Sister Jesseline

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  • Career: Adepta Sororitas (Inquisitor's Handbook version)
  • Age: 27 (born 788/M41)
  • Build: Fit (171 cm, 65 kg)
  • Colouration: ruddy skin, blond hair, grey eyes
  • Quirk: Scar
  • Divination: "Violence Solves Everything"
  • Personality: Sanguine

  • Actor: Rebecca De Mornay
  • Campaign: To Crush Those not In His Sight
  • System: Dark Heresy
  • Player: Marian


Sister Jesseline's parents were missionaries who spent their lives bringing the Light of the Emperor to worlds in the Drusus Marches. In 793 they disappeared without a trace somewhere in the Halo. As is usually the case with orphans of Imperial servants, Jesseline was sent to the nearest Schola Progenium habitat, which for her was the Schola of His Holy Might on the shrineworld of Maccabeus Quintus.

Jesseline was an irrepressible imp as a junior progena, with a fondness for pranks and mischief. She found a natural ally in fellow progena Tanith Vorschak, and together they were the terror of the habitat. Even the drill abbots weren't safe.

As adolescence approached, the drill abbots began steering progenae into more specialized training. Jesseline aspired to the priesthood at first, thinking to become a missionary like her parents, but the abbots felt the Adepta Sororitas was a better match for her aptitudes. Tanith, meanwhile, was chosen for the Commissariat. Despite the more segregated instruction they managed to stay close and keep up their obstreperous ways, sneaking in and out of each other's dorms and engaging in a prank war with some of the Navy cadets that's still the talk of the habitat.

Having been singled out for the Militant Orders, she was sent to the Preceptory of the Hundred Wounds on Gathalamor after graduation, where she was schooled in the Holy Trinity of bolter, flamer and melta as well as the other things a Battle Sister needs to know, from the doctrines of the Imperial Creed to how to drive a Rhino. After four more years of gruelling instruction, she was inducted into the Order of the Sacred Rose in 808.

From 809 to 813 Sister Jesseline was part of a commandery assigned to the Lyades Crusade, liberating a subsector of Tamahl that had fallen to the Ruinous Powers. She lost her eye early in the campaign, but recovered and returned to duty with an augmetic replacement. During the cleansing of Lyades Tertius, the Dominioness in her squad was killed, and she took up the fallen sister's flamer. After the battle, she was officially promoted to Dominioness.

The fall of the subsector capital signalled victory for the crusade. Jesseline's commandery had scarecly returned to Gathalamor when she received the summons calling her to serve the Inquisition. Bidding her sisters farewell, she returned to the sector of her birth, determined to do her duty and frankly curious as to what the Inquisitor has in mind.


Sister Jesseline's most distinguishing feature is a long vertical scar bisecting the left side of her face. The left eye has been replaced with a bulky augmetic. Despite this disfigurement, she usually has a pleasant expression and a companionable smile, making her seem approachable and friendly. She shows a different mien to enemies of the Imperium, however, cold and cruel and merciless.

Jesseline wears the livery of her order--a hooded black Sororitas cassock, lined in red and blazoned with a white rose on each sleeve, and a rosary of adamantium beads that girds her waist, terminating in a gold chaplet ecclesiasticus. Her dark blond hair is cut in the traditional pageboy. The cassock has slits in the sleeves and skirt that can be unbuttoned for greater freedom of movement in combat.

The Canoness Preceptor felt that power armour would be overkill for this assignment, so instead she wears a carapace breastplate of cool white ceramite, inlaid with a silver fleur-de-lys, with matching greaves and heavy leather gauntlets.


WS 30 (38)

BS 37 (42)

S 26

T 37 (42)

Ag 31

Int 28

Per 25

WP 39 (44)

Fel 33

Starting Wounds: 12

Starting Fate Points: 2


  • Family's Fate: Without a Trace. "There are no records of what happened to your parents, though you know who they were; at some point, they simply vanished from all records."
  • Schola Education: Common Lore (Administratum), Common Lore (War) and Scholastic Lore (Philosophy) are all basic skills.
  • Sheltered Upbringing: -10 penalty on Charm, Command, Deceive and Scrutiny when dealing with the scum of humanity
  • Tempered Will: +10 bonus on any Very Hard Willpower test


  • Awareness
  • Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed +20, Imperium)
  • Dodge +10
  • Drive (Ground Vehicle)
  • Intimidate
  • Literacy
  • Performer (Singer)
  • Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed)
  • Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic)
  • Trade (Copyist)


  • Basic Weapon Training (Bolt, Flamer, Melta, Primitive)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
  • Pistol Training (Bolt, Las)
  • Armour of Contempt
  • Cleanse & Purify
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Pure Faith
  • Unshakeable Faith


  • Carapace chest plate & greaves, flak gauntlets
  • Flamer w/3 fuel canisters, bolt pistol w/24 rnds, sarissa (Adepta Sororitas bayonet, treat as monosword)
  • Vestments, good quality, aquila necklace, Chaplet Ecclesiasticus, Ring of Suffrage
  • Candles (4), Writing kit, book (Rule of the Sororitas)
  • Augmetic eye, common
  • Backpack, chrono, respirator, micro-bead, ration packs (2), luminator
  • Cash, 28 throne gelt

Breakdown of XP Spent:

Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Literacy, Performer (Singer), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Trade (Copyist)

Starting Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primitive), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (Las), Pure Faith

Rank 1: Novice (0-499)

100 Simple Ballistic Skill +5

100 Simple Willpower +5

100 Awareness

100 Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy)

100 Dodge

Rank 2: Cantus (500-999)

250 Simple Weapon Skill +5

250 Simple Toughness +5

Rank 3: Constantia (1000-1999)

100 (Cantus) Common Lore (Imperial Creed) +10

100 (Cantus) Common Lore (Imperial Creed) +20

100 (Cantus) Common Lore (Imperium)

100 (Cantus) Scolastic Lore (Imperial Creed)

100 (Cantus) Speak Language (High Gothic)

100 Dodge +10

100 Basic Weapon Training (Bolt)

100 Pistol Training (Bolt)

200 Unshakeable Faith

Rank 4: Militant (2000-2999)

100 (Cantus) Drive (Ground Vehicle)

300 (Constantia) Armour of Contempt

100 Intimidate

100 Basic Weapon Training (Flamer)

100 Cleanse & Purify

100 Nerves of Steel

200 Basic Weapon Training (Melta)