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<td>Ancient Akeh, Kerez, Menet, Trade Cant, <i>Yazik</i></td>
<td>Kerez, Menet, Old Din, Trade Cant, <i>Yazik</i></td>

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This is a Godbound character played by Chronicler.

Peregrine Knight (Order of the Far Horizon)
Patron Protector of Travelers
Level: 3
Experience: 6
Languages: Kerez, Menet, Old Din, Trade Cant, Yazik
Goal: To guide any Ancalian survivors under his care to safety.
Strength: 13 (+1) 8+
Dexterity: 18 (+3) 3+
Constitution: 13 (+1) 8+
Intelligence: 10 (+0) 11+
Wisdom: 14 (+1) 7+
Charisma: 16 (+2) 5+
Effort: 4/4 (Committed: Duration 0, Scene 0, Day 0)
Influence: 4/4 (Committed: 0)
Dominion: 4 (Spent: 0)
Wealth: 0
Origin: Valnor is a Raktian-born Peregrine Knight of the Far Horizon, an Order of Curse-Eaters based out of the port-city of Kraszna.
Past Career: Valnor was an ordained deacon of the Church of the One before his formal knighthood. He may still perform simple religious rituals such as funerary rites.
Relationship: Valnor is on good terms with the Invocatant Knights of Ancalia, having spent time training a number of them in the Curse-Eater arts.
Hospitaller: Valnor is trained in the healing arts of The Merciful Hand. He was taught by a physician-mage who he once rescued from an overrun hospice-caravan.
Envoy: Valnor has had extensive contact with the northern Oasian pyramid-cities of Asyut, Wadjet, and Khasut, having brokered deals with them in the past to temporarily house Ancalian refugees.
Move: 30 Feet (Run) or 60 Feet (Fly)
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Melee: Body of Burning Light (Attack +6, Damage 1d10+3)
Ranged: Body of Burning Light (Attack +6, Damage 1d10+3, Range 200 Feet)
Fray Die: 1d8
Armor Class: 0
Base Armor: Protection Bond
Immunities: Being Lost, Blindness & Vision Impairment, Cold, Drowning & Suffocation, Electricity, Falling Damage, Fire, Injurious Sound, Sleep, Starvation & Thirst, Surprise
Hit Points: 19/19
Hardiness: 12+
Evasion: 10+
Spirit: 11+
Apotheosis: Keep Custody of Worshippers' Souls
Journeying: Always Know Exact Location, Never Lose Way to a Known Destination, Treat Travel as Nourishing and Restful
Protection: Armor Class 3, Aid Worshippers with Powers and Miracles of Protection when Petitioned via the Gifts of Apotheosis, Negate an Injury or Hostle Effect on an Ally (1/Scene, Instant)
Sky: Invincible Defense Against Cold, Electricity, and Injurious Sound, Never Harmed by Falling, No Need to Breathe
Sun: Evoke Daylight Up to 200 Feet, Immune to Blindness & Vision Impairment, Invincible Defense Against Fire
+ Receive the Incense of Faith Constant
+ Sanctify Shrine Action
+ Smite the Apostate Action
+ Excellence of the Word (Dexterity) Constant
+ Know the Path Constant
+ Swift Progress On Turn Commit Effort
+ Untroubled Passage On Turn Commit Effort
+ Eternal Vigilance Constant
+ Sapphire Wings On Turn Commit Effort
+ Body of Burning Light On Turn Commit Effort
Apprentice: (1) Detect the Presence of Magic, (2) Dispel a Low Magic Effect on Himself, (3) Sense and Identify a Curse and Its Effect
Adept: (1) Dispel a Low Magic Effect on a Target, (2) Place a Lesser Curse on Someone That Can Last Up to a Year, (3) Receive a Vision of the Person Who Laid a Curse on Someone
Master: (1) Create a Shield That Negates the Next Hostile Low Magic Spell, (2) Dispel Low Magic on a Building or Structure and Everyone Inside It, (3) Place a Greater Curse on Someone That May Kill or Debilitate Them Within a Month, (4) Place a Lesser Curse on an Entire Group of People in His Presence
Archmage: (1) Create a Shield That Reflects the Next Hostile Low Magic Spell Back at the Caster, (2) Lift a Curse from Someone and Send It Back at the Caster, (3) Place a Greater Curse on a Lesser Foe That Will Kill Them Within Moments, (4) Place a Lesser Curse on a Lesser Foe That Will Dilute as It Travels Down to Their Heirs for Seven Generations
Apprentice: (1) Studied Beneficial Herbs and the Healing Arts
Adept: (1) Alleviate Non-crippling Symptoms, (2) Cure Non-lethal Diseases, (3) Magically Identify Esoteric Diseases, (4) Numb Pain, (5) Stabilize the Gravely Wounded
Master: (1) Bring the Gravely Wounded Back to Their Feet in a Functional State, (2) Correct Damaged Organs and Lamed Limbs, (3) Cure Lethal Diseases, (4) Grant Blessings to Protect Against Infection by Mundane Diseases, (5) Heal 1d6 Points of Physical Damage to Hit Dice or Hit Points
Archmage: (1) Cure Magical Diseases, (2) Grant Blessings to Protect Against Infection by Magical Diseases, (3) Heal 2d6 Points of Physical Damage to Hit Dice or Hit Points, (4) Regrow Missing Limbs and Body Parts
Mundane: Backpack, Baldric, Belt Pouch, Clothes (Common) (x2), Coins, Component Pouch, Healer's Kit, Herbalism Kit, Holy Symbol (Amulet), Prayer Book, Raktian Tin Whistle, Sword w/ Scabbard, Vestments
Magical: Light Regalia Armor (Ceremonial)