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Name: Cascade (Cas)

Race: Human

Age: 28

Stats: DEX - 4; KNO - 3; MEC - 2; PER - 3; STR - 2; TECH - 4

Force sensitive - no

Skills: Dodge, Blaster, Streetwise, Forgery, Computer Programming and Repair, Droid Programming, Security

Equipment: Commlink (personal), pocket computer, datapad, computer tool kit, security tool kit, worklight, chronometer, medpac, sleeping bag, protective helmet, protective vest, blaster pistol, DimSim holographic projector, electronic lockpick, 110 credits.

Background: Cascade (Cas for short) is a human slicer, who went in on buying a ship with Eva and Zev having worked with them over the last couple of years. He has a handy sideline in forged documents. While he's happy to freelance for both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, any suggestion by more freedom-fighter leaning buddies that he actually join the Rebellion is met with gentle resistance.

At 6'1" he's a little taller than the average human male, with blond hair and light green eyes. He tends towards clothes with lots of pockets and an air of general dishevellment. He's not much for showy gestures (at least, not where people can see them), and although he wears a blaster he prefers not to use it. If he has to give a name instead of a handle he goes by Castant Outis.