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General Info

  • Name: Zerah
  • Player: Alectai
  • Concept: Soft-Spoken Acrobatic Martial Artist
  • Apparent Age: 19
  • Aspect: Water
  • XP: 0 Unspent / 0 Total

Motivation and Intimacies

  • Motivation: Escape the Shattered Kingdom
  • Intimacies: Mist (Familiar), Dance (Hobby), Freedom


The Water Aspect ability is modified such that for the scene that it is initially activated, the Water Aspect gains a +1 DV as he takes on the flowing nature of water, allowing him to more easily avoid harm. After that scene, the Dragon-Blooded may reflexively spend 1 mote to reactivate this additional defense



  • Strength: 2
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Stamina: 2


  • Charisma: 2
  • Manipulation: 2
  • Appearance: 3


  • Perception: 3
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Wits: 3


Aspect Abilities

  • Bureaucracy:
  • Investigation: 2
  • Larceny: 2
  • Martial Arts: 4 (Multiple Opponents 2)
  • Sail: 0

Favored Abilities

  • Dodge: 4 (Multiple Opponents + 2)
  • Lore: 3
  • Performance: 4 (Dance + 2)

Other Abilities

  • Awareness: 3
  • Integrity: 3
  • Resistance: 2
  • War: 2
  • Athletics: 3
  • Medicine: 1
  • Stealth: 3


  • Artifact: 5 (Arms of the Serene Depths/Smashfists)
  • Destiny: 4
  • Breeding: 5
  • Familiar: 3 (Mist, a grey, rather diminutive cat--rather quickly seems to achieve some impressive supernatural powers along with Zerah--possesses the Essence Channeler and Element Adapting Essence Blights)


  • First Dodge Excellency (Dodge): +2 dice (Up to a rating of Ability + Specialty) per mote spent
  • Safety Among Enemies (Dodge): If Dodge DV (Modified or not) is equal to half the attacker's dice pool, spend 3m, 1wp to redirect it to another nearby enemy.
  • Elemental Bolt Attack (Lore): 1m per 2L damage, limited to spending only up to (Stamina) Motes. Launches an elemental bolt from the hand--in Zerah's case, a highly pressurized burst of water, which forces a successfuly struck target to add 3 ticks until their next action. Attack pool is equal to (Dexterity + Athletics) with an accuracy bonus equal to (Essence). Range is equal to (Essence x20)
  • First Martial Arts Excellency (Martial Arts): +2 Dice (Up to a rating of ability + Specialty) per mote spent
  • Currents Sweep To Sea (Terrestrial Hero): 1m, on a successful attack, target takes no damage, but is required to check against Knockdown, with Zerah's Martial Arts acting as an external penalty. If this is followed-up with a Clinch, an additional (Martial Arts) Dice are added to the attempt.
  • Pounding Surf Style (Terrestrial Hero): 1m, ignores 1 point of soak for an attack supplemented with this Charm. This effect accumulates each time successful attacks are landed. At Essence 3 or higher, a point of willpower can be spent to ignore an equal amount of Hardness for the attack.
  • Flow From The Rocks (Terrestrial Hero): 2m, If successful in controlling a clinch, this Charm may be used to reduce the soak of the victim by the successes the clinch makes over their opposed roll. While this waives the right to break or hold the clinch, the effect accumulates each consecutive action this is reactivated, and other fighters are free to exploit the weakened defenses.


  • Essence: 2
  • Peripheral Essence: 29 (27) (2 Committed)
  • Personal Essence: 13 (13) (0 Committed)

Virtues and Willpower

  • Willpower: 6
  • Conscience: 3
  • Conviction: 2
  • Temperance: 3
  • Valor: 2

Limit Break

Compassion based--drives Zerah towards being overly-protective and nurturing of things she particularly cares for, to a remarkably short-sighted degree.


Arms of the Serene Depths/Smashfists


Write a short description of your personality. What traits stand out to others? How do you regard mortals? Celestial Exalted? What is your opinion of being a slave? What might you do about it?


Write a short description of your physical appearance. What stands out most about you physically?

Thoughts on Others

  • Person1: Opinion of character (This section is purely optional, and probably not something you'll have initially)