Solace Conner: Borderliner of Stonehenge

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Solace Conner, Borderliner of Stonehenge

All Things to All People


Become a Successful Visionary Artist


How do I get people to see me as I truly am? I want to share my vision of life with others.
Attention: 0 Fade: 0 Attention: 0 Crack: 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:

I can appear as what people most expect or want

A Creative energy
C People accept my presence without thinking about it, if they do not actively welcome it D Knowledge of the art world

People feel comfortable talking openly around me

I A high end computer loaded with graphics programs
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:

I feel guilty about deceiving people

D Work drains my energy
Gateway to the Other World


Wiccan Circle

(Defining Relationship)

What is the place of ancestors and ancient gods in the modern world? Through Wiccan ritual, I can tap into the wellsprings of life.
Attention: 0 Fade: 0 Attention: 0 Crack: 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Summoning the spirits of the blessed ancestors and ancient gods A They keep me connected to my true values.
B Healing D Self-confident
F Evil Spirits E My Wiccan Circle
I Possession by the spirits of the ancestors and the ancient gods
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
A Spoken prayers C Work and family obligations.
B Actions that contradict the tribal virtues of bravery, generosity, harmony, honor, hospitality, magnanimity, and resourcefulness.

Gender Identity: Cisgender Female
Age: 25
Appearance and Demeanor, Logos: Solace is a young African-American woman, with long, loosely coiled black hair. She typically has a large smile on her face—sometimes because she is genuinely happy, sometimes to mask the pain. She wants to enjoy life to the fullest and tries to maintain the façade that she is doing so, both to others and herself. She is deeply concerned with the well-being of others and can easily be moved to sorrow by others’ troubles.

Solace Conner-Stonehenge-Logos.jpg

Solace Conner-Stonehenge-Mythos.png

Solace went to art school, hoping to become an artist. Since that's not a good way to actually make money, like many art students, she also took classes in graphic design. While in college, she met peers who were Wiccans. Finding the religion spoke to her more than the Christianity of her upbringing, she converted. Combining the two, she began working to create visionary art, influenced by both the pre-Raphaelites and contemporary spiritual and religious artists. After graduating from college, Solace put her graphic design courses to work to keep body and soul together and found herself working for a big advertising firm, creating ads, usually for products she hates. Even just creating ads feels like a betrayal of her principles sometimes. The worst of it is though that she has found her job uses up most of her creative juices and she doesn't have the time and energy to do what she really cares about. She does find a refuge in her Wiccan group, where many others struggle to balance holding down a straight job and their counter-cultural aspirations.

Recently, Solace has begun getting weird visions of Stonehenge throughout the ages, but particularly from the era when it was first built and used as a site of worship. She has begun to see and hear spirits of the dead and even ancient gods, who are willing to aid her, if they are treated with respect and she acts in accord with their ideas of virtue. She is also able to cloak herself in others’ expectations of her, reflecting the fact that people throughout the ages have projected what they expected or wanted to see onto Stonehenge, not truly seeing Stonehenge for what it is and was.