SotS: Corpse Astray: Occipitus

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Name: Occipitus of the Many Eyes
Profession: Ostentatious, Self-Aggrandizing Sorcerer
Adjectives: Pompous, Puissant, Inquisitive, Vain, Secretly Scared
What is Best in Life? (Drives): Making an Impression Demanding Respect Flouting the Consequences

Investigative Abilities:
Intimidation 3/3
Liar's Tell 1/1
Taunt 1/1
Corruption 3/3
Forgotten Lore 1/1
Leechcraft 1/1
Prophecy 1/1

General Abilities: Athletics 5/5
Bind Wounds 2/2
Preparedness 8/8
Stealth 3/3

Sorcery 8/8
Sway 3/3
Warfare 1/1

Health: X | Threshold 3 | Armor 0
Morale: Y | Threshold 4 | Grit 1

Sorcerous Spheres:



  • Ostentatious, impractical robes and cowl
  • Jeweled rings, each of which you claim holds a demon
  • Ancient, impressive tome of hideous forbidden mysteries (that you haven’t yet learned to read)
  • The Imperious Sack (full of objects!)
  • Good luck charm, carved like a snake
  • Impressively carved staff
  • Diary where you confess your secret fears
  • Hand mirror and bone-handled brush
  • Curving sacrificial dagger (Dmg. Mod. t 0)