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“SHATTER BOUND”The Armor of King Eric (58 points) (Vander’s Signature Item) *Qualities

    • Item Vitality:2 points; Chaos Vitality
    • Item Movement:4 points; Engine Speed. 5 points; Transfer Quality (up to 60mph running speed)
    • Item Stamina: 2 points; Amber Stamina
    • Resistance to Damage: 4 points; Invulnerable to all Conventional Weapons. 5 points; Transfer Quality (vs. Guns 2 for non-covered areas)
    • Intelligence: 2 points; Able to Speak & Sing (equivalent; non-conversational)
    • Psychic Defense:4 points; Psychic Barrier,5 points; Transfer Quality (at the will of the Wearer)


    • Movement in Shadow: 4 points; Shadow Seek
    • Item Healing: 8 points; Extraordinary Regeneration

5 points; Transfer Half-Power (Regeneration 4 on wearer)

    • Item Shape Shifting: 8 points; Special (12 distinct Forms)

*Appearance: Black metal plates of a wide variety and sections of chain-mail webbing. (Notes: May NOT take the Form of a helm! The Codpiece Form is extremely graphic and anatomically correct.)

*The 12 Forms of Shatter Bound:

    • Full Body, Over-lapping Plates & Woven Chain Mail (pictured above)
    • Modern Day Shadow Earth Tactical
    • Chainmail Shirt & Pants
    • Underclothes Stealth Armor
    • Piece Plate Armor
    • Full Breast & Back Plate
    • Quarter-Full Plate, Gladiator Style; chest & back plate, one arm & hand w/buckler & high pauldron
    • Gauntlet & Vambrace; Single
    • Vambrace; Pair
    • Vambrace; Single
    • Vorpal Collar/Gorget
    • Boots, Grieves & Knee Cops; Pair

*The Armor’s Shape Shift Power is not Shape Shift for the whole item, strictly speaking. The Armor is a large collection of individual plates Shifting from shape to shape to create the interlocked final shape of its twelve Forms. It adjusts to fit the wearer's size and can maintain 12 distinct Forms including (but not limited to) Vambrace, Boots, Vorpal Collar, form fitting under-clothes armor, Full body armor, etc.

*Physical Qualities: Allows the wearer to run as fast as a horse or vehicle; top speed 60 mph. The Armor’s Resistance to Damage transfers to the wearer at half power (Resistant to Guns) when damage is applied to areas not physically covered by the armor. The Armor also MAY transfer a wide range of Environmental Immunities to the wearer including; immunity to poison, immunity to intoxication, immunity to lack of oxygen, and the wearer can also breathe under water. It also provides immunity to variations of heat and cold from 300 below Zero to 800 above. If the wearer depends on the suit for an extended period of exertion, the wearer may face a required period of sleep. *Personality: The Armor is not sentient, strictly speaking, but understands basic commands and will aggressively seek its primary wearer if separated. The Armor understands when it is loaned by its wielder and remembers its primary wearer. It has a highly developed sense of self-preservation if separated from the primary wearer and will Shift Shadow in the direction of its primary wearer.

Fair warning-The Armor may not be sentient, but it has a flaw in its character