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[[Image:renard.jpg|right]] A character in the [[The Sorrow of Bolrech Bog]] PBP WHFRP game.
[[Image:Silma_Rockseer.jpg|right]]A character in the [[The Sorrow of Bolrech Bog]] PBP WHFRP game.
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Strength: 32
Strength: 32
*Toughness: 41 (upped from 37 using S.M.)
Toughness: 41 (upped from 37 using S.M.)
Agility: 32
Agility: 32

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Silma Rockseer.jpg

A character in the The Sorrow of Bolrech Bog PBP WHFRP game.


Name: Silma Rockseeker

Race: Dwarf

Age: 85

Height: 4'4"

Weight: 140

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Ash Blond

Distinguishing Mark: scar on both hands

Siblings: 2

Homeland: Barak Varr (the Black Gulf)

Star Sign: The Big Cross (sign of clarity)

Background: Bourgeois

Career: Messenger


Weapon Skill: 47 (Advanced)

Ballistic Skill: 38

Strength: 32

Toughness: 41 (upped from 37 using S.M.)

Agility: 32

Intelligence: 42

Will Power: 26

Fellowship: 24

Attacks: 1

Wounds: 13

Strength Bonus: 3

Toughness Bonus: 4

Movement: 3

Magic: 0

Insanity Point: 0

Fate Points: 2

Basic Skills[edit]

Animal Care (from messenger)=42

Charm (from bg)=24--34w/nobility

Consume Alcohol +10% (from bg, twice)=51

Outdoor Survival (from messenger)=42

Perception (from messenger)=42

Ride (from messenger)=32

Swim (from messenger)=32

Advanced Skills[edit]

Navigation (from messenger)=52

Secret Signs (Scout) (from messenger)=42

Common Knowledge (dwarfs) (from dwarf)=52

Common Knowledge (empire) (from messenger)=52

Speak Language (Khazalid) (from dwarf)=52

Speak Language (Reikspiel) +10% (from dwarf and messenger)=62

Trade (Smith) (from dwarf)=42


Dwarfcraft: +10% bonus on trade skills (from dwarf)

Etiquette: +10% with charm, gossip regarding nobility (from bg)

Grudgeborn: +5% to WS with Goblinoids (from dwarf)

Night Vision: 30yards with starlight (from dwarf)

Orientation: +10% navigation (from messenger)

Resistance to Magic: +10% on WP Tests to resist magic (from dwarf)

Seasoned Traveller: +10% on Common Knowledges and Speak Languages (from messenger)

Stout-Hearted: +10% on Fear, Terror, WP to resist Intimidation (from dwarf)

Sturdy: No penalities for wearing heavy/plate armor (from dwarf)


Leather Jack

Map Case

Riding Horse with Saddle and Harness


Good Quality Clothes

Jewelry worth 8g (necklace with a pendant of my family's seal on it)

Axe (hand weapon)

Leather skullcap (3g)

1 Waterskins (8s)

Tinderbox (30s)

4 Torches (20p)


Wooden Cutlery (5s)

Blanket (25s)

Backpack (30s)

Purse with 5s, 4p (rolled 9g)



Where are you from?[edit]

Silma grew up in Barak Varr, specifically the Great Cove. She often wondered how her people were able to surive and prosper in such an environment, sharing their space with the greenskin. This is where she learned that all greenskins were evil creatures, just asking to be killed.

What is your family like?[edit]

Silma's family consisted of herself, her mom and dad, as well as 2 older siblings. Her parents had charge over the main docks that offloaded and reloaded any ships that came in to their area. Her elder siblings were both taught at a young age how to fight and help defend their land.

What is your social class?[edit]

Silma grew up pretty well. Her family were respected members of the community and she never had to lack for anything, except freedom to go and do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

What did you do before you became an adventurer?[edit]

Before Silma decided to explore the countryside, she fulfilled her deeds as a good daughter should. She was a shining example to others in society and allowed herself to be trained and taught whatever items her parents deemed necessary.

Why did you become an adventurer?[edit]

Silma wanted to be able to explore. She was never allowed to go out and look into the forest. She wasn't allowed to go swimming in the Gulf without guards. One day she saw her opportunity to flee in an outgoing ship and quickly took the opportunity.

How religious are you?[edit]

With all of the bad things happening to herself, her family, and her friends, Silma decided at a young age that if there was a god, he must hate her very much.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies?[edit]

Silma left behind her best friend Tatma. She was a couple years younger than Silma which is why they got along so well. She had not yet become jaded to the reality of life and had some excitement in her. Silma still regrets not taking her along. The only enemies Silma has ever known are the greenskin, and that hatred is inborn.

What are your prized possessions?[edit]

Possessions get lost and traded for better things. The only item Silma has that she will never part with is a family heriloom that she took with her when she set out on her journeys.

Who are you loyal to?[edit]

Loyalty is something that Silma has found herself being too generous with. She definitely loyal to her family and writes to her parents often, but only rarely hears back from them. They do not approve of her adventures. She also finds herself drawn into other people's problems and vows to help them thinking they would do the same for her.

Who do you love/hate?[edit]

Silma currently considers herself lucky enough to love and hate no one, just the beforementioned family and friends. She fears getting tied down to another because he could quash her free spirit. She choose not to hate others (greenskins not included) until they have down something exceedingly awful, like try to kill her.


Honour: Silma has this trait ingrained in her from childhood. She respects those above her and treats those beneath her with the same dignity. She would never let herself be degraded by her own actions of treating others incorrectly.

Romance: Silma doesn't believe in romance for herself but rather in the world. She knows that there are good people willing to lend a hand and help their fellow "man". She strives to remember these ideals when others need help knowing that her good deeds will cause others to also do good deeds.

Hedonism: Silma very much wants to pursue her own happiness and enjoys carousing with like-minded free spirited people. The only difference is that Silma knows there is a time and a place for such things and would never neglect her previous duties for one night of fun.

Bloodline: Family are the only people that will truly have your back for eternity. Silma knows that she should have stayed with her family and regrets leaving. She is always thinking in the back of her head to leave and go back home to protect her family and make sure they prosper. Her other motivations in life though are currently superceding these thoughts, although she knows one day her family will be her ultimate drive and send her home.


Silma was born into a protective family of the Rockseeker clan. They had been successful figureheads of the Black Gulf for many generations. Silma's mother was very grateful to have finally gotten her girl, with the two older sons already around, she knew that the family would prosper. Being as such, Silma was always being watched over, guarded, and codled because she was the baby of the family. She did learn some weapon skills and other tools to defend herself but that is only becaue of the are where they all lived. The Black Gulf is a very unfriendly area that is full of heartbreak and hard life because of the daily struggle for survival against the greenskins. Silma appreciated and loved her family very much. She learned alot by example of her parents. How strong and helpful they were to others inspired her to develop similar traits. The main difference between herself and many others was that she was born with an adventurous spirit. Her brothers valued honour above all else, and were happy to stay settled. Her friends did not know what other places would be like, and liked the stability of home. Secretly, Silma would sneak into the taverns and hide amongst the sailors to hear their stories of lands far away. She would imagine what it would be like to go wherever you wanted, to meet anyone you wanted. She was a romantic at heart and thought all of the stories were simply too marvelous to pass up. She had seen boys turn into men turn into fathers turn into grandfathers and great grandfathers and pass away. She has been in The Black Gulf for a long time and had passed up too many offers of marriage to look back. One of the many sailors that she had befriended in those years let her know of a way that she could make her way out without anyone knowing. There was a shipment going out and he would make sure that one of the crates was left empty-with enough room for her to fit inside. When the time came, Silma was sad to go but knew that one day she would be back. She wasn't afraid of her parents and she wasn't too young to leave, but she knew that they would ask her to stay and she would feel compelled to do so because they asked her to. It has only been a short time that Silma has been away from home. She still gets homesick sometimes but there is always another deadline, another message to deliver that causes her to become wrapped up in another adventure.