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(Active Players)
(Active Players)
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*'''Lionel Caffrey''', the '''Imperial Cadet''' and '''martial artist''', played by ''RdMarquis''.
*'''Lionel Caffrey''', the '''Imperial Cadet''' and '''martial artist''', played by ''RdMarquis''.
*'''[[Venna Dann]]''', the '''Itinerant Archaeologist of the Ancients''', played by '''AWorldWithoutShrimp'''
*'''[[Venna Dann]]''', the '''Itinerant Archaeologist of the Ancients''', played by '''AWorldWithoutShrimp'''
*'''[[Abigail Lyceum]]''', the '''Magical Pop Star Princess''', played by '''Vessiel'''
==Inactive Players==
==Inactive Players==

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The Pitch[edit]

Orbis is a world of technological anachronisms, where soldiers use a mix of modern firearms and (very big) swords, mages and dragons coexist with mecha and combat robots, and all magic and technology is powered by ether, a mystical substance that takes both physical and noncorporeal forms.

Skyships are everywhere, and they are the main form of transportation over long distances. The world is littered with ruins and machines built by long-dead civilizations. These ruins, and stories of the Ancients, have inspired many religions, with the largest being a pseudo-Christian church that worships the Goddess of Ether herself.

The largest political power on the continent of Atlia is the ever-expanding Empire of the Arc. It hoards ancient technology and uses it to annex neighboring nations and cultures, constantly pushing its borders outwards as it swallows up ever more territory.

The story begins with our heroes, a band of friends and acquaintances, in a small village that has recently been swallowed up by the Empire of the Arc. Their lives have not changed too much, but events are conspiring, that will draw them into a resistance movement against imperial rule...


We are currently in a state of world-building, so this is a work in progress for notes and ideas.

People and Creatures[edit]

Besides humans, elves, and robots there exist beastfolk, who resemble intelligent animals, and animalborn, who differ in being half-human and being born from human parents. Why these two races exist is a matter of some debate, with spiritual scholars claiming them to be the result of reincarnation, whilst scientific thinkers speculate they are some creation of the Ancients. Fish-people are one of the types of beastfolk, living under the waves away from humanity and the empire’s reach.

There are claims that some people may be descended from the ancients – this is usually claimed by royal families to legitimize their rules.

The Empire tried to weaponize giant wasps. This went as well as you might expect.

Although animals identical to earth like dogs, cats and horses exist, there also exist some stranger creatures, some of which could reasonably be called monsters.
Common animals used as mounts are Vulpines, large fennec-fox like animals, particularly in deserts. There are also giant moth-like insects called Glitterwings used as flying mounts in some societies that don’t have a lot of airships, and by some military units.

The Dweryr are shorter humanoids that live underground and are xenophobic. They sometimes venture out to major population hubs, but tend to cover themselves and not show their faces in public.


The planet your adventures take place on is called Orbis and has two continents, known as Atlia (where your adventure begins) and Antar. Orbis is littered with the ancient ruins of a technologically advanced civilization.

Orbis has a blue moon, which is now in a low orbit, drawn closer by whatever energies were unleashed during the Cataclysm. It permanently hangs in the sky above the Great Sea, creating an endless maelstrom beneath it.

The Cataclysm resulted in the boundary between the material and astral planes being thin in some areas, where daemons and other things can break through the boundary. Such areas are often altered by the astral plane in some way.

The Ancients[edit]

The Ancient’s called themselves in their own tongue the Seekers of Truth and they placed the gathering of knowledge first and foremost in their society.

Their inventions included the prospectacles, which allows one to view a few minutes into the future, and the Philosopher’s Stones, items of such rarity and power that they can topple kingdoms. 5 of 13 are accounted for.

The Church of the Goddess[edit]

Although there are other religions, one is far more widespread than any other and wields significant political power.
Their goddess is called Theria. Their core tenets include working and providing for your community, habitual praise for Her, and enlightening non-believers to Her grace. Below the goddess is a quasi-pantheon of legendary heroines known as the Crownless Kings. The Empire makes use of these stories in it’s propaganda. The church claims that the Ancients were punished by Theria for hollowing out and killing the world tree to access the divine secrets held within, for which she created a great maelstrom in the etheric winds to wipe their civilization from the face of Orbis.

The Empire[edit]

Over the pasty fifty years the Empire of the Arc has steadily grown by annexing neighboring countries and subjugating them to its rule. It’s legions and fleet of airships fight to conquer the world in the name of their emperor.

Their capital, The Arc, resembles a gigantic cylindrical tower, the petrified and hollowed-out remains of the World Tree. The city draws on the Etheric energy that still pulses along its crystalline roots for power. Inside the city is in perpetual knight and lit by streetlamps and neon signage, only making it even more cyberpunk. The walls of the Arc are guarded by titanic war robots that resemble giant animals, These date back to the time of the Ancients and are not under the Empire’s direct control.

The Empire’s elite warriors are the ArcKnights who pilot its battle mecha.

The highest authority besides the Emperor himself the Imperial Marshals. They are granted absolute power to destroy his enemies both within and without.


Active Players[edit]

  • Maki Aki, the spear-wielding Horse Girl Adventurer, played by Muskrat.
  • Matteus, the mace-wielding Priest of the Goddess, played by SirMoogle.
  • Kieran Galvaynes, the greatsword wielding Tekanoid Captain, played by Llayne.
  • Lionel Caffrey, the Imperial Cadet and martial artist, played by RdMarquis.
  • Venna Dann, the Itinerant Archaeologist of the Ancients, played by AWorldWithoutShrimp
  • Abigail Lyceum, the Magical Pop Star Princess, played by Vessiel

Inactive Players[edit]

  • The unknown polearm wielding Dragoon, played by mpascal02. (Wait List)
  • A mystery character played by naturegirl1999. (Wait List)
  • Utah, the gunblade wielding Blademaster, played by Sabermane.
  • Pads the gun-slinging Wolfman Survivalist, played by Aurebesh.
  • Cyprian Belmont, the magic-wielding Summoner, played by Pandorym.

Non Player Characters[edit]

Empire of the Arc[edit]

  • The Emperor

The Province of Talamasca[edit]

The Kingdom of Zephyria[edit]

  • Riku, Kieran's Tekanoid little brother.
  • Gurdaan, Kieran's Bearfolk Quartermaster.
  • Vetta, Kieran's Rabbitfolk Engineer.


A world inspired by JRPG's like Final Fantasy, Xenoblade, Wild Arms, LUnar, and a little bit of Legend of Zelda.

Anime is also an influence, including The Vision of Escaflowne, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Princess Connect Re: Dive, and especially Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds