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Current team
First squad — Art by Ziven of Nine

Some Assembly Required is an Avengers PBP game set on Marvel Universe Earth-615 and run using TSR's Marvel Super-Heroes RPG (FASERIP). The original pitch by Bellerophon is:

I want to do a game about the Avengers as an organization - during the course of the game, players might play three or four different heroes. This rotating cast of characters allows for a diverse array of stories and settings - you can have the stories where the Avengers go into space, and the stories where they go into the sewers. To compound this idea of the team being more than any single person, maybe there's some focus on the workings of the Avengers - staff meetings around the table, votes on new members, courts martial - the general everyday life around the Mansion/Compound/Hydro-Base/Tower (Wow they've had a lot of HQs...).

That's not to say that superheroics will take a back seat - far from it. The Avengers have an incredibly diverse rogues gallery to draw upon, in re-interpretations of old stories and new ones as well.

Now, my thought is to set the game in a new, parallel universe, called 617 or 618 or something like that, that is practically quite close to the mainstream continuity (Cap is Steve Rogers, Wasp and Ant-Man helped form the original team) but is different enough that we won't be slaves to the continuity, while still having that baseline level of familiarity with the iconic characters (Not that any real knowledge of the books is required. Your characterization of, say, Dane Whitman might be totally new). One thing I do want to stick to, despite the AU nature of all of this, is having players play pre-existing characters (or new interpretations of them); there's a certain cachet in being able to instantly know something about the other characters on the team, rather than having to deal with original characters and fit them into the narrative, especially in a game with a large ensemble cast.

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Bullwinkle J. Moose as Spider-Man (FASERIP) (inactive)

Bunch as Moon Knight (FASERIP/ICONS AE)

Captain Astounding as Dr. Druid (FASERIP/ICONS AE) and Dr. Pym (FASERIP)

Dogr_Dollarsson as Titanium Man (FASERIP/ICONS AE)

drreamscape as Wasp (inactive)

Fred as Thor (FASERIP) and Gray Hulk (FASERIP)

GetterBurai as Tigra (FASERIP)

Ryan L as Iceman (FASERIP/ICONS AE)

ScottL as Scarlet Witch (FASERIP/ICONS AE)

Sonsaku as Kid Loki (FASERIP/ICONS AE) (pretended to be Namor)

Sharon MacGuire as Captain Marvel (FASERIP/ICONS AE)



  • The mutant terrorist known only as Magneto makes his first public show of force, his terrorist group the Brotherhood of Mutants triggering an EMP in Lansing, Michigan that leaves thousands of Americans without power for weeks. Federal response is heavily criticized for its unpreparedness for the disaster. Public opinion is dire for the rising Mutant Menace, with reports of more mutants appearing every week. Geneticist Charles Xavier urges caution, claiming that "we know so little about these mutants, considering them a threat would be premature."
  • Troubled American scientist Henry Pym loses his wife Maria at the hands of secret police on a trip to her native Hungary. Pym, deeply affected and suffering a psychotic break as a result of his lifelong schizophrenia vows to find some way to battle man's descent into inhumanity.
  • British psychiatrist Anthony Ludgate takes perhaps the most important step in his quest to learn the secrets of the druids when he travels paradoxically to Tibet to study under the Ancient One!
  • Wrestling Warfare America Promoter Ving McMaster offers a lucrative one million dollar contract for the first mutant wrestler to be able to prove their powers to him. He announces his intention to run a programme following this search labelled 'X-Factor'


  • Professor Xavier secretly trains five teenagers as the original X-Men, to help give a positive counterpoint to the anti-mutant hysteria following Magneto's attacks. (Note: the general public isn't aware that blue-furred Avenger Beast is a mutant, or that he was a member of this original team.)
  • Pym, having narrowly avoided a mandatory hospital stay, has a scientific breakthrough — he discovers a group of subatomic particles he names Pym Particles. Managing to use these particles to create size-changing serums, Hank's test run nearly ends in death when he becomes trapped within an anthill.
  • The Ancient One having decided after a series of gruelling trials that Anthony was not worthy to be his student instead unlocks the doctor's mind to it's fullest potential in recompense and sends him away.


  • Greer Grant begins attending the University of Chicago.
  • Having become obsessed by his experience in the ant hill, Hank had spent the past 3 years qualifying in record time in entomology, engineering and other related fields; he creates a cybernetic helmet that allows him to communicate with insects.
  • Having spent the last 3 years secluded somewhere in Anglia communing with the spirits of his druidic ancestors, the good Dr. Ludgate re-emerges a changed man. He joins with experienced adventurers Ulysses Bloodstone, and Zawadi to form the Monster Hunters; together, the group save countless lives from the rampages of giant monsters.


  • Four amateur astronauts return from the first privately funded space flight with mysterious abilities granted through cosmic radiation. They save New York from subterranean invasion and begin careers as "Science Adventurers," dubbed the Fantastic Four. This marks the beginning of the so-called "Age of Heroes".
  • With the Fantastic Four's very public victory over the Mole Man's monster Giganto, the Monster Hunters disbanded, no longer needed in this new age of heroes.
  • Greer Grant marries policeman Bill Nelson.
  • Dr. Joanne Tumolo begins researching the hidden potential in human biology displayed in the emerging population of superhuman marvels. She receives funding from eccentric investor Malcolm Donalbain — secretly a HYDRA asset intending to subvert her work to create superhuman criminal agents.
  • Discovering that a government contract he had been hired to work on was infiltrated by North Korean agents, Hank secretly uses his serum and helmet to sabotage them. The incident is investigated but no proof of intervention is found.
  • Dr. Ludgate dedicates his time to furthering his occult understanding, and quietly helping people with his skills through a small private psychiatry practice.


  • During the experimental detonation of a gamma bomb, Dr. Bruce Banner saves teenager Rick Jones, absorbing massive amounts of gamma radiation. Later that night, he transforms into the Hulk for the first time.
  • Teenager Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, changing everything for him.
  • Dr. Donald Blake finds the mystical hammer Mjolnir in Norway and becomes the Norse god of thunder Thor.
  • Bill Nelson is killed making an off-duty arrest. To make ends meet while continuing her education, Greer Grant-Nelson takes a job as Dr. Tumolo's lab assistant, ultimately leading to her becoming the superheroic Cat to unravel Donalbain's schemes.
  • When an alien Kreature from Kosmos kills Pym's long time associate Vernon van Dyne, Pym decides to reveal himself to the world in his new guise as Ant Man!
  • Proving her underestimated deductive skills, Pym is caught by Vernon's daughter Janet van Dyne. Despite Hank's protests she insists she be allowed to participate in stopping the Kreature that killed her father. Folding to her forceful personality, Hank invests her with insect wings and antennae and gives her a pair of energy blasting gloves as the Winsome Wasp!
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp defeat the Kreature, becoming some of the first public heroes of the new age.
  • Former Astronaut Major Carol Danvers encounters Mar-Vell of Kree. Exposed to the energies of the Kree Psyche-Magnatron, her DNA is mated to his, effectively making her his genetic sister and granting her the powers (and unbeknownst to her, alternate personality) of Ms. Marvel!
  • With competition from the booming popularity of the UFC and MMA in the wider world Ving McMaster brings semi retired shooter Madman Maxwell Markham in for an open wrestling challenge where he staked a large cash prize against members of the public that signed waivers. The segment is a great success bringing in huge numbers.
  • The Prize is won by a masked competitor calling himself the Human Spider, Markham is released that night.


  • A new, more mature incarnation of the X-Men is formed. Key members include Storm and Wolverine, as well as a young girl from Deerfield, IL.
  • Following graduation, Greer Grant-Nelson takes a laboratory job with the CPD Forensic Services division. As the Cat, she allies with Spider-Man to pursue the political assassin "Man-Killer".
  • Dr. Tumolo leaves Chicago to follow other lines of research on the origins of super powers, particularly the work of forgotten but forward-thinking 20th century biologist Herbert Wyndham. Her search for more fragments of his work lead her to cross paths with a similarly interested enclave of the enigmatic Cat People, who she befriends.
  • With Janet having thrown herself with gusto into life as a superheroine, becoming beloved and respected, Hank instead threw himself further into seeking a scientific end to man's descent. The end result of that quest is the artificially intelligence Ultron, intended to be a non violent solution to the risks of human policing.
  • Hank and Janet both find time in their respective hectic schedules to marry, and even enjoy a short honeymoon that is only nearly ruined by Whirlwind!
  • The Ultron prototype disappears mysteriously.
  • Discovering in his studies that the Ancient One had mesmerised him to be a potential stand in should the Sorceror Supreme fall, Dr. Ludgate grows livid. He resolves henceforth he will show the Ancient One, and his favoured student Dr. Strange the true power of his ancestors. Anthony officially changes his surname to "Druid", then hypnotises everyone of importance including his own family to believe it had always been so.
  • In the powerful African nation of Wakanda M'baku of the Jabari acting in defiance of the edicts of the ruling Panther Cult hunts and kills one of the nigh mythical white gorillas. Bathing in it's blood and eatring it's flesh he takes it's power as his own.


  • The Avengers are founded to combat Loki, the would-be Conquerer of earth. WW2 Era hero Captain America is unearthed from the ice.
  • Ultron resurfaces, having turned homicidally unstable; the Avengers defeat its plan to take control of the world's nuclear stockpiles and erase humanity from existence.
  • Proving largely ineffective in the battle against Ultron, Hank falls into depression resolving that he needs to be a bigger man to measure up as an Avenger. Finding a way to reverse his serum, Hank becomes Giant Man!
  • The Cat's last hunt: Dr. Tumolo returns to enlist the Cat's aid in preventing HYDRA obtaining an esoteric bioweapon created by the now regretful Cat People; fatally wounded during the mission, Grant's life is saved by a mystical ritual transforming her into the feline warrior Tigra, who eventually destroys the HYDRA cell (with the accidental aid of an unexpectedly appearing werewolf by night...).
  • The Avengers defeat Heinrich Zemo and his Masters of Evil, unfortunately leading to his accidental death.
  • The Mavis Druid Institute for Parapsychology is opened in Midwich England; founder Dr. Druid vows to help the next generation see the world with new eyes.
  • Lt. Colonel Carol Danvers encounters Ronan the Accuser. The encounter stabilizes her powers and integrates her personality. Ms. Marvel joins the recently-founded Defenders.
  • The Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation holds its first event showcasing performers with superhuman strength. It revolutionises the industry overnight.
  • Maxwell Markham releases his co-written biography it doesn't even register on the bestseller ranks.
  • Phil Urich enrolls to do his BA in Journalism at Empire State University eager to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious uncle Ben


  • Becoming an urban legend of the Chicago area, Tigra draws the attention of Kraven the Hunter. Victorious in that confrontation, in a fit of pique Tigra takes a string-of-fangs ornament from him as a trophy added to her costume.
  • The Avengers defeat the time-traveller Kang, who attempted to hold the United Nations captive until they voted him into a "supreme sovereign," based on his flawed understanding of how the 21st century UN worked.
  • With Giant Man having been handily defeated in the battle against Kang, Hank retires the identity, becoming Goliath!
  • Seeing the media attention around the Avengers, Dr. Druid resolves they are the perfect way to show Strange who the world's greatest mystic is.
  • Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation launches the UCWF Network a streaming service offering a mix of extensive archived and increasing original content. Including the first season of X-Factor.
  • Spider-man faces off with the villain the Jackal and is caught up in a complicated web of events. Thanks to the Jackal’s genetic engineering, multiple clones of Spider-man are born, at varying levels of ability and sanity. It takes the combined might of Spider-Man and the clones Khaine and Scarlet Spider to defeat the dangerous shape-shifting spider-clone Spidercide.


  • Believing them to be another HYDRA cell, Tigra confronts the techno-looter Rat Pack, only to discover their leader "Joshua Plague" is actually a guise of the Super-Skrull. After the Skrull imprisons himself tampering with a stolen mystic artifact, Tigra delivers the artifact (and the Skrull) to his chief enemies the Fantastic Four for safekeeping.
  • Pleased at the relative acceptance she receives despite her inhuman state, Tigra continues to intermittently share adventures with the F4, though she is never officially a member.
  • The Earth's heroes defeat the world-eater Galactus, saving the entire planet from certain destruction.
  • Shaken by the Galactus event, Tigra attempts to return to a civilian life in Chicago as Greer Nelson again.
  • Seeing the need to have better forewarning of potential world ending events, S.H.I.E.L.D hires Dr. Druid to help them train their budding Psi Division.
  • The Galactus event broke Hank, he fell ever further into psychosis then disappears.
  • After the Defenders very publicly fall apart, Colonel Carol Danvers is also recruited by SHIELD and briefly assumes the codename Warbird, complete with new costume.
  • Dashing new hero Yellowjacket emerges! He claims he will give the world a hero they could be proud of and resolves to join the Avengers. Having created a dangerous stunt to convince the Avengers they needed him, Yellowjacket is revealed as Hank Pym and sent to a secure psychiatric facility for rehabilitation.
  • Banner successfully separates himself from the Hulk. The now Banner-less Hulk went on a rampage through New Mexico, while Banner became terminally ill. The Avengers stop the Hulk and the Green Goliath and Banner are reunited, but interference from General Ross and Rick Jones leads to the return of the gray Hulk.
  • Dr. Druid helps the Avengers overcome the influence of the Controller and earns membership.
  • Carol Danvers assists SWORD, the X-Men, and the Guardians of the Galaxy in repelling the Brood. Exposure to Brood Mutagen coupled with absorption of residual energies created the Binary Equation. Carol travels with the Guardians of the Galaxy for most of the year as Binary.
  • Wrestling Warfare America is bought up by UCWF for a fraction of it's former value. It's archives are added to the UCWF Network
  • M'Baku's resurrection of the White Gorilla Cult has revitalised the Jabari as a political and military force. Though they cannot rival the Panther Cult of the royal family they are able to maintain their own identity.


  • After absorbing residual Phoenix Force energy and losing control of her Powers, the Starjammers contact Charles Xavier to psychically encrypt the Binary Equation. Ms. Marvel returns to Earth and joins The Avengers.
  • Discovering there are still gamma bombs in existence, Hulk join forces with Rick Jones and a SHIELD agent to find and destroy them. The Leader, who was stockpiling the bombs, detonates one of them and the Hulk seemingly die.
  • Tigra travels to California following reports of a werewolf on the rampage, and meets Spider-Woman.
  • Released from the secure hospital after his now ex-wife Janet vouches for him Hank joins the support team of her new West Coast Avengers.
  • The Hulk secretly resurfaces in Vegas under the alias Joe Fixit, working for mobster Michael Berengetti.
  • A younger incarnation of Loki from a parallel dimension is stranded in this reality; he infiltrates the Avengers impersonating Namor the Sub-Mariner.
  • Spider-Man and "Namor" assists the Avengers in foiling a plot by Amora the Enchantress to seize the power of Stonehenge, resulting in her temporary possession by the spirit of Morgan le Fay, Young Loki's exposure, and the gruesome death of ally Nathan Garrett; the dying Garrett pledges the Avengers to pass on the Ebony Blade to his nephew, Dane Whitman.
  • Young Loki is given provisional membership, largely as a way to keep him under observation.
  • Russian diplomatic pressures require the Avengers to accept Titanium Man (left publicly ambiguous, but secretly mutant genius Kondrati Topolov) as a member.
  • The Avengers defeat the combined menace of the Mandarin and the dragon Fin Fang Foom.
  • The Avengers are drawn into the Great Galactic War. They are ultimately victorious, but not without cost (including the deaths of Captain Mar-Vell and Medusa the Inhuman).
  • Under the direction of one Norman Osborn the villains of Earth unite in various strike forces to aid in turning the tide of Galactic War in Earth's favour.
  • Among Earth's Defenders under Osborn was one Silvio Manfredi better now as the cybernetic Maggia overboss Silvermane he had been forced out of his position by the ascent of the Nefarias and with little left to lose had taken his remaining loyal men to defend 'their neighbourhood' during the Galactic War incursions. He had come to be viewed as the hero of Little Italy a position he still holds dear.
  • Under orders to stay out the Galactic War for the sake of his mental health, Hank forsakes the life of superheroism, declaring to the world he will henceforth just be Dr. Pym!
  • Having served with relative distinction Dr. Druid is changed by the Galactic War. He seems erratic.
  • Infuriated by the disrespect of his latest royalty check Maxwell Markham seeks to deal with the man that cost him his career in the glory days when a flatscan could still wrestle, J. Jonah Jameson! He hands over his meagre savings and a weight in memorabilia to purchase an exo suit from the Tinkerer and sets off to face the Editor.
  • The Grizzly as Markham now calls himself faces Spider-Man who chooses to defend Jameson. Their battle leads them away from the public eye where Spider-Man feigns his death. Feeling vindicated Markham leaves ready for the papers the next day. Spider-Man's resurfacing denies him the headlines he'd hoped for.
  • Once more, Spider-man finds himself face-to-face with himself as the appearance of Morlun and the so-called Inheritors, vampiric beings who seek to consume the power of all spider-men, unleashes a whirlwind of events, culminating in the teaming up hundreds of Spider-men from across the various worlds of reality.
  • “Peter Parker” (really the resurrected Spidercide) reappears in New York City, his madness abated and his genetics stabilized. The once-villainous spider-clone immediately leaves the only city his genetic memories have ever known to get away from the shadow of Spider-man.
  • The chaos of the Galactic War caused the security to be compromised on one of Harry Osborn's old caches just as young Phil Urich was investigating a lead in a nearby area. Forced by impending attack to don the uniform he was transformed and contributed in his own small way to the war effort as the new Green Goblin
  • Late in the year Druid is found in the Avengers laboratory having incapacitated Fabian Stankowicz, who he had been controlling to aid him in building an as-yet partially complete Singularity Bomb, claiming it was his plan to make it the payload on a missile to keep the Earth safe from invasion. When he lashes out at the team a fight ensues and he is knocked into his half completed bomb; he dies, but once again Captain Marvel with some aid is able to spare the world destruction.


  • A mourning Black Bolt abdicates his throne and embarks on a journey to reconsider his future.
  • Reduced in rank but vastly upgraded in power, Captain Carol Danvers assumes the mantle of Captain Marvel during the Galactic War; Monica Rambeau continues to give her a hard time about it.
  • As part of post-war armistice, the Avengers expand their charter to include outpost divisions among numerous world cities.
  • The Hulk is re-recruited for the Avengers.
  • The Various villains shown to have had such a large part in Earth's victory were given pardons by the UN security council
  • M'Baku travels to America intent on meeting a mysterious potetial political ally. Leaving the Jabari under the leadership of the shaman 'W'Sulli
  • Avengers (re-)Assemble!
  • With so many now former villains reformed some newer faces take the opportunity to form their own Masters of Evil lead by the composite creature known as Digger and holding such members as the wired woman Electro, the enigmatically named K.I.A, rogue S.H.I.E.L.D agent Mitch Carson the Soldier Ant, and the femme fatale The Beetle
  • The once-Spidercide, now going by the name Paul, uses his powers to rescue a construction worker and decides to stop hiding from the world. He takes the name Recluse for his heroic moniker.
  • With the pardoned Norman Osborn now the armoured Iron Patriot he gave his full blessing for Phil to be the Green Goblin as a member of the newly formed Avengers South West


  • It is decreed by newly global chairperson Captain Marvel that a greater hand must be taken in the defence of the Earth, Having global Avengers outposts wasn't sufficient, it was essential there be a planetary defence team. An Avengers World lead by her.
  • The Peak space station is established as the homebase of the nascent Avengers World in coordination with the now growing S.W.O.R.D organisation, the next line in safeguarding the planet.
  • With pressure from U.N liason Henry Gyrich Norman Osborn the Iron Patriot takes the mantle of Avengers Prime leader as Captain Marvel takes her new position.
  • Under the Iron Patriot the Avengers Prime are entirely reorganised from the ground up. Drs Henry Pym and Walter Newell are placed in charge of purpose building a Hydrobase, or Avengers Island off the East Coast of America.
  • The Mighty Avengers are unveiled consisting of Iron Patriot, Dr. Pym, new heroine to the scene Jessica Jones in her guise as The Knightress, M'Baku of Wakanda, Kara Killgrave known as Persuasion, John Walker, the U.S.Agent, The enigmatic Cable, and the Mysterious woman known only as Ghost
  • The Mighty Avengers debut to the world stopping the Elements of Doom from draining several power plants to some unknown end.
  • Feeling M'Baku had forsaken his people W'Sulli unleashes upon the greatest of his secret weapons, the Vampiric Zuvembie known as the Nightspawn
  • The Nightspawn nearly succeeds in killing M'Baku but is driven off by the Mighty Avengers
  • The Scarlet Beetle steals one of Topolov's inventions and uses it to empower it's minions into nearly overunning London. The design proving too complex for Pym to single handedly disarm was ultimately managed by ingecting the Beetle with Cable's techo-organic virus and using that as a conduit.
  • Cable's nascent telepathic ability awoken by his last few encounters eventually enables him to break Persuasion's control over him, causing him to realise how essential she is to the group's cohesion.
  • Cable's subsequent actions lead to a battle against U.S.Agent who is independantly loyal to Osborn and Cable being forced to flee as Dr. Pym and Fabian Stankiewicz in his new guise as Mechonaut join the battle alongside the Guardsmen that were stationed there under Osborn's new more militarised regime.
  • Ghost too had been able to muffle the control exerted over her during an overhaul of her suit. It was through her work that Persuasion's work on Osborn's behalf was revealed to the press.
  • Osborn, and Persuasion, with aid from U.S.Agent go rogue fleeing government prosecution until they can 'clear their names'
  • Knightress finally free of her long ordeal extending far beyond mandated membership abandons superheroism entirely.
  • Ghost too disappears off the radar.
  • Hank Pym checks himself voluntarily back into a psychiatric hospital to deal with his guilt over his involvement.


  • Various initiative teams have their bases sabotaged by unknown forces. Hardest hit are The Avengers South West who have their headquaters entirely destroyed by a mystery force. Phil Urich the Green Goblin is beaten into a coma and left with his uniform ripped from him. The words "Green with envy" were dawbed on the wall he was propped against.
  • As part of a plea bargain for his part in the Osborn regime U.S.Agent is tasked to serve as part of Project Thunderbolts
  • It comes to light Osborn had sold Guardsmen armours to the extremist Watchdogs when the technology is used in an attack.
  • A newly expanded Masters of Evil start to make waves taking over the Maggia territories left in disarray by the capture of the Nefarias.

Story Arcs[edit]

Summaries by Captain Astounding.

A Day Unlike Any Other[edit]

There was an official meeting of the new lineup under Chairwoman Van Dyne (the Wasp) to vote on Spider-Man's membership. He had been sponsored by Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) who abstained, Dr. Druid who was seemingly annoyed about some change in official software was against but talked into abstention. The Vote hinges on Namor...

Unbeknownst to the team the government is dispatching one Henry Gyrich to look into team practices.

The vote is abandoned when Skurge breaks in, he's battered by the automated defences and stands down when the Avengers all stand ready to fight him. He is without his Axe and tells a tale of the Enchantress gone mad, dealing with forces she could not control. He was taken into custody and gave Spider-Man a letter saying she had headed to Stonehenge. Druid lectures people on the importance of protecting the place, then has a premonition of great danger there.

Scarlet Witch arrives called in by Wasp to help with the situation. Druid declares a plan to protect the team with Wanda's help. He's told they need to do it on the Quinjet and goes to get supplies. Wasp pulls Ms Marvel aside and tells her she's been made acting chair while Wasp goes to make a West Coast branch.

Druid and Wanda manage to complete the ritual on the plane.

For a while Spider-Man and Moon Knight have had suspicions something's up with Namor. The rest of us are unaware.

We arrive to find missiles fired at us that Scarlet Witch deals with, our ritual drops the mask that hid The Enchantress and her mercenaries, including Nathan Garret, The BLACK KNIGHT! (the famous one's villainous uncle) wielding the Executioner's Axe!

Druid stands around pretty uselessly while the rest of the team start to deal with the threat. Enchantress is revealed to actually be MORGAN LE FAY! who awakens a hill Giant to help fight us, leaving the Black Knight to attack Druid.

Druid continues to be utter useless and is saved by Wanda while the rest of the team fight Morgan, and defeat the mercenaries and hill Giant in grand style.

In the confusion those no preoccupied see that Namor was actually... some kid... not like a teenager either, like tween at best. but Thor says he's LOKI GOD OF MISCHIEF! which is weird given Loki's a grown adult imprisoned in Asgard.

Being thoroughly schooled by Scarlet Witch Black Knight whinges to Morgan to give him his money. which she does, as he starts voomiting it, falling from his flying horse and dropping his sword. It doesn't look good for him, but Druid thinks he needs to deal with the possibly C'Thon powered sorceress before he can try to save the villain and uses his mastery of the mind to fire a mighty psionic blast at her.

She is less than pleased by this and summons flames, ready to engulf Druid.

The whole God of Mischief thing caused some concern when Loki tried to pick up the Ebony Blade that Garrett had dropped, Wanda cast a hex to stop it, and Spider-Man stepped in to take up the sword, but will it be safe?

3 Days of the Maggia[edit]

For those following at home we somehow survived the battle against a C'thon-powered Morgan Le Fay and the combined skills of Dr. Druid, and the mysterious medical skills of Thor saved The Black Knight (...the villainous uncle of the famous one...) from death by internal bleeding. The mysterious Kid Loki was remanded into Avengers custody until they could uncover the secrets he held. This meant he was forced to be babysat by Dr. Druid when the Avengers investigated a series of disappearances, including Wonder Man and Dane Whitman (the famous Nephew of the villainous Black Knight) and some woman called Alicia Masters? A-list guest star The Thing seemed pretty fond of her. He told neighbourhood heroes Thor and Spider-Man that her dad was some kind of master of Puppets? It's probably not important...

The Avengers looked into matters and discovered the mercenary group from Stonehenge seemed to have some kind of financial links to a lot of disappearances.

Mysterious Billionaire Steven Grant arranged a meeting with one Luchino Neferia as a favour to Moon Knight. He seemed to be behind all these Frost Holdings, and Mr Grant was brave enough to look into matters for us. He arrived alongside the beautiful Marlene Alraune. Mr Nefaria took Mr grant down to see the machinery of his latest project. You see, while he was interested in funding hospitals, he as much more interested in pulling the moon out of orbit to create a biblical flood that washes away the unworthy.

Luckily, he happened to have machinery for siphoning energy from the kidnapped people into one Dr. Franklin Hall!, seemingly Alicia Masters' father was the Puppet Master and he was controlling Dr. hall.

Meanwhile, unlikely Detective duo Dr. Druid & Kid Loki find little at the apartment of Dane Whitman, but a search for witnesses uncovers a representative of Janus (formerly Frost) Holdings trailing them. Druid talks the man into taking them back, telepathically informing Ms Marvel.

They find the lovely Marlene tied up by one Guilietta Nefaria who points some manner of blaster at the pair. Dr. Druid's trickery was overcome by an act of supreme will, Druid and Loki are led away.

When they are led into the base where the machinery is kept billionaire Steven Grant leaps bravely into action, knocking out Mr Nefaria. This angers Guilietta who casts her gun down and smashesa Mr Grant like a Mack Truck. It seemed she had undergone some treatments giving her the powers of COUNTESS NEFARIA!!

While Dr. Druid scrambles desperately to stay alive in the face of her fury, the secretly invisible Kid Loki frees the prisoners, it seems they may be winning when Whirlwind, Blizzard, and Grim Reaper appear Blizzard quickly proves a non factor but Grim Reaper lands a nasty blow, and Countess Nefaria turns to finish the job when...

The Desolation of Fin Fang Foom[edit]

Life as Earth's (now rather publicly) Mightiest Heroes is far less about kissing babies and touring the talk show circuit than they advertise in the new members' pamphlet; It's rather heavier on the foiling evil schemes front. Fortunately there is plenty of business on that front...

Having returned from saving the world from the machinations of the Nefaria Family, the Avengers discovered they were in heavy demand. Hercules sought his boon companions to aid him in a quest ... but the Prince of Power could be trusted to attend to his own business. More pressing were the stalkings, threats, mysterious readings, and sightings of ol' jade jaws himself all needed Earth's Mightiest attention, and they would not falter from it — nothing could stop them speeding to the aid of those in need.

Nothing short of... THE TITANIUM MAN! To say the Soviet war machine brough an abrupt end to a mid morning strategy brunch would do a serious disservice to the man of mettle; the Avengers rushed to face him down, while Dr Druid raced to inform him that Iron Man was elsewhere. But neither party had anticipated the arrival of X-Factor mutant hunter Iceman! Finding himself outnumbered if not outgunned Titanium Man revealed that he... had been invited to join the Avengers?! It seemed that government liaison Gyrich had a lot to answer for, but there were distress calls that needed to be answered first.

Speeding to their relative locales Thor and Loki found the Teen Brigade on the search for the Hulk! Thor and Loki didn't find a Hulk, but he's far from the only green genes worth worrying about. As they discovered when they found the lethal Leader commanding an unprecedented number of the dreaded WEN-DI-GO! to say things got hairy would be an understatement!

Iceman and Captain Marvel discovered not only was Ed Gross' collection of superhero memorabilia being appraised, it was about the be stolen by Eric O'Grady, The Loathsome Looter! and his partner in crime Rita de Mara, The Wicked... Wasp?! There are a couple of Avengers that will want answers about that! Iceman struggled with the learning curve of joining the big leagues while Captain Marvel struggled to keep her patience as O'Grady and de Mara showed just how deadly superheroic Home Alone could be.

Meanwhile Dr Druid struggled with the choice of what kind of cookie to enjoy with his delicious beverage. Thank God he was just the Avenger for the job. All in all not bad assignment, at least, until Arnim Zola, the Bio Fanatic burst in flanked by a pair of Master Men! Lucky for them Arnie and his husband had left, so they were spared a beating and just received a stern lecture from the Master of the Unknown. But Druid was far from a star student when Captain Marvel was giving combat lessons! Luckily savvy cabbie Jake Lockley just happened to have MOON KNIGHT on speed dial. The Fist of Khonshu made short work of all three Nazis while Druid took a much needed break for breath. Now there was just the unpleasant matter of dealing with Arnie's life threatening tumour. Thank God for world famous neurosurgeon Dr Stephen Strange!

Meanwhile all Scarlet Witch and the newly assigned Titanium Man had to deal with was a few fleeing Moloids — but why were they fleeing from international businessman Gene Khan? Could it be because he's secretly the maniacal Mandarin? Or, it could have something to do with the fact he was summoning He whose back scrapes the sun and whose limbs shatter mountains? Could it be because of FIN FANG FOOM?!

Needless to say with the Makluan Monstrosity on the scene there was a need for the Avengers to Assemble! Titanium Man and Scarlet Witch have performed heroically in keeping Stark Tower (and all of New York that lay in the path to it) from being levelled ... but this was not a job for just two heroes, whomever those two may be. With as much haste as possible the rest of the team began to filter onto the scene, announcing themselves with furious strikes and blasts! Even the larcenous duo from earlier had been commissioned for aid, joining the scene under Captain Marvel's authority.

Loki and Dr Druid, being rather more suited to their previous partnership than fighting giant dragons used their powers to attempt to divert the villanous rampagers away from populated areas — which served only to ensure that the great beast fell toward slightly less crowded buildings when the mightiest heroes in all of Midgard fell him. It was here that Iceman proved his veteran experise, using stolen Pym Particles to shrink the falling Fin Fang Foom to something rather more pocket sized.

The day was saved, all was well. (There was certainly no chance Hercules had actually needed help...)

House Rules[edit]


You can buy straight to the next rank. Stats that aren't already superhuman are kept at human limit.

Body Armor[edit]

A common criticism of this system is that the Body Armor power, granting damage reduction essentially, is a bit too powerful, and outright prevents certain characters from being useful. As a compromise, I propose that attacks with Red results ignore Body Armor, representing finding a critical weak point in its structure. Additionally, attacks with Yellow results ignore Half of the Body Armor score. If this proves a bit too much, we can revise it, but I think it will, overall, allow for more fun battles.

Defensive Actions[edit]

Defensive Actions - A common criticism of FASERIP is that it's too easy to hit dodgy characters, like, say, Daredevil. ;) We're going to rectify that by reducing the hefty penalty given towards taking multiple actions when taking defensive actions (Dodging, Evading, Blocking, Shielding). Usually, this gives a -2 CS to all other actions taken that turn, which can be a real drag. I'm reducing this penalty to -1 CS. Additionally, characters with a power that might apply towards this sort of manuever may substitute their power rank for that ability rank. Therefore, Daredevil for instance could use his Enhanced Senses power rank of Monstrous to roll for Dodging rather than his Incredible Agility. I'm not super sure how these changes to Defensive actions will work out in play, so this is subject to change, but let's see.


Traditionally, Karma serves the double-purpose of being both an in-game resource and an advancement resource, which leads to somewhat crappy situations where the characters that need Karma least are the ones using it for advancement. I propose that there be two separate pools of Karma - one normal pool for use in-game, and one of "spent" Karma which then becomes available to be used for advancement. This encourages heroes to be heroic, and I think fits the genre better than hoarding Karma.

Power Stunt[edit]

Once you've done a stunt THREE TIMES successfully and it becomes "Established", the Karma Cost will be reduced to 10, and you won't need any feats other than the normal one.

Karma Awards[edit]

This includes only the general awards. Individual gains due to roleplaying, game contribution, etc. are not listed.

OOC Post #179[edit]

Everyone gets (for the Mansion)

-10 Karma Each for the meeting

-5 Karma each for humorous writing I greatly enjoyed (check the book! It's there!)

-75 Karma each for defeating a Monstrous Foe (the giant)

-50 Karma for defeating an Amazing foe (Skurge... Let's face it, bringing him along would've resulted in some treachery)

-20 Karma each for stopping a destructive crime (the Frost Mercs are no longer in a position to harm the monuments)

So that's 160 each.

OOC Post #283[edit]

Morgan ended up being a Monstrous threat, so that's 75 karma each, and I'd classify her intentions as a Global threat, so we'll call that 50 more.

OOC Post #481[edit]

Countess Nefaria is an unearthly threat, so that's 100 Karma Each. Plus 120 each for her minions (40, 40, and 40 for Grim Reaper, Blizzard, and Whirlwind).

That's 220 Karma for the Avengers.

OOC Post #639[edit]

Loki and Thor: 350 for Each of you (3 Wendigos and the Leader), plus 25 each for rescuing kidnapping victims you didn't even know about!

Druid and Moony: 155 for each of you, plus 25 for each of you for rescuing Arnie, plus another 25 when Dr. Strange removes his tumor via your actions.

OOC Post #1347 (first Karma award of the New Avengers)[edit]

Just to be clear, the "Next Issue" is mostly flavor, but I will use it as a convenient spot to award Karma:

- Those investigating the Theft On-Site: + 10

- Kondrati and Pym making Fabian feel a part of the Team: +5

- Those Investigating Herc's Villa (Uncovering a Conspiracy): + 10 (With more for foes defeated)

- The Peter Parker Battle Banter Award - Joe Fixit: +5