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This wiki is for my PBP game by the same name, using the Star Wars 5th rules



Episode I

The Dathomir Darkness

It is an age of fragile peace.
Though the Treaty of Coruscant ended
the Great Galactic War it gave almost half
of the Galaxy to the dark forces of the Sith Empire.

As a wounded Republic struggles
to rebuild, the Sith prepare in secret
to invade and crush the last defenders of
liberty. Again the spectre of war stalks the galaxy!

Heroes gathered by the Survey Guild of
the Republicare urgently dispatched from
Coruscant to the Outer Rim world of Dathomir
to negotiate with the local Czerka Corporation and
prevent a massacre. Mercenaries hired by the corporation
are eradicating the Kwi natives of Dathomir as mere savage
animals even though the Survey Guild has declared them sentient.

Little do they know that the Sith
Empire is searching for a dark secret on this
half-forgotten world, a secret that might spell doom
for not only the Republic but life itself within the Universe...


The game is set around 8 years into the Cold War period after the Sacking of Coruscant. The heroes had been summoned to the Republic Survey Guild on Coruscant. They are being assisted/hired to go to help negotate a peace between Czerka Mining and Industrial[1] and the native Kwi[2] on the Outer Rim world of Dathomir.

Up until recently Czerka Corp had been using the native Kwi as simple animal beasts of burden as they were believed to be non-sentient but a recent Republic Survey Team discovered that their are indeed sentient. But as the Kwi languages is near untranslateable the corporation still does not believe them. Troubles started when the Kwi began attacking corporate officals and miners, killing serval. This has resulted in the corporation hiring a number of mercenaries to wipe them out in the area. The Survey group wants the heroes to prevent this.

Dathomir is a lush jungle world also full of a number of fresh water lakes, mountains and shallow seas. The weather is generally pleasent although large storms can hit various parts of the planet during different seasons. Czerka Corp has one Space Port on the planet called Footfall which is also the name of the planets only settlement in the northern hemisphere where their main corporate headquarters is located and most of the miners are based.

There are also a few shattered Human primitive cultures in the southern hemisphere who are believed to originated from an ancient colony that fell to barbarians in ages past. Czerka has little to no contact with them as they do not mine in that area.

The Republic Survey Guild team is made up of four members and a translator droid able to communicate with the Kwi. The heroes are to make contact with them and Czerka corp to try and resolove the situation before the natives are massacured by the mercs.

The Survey Guild members are Melontor Gelakirm (an Aqualish male[3]; the Survey team leader), Crad'wovaz (a Twi'lek male[4]; the teams geologist), Stosrai (a Zabrak female[5]; the teams droid and computer specialist) and Prote Riem (an Ardennians female[6]; teams mechanic and survey pilot/mapper). Also includes "Aido 3" (a AX-IDO translator droid[7])


Caron Halla @Stormraven Scoundrel 5 Human 44 18
Vin Bolso @thebigh Scout 5 Human 54 20
Lykka Sataar @Gremlin Jedi 5 Mirialin 49 20/19*
Aesix Goddeq @jmucchiello Jedi-5 Zabrak 54 21/19*
NPCs :(
Misiahl Kuzef @Naphthalim Soldier 5 Miraluka 64 18
Jarim Dso @Nate_MI Jedi 5 Mol Calmari 44 17
* without an ignited lightsaber.


Hero's Ship & Droid Ally

The heroes have been assigned a Republic Transport ship to take them there. If no one has piloting and/or computer use (to plot a course) there is an NPC Astromech Droid (T3-D1 "Ted"; see below) that can preform these functions.

KT-600 Light Freighter[8]
Colossal Transport
Man/Atk mod -6/+2; Senses sensors +2; AC 12 (armor +8) + pilot’s Dex or Int mod (max +2); HD 10, HP 200, Hardness 12, SR 15, Threshold 62; Speed 300 feet (max. velocity 1,500 mph), fly 6 (starship scale); Strength bonus +22; Abilities Str 44, Dex 10, Int 14; Crew 3 (min 1 w/no gunners), Passengers 6, Cargo 80 tons, Consumables 2 months; Availability Licensed, Cost 150,000; Hyperdrive x2 (navcomputer), backup x12
Weapons: Two Duel linked laser cannons Turrets (two gunner turrets): Damage 5d10 x2 energy, Range 1,000/5,000 (2/10)

2nd Degree T3 Astromech Droid (T3-C3 'Tac-ee'[9]), Small sized droid Scout 3
Destiny Points 3 (1d4+1), Dark Side 0
Armor Class 17 (unarmed)
Hit Points 34 (HD 3d8, Second Wind 1d8+3); Damage Threshold 17 (recovery +4, begining of the round)
Speed 20 feet (wheels)
STR 10, DEX 12 (+1), CON n/a, INT 17 (+3), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 11
Saving Throws Dexterity +3, Wisdom +4
Proficiencies Pistol, Rifle, Simple; Light Armor
Skills Computer Use +7, Galactic Lore +5, Investigation +5, Mechanic +7, Perception +4, Pilot +3, Techology +5, Thievery +5
Feats Shake it Off (recover from reeling at beginning of round), Skill Expertise (Computer Use, Mechanic), Skill Proficiency (Technology and Thievery), Tech Specialist (create upgrades to tech), Z-G Training (not at disadvantage in zero gravity)
Talents Fast Repairs (half rounds for jury-rig or restore/reroute power), Jurry Rig (advantage with Mechanics to do short term fixes), Mechanic (double HP restored with mechanics check)
Senses passive perception 14; Languages Binary, Basic (understand only), Duros (understand only)
Traits (Systems) Heuristic Processor, Basic Probe Appendages, Wheeled Locomotion, Magnetic 'Feet/Pads', Small Size, two sets of built in Tools (Repair kit and Stun Pistol), Astromech Navcomputer, Tech Specialist feat
Stun Pistol. (50 pc). Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, one target; Hit: 3d6+2 energy. Stun Only. Range 50/300ft
Extra Gear: Built in Navcompuer and Repair Kit. Also has the hyperspace route to Dathomir from the Duros Trade Run bouy system (via Bespin). To plot the final course through the Navcompture is a DC20 with this data (it would be a 30 without it or an Advanced Navocompture system).


Dathomir Data File


The heroes can access the following data from the Republic Survey Guild and Holonet information...

Astrographical information
Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Quelli sector
System: Dathomir system
Suns: 1- Domir (Red Giant)
Moons: 4
Trade routes: None
Rotation period: 24 hours
Orbital period: 491 days

Planetary Data
Diameter: 10,460 kilometers
Atmosphere: Standard Breathable
Climate: Temperate comfortable throughout most of the planet. Colder near the poles.
Gravity: Slightly below Standard
Primary terrain: Jungle, with many canyons and valleys, massive caves, cliffs, forests, hills, mountains, rivers, swamps, tar-pits, and a few ice caps.
Points of interest: Dreaming River (said to cause various halluinations from those that drink from it. The Czerka has banned anyone of their employees from during so but the effects seem fairly mild and non-addicitve), Grey Wound (a very large canyon that cuts through much of the southern hemesphere), Howling Mountain (where most of Czerka is conducting their mining operations at. Gets it name from the strange howling like sounds that echo through the mountains), Red Cliffs (south of the Howling Mountains and very distrintive colored rocks here that almost appear to be blood), the Swamplands (farther south of the Red Cliff, a very extensive and massive salt water swamp that extended to the sea serveral hundred miles southward).
Unusal Features: Much of the world's land masses and seas are covered by a thick reddist tinted mist perpetually, even during heavy storms. The coloration is caused by the Red Gaint Sun of the system. Most of the planet has not mapped or properly surveyed due to this phenomenon.
Flora (known): Brula fruit, Bleeding Gut, Blue coral, Fire lichen, Grave Thorn, Hydraatis, Mushling, various unidentified fungus and mulusks.
Fauna (known): Bane back spider (a fairly large spider like creature that can spray a deadly toxin as a defense against predators), Belonuk (a four legged saurian apex predator with very sharp teeth and claws, with a sharp boney head that it can ram prey with to stun or knock prone), Burra fish (edible amd tasty fresh water creature that can grow to be several meters in length), Nydak and Nydak Alphas (another species of semi-bipedal apex predators found mostly in the Red Hills region and Southern Singing Mountains. Their long fore-arms are heavily clawed and their brown hide is covered in sharp spikes. The alphas are even larger then the normal and weigh upwards of two tons), Regs (large lizard breats that walk on four legs. While they were tried to be used as beasts of burder by Czerka early on they proved to wild and stupid to functions as good ones. They can weigh serval tons), Veeka (red-plummed lizard-birds that are also edible but friendly and keep as pets by a few of the miners), and numberous unidentified snakes and lizards like creatures both large and small.
Government: Corporate or Tribal
Population: Czerka corporation personal 2,635. Unknown others. Native Kwi believed to be serveral million worldwide. Primitive Human population in the southern Hemesphere believed by to around 100,000.
Major cities: Footfall (only major city and location of space port)
Major exports: Ore
Major Imports: Food, machinary for mining, etc.

Dathomir is a remote and obscure planet in the Quelli sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Czerka Mining and Industrial has a contract with the Republic to mine the planet for various rare and profitable ores found here.

It is the home of the Kwi a cobalt blue saurian bipelled species. Due to their semi-upright movement patterns and near untranslatable speak patterns they had originally thought to be non-sentient but recently the Republic Survey Guild has translated their tongue and realized they are in fact sentient, just primitive.

There are two main land-masses surrounded by multiple small ones and multiple island chains within its shallow seas. The northern hemisphere holds one of the larger land-masses and is where Czerka has set up mining operations but only in one small area. Most of their mines are within 600 kilometers (400 miles) of Footfall, their space port and corporate headquarters. The northern land-mass has not been extensively explored past here and the lands of the southern hemisphere are even less well known. A few minor survey exploration did discover the Human tribes that live there on the largest of the southern land-masses. The group believes that these Humans might have belong to a long forgotten colony that was established here in a distant past but that they fell into barbarianism. There are no records of this colony in the Republic archies so it is only a idea of what might have happened.

With so little exploration or the planet most of it is a mystory along with most of the animal and plant life that might be found here.

Other Species of the Old Republic and Beyond

Ability Score Modifier: +2 to Dexterity, +1 to Wisdom
Small Sized and Speed: base 25 feet. As a small sized creature, Ardennian gain a +3 size bonus to Stealth. However, their lifting and carrying limits is Strength x5lbs for basic encumbrance.
Darkvision: Ardennian has darkvision out to 60 feet.
Expert Climbers: Due to using all four of their flexible arms and their manipulative feet, the Ardennian have advantage on Strength (Athletic) checks when climbing. Furthermore, if any of these skill checks is a 9 or less, the Ardennian treats these rolls at if they rolled if was a 10. Climbing does not count as double movement for their Speed nor does it provide others with advantage against them.
Four Armed and Hand-like Feet: Ardennian have an additional set of arms and they can use their feet can act as additional hands when not moving. They may interact with an additional object or feature of the environment for free during your turn. They can carry an additional one-handed weapon using each of these extra arms, but cannot use the Versatile property of weapons carried in these extra arms. They gain +2 with grapple tests due to their extra arms. Their hands can be used for other tasks, such as opening doors, carrying lamps or comlinks, using tools, etc. without difficulty when they are not holding weapons. If not moving (Speed 0) and when not carrying any additional items the Ardennian gains +2 bonus to any skill that the GM deems would benefit from multi-limbs. Example could include Computer Use, Drive, Mechanic, Pilot, etc.
Languages: you can speak, read and write in Basic and Ardennesse

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 to Intelligence, -2 to Charima and +1 to Two other Attributes of the player's choice, due to extensive genetic manipulations. Seeing themselves and the pinical of evolution and treating all other species as lesser beings makes them rather unpersonable. Alternatively those that reject this manipulation they gain +2 to Intelligence only.
Medium Sized and Speed: base 30 feet
Cold Resistance: hailing from the frozen planet of Arkania the Arkanians have natural resistance from extreme colds. They have Resistance (PHB pg. 194) verses any cold damage and attack rolls with the cold descriptor are at disadvantage. Their skin counts as Winter Clothing for cold environmental conditions.
Darkvision: Arkanian can see in total darkness out to 60 feet
Upgraded Enhancements: as it is not unusual for an Arkanian to enhance themselves with internal and/or external cybernetics, they can start with up to 2 points of Strain in Cybernetics at no cost in credits. Those that reject this aspect of their species instead gain a bonus Feat of their choice so long as they qualify for it.
Languages: you can speak, read and write in Basic and Arkanesse

Ability Score Modifers: +2 to any one Attribute of choice and +1 to one additional Attribute of player's choice.
Medium Sized and Speed: base 30 feet
Cold Resistance: also from the frozen planet of Arkania the Offshoots have natural resistance from extreme colds. As Arkanian, their offshoots have Resistance (PHB pg. 194) verses any cold damage and attack rolls with the cold descriptor are at disadvantage. Their skin counts as Winter Clothing for cold environmental conditions.
Darkvision and Low-Light Vision: Arkanian Offshoots can see in total darkness out to 60 feet and ignore Dim light penalties.
Genetic Manipulation: As the Arkanian Offshoots have been specifically created to serve various roles within Arkanian society (as slaves of course) they gain a bonus Feat of their choice for free to somewhat reflect this roll.
Languages: you can speak, read and write in Basic and Arkanesse

Ability Score Modifiers: +4 to Strength, -1 to Dexterity, -1 to Wisdom
Medium Sized and Speed: base 30 feet
Continue to Grow all their Lives: The Feeorin have the unusal biology of growing stronger even while their bodies age up until their deaths. They suffer no ill effects from age to their strength. They also have advantage with Strength saving throws and Strength (Athletic) skill checks.
Great Fortitude: Feeorin gain +2 with Constitution saves.
Survivorist: Feeorin have learned how to survive almost anywhere after being forced off their homeworld thousands of years ago when it was destroyed. They gain proficiency with the Wisdom (Survival) skill and also have Advantage with it when making skill checks of it.
Languages: you can speak, read and write in Basic and Feeorinesse

Ability Score Modifiers: +1 to Intelligence, +2 to Charisma
Medium Size and Speed: base move of 30 feet
Bonus Skill: start with proficiency in any Skill of choice for free. The Khil are a dedicated and ambitious people, with little tolerance for laziness or time-wasting.
Hullepi Feeders: the Khil can draw part of their nutrional needs through the air and thus only require a fourth of the food and water required to survive and maintain health.
Natural Musicians: As the Khil breath through their hullepi tentacles that hang from their mouths they can produces increadible sounds and music from them. They have advantage with Charisma (Performce) skill checks.
Strong Willed: Khil gain +2 to their Wisdom saving throws.
Languages: you can speak, read and write in Basic and Khilese.

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 to Wisdom
Medium Sized and Speed: base 30 feet. They also have a Swim speed of 30 feet.
Breathe Underwater: as amphibious creatures, Selkath cannot drown in water.
Diplomates: due to the presence of the kolto on their homeworld of Manaan (in the Old Republic this is the only source), traders and diplomats flocked to their world. As such all Selkath learn how to deal with others from a very young age. They have proficiency in Charisma (Persuasion) for free.
Expert Swimmers: a Selkathi has advantage when using Strength (Athletics) checks when swimming. Furthermore, if this skill check is a 9 or less, the Selkath treats these rolls at if they rolled a 10.
Low-Light Vision: Selkath can see perfectly fine in Dim light conditions.
Natural Healers: Selkath gain advantage whenever they are making a Wisdom (Medicine) skill check.
Languages: you can speak, read and write in Basic and Selkath

Hyperspace Travel Notes for the Old Republic Era

During this time period of the Old Republic most hyperspace travel is conduced along trade routes that have numbers hyperspace bouys that help assist starship to travel through hypersoace. The more dangerous way is using advanced Navcomputers (for the time) to help establish routes. These routes don't last long as astrological bodies more and hyperspace anomalies form and fade. This is why the hyperspace bouys are so important and need constant upgrades for safe travel.

Starfighters of this era do not posses hyperspace engines but still include a combat-mech droid to assist the pilot during combat, etc. Astromech droids of the time and advanced Navcomputers can hold one to two navigation plots for non-hyperspace point between two points along a nonbouy route but there is still a danger to travel on them. These system can also help plot normal routes via the bouy systems.