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  • in the city-state of Rignariom, in the country of Vilmir (see ''Atlas'' Like all of Vilmir's cities, Rignariom is a place of lawful order. It
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  • ...nes of the Devil, or visit their animated skeletons as they jam on a plain of black glass. can hear some of their new songs if you sacrifice something important of yours to a radio.
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  • ...s only intended for listing links to homebrew settings, with a single line of description. Hate or rave texts do not belong here and will be deleted. ...xist but do not mix and openly break one another down. For d20 with a lot of new rules.
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  • ...ship through an area of matter, even matter as diffuse as a nebula's cloud of gas and dust is akin to flying a plane into a sandstorm. It will tear the s ...h additions, add ons, and other super tech devices take training and years of effort to truly master.
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  • ...low link to the [ wikipedia] history of events for that month and year. * '''December 24''': The Congress of the United States rejected Condoleezza Rice's request to restore $50 millio
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  • ...avage, primitive world where heroes forge their destinies amidst the ruins of a fallen primordial civilization. ...a newly born pantheon of gods. However, there is plenty of room for heroes of other races and backgrounds as well, even the odd savage humanoid like Arag
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  • ...Mr. Welch can no longer do in a RPG]". A similar list from the perspective of a GM is "[[1001 things Mr. Raymond can't do when he GMs]]". # There is no Gnomish god of heavy artillery.
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  • ** a.k.a. '''Piao bo Jiao Kuang Feng''' (wandering dragon of the fierce wind) '''QUOTES''': (for in and out of game quotes)
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  • ...orad Pavic's ''[ Dictionary of the Khazars]''. ...onstruction of an encyclopedia describing some historical period (possibly of a fantastic world).
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  • Age - 24 :: Height - 165cm :: Weight : 55kg<br> ...ound, except for a single braided "rat-tail" that hangs down to the middle of her back. She has bright blue eyes and a classical beauty that often cause
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  • Before there was a World of Darkness ... There was the First Age of Man.
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  • ...nday Gregorian calendar]. <br> <br> In Germany, 1888 is known as the Year of Three Emperors and is also a secret code to mean Adolf Hitler Heil Hitler ( : '''Reign of Queen Victoria'''
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  • are the rules for Marine Garrison life?). Nonetheless there is a lot of fun in random lifepath chargen. This takes me back to all those nights I s Age 29
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  • ...ue magics will not function on most other realms, to include his homeworld of Ebberon. ...efers most of the responsibility of ruling to them, trusting in the wisdom of the people to choose their rulers with care.
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  • The following is a listing of major Houses in the US. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, but doe Name of House
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  • ...Character Thread]. [ OOC Pt2] ...ult of [[Dropner the Earth Spirit]] (Runes Earth, Man, spirit and ?), part of the Earth Twins pantheon.
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  • Age : 24<br> ...ound, except for a single braided "rat-tail" that hangs down to the middle of her back. She has bright blue eyes and a classical beauty that often cause
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  • ...mless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.''" ...andate over the land and sky and seas. Before all this, the formless chaos of Tiamat and her offspring. After it, the Tempest.
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  • | Best Of The Wurst | [ Buy]
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  • ...erek Empire]] unites most the human kingdoms, soon coming to dominate most of the continent. ...mpire and the trading post quickly grows into a great city. While the name of the city is [[Arany]], most soon begin referring to it simply as the Golden
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  • «Random_Nerd» Held on to more, though, because Beth's machine uses some of the same parts.<br> «Angelo» apropos of nothing I must report that waxing my mustache from Saturday make me no more
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  • '''The Great Expedition''': ''an adventure of exploration for '''Traveller: New Era'''.'' In a fragile alliance of recovered worlds on the fringe of a once-massive human civilization, the flame is lit again.
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  • '''Mendicant Bias of a Forgotten Era''' ...stantly flowing net of strands being constantly woven and unwoven made out of imperishable silver fire. It’s voice sounds monotone and clipped. It’s
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  • Age: 160 ...out of his face, which always maintain the confident and intelligent gaze of an experienced commander.''
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  • ...been on the Isle since the dawn of sentiency, though only a small portion of their history is documented. ...sle of Lumen. Their histories are scattered at best, but a healthy amount of information has been gathered about their past.
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  • [[Category:PBP]][[Category:Legends of Anglerre]][[Category:The Dawn After Steam]] This is a Play by Post game run at RPGnet, using Legends of Anglerre. It is grounded in a collaboratively created setting.
    4 KB (612 words) - 17:56, 24 June 2010
  • [[Dawn of the Third Age]] <br>[11:39] <Brazen_Sand> Geez, this is the Tomb of Horrors of chatrooms
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  • ...nder the pretense that it was simply to help toughen her up. So when talks of succession began to creep up Terbish decided it was finally time for her to ...t did not take long for her skill with bow and spell to draw the attention of the Wayfarers, and after a few trials was deemed worthy to be counted among
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  • '''Age:''' Mid-twenties-ish ...ditch the choking winter coat he always used to wear. Through some miracle of [[Winters | Winters']], Elias has learned to vary his wardrobe. He still co
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  • [[Dawn of the Third Age]] ...eth> New command: ".exf <number> <br>[<number> <number> ...] <br>[x<number of repetitions>] <br>[TN<target number]"
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  • ==This is a story of Time== ...entropy until they would all stand or fall in the test of time. It dreamed of the many myriad things causality would create, and continued to wait, silen
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  • 1d100=86]: ''“The wise man learns from the deaths of others.”'' *Caves of Steel
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  • [[Category:A Resource For First Time Players in My World of Greyhawk Setting.]] ...-economic and political elements from a game supplement entitled The World of Greyhawk published 30 years ago for TSR's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 1st
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  • [[Dawn of the Third Age]] ...xalted 2nd: Dawn of the Third Age / OOC Channel / Next session on the 28th of January
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  • = Imperator - The Shepherdess of Light = 3. Enlightenment arose, and so did I, Whole, Complete, bearing the Gifts of Aether (b), Light, Vaveram (c), Maricarum (d), Endeon (e), and Causality.
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  • ...dom_Nerd» Kudzu sits on the table, a cat-sized collection of small pieces of brick.<br> ...It's very important, sir. It deals with the Council, prophecy and Outside of the Wall."<br>
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  • Expertise (from Jack of all trades) 4 Sleight of Hand 4
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  • ...when we ended our last session, you guys had just met the Littlest Serpent of Doom.<br> ...ry cute. And lil. I expect him to be drawn by Jill Thompson in the comic of our exploits.<br>
    66 KB (11,510 words) - 03:50, 16 May 2011
  • ...nfo from Ymera Jan ben Jan makes sense in light of what we saw on the text of the books."<br> «Theresa» "William, do the Aides have data on the whereabouts of Abhorrent Weapons.:<br>
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  • ...ternus'', perhaps a new age of glory lies ahead for this embattled remnant of Imperial might. ...ced a number of battleships for the Imperial Navy and numerous other ships of lesser classes.
    10 KB (1,556 words) - 01:18, 10 June 2011
  • ...finally! (for some reason, we tossed all our boxes in my library instead of dealing with them)<br> «Verithe» I don't think WoW cards have any value, since a ton of them are just given away and I don't think it's completely wrong to have a
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  • ...52] *** Topic on #celestialdeliberative is: Exalted 2nd: Dawn of the Third Age / IC Channel ...n be brought from wherever she's being held, and people begin to drift out of the Deliberative Hall to the various lobbies and antechambers surrounding i
    40 KB (6,618 words) - 15:14, 17 July 2011
  • ...he moon with the others, you can tell immediately there has been some kind of warp disturbance. It takes you a bit longer to realize that you are now wea ...era cover the walls. You are alone, and the only light is cast by a circle of candles and a large pict-screen window which shows the planet below, a brig
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  • ...ath like his adopted mother. Takers were the elves that learned the skills of thieves, ostensibly to guard elven lands, but were considered somewhat shad a 'Special event' - which he wouldn't have survived without a gladiator rebellion breaking out that eve. He managed his own escape that very night...
    5 KB (688 words) - 19:44, 8 August 2011
  • ...Knock. I was wondering... what made you think that everything was the end of the world, last session? Or was it just that Dante thought that and you we «Knockwood» Plus... well, did the Piece of the Apocalypse actually come from outside the wall? That's what Dante & I w
    50 KB (8,706 words) - 00:33, 20 August 2011
  • ...Nob3? One is dedicated to Ftisk the other to me. She wishes me a life full of sweetness<br> ...the Windows .msi thing. I would've expected that using their default way of doing stuff would get a default installer that would generally, well, work.
    49 KB (8,395 words) - 05:21, 13 September 2011
  • ...t she frequently engages in physical activity. Her skin is the grey-white of granite. Her dark brown hair is shoulder length and generally worn lose. ...ey are often a deep and lasting ones. Medoina has a couple of those types of friendships.
    27 KB (4,392 words) - 20:26, 29 November 2011
  • =-= Topic for #Nobilis is ``First Nobilis of 2012, give or take 100 years.''<br> «lazarus» (age, that is)<br>
    48 KB (8,091 words) - 06:38, 6 February 2012
  • [[File:Raven.png|thumb|alt=Picture of a raven|]] In Which Lady Blackbird is Converted for Exalted, Courtesy of Delacroix. Game run by Sovem.
    6 KB (998 words) - 09:35, 25 March 2012
  • ...r Righteous Sage Bride, Panther flight has suffered under an unusual quirk of Fate; as long as it is headed solely by women pilots, the Flight prospers. ''The merchant of pain''
    6 KB (911 words) - 19:56, 5 June 2013
  • [[In Search of Adventure:Home Page]] ==Religions of Karameikos==
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  • ...d my RPGnet handle to Kinetic Energy Weapon, but I cannot change the title of this page. * [[Edge_of_the_Rebellion/Camie_Marstrap|Camie Marstrap]] (''Age of Rebellion'')
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  • ...from 1903 to 1905 and from 1909 to 1910 where they engaged rebels as part of the Philippine-American War.. ...ere wounded. However, they defeated the Mexicans, killing at least a dozen of them or possibly many more. The 13th Cavalry remained ready near the Mexica
    5 KB (734 words) - 02:29, 20 May 2013
  • Tsukiyama Imaidegawa is a character in [[Persona Gaiden: Shadows in the City of Light]], played by Alice Sara. ...age in their cultural festival activity, inadvertantly crushing the dreams of another class that had worked harder, but had less far fewer resources.''
    7 KB (1,118 words) - 19:44, 1 August 2013
  • Being a guide to the realm of the former Drakkath Empire, and surrounding lands. ...s in the Dawn War, casting down the Elder Gods and scattering their armies of servitors. Victory had come at a great cost, however. Gods, spirits and m
    206 KB (34,681 words) - 13:34, 7 January 2014
  • == Scene: The Followers of Lu the Fatherless meet with non-humans to overthrow the Invisible Empire.== '''Focus:''' ''Saint Xavata, revered by the Followers of Lu the Fatherless''
    21 KB (3,709 words) - 02:46, 16 December 2013
  • ...the heavens themselves have remained intertwined with man's understanding of gods and immanence. ...nd the divine and creator beings of the world, but that is not the purpose of this gazetteer. Rather, the intent is to provide a useful overview.
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  • <Random_Nerd> First half of my day revolved almost entirely about trying to get people on the phone.<br <Random_Nerd> It seems that most of us are sick or just worn out.<br><br>
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  • ...ether for your father, for the Imperium and most of all for the betterment of mankind its self. ...ate, they will succeeded and they will become a guiding beacon to the rest of the Imperium that together we are stronger than anything"''
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  • ...rior who suffers from amnesia, and has a mysterious birthmark in the shape of a horse's head on his left shoulder-blade; played by t@nya * '''[[Merryn]]''' of the old Ernaldan folk in Colymar. A shaman played by RoadScholar
    9 KB (1,556 words) - 08:56, 12 September 2018
  • ...phrases even, in Stormspeech, something that marked him out, for the rest of his childhood, as something special. And there's the rub. ...o find the old man in a drunken stupor, with only insults for the boy. One of the clan ring stepped in to sponsor Boltar but when, some weeks later, the
    26 KB (4,165 words) - 15:14, 14 August 2018
  • ...e Age of Rebellion rules, but players are welcome to use content from Edge of the Empire as well. {{:Edge of the Rebellion/Koyi Dura}}
    603 bytes (94 words) - 17:03, 18 September 2014
  • = Unwanted Heroes of Shenzhou = '''''A campaign wiki for a game of Tianxia - Blood, Silk & Jade'''''
    4 KB (590 words) - 17:21, 20 June 2017
  • ...omes from a backwater's backwater, a rural farming community in the sticks of an already marginal Outer Rim world. A year ago she didn't have anything bi ...les' lives like that. Maybe it made her a little shallow, that the tyranny of the Empire had to affect her personally before she cared about it. But bett
    3 KB (405 words) - 16:10, 18 September 2014
  • ...e below as an example. Instead of just saying "player character whatever," of course, it should be a link to their sheet. The below is provided purely as *[[Donmar the Daedal Hand of Tyche]], Cleric 3, AC: 6, HP: 12/12, Morning Star 9+, 1d10; Sling 9+, 1d4;
    30 KB (4,642 words) - 02:48, 16 June 2015
  • ==Mythos of Tyrath== ...Cytan, who knows all that was, is, and may yet be, and cares for the souls of the dead.
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  • ...out. The opposite is also true, however and Haman has set a notable amount of resources into finding and wiping out the remaining adherents. ===Before and During the time of Narem-Kumat (-2,250 to 0 CA)===
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  • [[The Wilderlands of Absalom]] ...'s company had fought the goblins and beasts to a standstill at the Battle of Autark. Calling on the few surviving warriors to make one last effort, Zaha
    8 KB (1,233 words) - 09:24, 10 February 2016
  • ==The Creation of the Universe and Polesia== ...ars, great clouds of gas, and minerals of the planets come the first forms of life.
    53 KB (9,043 words) - 04:47, 27 April 2019
  • ...sion and the parasitic Kindred that follow them into the uncharted corners of the map, the chronicle is about claiming new and mysterious lands and how t ...the world and whose loyalty will they cling to while they climb the ladder of power?''
    19 KB (3,226 words) - 02:32, 15 November 2016
  • of the Emperor’s minions, agents of Senator Bail Organa have fled to a
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  • [lots of stuff] ...Rubble, we secured Balastor's Barracks and Balastor himself, in the guise of an axe, now held by Jaroltor. This was perhaps the first act that got us tr
    5 KB (855 words) - 11:15, 21 June 2017
  • ''"Don't mock me, my friend. It's a condition of mental divergence.'' ...cing reality for me in every way, nevertheless Ogo is actually a construct of my psyche. I am mentally divergent, in that I am escaping certain unnamed r
    114 KB (18,667 words) - 21:59, 15 October 2017
  • [[Category:Age Of Rebellion]] Welcome to the wiki for "Damned Rebels", a Star Wars PBP using FFG's Age Of Rebellion ruleset.
    2 KB (359 words) - 07:59, 8 December 2017
  • Age: 25 years<br> ...She generally has a wide, friendly smile on her face. Her demeanor is one of good cheer and boundless energy and self-confidence. She is at her best und
    12 KB (1,955 words) - 10:41, 8 April 2018
  • ...s that bursts like that may occur more frequently than we thought but some of them are "dark" bursts that our equipment has difficulty detecting. ...e got destroyed in a global shockwave. This is another mystery, since most of the radiation that reached the surface was UV radiation that does not affec
    5 KB (826 words) - 22:11, 24 March 2018
  • *[[Krystal of Ason]] ...rophecy of a revealed dwarven cave. We gifted her an art objects as a show of good faith.
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  • Slight of Hand: 30 ...king and petty crime he did well in school and went to the City University of New York for creative writing where he managed to get a couple short storie
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  • ...s ago. In Its Name, they go forth and the destroy the powerful and unjust of the city. -- A Poem by Nael, Age 6.
    4 KB (612 words) - 22:08, 19 March 2019
  • ...just above average height and has an athletic frame despite his 'advanced' age. | Age
    5 KB (861 words) - 17:01, 18 March 2019
  • In the Shadow of Elsport is a play-by-post campaign of the RPG Blue Rose. The GM is Nick the Nevermet. ...t of the lost tomb of Delsha Artanis, slowly poisoning the earth and souls of the city?
    24 KB (3,832 words) - 19:28, 6 September 2019
  • Lyta grew up in aristocratic luxury. While she acclimated to the discomforts of military deployment decades ago, she also craves shore leave. ...hort, pale human woman with wavy dark hair and black eyes in active middle age. She is often seen disheveled after crawling through some maintenance hatc
    7 KB (1,182 words) - 09:00, 31 January 2020
  • Prismatic Spray is a Stars Without Number (Revised) game using the Codex of the Black Sun supplement. .../index.php?threads/interest-recruitment-stars-without-number-revised-codex-of-the-black-sun-space-fantasy-final-destination.858933/ Recruitment] | [https
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  • ...orts around the great flag ship of the navy of Amber, much to the pleasure of it captain, Admiral Jopin. ...other approaching. Tall, wide, blond, and a stranger to him, thinks Brand of the Dungeons.
    18 KB (3,315 words) - 08:45, 25 August 2022
  • ...orts around the great flag ship of the navy of Amber, much to the pleasure of it captain, Admiral Jopin. ...other approaching. Tall, wide, blond, and a stranger to him, thinks Brand of the Dungeons.
    28 KB (5,211 words) - 10:00, 14 August 2023
  • | Deliberately activate End of Night by maxing out your Vice track. | If the job got out of hand.
    9 KB (1,465 words) - 07:18, 5 July 2020
  • :'''Any other details''': Age 18, 5’4”, 49kg/108lbs, moon-pale skin, night-black hair, amethyst eyes :Sleight of Hand* (DEX)
    3 KB (468 words) - 10:33, 25 February 2021
  • '''<big>The Journals of Jeweled Amber: Relmopator Barimen</big>''' "I just saw one of the funniest things I ever saw. Someone gave Alexandir Kos Korag an order t
    1.22 MB (231,502 words) - 20:46, 13 November 2021
  • ...ety of clock making tools and gears and pieces. In a corner is a very out of place Star Fleet replicator.</br> Walking to a small set of sofas and mix matched chairs and a small coffee table. Several cats wander
    37 KB (6,995 words) - 03:58, 28 June 2021
  • Holfins father died with defending the Temple of Sartar from dragonewts. ...u thinking of him, the mind is the mirror of the soul, the body the mirror of Ancestry. Existence is merely recursion''''
    11 KB (1,717 words) - 07:06, 18 January 2022
  • ..., following in the footsteps of her parents, for the sake of a galaxy free of the empire.
    1 KB (203 words) - 11:43, 22 August 2021
  • '''<big>The Journals of Jeweled Amber: Relmopator Barimen</big>''' =='''<big>Volume One: The Vampire of the Dungeons'''</big>==
    860 KB (158,914 words) - 20:28, 7 November 2021
  • ...ns and evil Men from Wildspace, the Emperor is slowly extinguish the light of freedom. == BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DRAGONSTAR EMPIRE ==
    49 KB (8,118 words) - 10:53, 4 January 2022
  • ...periphery of the Third Committee of the Union, but not directly controlled of the Union itself. Development and integration would, under ThirdComm's hand ...Union moved into action. Slowly, of course, but with the inevitable power of continental drift.
    12 KB (1,878 words) - 15:54, 18 September 2022
  • ...ueen Leika in 1615, Asborn returned to his fortified farmhouse at the base of the Starfire Ridges and openly defied Blackmoor. When Leika returned to Sar ...en up with leading worship and teaching spells. His son Baranthos is chief of the Ernaldoring clan; Dunorl’s sister Yanioth is the Asrelia Priestess at
    19 KB (3,193 words) - 11:22, 7 November 2023