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Thomas "Short Tom" Wraydon II, aka Spring Heel Jack Age 14

==Background== In the records of a certain French parish, Tom Wraydon is Thomas Ferrier, son of a local blacksmith and his lovely young wife. In truth, he springs from an affair with the infamous and terrifying Spring Heeled Jack, London's greatest burglar and thief. This a fact his mother kept her own close secret for the early years of young Tom's life. Nevertheless, his blood told- from the youngest age Tom was an unholy terror about his village. Brilliant, athletic, and clever as an imp, he led a pack of boys on all manner of daring exploits which usually upset the adults around them to no end. He also oozed childish charm, though, so nobody could stay mad at him long.

===Aspects=== Adorable Scamp, Headlong Troublemaker

==The War== At the onset of war in France, Tom's village was one of the first overrun, and became a regional headquarters for the invading Huns. When the infamous Jack learned of this news, he slipped behind the lines to seek out his lover and progeny. He found her alone- her husband had marched to war, and the boy was in gaol for trying to oppose the invaders. But no jail can stop Spring Heel Jack, not from inside or out! After their escape, the three had fled west, to London.

The boy was thrilled to learn of his true father and namesake, and the elder Thomas found himself much more enthusiastic for the prospect of fatherhood than he would ever have thought. No sooner had their associates taken to calling them "Long Tom" and "Short Tom" than he was teaching the boy everything he knew, including the Wraydon family secret- that he was not the first or even the second Spring Heel Jack, but the latest in a long line of Wraydon men to use the devilish mask and famous jumping boots in his daring exploits.

===Aspects=== Dual Citizen, Wears the Legend

==First Novel== Spring Heel Jack in [i]The Case of Two Devils[/i] When Spring Heel Jack lightens the British Museum's burden by one precious artifact, he finds that his mysterious client wants the Eye of Horus for much more than an illicit collection! Betrayed, stripped of his mask, and held captive, Thomas Wraydon learns that he has inadvertantly delivered the Eye to [i]Chronos the Crimson![/i] Now his only hope lies in a rescue by the dashing La Maupin, aided by... Spring Heel Jack?!?

===Aspects=== Passed the Acid Test, Hero Worshipper

===Club Mentor Novel=== Scarlet Fleet and Spring Heel Jack in [i]Thieves of Time[/i] Scarlet Fleet, Lady Thief is as skilled as any two men- but when the Century Club must retrieve the incredible CHRONOMETRON from the lair of Doctor Diabolous, it's a job for three! Only one man has the criminal genius to help her- Spring Heel Jack! But can she track down the elusive legend in time to stop Diabolous and save the world?

===Aspects=== Maybe Just a Myth, Varied Foes

==Co-Starring Novel== Black Mantis and Spring Heel Jack in [i]Murderer's Masque[/i] After the disappearance of his mother and father, Spring Heel Jack goes searching for answers in Paris, where the trail leads him to the home of another man he once called father... And a cooling body. Meanwhile, searching for his old nemesis Shokap Re in the shadows of Paris, the Black Mantis discovers a trail of brutal daylight murders- committed by a man in a demon mask. Can Spring Heel Jack survive a deadly case of mistaken identity long enough to discover who's really at fault and find those he loves? Can Black Mantis unravel a thick web of deceit to uncover the deadly truth? And when an enemy more terrible than any they've faced before gets the drop on them both, can the two masked men overcome their distrust to stop him together?

===Aspects=== Missing Loved Ones, Subject of Dark Mutterings

===Guest Starring Novel=== The Mysterious Vox and the Century Club in [i]The Man Who Never Existed![/i]

After a decade under Lama Samteng's tutelage, Blake's mother Samantha reveals that his late father was a member of the Century Club, in America, and that the time has come for him to claim his legacy as a Centurion. Bidding the lamas of Muktinath a fond farewell, with promises to return, the Sextons make the long journey back to New York City and the Century Club--only to discover that the Club claims never to have heard of his father, Kendell Sexton! What foul mesmerism holds the noble Century Club in thrall? Why is only Spring Heeled Jack, youngest and newest member of the club, unclouded by the touch of evil? And can the quick wits of the Boy Criminal Genius and the awesome wisdom of [i]The Vox[/i] save them before all is lost?

===Aspects=== Purity of Youth, The New Guy


Superb: Athletics Great: Burglary, Sleight of Hand Good: Alertness, Intimidation, Stealth Fair: Fists, Resources, Engineering, Resolve Average: Endurance, Academics, Might, Weapons, Contacting

==Stunts== Acrobat, Mighty Leap, Marathon Training, Fast as a Cheetah, Criminal Mind, Hatpin Maestro, 2x Personal Gadget

Devil Mask

Personal Gadget (Artifact?):(Improvements: Armed, belches "Green Fire" knockout gas; Upgrade, eyes glow brightly- +2 to cause a fright; Substitute intimidate for weapons to use gas)

Spring Heel Boots

Personal Gadget (Improvements: Craftsmanship, +1 athleticism; Upgrade, +2 for Jumping; Upgrade, +2 for Sprinting)

Other (normal) possessions: Metal climbing claws, A small house in London with a workshop (and stashed loot representing much of his Resources)