Shattered Kingdom/Silent Breeze

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Shattered Kingdom

General Info

  • Name: the Silent Breeze (or just Bri, for short)
  • Player: Avilister
  • Concept:
  • Apparent Age: 20
  • Aspect: Air
  • XP: 0 Unspent / 0 Total

Motivation and Intimacies

  • Motivation: Discover the purpose behind the arena system
  • Intimacies: the other Dragonblooded slaves, freedom, ?


List the Aspect ability provided to you by your anima. Also describe the appearance of your anima before and after going iconic.



  • Strength: 2
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Stamina: 2


  • Charisma: 2
  • Manipulation: 2
  • Appearance: 3


  • Perception: 3
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Wits: 4


Aspect Abilities

  • Linguistics: 3
  • Lore: 3
  • Occult: 3
  • Stealth: 5
  • Thrown: 4

Favored Abilities

  • Dodge: 5
  • Martial Arts: 5
  • Presence: 4

Other Abilities

  • Athletics: 3
  • Awareness: 3
  • Integrity: 3
  • Medicine: 1
  • Resistance: 1


  • Artifact: 5 (Chakram)
  • Breeding: 5
  • Destiny: 4



  • Wind-Carried Words Technique

Martial Arts

  • First Martial Arts Excellency: Effect and cost

Night Breeze Style

  • Shepherd the Leaf: Effect and cost (please group charms by ability, even as you spend XP)
  • Crosswind Offense: Effect and cost


  • Glowing Coal Radiance


  • Distracting Breeze Technique


  • 1st Thrown Excellency


  • Essence: 2
  • Peripheral Essence: 29 (29) (0 Committed)
  • Personal Essence: 13 (13) (0 Committed)

Virtues and Willpower

  • Willpower: 6
  • Conscience: 3
  • Conviction: 2
  • Temperance: 1
  • Valor: 3

Limit Break

Describe your limit break here


Name of your artifact weapon - Brief physical description (I'll add the stat bar, so don't worry about that)


(this is left in so I can expand my write up later.) Write a short description of your personality. What traits stand out to others? How do you regard mortals? Celestial Exalted? What is your opinion of being a slave? What might you do about it?

The Silent Breeze, who asks those who she likes to call her Bri, is impulsive. She's a dabbler by nature, interested in something one moment and then quickly moving on to the next new thing. She's personable and well-liked by many in the pins and will often help to apply basic first aid to particularly injured gladiators. Of the few things to hold her attention for any length of time since she came to here senses are the other Dragonblooded and the entire mystery of their current circumstances.


Standing at an average height, and very thin, Bri doesn't strike a particularly imposes figure. Her nature as an Exalt is given away by her extremely white skin and her long stark white which will often whip about as if in a heavy wind if she doesn't bind it back. The first time she touches someone in a given scene, she often delivers a static shock.

Thoughts on Others

  • Person1: Opinion of character (This section is purely optional, and probably not something you'll have initially)