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  • More than Twice Bitten

She is distrustful and bitter, having grown up in a world of killing with kindness and smiles that held hidden expectations or resentments, and ultimately failing to live up to that.

  • Omphalus Syndrome

"Arcadia is the home of the Emperor, and the only society truly in-tune with the Elements in hidden forms. The rest of the universe might not understand, but clearly it is the Omphalus, the still point that everything revolves around. "

  • Built to Please

She might be made of lipids and proteins instead of Foxtrot's metal, and be much less dangerous then Zara's anchient weaponry, but she is no less a machine, grown to order and designed, though that purpose has become corrupted: There is no child Emperor to raise, no Emperor's bed to warm.

Skill list:

  • Deception + 4
  • Lore +3
  • Provoke + 3
  • Will + 2
  • Fight + 2
  • Empathy +2
  • Craft +1
  • Physique + 1
  • Athletics + 1
  • Stealth +1


Arcadia was one of the first truly long distance FTL settlements. Though exactly how what seems to have been a Elementalist-flavored rehab clinic/retreat ended ruling a sophisticated settlement effort is unclear to this day. Still, while their rituals and world view grew increasingly elaborate, quick population growth, and a love of the medical sciences eventually created a working, if tyrannical, society. However the distance between actual governance and the Tyrants grew with each generation, the various castes of servants gradually taking more and more of the actual power. While internal records are clearly falsified, some sort of crises roughly 4 generations ago seems to have cemented the Sapphire caste of Courtesan/Governesses in power, and lead to a number of castes becoming mystical, even mythological figures, including the last blood descendants of the old Tyrants.

While Inward looking to an pathological degree, they do recognize that someone of proper breeding, nevertheless, has to learn the ways of the outside world. That someone is a slightly bitter, 4th blood-daughter of the Imperial First Governess. Entertainer Fumihime of the Lifeless Shore. She had thought of committing suicide in protest, but it would be an insult to her gene-line. And perhaps life among the Heathens will prove entertaining.