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Chapter 10

BethE: Question - do we know what the code of Attaris is? (Besides being a Wildlord?)
Random_Nerd: Well... the code of the Wild.
Random_Nerd: Unless the rumors are true and she's a Scruchie.
Random_Nerd: But wildlords don't have custom codes. Only True Gods and to some degree Serpents do.
BethE: Darn.  :)
BethE: We just have to remember that Sanity is a Crutch?
Random_Nerd: Oh, and folks can take additional codes if they want.
Random_Nerd: There're even some Excrucian focii that basically impose a code designed to screw you over, if you use them too much.
BethE: Eh?
Random_Nerd: Yeah. They tossed some of those out, things with significant powers but relevant drawbacks, to corrupt Noble society.
BethE: Like we need the help!  :)
BethE: (*checks on the Missing Log Knock mentioned*)
BethE: And we're all there even though Brian didn't want to be in on this one, because we put in a collect call to a Wildlord?
lazarus: *nod*
Random_Nerd: Yep.

      • Knockwood has joined #Nobilis.

Knockwood: sorry I'm late
lazarus: hey kwd
Random_Nerd: Hey, Knock.
BethE: Hi Knock.
BethE: (Oh and Knock, I found out why we're missing a session on the wiki btween 60 and 61. I don't have it in my logs. @.@ And I don't know why, since Trillian saves all of my automatically.
BethE: )

      • You are now known as Theresa.

Random_Nerd: I'll check later if it's in mine.
Knockwood: (uhoh... is it lost to eternity?)

      • Mode change "+ooo Knockwood Random_Nerd Theresa" for channel #Nobilis by lazarus.

lazarus: (I may have a copy, but don't know which computer it would be on, nor what to look for)

      • lazarus is now known as Brian.

Theresa: (Not sure. It was a bit important...searching the town in Mexico, meeting the natives, Theresa getting a hand _through_ her chest...)

      • Knockwood is now known as DanteE.

Random_Nerd: Theresa always gets hurt.
Brian: (oh ... don't think I was there that one)
DanteE: it's the one where I earned my Indian name, Dances-With-Sharp-Objects
Theresa: Indeed she would think she doesn't have Durant.  :)
Theresa: (It's not a full-Chapter if Theresa doesn't bleed at some time?)

      • Etheric is now known as Eve.

DanteE: (do a search on 'chinga tu madre', part of my last words to claw-guy)
Random_Nerd: Oh, and the game will be shorter than usual tonight, because I'm tired. Hope that's okay.
Theresa: As long as it is a productive time.
DanteE: could also be interrupted by trick-or-treaters, right?
Random_Nerd: It's possible.
Random_Nerd: Don't know, this is out first halloween here.
Theresa: Ready!
Brian: rdy
Random_Nerd: Okay. Starting right where we left off.
DanteE: OK, when last we left our intrepid heroes, I had this entire age by the ball.... :D
Random_Nerd: ____________________________START__________________________
Random_Nerd: The spheriod spatial distortion turns in midair.
Random_Nerd: Shadows: "This does not make me feel completely comfortable."
DanteE: (Who wants to lead with the questions?)

  • Theresa murmurs to Shadows, "I've found that the mantra 'Sanity is a crutch.' can be calming..."

DanteE: "You're not alone... sorry, Shadows, we thought she'd call, not manifest."
Random_Nerd: Shadows: "I'm more thinking of the mantra 'oh crap what is that thing?'."
Theresa: (Possibly not Theresa, as this is more Dante and Eve's show...)
DanteE: (quick question: would 'Lady Attaris' be OK, or should we call her something more elaborate?)
Theresa: "Oh, sorry, Shadows of Chancel (InsertNameHere), Wildlady Attris(spelling horribly wrong), Imperator of the Third Age."
Random_Nerd: Spheriod: "This is not a manifestation. It is an... emanation."
Random_Nerd: Shadows: "A... shard?"
Random_Nerd: Spheroid: "I don't believe I said that, no."
Theresa: (And wouldn't a shard be, ya know, a Scrunchie?)
DanteE: "Lady Attaris... we had some questions on the nature of your age and ... coming events."
Random_Nerd: (As a rule, yes. But Mimics tend to have Nobles rather than Shards, so maybe it works both ways.)
Random_Nerd: Spheroid: "Here's how this works. I'm not Attaris Ebrot Appeka. Or rather, I'm not all of her. She's too busy to give you her full attention, so I'm a bit of her mind and power she wasn't using. This had better be enough, because it's all you're going to get."
Theresa: "Sounds familiar. We thank you for what attention you can spare."
Eve: "Indeed, thank you."

  • Eve turns to Shadows. "Dominus of Shadows, will our communicating with the emanation of Lady Attaris in this place be acceptable to you? We regret the lack of notice."

DanteE: "Can you tell us anything about the nature of the cataclysm that will end your age?"
Random_Nerd: "Maybe. Don't think I will, even if I can."
DanteE: "How about... when?"
Random_Nerd: "Probably pretty soon. I wouldn't start reading any long books."
DanteE: "Would it change your schedule at all if Ananda wasn't there to take over?"
Random_Nerd: S: "Okay, if things are in control here, I'm going to go get some folks to fix the walls, and shut off the alarms. If things go worse... give an earth-shattering scream or something."
Eve: "Thank you."
Random_Nerd: Spheroid: "Here's the thing. You think you're the only ones who want to know this stuff?"
Theresa: "Sure thing, Shadows. Thank you very much for your patience."
Random_Nerd: Shadows walks off through the hole in the wall.
Theresa: (Hmm,,what level of Aspect is an earth-shattering scream?)
Random_Nerd: (Depends on how literal you're being.)
Theresa: (True, I'd have to specify how big of an Earth I'm talking about...)
DanteE: "Oh, we seriously doubt it."
Eve: "We may not be, but we have been empowered to negotiate on behalf of our Imperator, if that in any way affects your interest."
Random_Nerd: "And since you don't already know these things, you can assume that I haven't told anyone else without swearing them to secrecy, right?"
Theresa: (oo, swearing...)
Brian: "What would you require of us to have you answer? How important is this answer?"
DanteE: "Well, there are several conflicting theories as to what will happen, so it's hard to tell"
Random_Nerd: Samuel, quietly: "Looking at that thing gives me a bad...well, I guess you'd call it a headache. Same sort of thing, at least. Mind if I go to the next room while it's here?"
Brian: "go ahead."
Random_Nerd: Spheroid: "Why should I even waste my time on you? You don't seem very interesting."
DanteE: (Theresa, do your Elvis imitation. :) )
Random_Nerd: Samuel drifts out to one of the bedrooms.
Brian: "I'm planning an information gathering session Outside the wall... I believe that may pique your interest."

  • Theresa wiggles what's left of her hands at the sphere. "We sometimes do interesting. You should see our rabbit."

Theresa: (Hmm, can't do a good imitation, but I can rant about how Elvis needs the boats of the Bermuda Triangle for world domination...and who knows, in Nobilis, it might be true.)
Random_Nerd: "So, why exactly shouldn't I just eat your brains and go away?"
Brian: "Nothing left to eat."

  • Theresa sighs. "I keep losing body parts to Imperators. First Jan Ben Jan, now her. This is getting...repetitive."

DanteE: "Yeah, we serve a wildlord. There's a good chance it's already cabbage."
Brian: "I'm not quite sure what the Imperator obsession with body parts is all about ..." (/aside)
Theresa: "What would interest you, Lady?"
Random_Nerd: "Killing all of you and then going somewhere far away."
Random_Nerd: "Does that work for you?"
Brian: "Not so fond of the being dead thing, no."
Eve: "I'll tell you why you don't want to. We intend to restore the Imperial potential of Humanity at the turn of the age. Were we to succeed, that would surely be interesting, no?"
Brian: (did we get her Angry Module or something? Is there an incinerator nearby? ...)
Random_Nerd: (No cake for you.)
Eve: (I think we got 'whimsical, capricious and bloodthirsty.')
Brian: (the cake is a lie! Especially as I /still/ haven't actually played it :-P)
Random_Nerd: "No. It wouldn't. Humans. You lot have been ennobled for, what, about twenty minutes or so?"
Random_Nerd: (But there is cake! I've seen the cake.)
Brian: (I don't believe you!)
Eve: (Two months, right? I have trouble keeping track.)
DanteE: (closer to 20 days...)
Brian: "A couple months. And yet, we've been put on the task of making sure you hand off your Age as it was meant to happen."
Random_Nerd: "Sucks to be you."
Brian: "Indeed. I don't believe we need your help, but my Familia here disagrees. So, they wanted to talk. I, personally, don't see the point, really."
Random_Nerd: "And I know you're thinking, can I actually kill you all? I don't know! But I wouldn't be suprised if the bigger me gave me the ability to kill you all with a napkin or something."
Brian: "I mean, there's nothing you could possibly offer us that would help, is there."
Random_Nerd: "Could, won't, tough luck."
Brian: "Oh, I suspect that you could just, like, suck us into a vacuum and that would be that. And no, I don't believe you can give us anything to help."
Brian: "The only way to convince me otherwise would be to show me. I don't think you can."

  • DanteE is trying to figure out just what Brian is doing...

Brian: (... ... ...)
Theresa: (I don't read Morse!)
Brian: (I'm either going to succeed or die horribly)
Brian: (*shrugs* either way)
Theresa: (Think positive! It could be both.)
Random_Nerd: "Uh... I'm a bit of an Imperator. We make the universe, and we've heard of reverse psychology."
Random_Nerd: "Also, sarcasm, as perhaps you have noticed."
Theresa: "Oh, I thought Imperators got creations of Sarcasm for free."
DanteE: "Yeah, but ... you're a bit."
Brian: "I bet you have. Still, the point remains that you can't help. I really don't know what they were thinking. Grasping at straws, maybe. Trying to prevent you being in charge for the rest of, well, I won't say Time, 'cause that may not always exist, but, creation anyway."
Random_Nerd: "Seems like the sarcastic misanthropic bit. Glad I'm not you."
Brian: (*sings "Still Alive"*)
Brian: "Really, I don't know why you're still here. You've decided that you're not going to do anything, not even kill us and leave. Perhaps we just got the Emo apathetic bit."
Brian: (*pokes the sphere*)
Random_Nerd: "You called me here. I assumed you had something interesting to say, rather than just 'Oh, pleeeeease, pleeease, missus nice imperator lady, we can has ultimate cosmic secrets?' and so on."

  • Theresa 's mouth can be seen mouthing "Sanity, crutch" over and over and over...

Theresa: (Ooo, lolimperator.)
DanteE: "Well, it's not like we have cos...
Brian: "I tried telling them that it wouldn't work. I mean, what could an Imperator want to do with Nobles? Really, if you cared at all that this plot is going on, you'd stop it yourself, right?"

  • DanteE looks at Theresa's stick-fingers

Brian: "No need for puny mortal beings."
Theresa: (Nope, no sticks for fingers. That would break the rules.  :) Just gaps.)
Brian: "Even puny mortal beings with a bit of Imperator energy. Have you ever met Kudzu? He's ... snarky, you'd like him I bet."
Theresa: (And what was Dante's thought that got interupted?)
Brian: (*pings RN*)
DanteE: (Does what JBJ told you guys qualify as enough of a cosmic secret?)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. Depends how you look at it. Most of it's probably stuff that Attaris already knows, except maybe the code.)
Brian: (I believe so. We're, to my knowledge, the only ones other than the Imperator of an Age who knows what that Estate /means/, really)
Random_Nerd: (What makes you think that?)
Brian: (of course, the cosmic secret we have is the same as she has)
Brian: (because Barakiel seems to be the only other one who cares, and he's too narrow minded to actually ask)
Random_Nerd: (I'd say that you aren't the only ones, but you're probably part of the only two dozen or so that do know.)
Brian: (anyway... does Sphere have a reply?)
Random_Nerd: "Kudzu. No, don't think so. Which one's he?"
Brian: "Unrestrained Growth. You should see his Bunny."
DanteE: "Caprice, Courage, Hope, Numbers, Plants, and Urbanization. Also plays tennis with the angel of the moon."
Brian: (... ... ... *thinks* ... you know, Kudzu may have come into Creation when the Arabic numeric system was imported to the rest of the world, and mathematics became so much easier for everyone ...)
Theresa: "Just chanceled a place that used to be on the continent of Africa called Amyra."
Brian: "I've been wondering, though. How does a Wildlord become Imperator of an Age? The only thing that makes sense to me, as Ages only seem to make sense in Creation, is that you adopted the Estate after arriving. Hm. Which ... ok, that implies the only piece of information I didn't have."
Brian: "Maybe talking with you did help, not that you actually did or told me anything I didn't know."
DanteE: "You sure Numbers?"
Random_Nerd: Lesson: "Suspect I have an idea why nobody much talks to her."
Brian: "Sure on what?"
Theresa: "Oh, Lesson?"
Random_Nerd: L: "Yes?"
Theresa: "What's your idea?"
Random_Nerd: Lesson just waves his long skinny arms at the sphere.
Random_Nerd: L: "Like this."
Brian: "There's two possible implications: 1) that Ages exist Outside, in which case if we don't know about a Fifth Age Imperator /in/ Creation, there's a bet that it's /Outside/ ... not good for us. Or 2) that the Estate will come into being and be adopted by an Imperator when necessary ... in other words, once Ananda is dead. Either way."
DanteE: (Hm... how Interesting would she consider Barakiel's big idea?)
Theresa: "Oh, attitude. Well, still, I thought it was just part of being an Imperator."
Random_Nerd: The spheroid turns.
DanteE: "And either of those mean Barakiel's plan... whoops..."
Random_Nerd: "Hmm. Seems like Big Me didn't give me nukes or dragon launchers or anything fun."
Brian: "On the other hand, that's three if you're counting, the end of the Fourth Age could very well be the end of Creation. Now, we would have a very interesting flaw in the universe as it's not allowed to end."
Brian: "..." *Brian ponders the mechanics necessary to start a chain reaction nuclear explosion*
Brian: *wondering if it's possible to do just with increasing the saturation of Protons in the area*
Random_Nerd: "Ananda. Tiresome. Just as well to get rid of him, I can't imagine living through an age of his."
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. You could do some stuff with nuclear reactions. Atomic-level stuff works in discrete numbers, which is the sort of thing you're good at.)
Brian: "Never met him, honestly."
DanteE: "They met Jan Ben Jan, though"
Brian: (indeed. However, there's Physics involved in setting it up, but that's primarily just getting the first vector happening, which is really a matter of probability - discrete probability, too, might I add)
Random_Nerd: "They're all a bit dull, really. Him, Entropy, that whole Council-of-four circlejerk thing they have going on."
Theresa: (Gee, RN, tell us how you really feel! ^^ Just kidding.)
Brian: "I really hope I never need to meet Entropy. At least, not while he's still In Power."
Theresa: "Are you bored with how long your Age has lasted?"
Brian: "I can't imagine ever getting bored with ruling an Age. I mean, if you wanted a Mai Tai or whatever, all you'd have to do is whisper 'cataclysm' at someone."
Random_Nerd: "Not as bored as I'd probably be with someone else's age. And you're right to not want to meet Entropy. Terribly tiresome. Needs to get a new schtick, he's done the corruption thing to death."
DanteE: "Yeah, we were wondering if you'd be angry, melancholic, or looking forward to lying on a beach somewhere."
Brian: "I don't think he can help that ... it's kind of his nature."
Brian: "I've heard reports that Entropy even is getting tired of his constant corruption, but can't figure out how to stop it."
Brian: (no, I really haven't)
Random_Nerd: "Well, he should start with chopping those hands off, see if that gets rid of the blood. Hey, you're missing some fingers."
Theresa: "Yep. It was the price I paid Jan Ben Jan. A finger for each question that he answered fairly. Sacrifice for wisdom."
Random_Nerd: "He still does that? Well, I guess we all deal with stupid questions in our own ways."
Theresa: "It is his Code."
Random_Nerd: "Huh."
DanteE: "Didn't you say he's the one to put holes in the Wall?"
Brian: (O_o?)
DanteE: (that was to Theresa)
Theresa: "I'm not sure if he _is_ the holes in the Wall or he put them there. He allows knowledge to come from Outside."
Random_Nerd: <deadpan>"Ah, yes, thus allowing me and my evil Excrucian kindred to come in and destroy the world. Mu hu ha ha ha."
Theresa: "We didn't say _you_ were an Excrucian. That would be insulting. And doubly so since we're the Nobles of a Wildlord. Without those holes, we wouldn't exist."
Brian: "... we would exist. Just not the way we are."

  • Eve grinds her teeth slightly against one another.

Eve: (Sorry to cut out mid-scene, but I'm just rather out of it tonight. Need sleep. Have fun you guys.)
Theresa: (Night, Etheric. *HUG*)
DanteE: (g'night)

      • Eve has signed off IRC (Disintegrated: Destiny is choice).

Theresa: (Although I'm not sure what Eve doesn't like about what Theresa said...)
Random_Nerd: "Hmm. How's this? I tell you when the cataclysm starts, and you act really mysterious, pretend I told you what's going to happen, and make up a different story for everyone who asks. But they have to be good stories, or I'll shortsheet your bed or eat your family or something. Deal?"
DanteE: "... one clarification: it will start at that time No Matter What, right?"
Brian: "Oh, and you'll tell us /before/ the cataclysm starts when it's going to start."
Brian: "unless it already has"
Random_Nerd: "I could make it happen at a different time. But it's gotta happen soon no matter what."
Random_Nerd: "Oh, and just so you know, there's a chance that Big Me made this little me know a bunch of useless crap as a joke. But I don't think I did. I usually don't play jokes like that on myself."
Theresa: (Greeeat...we have the GlaDOS of Imperators...)
Brian: "Ah, encapsulation, how we love thee"
Brian: (I NEED to play Portal)
Theresa: "How good of stories are we talking? Like eventual Noble Urban-Legend?"
DanteE: "We could feed you a Austin Powers DVD... naah. :)
Random_Nerd: "Well, it's gotta have some ring to it. Can't just be 'the Excrucians kill us all and we die, and then we are dead' or anything like that."
Theresa: " one pregnant with Entropy's lurve-child?"
Random_Nerd: "Make it something weird and new. Like the Fall. Didn't see that one coming."
DanteE: "How about: the Wall will split open, flooding creation with ....

  • Theresa ... *does not say what thinking*

DanteE: "... I'm tempted to say pudding."
Theresa: "Kittens. Broccoli. Styrofoam packing peanuts. Those lost left socks that no one ever finds."
DanteE: "The latter story for Dionyl who ask."
DanteE: "Another story could say... the Council of Four... all disappear at once"
Theresa: "4 Imperators enter, 1 leaves.."
Random_Nerd: "And Entropy pulls off his rubber mask, and it turns out he was just Old Man Wilkerson trying to scare the kids away from his farm."
Brian: "Nah. Turns out he's really a pinata."
Brian: "First one to break him open gets Phenomenal Cosmic Powers."
Random_Nerd: "That one's actually true."
DanteE: "People would really freak if /he/ took over the Fourth Age."
Random_Nerd: "So, do we have a deal?"
Brian: "I think so."

  • Theresa looks at Dante.

Random_Nerd: The sphere turns in the air for a moment.
DanteE: "So... we tell fake stories about what, in return for you telling us when?"
Random_Nerd: "Oh, and Dante, I just talked to BIg Me, and I think I talked her out of killing everyone you ever loved. You'll find out if I did when you get back home."
Random_Nerd: "Yep."
DanteE: "Thank you ... so much ..."
Brian: "Can we have a when if Ananda does not die and if Ananda does die? If they're different?"
Random_Nerd: "Oh, there's an idea. If they do kill Ananda, that would be the perfect time to kick it off, wouldn't it?"
Brian: "I thought you'd think that way."
Random_Nerd: "Yeah, that'd have some style. I'll have to do it that way if they do."
Theresa: "It would be something worthy of a Cataclysm."
DanteE: "So, if Ananda died, you'd end the age right there?"
Random_Nerd: "Man, now I'm almost hoping Barakiel does pull that crazy shit, because that'd be epic."
Random_Nerd: "Nah, not end the age there, just get things started."
Brian: (*rubs hands together* we have to tell Barakiel that the Cataclysm will be some Imperators joining the Excrucians, not really the Fall but similar, preluded by the death of the Council members, starting with Ananda...)
Brian: (actually, can we have that IC?)
DanteE: (I wonder what would happen if one of our 'crazy stories' turns out to be true...)
Random_Nerd: (Works with me.)
DanteE: (me too)
Theresa: (Sureness.)
Random_Nerd: "Eh, a little derivative, but if that turns your crank, whatever."
Brian: "Well, we needed to be able to do something like that to finish off our Mission here. Apart from that, they'll be completely original." (*points to the Wild Field on all of our devices :p*)
Random_Nerd: "So, is it a deal?"
DanteE: "I'm all right with that. You guys?"
Theresa: "I agree."
Brian: "Agree."
Random_Nerd: "Okay. The shit hits the fan in three months, or else when Anandabanana dies."
Brian: "Excellent. Thank you."
DanteE: (Who else is here and heard all that?)
Random_Nerd: (William, Lesson, probably Sam, maybe Shadows if he was listening in.)
Random_Nerd: "Oh, and I've also sent you each a valuable parting gift. Enjoy!"
Brian: (*watches heads go kablooey ;)*)
DanteE: "uhoh..."
Brian: "What kind of gift?"
Random_Nerd: "The best kind."
Random_Nerd: The sphere starts to spin rapidly, and grow larger and fainter.
Theresa: "I hope it's a comb."
DanteE: "Be well, Lady Attaris..."

  • Brian sighs

Brian: "The misinformation for actual information is acceptable. The parting gift? Not good."
Random_Nerd: The bit of Attaris suddenly shrinks down to a shiny point, and vanishes.
DanteE: "Huh.
DanteE: "Like our lives weren't interesting enough."
Theresa: "Who knows when it'll turn up or if it's in our size."

  • DanteE looks around the room...

Random_Nerd: W: "That was... rather odd. And annoying."
Brian: (who's got Anchors in-Chancel?)
Random_Nerd: W: "You expect an Imperator to be all grand and mysterious and all, but that was just petty. There are supposed to be standards."
Brian: "... no, there's not."
Random_Nerd: (Eve.)
DanteE: (there's always the Malple and Red)
Theresa: "Also, Wildlord, Sanity, Crutch."
Brian: "Imperators are just random people. Albeit with a lot more power, knowledge, and Infinite Perspective than moste."
Random_Nerd: L: "Could have been worse. Didn't get subjected to unthinkable torments."
DanteE: (Typo! Typo can look through every keyboard in Amyra!)
Theresa: "Just petty torments."
Brian: "Says you. We just got gifts that we likely won't be able to repay."

  • Theresa calls out, "Hey Sam, you okay? She's gone now."

Brian: (that was to Lesson)
Random_Nerd: (Brian has Realm 2, right?)
Brian: (*nod*)
Random_Nerd: L: "Think it was because she was so powerful. Didn't feel like she had anything to prove."
Random_Nerd: Samuel: "Good. Sorry, that was just really painful to look at."
Brian: (will do a Realm Div to see if there's Gifts in-Chancel)
DanteE: "Hey, William... get together all the pieces of Shadows' sword, I'll recreate it."
Brian: "So, shall we be off to convince the wiz... I mean, Angel?"
Random_Nerd: William nods and starts picking up fragments.
Random_Nerd: (They don't seem to have arrived yet.)
DanteE: "Theresa, you got the ones from Lesson, right?"
Theresa: "What did it look like to you, Sam?"
DanteE: "Also, Samuel and William... first, hold of on widebanding that three-month figure until we tell Barakiel.
Theresa: "I'm not sure if there's any in Lesson's wound, thought it wnet through. I can probably tell if the blade is still in him, Dante."
Random_Nerd: Sam: "Sure thing."
Random_Nerd: S: "It looked like a big pain in the ass. Err, if I had one."
Theresa: "Think she might be the Imperator of such a large Estate?"
DanteE: "Second... you heard the terms of the deal. We'll be telling a lot of baloney--so either don't send the stories along, or send them with a little disclaimer to that effect."
Theresa: "Would that be honoring the deal, though?"
Brian: "She said make up a compelling and convincing story for each person who asks"
DanteE: "Right. This way... the Aides won't ask."
Brian: "We don't need to provide the information"
Brian: "Unless asked."
Brian: "But we have to behave like she told us what."
DanteE: (got the pieces together?)
Random_Nerd: W: "Do you mind if I pass along enough to the Aides to let them know that dealing with Ymera Attaris Ebrot Appeka is nearly always a bad idea?"
Random_Nerd: William continues to gather bits of sword.
DanteE: "Excellent idea."
Brian: "Go ahead."
Brian: "Now, shall we be off to see the wiz... angel?"
Brian: (I know I used that one already ...)
Random_Nerd: (Mind if we stop here? I'm a bit brain-dead now, and this'll be another important conversation.)
Brian: (stopping here works)
Theresa: (Blurgleblargh..)
DanteE: (Hold on, one minor thing...)
DanteE: (First, anything special about Shadows' sword?)
Random_Nerd: (Not really. It was well-made, probably with a realm miracle, and it had a realm preservation on it. But it was basically just a sharp and durable but mundane weapon.)
Brian: (Give it bigger dice for sharp and durable /ditv reference)
DanteE: (OK... I'm going to re-create it, including a LP, once they get the pieces together... then give it back to Shadows with my apologies en route to Barakiel)
Random_Nerd: (You can do that.)
DanteE: (OK with ending here)
Random_Nerd: ____________________STOP_____________________
Random_Nerd: What did you think of this one?

      • DanteE is now known as Knockwood.

Knockwood: goofier than usual. :)
Theresa: I would cut you off from Portal if you hadn't already finished it. ;P
Random_Nerd: Well, it wasn't just a riff on Portal.

      • Brian is now known as Lazarus.

Lazarus: ... I'm the one that brought the Portal into this.
Lazarus: I just couldn't find a way to fit the Weighted Companion Cube into things :(
Lazarus: ... and I STILL haven't played it. Stupid having no money :(
Knockwood: it's waiting for us back home. :)
Random_Nerd: I kinda wanted to do an Imperator who was just a small-minded jerk. And doing it this way, with the fragment of Attaris, gives me the chance to make the bigger Att-Ebr-App different if the story needs it.
Knockwood: (same here Laz)
Knockwood: BTW, you guys seen the Zero Punctuation reviews? I like those.
Random_Nerd: Yeah.
Theresa: If the whole Attaris was like that, it would give some insight into the current Age.
Lazarus: kwd: huh?
Random_Nerd: So did you guys like the session, or was it too weird?
Lazarus: I kind of like the thought of a completely encapsulated Imperator.
Lazarus: it was great fun, after my advil kicked in.
Knockwood: Laz: (Link:
Random_Nerd: Hmm. What did you think about the "Oh, by the way, I think I talked Big Me into not killing everyone you ever loved" bit?
Knockwood: Bit of a surprise there... :)
Theresa: It was part "Yeah, right' and 'crap, an Imperator could do it...'
Lazarus: ah, Yahtzee. I don't think I've seen his Orange Box review, but I did see /someone's/.
Lazarus: I liked that RN, it was kind of a nice flippant remark :-P
Knockwood: (there are also Fable and Darkness reviews on youTube)
Knockwood: The goofiest part was the whole "You! Be interesting or else!" thing.
Lazarus: I had fun with Brian's talking today.
Knockwood: I was wondering if you'd gone completely dark... :)
Lazarus: hm?
Knockwood: just for a moment, then I clued in to the reverse-psychology thing
Lazarus: actually, it was a little of both :-P
Lazarus: kind of like, "fine, you don't want to tell us. I knew it. *rantrantrant* ... damn, reverse psychology didn't work. Ah well, rant still holds"
Knockwood: (Although... Attaris didn't have anything to do with Entropy coming to power)
Knockwood: and we didn't really get any idea of whether the age and the War are linked.
Theresa: No, we didn't.
Lazarus: does it matter? Barakiel doesn't care about the War.
Random_Nerd: He does.
Random_Nerd: It's one of the reasons behind his plan.
Lazarus: he has said that the status quo can last forever as far as he cares, as long as the Cataclysm doesn't happen
Random_Nerd: Anyway, I'm tired, and my brain is made of suet and gravy. G'night.
Lazarus: night
Knockwood: sounds yummy

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Knockwood: Beth, don't eat it all!

Chapter 10