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  • ...the sand and gravel where desert meets wasteland) for its proximity to the drake fissure. Water stained from the surrounding fens collects in a depression here. The dark brown water is impossible to see deeper than a few inches through. Freshwat
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  • ...ears the scars of many past fights and scrapes. Her hair is a long, raven-dark mane, with a handful of white streaks running through it where scars on her Barbarian daily 1: Rage Drake's Frenzy<br>
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  • ...g party back at Elsinore. Now he's called on his fellow graduates, Father Drake and Norman Peabody to come help him with strange happenings on the Seattle <p>Nothing evil or dark came up from scanner or my sunglasses, so I pulled
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  • ...sorts of interesting facts that have nothing to do with the forest. These dark and mysterious spirits are associated with the dead and the underworld, wit Affect Spirits, Dark Vision, Divination (Dactylomancy), Dream Projection, Dream Sending, Dream V
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  • Full Name=Joshua Drake| User Name: Joshua Drake<br>
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  • Joshua walked alongside the dark oily lake. He had walked out a ways, trying to clear his thoughts with litt '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Nika Earhart | Nika's Crew Page]] <
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  • ...liding it out into a dresser with drawers and flat surfaces. He selects a dark green shirt and shakes it out. The shirt has some white logo on it. '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Arden 689-C | Arden's Crew Page]] <
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  • '''Joshua:''' Faria. My name is Joshua Drake, steward to ''Summer’s Gift''. We saw your board notice. You said you w ...a:''' You know, being intimidated is one thing. But being pulled into the dark is another. Are they…. I don’t know how to say it….are they strong?
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  • ...a taker - he was concerned about her too "Found '''your''' way out of the dark yet?" '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Nika Earhart | Nika's Crew Page]] <
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  • The water is as it seems, dark with some oily substance, and we wade through the knee-deep nastiness to th ...f the Academy. Subjects like River Tam, Johannes Volker III….and Joshua Drake.
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  • ...e Memphis on Osiris, access the records there to get information on Joshua Drake, Valerie Sampson, and also possibly find the drug Valerie had developed to ...ce corridor. The smell hits us first. Musty. Obviously disused. It’s dark, lit only be emergency lighting. It’s a jarring contrast to the white an
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  • ...htfully, and Harry seemed to be weighing something. "What do you need, Mr. Drake?" Her tone was not unfriendly, nor overly cool. Merely neutral and calm. ...ave away nothing. "Empty flattery is unbecoming a man of your talents, Mr. Drake." Harry's tone remained as calm as ever. "The desire to interact with someo
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  • “It was a very nice carpet, of course.” Ezekiel Drake quickly agreed. He sat opposite her in the cab and leaned forward in echo ...o keep England’s enemies in check.” Josephine Arceneaux stirred beside Drake, leaving off staring sightlessly out the window and focusing on the two who
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  • ''But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.''<br> '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']]<br>
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  • ...The ongoing exploits of our merry band of adventurers can be perused [[The Dark Corners of the Earth: The Story So Far ... | ''here.'']]'''</span> <br><br> '''[[Ezekiel Michael Drake | Ezekiel Michael Drake]]''' – The Egalitarian Eccentric – Noted Chartist and Museum trustee. (
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  • *'''20 Oct 1867''' - [[A Walk With Drake]] - (RP: Josephine and Ezekiel) Return to [[The Dark Corners of the Earth: The Story So Far ... | '''''The Story So Far ... '''
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  • I filled my lungs and warned Beignet and his party off. Mr. Drake, Miss Fleming, and I had no choice but to find an alternate route out of th I lingered only long enough to personally thank Drake and Miss Fleming, and apologize to her butler for my trying behavior, then
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  • '''[[Ezekiel Michael Drake | Ezekiel Michael Drake]]''' – The Egalitarian Eccentric – Noted Chartist and Museum trustee - '''Barrimore''' - Ezekiel Drake's manservant - '''16 Aug 1867'''<br>
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  • person and fiancée of Mortimer. Ezekiel (middle name not yet known) Drake, a moneyed eccentric; Flora Spenser, a kept woman and amnesiac, Mrs. Helena ...shoulders, his language revealing him to be Nicolai. Further noise in the dark reveals it is Countess Rembecki who has snatched the inventor. Arceneaux h
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  • CrewPosition=Ezekiel Michael Drake| Full Name= Ezekiel Michael Drake|
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