Solsyr Sunstorm

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This is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplay: Soulbound character played by Chronicler.

Knight-Incantor of the Hallowed Knights
Medium Immortal (Stormcast Eternal)
Icon-Melee.jpg Average Icon-Accuracy.jpg Good Icon-Defense.jpg Great

3 5 5

Armor Toughness Wounds Mettle
2 13/13 0/7 4/4
Speed: Normal Fate Points: 0
Initiative: 10 Glimpse Dice: 0
Natural Awareness: 4

Name Training Focus
Arcana (Mind) (2) (+2d6) (2) (+2)
Athletics (Body) (1) (+1d6)
Awareness (Mind) (1) (+1d6) (1) (+1)
Channeling (Mind) (3) (+3d6) (3) (+3)
Crafting (Mind) (1) (+1d6) (1) (+1)
Determination (Soul) (2) (+2d6)
Devotion (Soul) (3) (+3d6) (3) (+3)
Fortitude (Body) (2) (+2d6)
Guile (Mind) (1) (+1d6)
Intuition (Mind) (1) (+1d6) (1) (+1)
Lore (Mind) (1) (+1d6) (1) (+1)
Medicine (Mind) (1) (+1d6) (1) (+1)
Reflexes (Body) (2) (+2d6)
Survival (Mind) (1) (+1d6)
Theology (Mind) (2) (+2d6) (2) (+2)
Weapon Skill (Body) (1) (+1d6)

Arcane Denial, Arcane Discipline, Blessed (Sigmar, Teclis), Careful Casting, Combat Ready, Devastating Bolts, Dispel, Fearless, Hard to Kill, Lightbringer (Legacy), Medic, Miracles (Abjuration, Arcane Feedback, Cleanse, Exorcism, Eye of the Hurricane, Healing Spirit, Illuminate the Path, Light of Sigmar, Revitalize, Smite), Night Vision, Observant, Only the Faithful (Subfaction), Potent Spells, Reforged (Species), Spellcasting (Celestial, Light), Strong Soul, Unbind, Unbreakable Spells, Warded, Witch-Sight

Name DN Target Range Duration
Aetheric Armor 4:1 You Self 1 Round
Aetheric Whisper 5:1 1 Special Instant
Arcane Blast 6:1 Zone Medium Instant
Arcane Bolt 4:1 1 Medium Instant
Arcane Wave 5:1 Zone Self Instant
Flight 4:1 You Self 1 Minute
Ghost Light 3:1 Zone Self 1 Hour
Move Object 4:1 Med Obj Long 1 Minute
Mystic Shield 5:1 1 Medium 1 Round

Name DN Target Range Duration
Celestial Winds 4:2 You 10 Miles 1 Day
Chain Lightning 5:3 Special Long Instant
Favorable Winds 5:3 Zone Self 1 Round
Glimpse 6:1 You Self Until Rest
Hallowed Ground 6:1 Zone Self 1 Hour
Prophecy 5:1 You Self Instant
Purifying Blast 5:3 Zone Self 1 Round
Sigmar's Storm 5:1 You Long Instant

Name DN Target Range Duration
Clarity 6:1 You Self 1 Round
Light of Battle 5:3 Zone Self 1 Round
Pha's Protection 5:3 Zone Medium 1 Round
Provenance 4:1 Obj or Struc Short Instant

Name Cost Target Range Duration
Cleanse - F&W or Obj Short Instant
Exorcism 1 Mettle 1 Medium Sustained
Healing Spirit 1 Mettle Zone Self Instant
Revitalize 1 Mettle 1 Close Instant
Smite 1 Mettle 1 Medium Instant

Name Cost Target Range Duration
Abjuration 1 Mettle Zone Medium Sustained
Eye of the Hurricane 1 Mettle Zone Self Sustained
Light of Sigmar 1 Mettle Zone Self Instant

Name Cost Target Range Duration
Arcane Feedback 1 Mettle Zone Medium Sustained
Illuminate the Path - You Self 1 Day

Weapon Pool Focus Damage Traits
Dagger 4d6 - + S Piercing, Subtle, Thrown (Short)
Incantor's Staff 4d6 - 1 + S Crushing, Sigmarite, Two-handed
Unarmed 4d6 - + S Ineffective

Black Pearl, Incantor's Staff (Quarterstaff), Sigmarite Plate (Medium Armor), Whitefire Tome

Apothecary's Satchel, Backpack, Bedroll, Dagger, Grimoire, Pipette, Rations, Scroll Case, Sling Bag, Sparker, Tabard of the Sacrosanct Chamber, Waterskin

Phials (x4) Spheres (x2)
40 Drops 200 Drops