Silken Wind

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An NPC for House of Bells

Silken Wind.jpg

"It's all right. Tell me everything. I'm here to help you."

Occupation: Student Advisor/Counselor/Object of Infatuation
Archetype: The Hot Teacher
Caste: Chosen of Serenity
Voice Actress: Tara Strong
Theme: 'Crush' by the Sleigh Bells

  • Silken Wind is the ranking Sidereal advisor to the House of Bells, and generally helps to smooth over the unfortunate little personality conflicts that arise from so many young Princes of the Earth in one place. Wind is beautiful, enigmatic and warm which is combined with a sincere desire to help the House of Bells' students in their daily lives and point them in the direction they need to go, and makes her the subject of a ridiculous amount of crushes amongst the student body.