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A Star Trek Adventures game set in the 2380's about the first Eclipse-class cruiser. Think X-Files and Mission Impossible... in space!



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Player Characters

Other Characters

Eclipse Crew (Main)
Eclipse Crew (Secondary)
  • Dr Jeliel: Male Deltan. Very popular with the female crewmembers. Often invited to private medical examinations in their quarters.
  • Dr Trix: Male Edosian. Friendly but oblivious medical doctor. Has no idea why Dr Jeliel is so popular.
  • Ghazatt: Female Bolian. Ensign. Supporting administrator of the command division. Far too cheerful and shares personal information unprompted.
  • Harrad: Male Orion. Starfleet Marine. Tasked by Tholov with keeping an eye on Kimi
  • Yott: Male Bolian. Ensign. Works at flight operations. Friendly and big appetite. Sometimes unlucky, especially when Kimi drags him into some shenanigans.

The Rogues' Gallery

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  • Noroth, Son of None: A Klingon the team saved on the Anfian orbital elevator.
  • Shrev, Javier, and Murr: Three would-be bounty hunters who bite off more than they can chew.

Setting Information

NX 77001 USS Eclipse
Factions Within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants

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Previous Episodes

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