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* '''Someone''' is hiding me from someone, or something, powerful. ''I owe them a Debt.''
* '''Lachlan''' is hiding me from Evgeny and the Russians with an oversized glamour. ''I owe him a Debt.''
* '''Someone''' hired me for a job and you fucked it up. ''I owe them 2 Debts.''
* '''Damon''' hired me for a job and I fucked it up. ''I owe him 2 Debts.''
* '''Jake''' lives in my territory, benefiting from my protection. ''He owes me a Debt.''
* '''Jake''' lives in my territory, benefiting from my protection. ''He owes me a Debt.''
* I'm a friend with '''Miss Black''', as far as a werewolf and hunter can be. Probably a bigger problem than she'd like ''I owe her a Debt.''
* I'm a friend with '''Miss Black''', as far as a werewolf and hunter can be. Probably a bigger problem than she'd like. ''I owe her a Debt.''
==Questions and Answers==
==Questions and Answers==
; Who are you?
; Who are you?
: Call me Luke.
: Call me Luke.
; How long have you been in the city?
; How long have you been in the city?

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The Wolf (Night)

A character in a game of Urban Shadows run by The Tim.


Look: male, Caucasian, baggy clothing

Demeanor: Aggressive


Blood 2, Heart -1, Mind 0, Spirit 1

Mortality 0, Night 2, Power -1, Wild 1

Transformation: 2-harm (ap), 2-armor while transformed. (Selected +1 armor and AP harm). When you transform, you keep your cool or declare a hunt and silver weapons ignore your armor.

Gear: A duffel bag with your personal belongings, an iPhone 2 (still works like it should), got a deal locally on it, switchblade (2-harm hand concealable), 9mm Beretta (2-harm close loud)


  • You are widely accepted as this place’s protector (add blessing: +supported)
  • Your territory spans several city blocks (add blessing: +influence)
  • Your territory is plagued by a mystical or supernatural presence (add trouble: +haunted)
  • Someone more powerful wants your territory and is working to get it (add trouble: encroachment)


  • Comes With The Territory: If you’re actively patrolling your territory at the start of the session, roll with Blood. On a 10+, your territory is secure and trouble is at a minimum; take +1 ongoing to hitting the streets in your territory. On a 7-9, one of your troubles surfaces (your choice), but things are mostly stable. On a miss, or if you aren’t attending to your territory, things go south and your troubles are fast and furious.
  • Bloodhound: When you hunt someone, roll with Blood. On a hit, you know exactly where to find them and can follow their scent until you do. On a 10+, take +1 forward against them. On a miss, someone unpleasant finds you first.
  • Alpha Dog: When you persuade an NPC in your territory, roll with Blood instead of Heart.


  • Lachlan is hiding me from Evgeny and the Russians with an oversized glamour. I owe him a Debt.
  • Damon hired me for a job and I fucked it up. I owe him 2 Debts.
  • Jake lives in my territory, benefiting from my protection. He owes me a Debt.
  • I'm a friend with Miss Black, as far as a werewolf and hunter can be. Probably a bigger problem than she'd like. I owe her a Debt.

Questions and Answers[edit]

Who are you?
Call me Luke.
How long have you been in the city?
Decade and a half.
What is the best part of the change?
You know how when a guy has a gun at you, you’re supposed to be scared? When you’re about to get hit by a car or something, you’re supposed to flinch? It’s all gone now. All there is now is the feeling that everything’s gonna be alright, because now I’m strong, now I’m connected. Not just to the underground, but the world around me. Sure I’m gonna die someday, but I know it’s gonna take more than a gun in a back alley to do it.
Who is the most important person in your territory?
Most people call her Nana, but she’s a relatively nice woman who’s been raising strays and the like in this neighborhood. She doesn’t exactly like my methods, but she and I see eye to eye as long as I take care of the people who live here. She knows enough about the world to know there are worse things than me out there.
What do you desperately need?
Respect. Not so much from my own people, but from the other people. I don’t want to take over the city, but I will if they can’t just respect me and what’s mine.
What sort of neighbourhood is it?
Nothing fancy. Just your typical urban neighbourhood, full of minor crime and little businesses. We got a few markets, a few places to eat, but nothing too special on the surface. Got like three high-rise complexes that at least have heat and A/C in them. Most people don't work here, they just live here. You either work in some minimum wage job, you own one of the few businesses or you work for me. There's some sort of mystical bullshit going on here, but you can't tell from the way the normals act. I can smell it, though.
In what way do the inhabitants support you?
Little things, mostly. I'm the lesser of evils in most of their minds, and they rather have their kids safe with a few people who ain't on the up and up than someone who pushes drugs on kids and thinks they own the people who live here too. So, they tell me when suspicious people are around, they give cheap meals to my crew as long as they don't act like shits, and we get along like that. It's tense but I'm not some tyrant, so there's a little give and take.
Did you know it was haunted before you set up there? What tipped you off?
No idea. I just thought it was the smells of the city, industry, whatever. One of my boys, Bobby D, he was the first to tell me that it didn't smell like that. Some people thought I'd get mad or something, but he helped me figure it out. Chased the spot, found one of the old warehouses was the center of it, but it went further than that. Still haven't bothered with figuring out what the hell it is or what it's doin', but it ain't changed for at least two years, so fuck it. Seems harmless.
Do you know who is after it? Did you know they were after the territory when you took up residence there?
Of course I know who it is, it's some Russian asshole name Evgeny. Don't know why he cares so much about what I've got, but he's been playing games with my crew for no good reason, and it's not like I've got some giant crew where this is accidental. He's trying to take over a good chunk of downtown, make a real presence for the Russians. I always knew he wanted it, but the last six months, he's been making serious plays towards me, which given how the last time went, is pretty suspicious.
What kind of asshole is Evgeny?
The kind that'd sell his own mother out for a beer. I don't know what his problem is, but whatever it is, he's got it something bad. Doesn't respect anything around him, just looking to make it big and get what he thinks he deserves. I don't know what he deserves, other than a fist to the face and a kick in the dick, but he's looking for it. There's stories, but they're pretty much all the same kind of brutal gangster nonsense I've heard before. Pretty sure they're true here, though.
What's your favourite place in your territory?
There's this Mexican place called Chi-Chi's, and it's fucking amazing. Maybe because I've spent most of my life in the north here, but the way they make food there, it's incredible. Drinks are good, and they're cool with my people doing whatever as long as we don't break much. A pool cue and a glass here or there's alright with them, but I usually leave a bit more for a tip when that happens. Well, I don't, Rig and his meatfists does, because I ain't paying for his little mistakes.
Does Nana know what you are? Does anyone in your territory know what you are?
Nana's got an idea I'm not normal. Might be some sort of magic sight or something, but she hasn't seen me go crazy at the moon yet, so she doesn't have the full picture. Some of the crew knows, Rig, D and Illi all know because I may have ripped one of Evgeny's guys in half in front of them while howling at the moon, covered in fur. We don't talk about it though, better not to freak too many people out.
Speaking of, do you know what you are?
Yeah, I'm a werewolf. I dunno if I was born like this or if it was me getting into dumb fights as a kid, but by the time I was 16, I started changing. After a decade and change, you can put the pieces together. Helps that I had a few friends in foster care who liked comic books, though.