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Name: Skinner
Archetype: (Ex)Pirate
Professions: Military Scoundrel
Background: Brutal
Player: Aurebesh
Appearance: cold, massive, cruel


Mettle +2

Influence -1

Expertise +1

Physique +2

Interface 0


Unique weapon "Old Betsy"

Silenced laser rifle close/far 2 handed
Laser,silenced, stabilized


You can suffer two injuries of each severity, rather than one.

Sneak attack

When you get the drop on someone, roll+Mettle.
On a 10+, choose 1.
On a 7-9, the GM will give you 2 of the following options, choose 1 of them.
  • Kill them
  • Injure them
  • Rob/disarm them
  • Capture/disable them


+1 physique (factored)


Shredder belt

Close, timed, destructive

Combat armor

armored, motion sensor

Cybernetic arm

melee, glove penetrating, destructive

Infiltration kit

Armored weapons emplacements

Scars: Puckered burn scar across chest

Data Points

1 on Callister 1 on "floating forests"