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A goblin sky-sailor and pilot of The Owl. A character in the Lady Blackbird : And a star to steer her by PBP game.


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Daring, Steady, Maneuvering, Evasion, Tricky flying, Navigation, Maps, Atmospherics. [The Owl], [Battle], [Ramming]

Sky Sailor[edit]

Gunnery, Aim, Maintenance, Observation, Signals, Empire, Pirates, Free Worlds, Haven, [Repair], [Connections]


Warp shape, Glide, Nightvision, Agile, Quick, Tumbler, Teeth & Claws, [Mimic Shape], [Reckless], [Connections]


Crafty, Sneaky, Distractions, Bluff, Languages, Trade Speak, [Sharp], [Disguise]


Key of the Daredevil[edit]

You thrive in dangerous situations. Hit your key when you do something cool that is risky or reckless (especially piloting stunts).

Buyoff: Be very very careful.

Key of Conscience[edit]

You don’t like to see anyone suffer, even enemies. Hit your key when you help someone who is in trouble or when you change someone’s life for the better

Buyoff: Ignore a request for help.

Key of Banter[edit]

You have a knack for snappy comments. Hit your key when Snargle says something that makes the other players laugh or when you explain something using your pilot techno jargon.

Buyoff: Everyone groans at one of your comments.


Secret of Shape Warping[edit]

As a goblin, you can change your shape, growing shorter, taller, fatter, thinner, or changing your skin color, at will.

Secret of the Lucky Break[edit]

Once per session, you can keep your pool dice when you succeed (so go ahead and use ‘em all).


Snargle will be whatever size and shape his mood takes him at the time.

While relaxed and flying The Owl, he tends to remain a dull maroon colour, the fur around his sharp nose slicked back towards the goggles which keep the dreadlocks away from his face. This face is usually filled with a smile; a smile that is easy and filled with a double layer of needle sharp teeth. If he were to stand on the three clawed fingers of his hand-like feet, he'd reach 5'8", with his snaking tail being a similar length.

A battered tailed leather pilot's jacket, with a collar white fur of undetermined origin and a low slung tool belt are his only clothes. His modesty is hidden by the dense maroon fur.