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Solsbury High Photo "Climbing Solsbury High" is a PBP game of Monsterhearts being run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around a group of juniors at the prestigious boarding school Solsbury Preparatory Academy, AKA Sols. Some of them are monsters in human form. Some are them are actual monsters, too.


Veronika the Queen, Thessaly the Witch, JJ the Mortal, Viktor the Ghoul, Cameron the Werewolf and Caleb the Chosen(?).

There will two active threads for the game; IGNORE THESE PLACEHOLDERS [IC] and [OOC]

We Don't Need No Education

The game takes place in and near Sols, the old and ramshackle private boarding school near Seattle. Many people besides the player characters live in or near Sols, the game's NPC's. The students take many opportunities to sneak Off Campus: South of school are strip malls and crappy houses until you get to the outskirts of town, and if you drive long enough, the wonders of downtown Seattle. Rock clubs! Used book stores! Homeless teenagers begging for cash to feed their dogs! North of school is the Squahamous State Park, over 200 acres of old growth forest full of jogging trails, ravines clogged with dead trees, moss and ferns, and wildlife. The park goes all the way down to the Puget Sound.

Cruel Story of Youth

There is a summary of the events so far: 1: Title TBA

We totally need a relationship map/String map like this!

Current Character Stats


Character Barter Harm XP Highlighted Stats
Veronika 1 0 0 Weird, Sharp
Thessaly 1 1 1 Weird,Hot
JJ 0 1 4 Hard,Weird
Viktor 6 0 7 Weird,Hard
Cameron 2 0 4 Cool, Weird
Caleb 1 0 1 Hot, Weird

String Theory

Horizontal is the characters, vertical is the characters they have Strings on.

Names! Veronika Thessaly JJ Viktor Cameron Caleb
Veronika x +0 +2 0 +3 +3
Thessaly 0 x +1 -2 0 -2
JJ +3 +1 x -2 0 -2
Viktor +3 +2 +3 x +3 +3
Cameron +2 +1 +1 +3 x -1
Caleb 0 +3 0 -1 0 x


Note: this game may involve teens exercising bad judgement. If you are a teen vampire, please do not take this as guidance; ask your Sire for advice. He/She knows what's best for you.