Skies of Fate

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The Pitch

Orbis is a world of technological anachronisms, where soldiers use a mix of modern firearms and (very big) swords, mages and dragons coexist with mecha and combat robots, and all magic and technology is powered by ether, a mystical substance that takes both physical and noncorporeal forms.

Skyships are everywhere, and they are the main form of transportation over long distances. The world is littered with ruins and machines built by long-dead civilizations. These ruins, and stories of the Ancients, have inspired many religions, with the largest being a pseudo-Christian church that worships the Goddess of Ether herself.

The largest political power on the continent of Atlia is the ever-expanding Empire of the Arc. It hoards ancient technology and uses it to annex neighboring nations and cultures, constantly pushing its borders outwards as it swallows up ever more territory.

The story begins with our heroes, a band of friends and acquaintances, in a small village that has recently been swallowed up by the Empire of the Arc. Their lives have not changed too much, but events are conspiring, that will draw them into a resistance movement against imperial rule...


Active Players

  • Maki Aki, the spear-wielding Horse Girl Adventurer, played by Muskrat.
  • Matteus, the mace-wielding Priest of the Goddess, played by SirMoogle.
  • Kieran Galvaynes, the greatsword wielding Tekanoid Captain, played by Llayne.
  • Lionel Caffrey, the Imperial Cadet and martial artist, played by RdMarquis.
  • Cyprian Belmont, the magic-wielding Summoner, played by Pandorym.
  • Utah, the gunblade wielding Blademaster, played by Sabermane.

Inactive Players

  • Pads the gun-slinging Wolfman Survivalist, played by Aurebesh. (Wait List)
  • The unknown polearm wielding Dragoon, played by mpascal02. (Wait List)
  • A mystery character played by naturegirl1999. (Wait List)

Non Player Characters

Empire of the Arc

  • The Emperor

The ??? Kingdom

  • Riku, Tekanoid and Kieran's little brother.
  • Gurdaan, Kieran's Quartermaster.
  • Vetta, Kieran's Engineer.


A world inspired by JRPG's like Final Fantasy, Xenoblade, Wild Arms, LUnar, and a little bit of Legend of Zelda.

Anime is also an influence, including The Vision of Escaflowne, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Princess Connect Re: Dive, and especially Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds