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Robin Shaw, the Mortal


Quiet, doe eyes [Image]


Someone's boyfriend


Hot +1

Cold +1

Volatile -1

Dark +1


True Love: Always carry forward +1 to earning lover's heart. If you fall in love with someone else, give them a string.

Excuses Are My Armour: When you ignore some blatant problem with your lover or how they treat you, mark experience.

Down The Rabbit Hole: When you go poking your nose in affairs not meant for your kind, someone involved in the situation gains a String on you, and you mark experience.



Carrying Forward:

+1 to earning Chloe's favour


[ ][ ] Take another Mortal move

[ ][ ][ ] Take a move from another Skin

[ ] Add 1 to Hot (max 3)

[X] Add 1 to Cold (max 3)

[ ] Add 1 to Volatile (max 3)

[ ] Add 1 to Dark (max 3)

Sex Move:

When you have sex with someone, trigger their Darkest Self.

Darkest Self:

Nobody understands you, or even wants to. They’d rather you disappear. Well, you’re not going to disappear. You’re going to make life a living hell for them. You’ll betray the wicked to the judges, the weak to the executioners. You’ll pit humans and supernaturals against one another, until everyone looks like monsters. Only seeing the pain that you’re causing your lover will let you escape your Darkest Self.

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