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  • ...e Memphis on Osiris, access the records there to get information on Joshua Drake, Valerie Sampson, and also possibly find the drug Valerie had developed to ...ce corridor. The smell hits us first. Musty. Obviously disused. It’s dark, lit only be emergency lighting. It’s a jarring contrast to the white an
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  • ...htfully, and Harry seemed to be weighing something. "What do you need, Mr. Drake?" Her tone was not unfriendly, nor overly cool. Merely neutral and calm. ...ave away nothing. "Empty flattery is unbecoming a man of your talents, Mr. Drake." Harry's tone remained as calm as ever. "The desire to interact with someo
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  • “It was a very nice carpet, of course.” Ezekiel Drake quickly agreed. He sat opposite her in the cab and leaned forward in echo ...o keep England’s enemies in check.” Josephine Arceneaux stirred beside Drake, leaving off staring sightlessly out the window and focusing on the two who
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  • ''But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.''<br> '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']]<br>
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  • ...The ongoing exploits of our merry band of adventurers can be perused [[The Dark Corners of the Earth: The Story So Far ... | ''here.'']]'''</span> <br><br> '''[[Ezekiel Michael Drake | Ezekiel Michael Drake]]''' – The Egalitarian Eccentric – Noted Chartist and Museum trustee. (
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  • *'''20 Oct 1867''' - [[A Walk With Drake]] - (RP: Josephine and Ezekiel) Return to [[The Dark Corners of the Earth: The Story So Far ... | '''''The Story So Far ... '''
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  • I filled my lungs and warned Beignet and his party off. Mr. Drake, Miss Fleming, and I had no choice but to find an alternate route out of th I lingered only long enough to personally thank Drake and Miss Fleming, and apologize to her butler for my trying behavior, then
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  • '''[[Ezekiel Michael Drake | Ezekiel Michael Drake]]''' – The Egalitarian Eccentric – Noted Chartist and Museum trustee - '''Barrimore''' - Ezekiel Drake's manservant - '''16 Aug 1867'''<br>
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  • person and fiancée of Mortimer. Ezekiel (middle name not yet known) Drake, a moneyed eccentric; Flora Spenser, a kept woman and amnesiac, Mrs. Helena ...shoulders, his language revealing him to be Nicolai. Further noise in the dark reveals it is Countess Rembecki who has snatched the inventor. Arceneaux h
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  • CrewPosition=Ezekiel Michael Drake| Full Name= Ezekiel Michael Drake|
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  • her hands and tried again to understand just what it was about Ezekiel Drake that made her wish to earn his good regard and having earned it, keep it.<b to attend the party and you are right, I am unused to the nobility, Mr. Drake."<br><br>
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  • I found it toward the back, an improbable spot of red amidst a clump of dark green. Lifting it gently from its perch, I saw it was an origami butterfly '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Marina_Kseniya_Sebastien | Rina's C
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  • ...I grabbed that girder and it resisted, then inched aside. It was getting dark from the smoke, getting hard to breathe, the fire and the shouts from the c '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Marina_Kseniya_Sebastien | Rina's C
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  • ...them dirty. You'd at least let me explain myself before I went into the dark.&quot; A nonchalant shrug and a tilt of her head, she waited for his respo ...g and seeming to get comfortable. &quot;But before we settle into trading dark stories of our pasts, I've got a question. &quot;What do like for a woman
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  • “Ezek—Mr. Drake. Pray forgive me, I did not see you standing there,” Josephine said, dro ...ine gathered her scattered wits and asked, "Have you broken your fast, Mr. Drake? I believe we may still find something at table. Shall we look?"<br><br>
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  • ...ent events had taken. Personal crises, imperial crises, magic gone awry. Dark things indeed. ...oured onto sacrilege had seemed to luck into a fine choice of mate. Msgr. Drake was a silly, insignificant fluff headed dunderblock. In short, the perfect
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  • ...m, the spins around again, and smiles embarrassedly at Ezekiel. "Monsieur Drake, you startle me. I did not see you come in by another route. Your timing ...nts of contentment. "I'm supposed to be drawn to and quite talented in the Dark Arts."<br><br>
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  • ...ked up the last shirt, a shirt hanging off to the right caught his eye. A dark red, almost burgundy in color, the shirt had a row of small gold buttons a use the word dapper?_), including one with a steel gray jacket and a dark red patterned vest that was really striking. But much like Nika, he couldn
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  • “I am fully aware of the situation, Mr. Drake.” Josephine said evenly, her chin level and her back straight, her pride "Mr. Drake.” Josephine steeled herself and faced him square. “I promise I shall ma
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  • Ezekiel Drake stepped through the doorway of his hotel room out into the hallway, his min ...long with a small bowl of mixed fruit, delightfully arranged. He plucked a dark red grape from the bowl and held it up towards Katherine's mouth. "Speaking
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  • ...ot; she stated, the words like percussive blows. &quot;I'm shooting in the dark, but if you took that finger in order to study it for some god unknown reas '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Kiera Sullivan | Kiera's Crew Page]
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  • ...stood needing some time. Prompted by his friendly offer to talk, something dark and hidden had surfaced from Kiera's past. And Kiera had made it crystal cl ...ven the lights in the corridor in front of her door were dimmed and almost dark. As he stood there in front of the door, a small plate of food from lunch i
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  • ...age upon hearing her shoot that man in the head had coalesced into a cold, dark fury and he wasn't sure he liked it very much. He wanted this revolver gone ...ed a pleading fear and infinite sadness before the fury reasserted itself, dark and resentful. "That’s one for each of you," she answered coldly through
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  • He has also received information that Ezekiel Drake has been attacked en route to the Surete and Selene Dashwood has been abduc We wrestle open the doors and several bats fly out. Inside it’s dark and grim and right away something doesn’t feel right. On the floor direc
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  • ''Damn you to hell, Ezekiel Drake''.<br><br> ...Journal and RP entries by our other players can be read'''''</span> [[The Dark Corners of the Earth: The Story So Far ... | '''here.''']]<br><br>
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  • ...mberg and Lake Bled we will also discover some irreligious overtones. Lord Drake could prove invaluable in understanding and thwarting these powers. Diploma ...readful as herself. Catherine knows my heart'', he assured himself. ''Lord Drake seems willing to take me on terms of at least valued employee. Even Bertie
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  • ...s, he made his way to the baggage car, still looking high and low for Lord Drake. The turmoil of his thoughts distracted him, thinking of Catherine, Joseph ...uch that concerns me." Dion sat on a trunk, more to convince the invalid Drake to sit then for his own comfort. "Our mission has no more clarity, and the
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  • ...e unlike London on those horrible days when the smog made even a sunny day dark and depressing. No question a day that she would need her parasol. She stoo ...ate, Ezekiel Drake and very much looking forward to being the Mrs. Ezekiel Drake."
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  • ...I do not believe I have had the pleasure of being introduced. I am Ezekiel Drake and it is an honor and a pleasure to meet you." He deliberately left the ti gave them notice. Well enough then. "Tell me about Chartism, Mr. Drake. I am not as familiar with it as I should be.”<br><br>
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  • ...rts on her part and on the part of Mrs Fitzhugh had calmed the gossip. Mr Drake had done nothing but call on her properly since then and she had endeavored ...ble. She had no reason to say no. She glanced about surreptitiously. Mr Drake had mentioned that he too had been drafted as one of the eligible men to at
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  • act as help and housekeepers are agreed upon as well as having Ezekiel Drake train the women in our party the arts of swordsmanship. We also decide tha Return to [[The Dark Corners of the Earth | '''''The Dark Corners of the Earth''''' ]]
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  • ...a way to get one for some time. She needed a job. Again, she studied him, dark and slender, his face and eyes not so young as they had been before. When t "Tall, dark, and skinny? Glasses? Uses a cane?" ''On a quest from God to find Excaliber
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  • ...ts on the ''Gift''. They scrambled up from memory anyway. Waking up in the dark. Finding that freshly sutured wound. The gas bomb and sick twist in my stom I dumped my duds in a heap by the door and softly shut it. It grew instantly dark but I knew the way to the bed regardless. I sat down on my side of it and s
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  • As he sat on his bunk, Joshua folded the last of the clothes he had bought, a dark red short sleeve shirt - no collar and these wonderful gold buttons. He fin .... I stepped closer to the glass and spied a man's leather jacket in a rich dark chocolate brown. Simple lines, zippered front, shirt collared. Just the sha
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  • ...he entered the family room, still sitting in a pair of comfortable looking dark pants and a long sleeved warm pullover. Her end of her hair, braided into s ...happens when you get used to something that doesn't belong to you, Joshua Drake. He pushed the irrational hurt down deep and brought himself into casual, u
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  • ...d in the cargo hold? It was too dark for me to see. And as to it being too dark, I'm sorry about that. I'm still chasing down why the emergency lights didn ...''extremely''' rattled by that nightmare and would like to leave it in the dark where it belongs. It's done, another pleasant leave-behind of the Blue Sun
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  • ...nt of sadness as she says baldly, "I miss my friend. It's... lonely in the dark. Even when there are people around."<br><br> ...and Joshua, go to''' [[Nika Earhart | '''Nika's Crew Page''']] or [[Joshua Drake| '''Joshua's Crew Page''']]<br>
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  • ...we ended it on an upbeat note. Andy wrapped it up before it could get too dark. LOL. Thanks, Andy!--Maer'''</span> <br> <br> ...lot of new situations. And with Nika healing, they were headed out of the dark.<br><br>
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  • ...ut he just nodded tightly and said, "Bear with me, ok? Dark places lead to dark thoughts and I'm having trouble shaking free of them these days." He lifted '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Marina Kseniya Sebastien | Rina's C
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  • ...ry of their meaning had made it very clear his feeling had a foundation in dark acts performed on the Equinox. ''My handlers would’ve been so disappointe But she '''was''' pretty. Long dark hair, worn over one shoulder the townsfolk had said. Her face was narrow,
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  • "Just let me be in the dark, Rina. Just let me be..." There wasn't a hole big enough to hide himself in ...nd knees as the headroom disappeared. I could feel the heat of him in the dark, could smell the musk of our lovemaking and the stink of fear wafting off h
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  • Kiplingskat - '''Velma Valentine''', Sassy Pilot - ''Jessica Simms'' - Xander Drake<br> Surgeon with a lust for all things dark and deadly, Toxicology prodigy, Black-market patron, Artist with a blade, G
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  • ...hopefully there would be no dreams of any kind, for once - just the quiet dark where he could rest until they were all rescued.<br><br> '''Go to''' [[Joshua Drake | '''Joshua's Crew Page''']] or to '''[[Marina Kseniya Sebastien | Rina's C
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  • ...n down his spine, Neecy looked pleadingly up towards the under side of Mr. Drake's chin. "The cost. The expense. The need for a trainer, a roost. The mess. obvious throat clearing cough, the hobbit looked up approvingly at Msr. Drake. "As you say. Travel. Why, what version of Grail Quest involves DRAGONS on
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  • He shook off the dark thoughts and stood up quickly and with purpose. ''No point in sitting here "It was a one of kind Joshua Drake that got turned into that puzzle," he said with a smile. "I could sketch it
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  • [[Episode 509: Joshua Drake, This Is NOT Your Life ... | Part 1]]<br> [[Episode 509: Joshua Drake, This Is NOT Your Life ... , Part Three | Part 3]]<br>
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  • [[Episode 509: Joshua Drake, This Is NOT Your Life ... | Part 1]]<br> [[Episode 509: Joshua Drake, This Is NOT Your Life ... , Part Two | Part 2]]<br>
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  • [[Episode 509: Joshua Drake, This Is NOT Your Life ... | Part 1]]<br> [[Episode 509: Joshua Drake, This Is NOT Your Life ... , Part Two | Part 2]]<br>
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  • ...Islamic foliage and creatures cleverly interwoven, the bedding of blue and dark bronze … They combined into a cohesive whole and Josephine was stuck imme ...ontain her pistol and yet shallow enough for her to find it quickly in the dark. A large oil lamp sat on the table, one to either side of the bed, their g
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  • skill than I'd expect an untrained witch to have. That or ... help from dark powers." Atella: "He mentioned the leaders of the group were a woman with long dark hair and a scar, a rogue trader..."
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