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Spartan, The Leader Of The WildCATs.

Spartan - WildCATs

Spartan was an android constructed by Lord Emp, using technology from the rogue island of Gamorra. Yohn Kohl's memories were locked away and Emp worked on perfecting the android. Spartan was named after a series of bodyguard cyborgs used by Kherubim Lords on their homeworld of Khera.

OBS : Temporary Editing

Alternate Identity: HADRIAN 7, John COLT, Yon KHOL Group Affiliation: WILDCATS (former leader) First Appearance: WildC.A.T.S #1 Power Level: 12 (180pp)

Str: 18 (+14, super strenght +10) Dex: 15 (+2) Con: 18 (+4) Int: 19 (+4) Wis: 17 (+3) Cha: 15 (+2) Total: 34pp

Base Attack Bonus: 5 Melee: 9 Ranged: 8/9 (aerial combat) Total: 15pp

Base Defense Bonus: 5 Adjusted Defense Bonus: +9 Initiative: +2 Cost: 10pp

SAVES Damage: +4 Fort: +4 Ref: +2 Will: +3


Super Strenght+10 [extra: flight, extra: protection, extra: regeneration +2 (extra: reincarnate (flaw: downloaded personnality), extra: energy blast, extra: datalink, extra: immunities +5; cost: 90pp; source: science]

Total: 90pp


Attack Focus (blast), Leadership, aerial combat, heroic surge, Durability

Cost: 10pp

Skills: Balance + 5, computers +6, Diplomacy +6, disable device +6, listen +5, pilot +5, spot+5. Total: 18pp

Grand Total: 180pp