Shadows Over Bogenhafen

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Crib Sheet: A page reminding various players of people they have met and things they have seen in the second adventure of the Enemy Within Campaign. The GM is Zinoviev Letter and the game follows the exploits of Axel, Rudiger, Berlyn, Beatrix, Hanz and Leopold as they try to make their way in the world.

The In Character Thread is [here] and the Out of Character Thread is [here].

People known in and around Bogenhafen:

1. Adolphus Kuftsos, a black clad, hat wearing, crossbow toting, bear of a man who seems to have it in for Axel. Thankfully deceased.

2. Andrea, Magistrate Richter's matronly assistant.

3. Anton Breugal, a drunken warehouse guard and claimed goblin slayer.

4. Father Jurgen, A priest so old that his wrinkles have wrinkles. Mutters incomprehensibly and shouts "SPEAK UP THERE! WHAT?" whenever anyone speaks to him.

5. Father Karl, A priest actually capable of holding a conversation.

6. Franz Steinhager. Anton's mysterious boss who apparently took possession of the goblin's remains. Except he couldn't have done that because the PCs have the remain.

7. Josef Quartijn: Josef is the rotund, bearded and jolly master of the good barge the Berebeli.

8. Kastor Lieberung, a man who looks remarkably like Axel and who seems to be the next in line for a massive fortune. May also be the Magister Impedimenta (whatever that is) of some secret society. Definitely has enemies. Unfortunately dead so he can't really explain the situation.

9. Magistrate Richter: A town councillor who offered the group a reward and then mysteriously snatched it away.

10. Toothless Franz Baumann A barman in a rather scuzzy pub called the Crossed Pikes. Seems to have contacts in the criminal underworld.

Clues found:

1. A letter, found on the body of Kastor Lieberung.

"Messrs Lock, Stock and Barl, Civil Lawyers, Commissioners for Oaths, etc, Garten Weg Bogenhafen"

"Dear Herr Lieberung,

After many lengthy researches, we have come to believe that you are the only living relative of one Baronet Lieberung, late of the town of Ubersreik. This being the case, and any other heretofore unknown and pertinent matters notwithstanding, I am herewith charged to inform you that you are the sole beneficiary of the Baronet's last will and testament (hereinafter referred to as the document of the first party).

I, the undersigned acting in my capacity as legal executor of the aforenamed document of the first party, do therefore urge you to make your way with all speed to my offices in the town of Bogenhafen. Thereupon, providing that you can provide an affidavit declaring your identity as Kastor Aloysius Lieberung, signed by two witnesses, we shall be pleased to hand over the title deeds to the Baronet's Manor House, together with its contents (which include a most tastefully stocked wine cellar), its extensive estates and the sum of twenty thousand Gold Crowns.

I remain your most humble and respectful servant,

Dietrich Barl, K.C., LL. B (Alt)

Signed this day the 10th of Nacheren, in the two thousandth, two hundredth and twelfth year of the Empire.

Printed by Schultz and Friedmann, Bogenhafen."

2. A letter found on the body of Adolphus Kuftsos.

"For the personal attention of Herr Adolphus Kuftsos, The Nine Straws Coaching Inn, The Middenheim Road, Altdorf,

My dear Herr Kuftsos,

You may recall a certain conversation we had last harvest time in the public bar of the Broken Carrot in Nuln. At that time you mentioned your interest in the activities of a certain society whose nature I shall not mention here. In particular, you were very curious as to the whereabouts of a certain officer known only as the Magister Impedimenta.

I am able to confim each and every one of your suspicions. After your departure I made some discrete enquiries and was able to ascertain that the "gentleman" you are looking for uses the name Kastor Lieberung. As you expected, Herr Lieberung will be travelling along the Middenheim Road some time near the end of the month.

I have been fortunate enough to secure a likeness of Herr Lieberung, which I enclose with this letter.

I remain your most humble and obedient servant,


3. A small square of cloth with what looks like the letters F.S. embroidered on it. Found on the floor in a demon's lair.

4. Ordo Septenarius a slogan or name painted on the floor of a demon's lair. Around a painting of a horned skull. In the middle of a pentagram. Surrounded by candles. With a demon standing on it. Nothing suspicious about that at all.

5. A goblin's pelvis with three leg sockets, recovered from the aforementioned lair. But isn't that goblin supposed to have died in a warehouse on the Ostendamm?

6. A dead dwarf Last time you saw him, he was a drunk in the festival stocks. Then his mangled corpse was found in the sewers.