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--The Clash, Revolution Rock
--The Clash, Revolution Rock
[https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?828178-Spire-Ups-and-Downs IC Thread]
[https://forum.rpg.net/ IC Thread]
[https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?828270-Spire-Ups-and-Downs&p=21878181#post21878181 OOC Thread]
[https://forum.rpg.net/ OOC Thread]
[https://discordapp.com/channels/301313609693134851/346089327786459137 Discord Link]
[https://https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?828657-Recruitment-Spire-Straight-To-Hell&p=21911904/ Recruitment Thread]
GM: [https://forum.rpg.net/member.php?71711-MrPrim MrPrim]
GM: [https://forum.rpg.net/member.php?1750-DannyK DannyK]

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Revolution rock, it is a brand new rock

A bad, bad rock, this here revolution rock

Careful how you move, Mac, you dig me in me back

An' I'm so pilled up that I rattle

I have got the sharpest knife, so I cut the biggest slice

I got no time to do battle, hey

--The Clash, Revolution Rock

IC Thread

OOC Thread

Recruitment Thread

GM: DannyK

Player Characters

The Friend, played by Mr. Prim
Blood Witch (Fight, Sneak, Pursue, Investigate | Low Society, Crime)

Ravna Ascendere, played by KreenWarrior
Midwife (Deceive, Compel | High Society, Occult (Magic to Cloud the Mind))

Nemulith, played by Dirty Chai
Masked (Fight, Compel | Low Society, Crime, Order)

Zazie Dubois, played by Cannonball
Midwife (Fix, Fight, Deceive | Occult, Low Society, High Society)

Cain Xenis, played by EnigmaticOne
Firebrand (Fix, Fight, Deceive | Occult, Low Society, High Society)

?, played by Oznerol
? (Fix, Fight, Deceive | Occult, Low Society, High Society)


Faces of Spire

Harrow, the cell's Magister.

Places of Spire