Spire: Police And Thieves

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Revolution rock, it is a brand new rock

A bad, bad rock, this here revolution rock

Careful how you move, Mac, you dig me in me back

An' I'm so pilled up that I rattle

I have got the sharpest knife, so I cut the biggest slice

I got no time to do battle, hey' ' --The Clash, Revolution Rock

IC Thread

OOC Thread

Discord Link

GM: MrPrim

Player Characters

Echo, played by Cannonball
Bound (Fight, Sneak, Pursue, Investigate | Low Society, Crime)

Sarabande, played by Squidheadjax
Idol (Deceive, Compel | High Society, Occult (Magic to Cloud the Mind))

Brant, played by Meriss
Knight (Fight, Compel | Low Society, Crime, Order)

Quiescence, played by Cadaeic
Midwife (Fix, Fight, Deceive | Occult, Low Society, High Society)


Faces of Spire