random_Nerd: "I wish you to go to the Chancel of the Angel Barakiel, and persuade him to change his stance."
Random_Nerd: [21:47] Random_Nerd: "Take the rabbit and the demon."
Random_Nerd: [21:48] Random_Nerd: "Don't /igve/ him the rabbit. But make sure he sees it, and the demon that Urbanization anchored.")
Random_Nerd: (Snow got permission to bring her horse, but it wasn't part of the directions.)
Carrie: (Ah, okay. Thanks.)
DanteE: "It occurs to me that I'm not sure just how contentious the relationship between our Ymerae is...
Theresa: "They don't play tennis, that we know of."
DanteE: "Consequences, I'll tell you this in confidence:
Random_Nerd: C blinks slightly at the tennis bit.
DanteE: "Monty here isn't as much a rabbit as a rabbit-shaped hellstorm. We've seen it up close.
DanteE: "And he specifically told us to bring him here.":

  • Theresa sighs. Honesty...

Theresa: *mutters* "And if they're smart, now they won't let us in."
Random_Nerd: C: "So, your Imperator has sent you to do vague and ominous things here. Well, that's not really your fault."
Brian: "Hopefully we'll keep it all vague and ominous, and not blow anything up."
DanteE: "Has Barakiel mentioned anything about Kudzu?"
Random_Nerd: C: "But do you know of anything that would bring harm to me, my Ymera, my family, or my Chancel?"
DanteE: "Look inside Monty and you tell me."
Random_Nerd: C: "Barakiel doesn't really talk with us a great deal, and especially not about other Imperators."
Brian: "Really, it's in everybody's best interest if we accomplish our vague and ominous mission. I think. At least, attempt it."
Theresa: *thinks* "Not to the best of my ability to know, although I would advise not entering the rabbit."
Theresa: (Was that wording deliberate, RN?)
Random_Nerd: (Which wording?)
Theresa: ('know of anything' Not, anything that we're bringing in or doing. Just...'anything.')
Random_Nerd: C: "Well, you may come in. But if your rabbit explodes or something it will be treated as an act of aggression by at least Lord Kudzu, if not yourselves."
Random_Nerd: (Ambigious.)
DanteE: (What would happen to them if Monty was inside, and whatever's in him got loose?)
Random_Nerd: (Bad things.)
DanteE: (How bad?)
Brian: "By my word, if Monty explodes, he wasn't /our/ bomb. Our Ymera doesn't tell us anything much at all. Except go here, do that, pick up the bucket, steal the bucket from the walrus, you know ... that kind of thing."
Random_Nerd: (And as for his wording... he's been a Noble a long time. That probably teaches him not to ask questions that can be wriggled around without technically lying.)
Random_Nerd: Samuel and William are taking notes on little pads of paper.
DanteE: "He said, basically, Barakiel is wrong, change his mind, and show him Monty and Lesson."
Random_Nerd: C: "I would not suggest telling my Lord that, if you can find a way to avoid it."
DanteE: "It's probably a good idea to show him the former from a distance.'
Random_Nerd: C: "He can be touchy. That sort of thing is prone to make him spout prophecy or destroy cities."
DanteE: "I presume you have a spyglass handy?"
DanteE: "What we can do...
Random_Nerd: C: "No... not as such, why would I need one?"
DanteE: "I think we can talk, and possibly come to a mutually beneficial solution.
Brian: (aside) "Dante, have you ever heard us talk?"
Theresa: "I'd like to hear about the history of your Imperator. The spout prophecy and cities thing sounds interesting."
DanteE: "We know Kudzu favors humanity. Do you know what this upcoming council will be discussing?"
Random_Nerd: "The end of the Age. I think the main issue is whether to ignore it, try to take advantage of it, or try to hold it back."
Brian: "and do you know your Imperator's stance?"
Theresa: "I didn't think holding it back was an option.:
Theresa: "

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Random_Nerd: C: "Well, it's never been tried before. But we've never had so much of a reason."
Random_Nerd: C: "All the changes of the ages have brought chaos. We can't really afford that now, since we have a war on."
Brian: "ah, but chaos is the key to victory! .... what?"
Theresa: "I'd think the cahos would affect the enemy as well."
Brian: "... ... you mean I'm not the only one who thought that?"
DanteE: "Hm... could be, not Chaos as much as Change.
DanteE: "And one change could be very beneficial."
Random_Nerd: C: "I don't know. I'm just cautious about anything that could weaken us against Them. We have no way of taking back ground that we lose to the Excrucians."
Random_Nerd: C: "If the age ends in a way that puts the Imperators at each other's throats, and the enemy take advantage, we could lose huge chunks of the worlds to them."
Random_Nerd: William, Sam: *scribble, scribble*
Theresa: "No one's ever tried to take estates from them afterwards, right?"
DanteE: "Isn't the War in an extended stalemate?"
Random_Nerd: C: "We don't even know how to do that."
Random_Nerd: C: "And yes, it is, or we try to make it one. It's a defensive war for us, since we can't attack their home front, wherever and whatever it is."
Random_Nerd: C: "Even Imperators that go outside Creation don't come back. About the only thing we can do to progress on them is to kill those few full Excrucians that come in here."
Brian: "All the more reason for change."
Random_Nerd: C: "Perhaps."
DanteE: "So... the choices are:
Random_Nerd: C: "But at any rate, please, come inside. We'll try to work out a way to get your rabbit in."
Brian: "Excellent."
DanteE: "Try holding it back, which probably won't work--it's a bleeding calendar, after all...
DanteE: "Ignore it, and hope nothing happens...
DanteE: "Or, meet whatever happens head on, and trust that we can deal with the aftermath.
DanteE: "Is that right?
Random_Nerd: C: "I suppose. There probably are ways to stop it, but they'd have a cost of their own. The ages didn't change before the Angels invented Time, so if we got rid of that it might stop it. Or if the Phoenix family is actively involved rather than just being a herald, and we did away with them permanently, that could do it."
Random_Nerd: C: "But Time and the Phoenixes are pillars of the world, of course."
DanteE: "OK... I think I know what we can do."
Random_Nerd: Consequences walks into the gate, and his demons/shining knights follow him.
DanteE: "Sam, William, Lesson, can you guys keep Monty under control?"
Random_Nerd: L: "Don't think I like the way rabbit looks at me. But can try."
Carrie: (Snow can Guard The Rabbit.)
Random_Nerd: W: "You don't want us with you?"
DanteE: "Well... we do. But mainly we want the big storm-in-a-bunny under control. And we'll work on letting everybody in..."
Theresa: "I believe that Lesson was supposed to come with us, according to Kudzu."
Random_Nerd: W: "Very well, sir."
DanteE: "So was Monty."
Theresa: "Lesson is easier to carry."
Random_Nerd: L: "And I won't go crazy and break things or people. Unless they start it."
Theresa: (If we get Bara.'s curiosity up, he can come to the border and see monty anyhow.)
DanteE: "Can we leave Monty alone?"
Random_Nerd: Lesson shrugs in a weird and painful-looking way.
DanteE: "Well, let's see... Lesson's with us, and Snow's still snuggled in Monty's ear asleep...
Carrie: (Lesser Divination of Hope: Does Monty have an ability that would get him through the wall without making a hole in it?
Theresa: "We can explain about her on the way in."
DanteE: "Samuel, William, who's dealt more with Barakiel and his Nobles?"
Random_Nerd: S: "Neither of us has before, except when you invited them."
Random_Nerd: S: "Right?"
Random_Nerd: William nods.
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. Monty could probably hop over the wall with a running start. He would land with quite an impact, though.)
Random_Nerd: (Somewhere between a midsized earthquake and an extinction-level even.)
Random_Nerd: (Err, event.)
Carrie: (File that under, "Let's keep that in reserve.")
DanteE: (How tall's the wall?)
Theresa: (Who wants to go kill off all of the life on some other planet? <G>)
Theresa: (Which of the two Aides gets along with lesson the best?)
Random_Nerd: (The wall is very tall by normal standards, just not by Monty standards. It's a little taller in fancy-world than in hell-world, but the hell-wall looks to be made partly of razorwire.)
Random_Nerd: (I'd say probably about fifty feet tall. Big enough to be quite imposing if not for the much larger rabbit by it.)
DanteE: (Could Theresa make a ramp over it?)
Random_Nerd: (The gate goes up to the full height of the wall, almost, at the top.)
Random_Nerd: (She could, but it would take a while.)
Theresa: (And it'd be very obvious.)
DanteE: (As obvious as the uberrabbit right next to it? :)
Random_Nerd: (Still, Consequences said he'd have his people work on a way to get the rabbit in.)
Theresa: (He just didn't say when it'd be ready.  :) )
Carrie: (Probably best to accept that gracefully then. I mean, get Monty in and we'll have the same problem of having to keep an eye on him, anyway.)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. Neither Aide likes Lesson much. William perhaps hides it a little better.)
Brian: (stop soon?)
Carrie: (I wouldn't mind stopping in 15 minutes or so, but I'd like to get somethnig significant in tonight, even if it's only the next scene.)
Brian: (*nod*)
Random_Nerd: (Well, it's pretty much ready to start whenever. Consequences was just leading you guys in.)
Theresa: (Then if we're going to take Lesson and an Aide with us, it should be William. Although I'm not sure what either Aide would do to keep Monty down.)
Theresa: (I'm ready to go in, then.)
Brian: (let's go!)
Carrie: (They pray to us if anything goes wrong, i guess. <.< )
DanteE: (Hm... we could just have Lesson and a sleeping Snow watch over Monty and bring in both Aides...)
Random_Nerd: (Aide training covers a great deal, but Apocalyptic Animal Husbandry isn't really on the list.)
Theresa: (Specialized classes.)
DanteE: (it's an elective. :)
Theresa: (So what's the vote on who comes with us? I vote Lesson and Will.)
Carrie: (Yes, I majored in Apocalypses, but I took the inanimate object-caused distaster track.)
Carrie: (Seconded.)
Brian: (I don't particularly care)
DanteE: (Well, how impressive is Lesson by himself? :)
Carrie: (Not following.)
Random_Nerd: (Impressive to who?)
DanteE: (Anyone. Remember, Kudzu wanted us to bring him.)
Carrie: (He might impress Barakiel... Who knows? One crazy Imperator might understand another a lot better than we can. Maybe.)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. To a human, he's scary. To other demons, he's doubly so, in that he's a demon granted authority by Nobles. To Nobles, he's a bit disconcerting, given that he's an anchored demon.)
Random_Nerd: (And he knows Barakiel.)
DanteE: (... what are the chances that he's here to show Barakiel that we play with his toys better than he does? :)
Random_Nerd: C: "Apologies for the... rather disconcerting nature of the Chancel. My Ymera has unique aesthetic tastes.)
Random_Nerd: "
Theresa: (He probably had Lesson locked away for a reason.)
DanteE: "Don't worry, we know all about unique Ymera."
Random_Nerd: (From what you know, it seems that he had Lesson stored away in case he had a use for him later.)
Theresa: "It's definately something to get used to. Do the members of your Chancel have to pick a certain viewpoint or can they see both?"
Random_Nerd: (And if you're going to stock up on demons, it's easier to do so in the duty-free demon shops of Hell rather than on Jupiter, so to speak.)
Random_Nerd: C: "It's like Earth. Two ways to see it, both true, and Nobles and specially trained or damaged humans can switch."
DanteE: "Did you meet Lesson when you visited us?"
Random_Nerd: C: "I suggest the palace, as you seem to have fairly humanlike tastes."
Random_Nerd: C: "Lesson... that's the name you gave the demon you bought? I thought you just needed a heart, not that you were going to /anchor/ the thing."
DanteE: "That surprised us as well, actually.
Theresa: (What's the opposite of the palace? Theresa had picked the hell-view.)
Random_Nerd: (There's the palace and there's hell.)
Brian: "Our absent brother found Lesson rather ... frustrating."
Theresa: "We decided to keep him alive."
DanteE: "We've been trying to minimize casualties in general, really.
DanteE: "Hm...
Random_Nerd: C: "I mean, it's just... unusual."
DanteE: "Lesson, William, you're with us. Samuel, keep an eye on Snow and Monty."
DanteE: "We'll bring you guys in when we can."
Random_Nerd: S: "Okay. I'll at least try."
Theresa: "Just give a prayer if you need us."
Random_Nerd: Samuel pats one of Monty's hairs. "Gooood rabbit."
Random_Nerd: Lesson nods. William puts away his notes and comes over to where you're standing.
Theresa: "Lesson's been quite helpful in getting the Chancel on a steady footing after the enChancelment."
Random_Nerd: C: "How? He's a demon. They're only really useful for violence, coercing people, and dominance games."
Brian: "Chief of police."
Brian: "Effectively."
Random_Nerd: C: "Your methods both intrigue and unnerve me."
DanteE: "He has helped us remove the street gangs..."
Random_Nerd: C ndos.
Random_Nerd: (Err, nods.)
Random_Nerd: C: "I can actually see that working."
Theresa: "As anchor of Urbanization, he organized the gangs of one of our major cities. And his organization is currently researching the people who were physically or mentally transformed by the enChancelment."
Random_Nerd: C, walking into the palace/fortress: "Interesting. How much supervision did he require for this?"
DanteE: "And I think I know why Kudzu wanted him along."
Theresa: "Virtually none, although he and our Brother may have been in communication that we don't know about."
Brian: "Very little supervision, surprisingly."
Random_Nerd: C: "Interesting. I'll have to try using demons more, if they can actually complete complex tasks without disaster."
DanteE: "Come on, let's get to the campfire before they run out of wieners."
Theresa: "It may be due to some inhancements Lesson has received over the course of his time with us. He's probably the one of the most important nonNoble people in Amyra."
Random_Nerd: C: "I'll arrange a place for you to stay, in one of the less... stark... regions of our chancel here."
Random_Nerd: C: "Oh? You've changed him?"
DanteE: "Yes. And we definitely want to talk with you and your Familia before we go confronting Barakiel."
Random_Nerd: Lesson has a "My betters are talking about me as if I'm not here, but I'm not stupid enough to point this out." look.
Theresa: (I would apologize to Lesson, but not in front of the nonFamily.)
Random_Nerd: C: "Duty and Eclipses are out-of-chancel on business, but I and Shadows aren't too busy right now."
DanteE: "The biggest change is that he's doing one thing you don't see in other demons...
DanteE: "Sleeping."
Theresa: (*thinks* Courage did a miracle on Lesson, I know, and Theresa did his heart. Did Hope give him anything before he was Anchored?)
Random_Nerd: (I think so. A preservation, I believe?)
Random_Nerd: (I shou
Theresa: "We didn't do much before our Brother Anchored him. Courage and Hope helped him a little and I grew his heart."
Random_Nerd: ld update my notes with a list of standing miracles, I think.)
Brian: (Likely a good idea. Great thing about this medium is that we have full logs ^_^)
Random_Nerd: C nods.
DanteE: (Should be in the AP thread)
Theresa: "Lesson, what would you say helped you out the most? Any miracles that we performed or the different environment you now possess?"
DanteE: (was he even aware of the Miracles?)
Random_Nerd: L: "Don't know, Domina. Not sure how I would be able to tell."
Theresa: (Well, the Anchoring at least?)
Random_Nerd: (He was aware of them to some degree.)
Random_Nerd: (And he certainly knows he was Anchored.)
Theresa: (How far are we into the Chancel?)
Random_Nerd: (Not all that far. He's been leading you through a long hallway/tunnel, with honor guards/slavering monstrosities stationed at various intervals.)
Random_Nerd: L: "The biggest difference I can tell was when you gave me a purpose. Made me care about the Chancel, cities, and freedom."
Theresa: (Anything unusual on the way in?)
DanteE: "Did the Anchoring do that, or something else?
Random_Nerd: L: "Believe it was the anchoring."
Random_Nerd: (Well, I'm not sure what would count as unusual under these circumstances. The most obvious thing is that in the hell-version of the world, the place you're in seems to be a tunnel through the wall, which is much thicker in hell-world.)
Random_Nerd: (And also, the way the guards look in the hell world isn't all that similar to Lesson. They look no more similar to him than any random primate would look like a human. Is that unusual?)
Theresa: (In a way. Unless there are different species of demons. And also, since this isn't _exactly_ Hell, they could be different. Or maybe demons evolved from these guys.)
DanteE: (Remind me to ask Conseq about where Lesson came from)
Random_Nerd: (And it's not clear whether these things are humans who look like demons from the other world, demons that look like humans in the palace world, or something more complicated.)
Random_Nerd: (Shall we stop here? We seem to have stalled.)
Theresa: "It probably is unusal for anyone outside of Hell to Anchor a demon."
Theresa: (I'm okay with stopping.)
Carrie: (No objection to stopping.)
DanteE: (OK.)
Brian: (no objections)
Random_Nerd: __________________STOP_______________

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Random_Nerd: Okay, thoughts and reactions?

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Etheric: I think we're dragging a lot. I mean, we spent most of today's session debating what to do about Monty.
Knockwood: Anyone else thinking they know what to do here?
lazarus: we seem to have a tendency to get stalled in minor minute decisions.
Theresa: Often. But I'm not sure how to cut down on that.
lazarus: well, we tend to pop OOC for those discussions, as well.
Random_Nerd: Snow's presence helped, but we're Saraless.
Knockwood: Well, we're basically juggling priceless eggs in variable gravity (name that reference)
Random_Nerd: Niven?
Knockwood: and Pournelle.
Random_Nerd: Mote in God's Eye, right?
lazarus: anyway, I'm off for the night. See you guys later.
Etheric: In situations like that, I usually think it would be better to charge ahead and make some decision than get stalled. But often, I get snagged when I try to figure out how exactly to charge ahead.
Random_Nerd: Later, Laz.
Etheric: Night, Laz.
Knockwood: RN: yep. Laz: g'night

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Random_Nerd: Good book. Didn't like the sequel, but Mote is a classic.
Knockwood: but, like I said, I think we have a strategy now. Or at least I do.
Random_Nerd: Oh?
Random_Nerd: What is it?
Theresa: What's the strat?
Knockwood: dunno if I should tell RN... :D
Knockwood: First, though: Barakiel wants to retard the clock, right? That's what Conseq seemed to imply.
Etheric: I don't think he said that.
Random_Nerd: Well, Consequences at least seems to favor that.
Knockwood: it was the first thing he said.
Etheric: He also listed a number of reasons it might not be a good idea.
Theresa: It could just be Consq.'s idea. I'm sure that all of us could come up with some way to deal with the new Age and Kudzu wouldn't have to use any of them.
Random_Nerd: At the least, it seems to be the position that Barakiel's senior Noble has most on his mind.
Knockwood: OK, now, think: which option would be favored by an Imperator that embodies Hope and Courage?
Random_Nerd: Going for riding the wave and working with the change, I figure.
Etheric: Probably the one where we make the most of it, but consider that the descritpions of the three options we have are Consequences's.
Etheric: Kudzu might even favor a fourth option that he didn't mention.
Random_Nerd: True. There's always another approach.
Knockwood: Right. Ergo, we have to convince Barakiel not to go with his position (Stall) and go with Kudzu's (Charge!)
Etheric: Well, that seems likely, but I'm wary of jumping to conclusions. We'll see when we talk to Barakiel.
Knockwood: With help from a being whose nature was changed by a combination of fac6tors, including simple faith in him.
Random_Nerd: Still, under the circumstances, it seems like a pretty good plan.
Theresa: Although he doesn't get chicks. That might be a bit of a disappointment.
Knockwood: Kudzu made chicks, remember. :)
Random_Nerd: Are you guys liking this storyline, so far?
Theresa: Yep. Getting out of the Chancel, but without threat of an Estate going poof. Just the dislike and war with our peers.  :)
Knockwood: I'll like it more when we get ON with it, but that's our fault. :)
Random_Nerd: Anything you particularly like or dislike?
Knockwood: I'd like Snow to be here...
Theresa: I like Consq..'s bafflement! And his response to Lesson's status.
Etheric: Hmm, I can't really say anything. I had had the wrong impression of the wall last time, but I think that's because I wasn't paying enough attention. <.<
Etheric: As is, there wasn't much noteworthy tonight.
Knockwood: How tall is Monty?
Knockwood: I keep thinking he could just bend over the wall and sniff something...
Random_Nerd: He probably could. His neck isn't all that long. It'd depend whether he sees hell or the palace.
Random_Nerd: The hell-wall is thicker.
Theresa: I would think that neither view would be all that interesting to him. Neither had plants.
Random_Nerd: And you can't really ask him.
Random_Nerd: Hmm. Let's see, how tall is Monty now?

  • Random_Nerd thinks.

Etheric: I'm off for the night. Be well, all.
Random_Nerd: About two hundred meters, maybe?

Chapter 10