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Name: Sara Vene Gender: Female Race: Mirialan Age: 27

Attributes: DEX - 4D KNO - 2D MEC - 4D PER - 3D STR - 2D TECH - 3D

Force Sensitive - yes

Skills: Lightsaber 1 (DEX) Dodge 1 (DEX) Law Enforcement 1 (KNO) Space Transport 2 (MEC) Astrogation 1 (MEC) Space Transport Repair 1 (TECH)

Equipment: Lightsaber (Silver), blaster pistol, personal communicator, light combat armor, drifter outfit, Credits (TBD)

Bio: Raven black hair with pale grey eyes, athletic with a bit some curves here and there, and standing at about five foot and seven inches, Sara is not a typical example of her species, even including her own force sensitivity. She isn't very religious or spiritual, and isn't one to usually care all that much about hierarchy. Thus why she usually prefers to work in groups with no strongly defined structure to it. The most atypical thing however is her lack of tribal tattoos, something that would mark her very much as an outlier among her people. Born on a colony world at the edge of wild space, she was raised by her Human step-father and her Mirialan mother. Away from the homeworld, her mother didn't feel nearly as much of a rush to try and ingrain Mirialan culture or spiritual beliefs into her daughter... which meant that when her mother was taken in a raid by slavers when Sara was six there was no one to really teach such to her as her father didn't really understand much of it...

And considering that her father would die of an illness six years later, she had no real connection to the rest of her people. What she did have however, was a friend of the family... one who as it turned out, was a former (and mostly disillusioned) Jedi Knight in hiding who was making his way in life as a mercenary for hire. The man went by the name of Ocel, and was a friend of her fathers who'd been a low ranking officer in the clone wars. They had saved each other's skins on several occasions, and Ocel owed her father some favors, and thus swung by the colony to take her under his wing when she was left with no family.

It was during her time with Ocel that she learned how to fly a ship, and how to deal with the law. Both in working with it and how to avoid it when the heat was on. And as many loopholes as he could teach her. It was only around the time she turned 20 that they both discovered that she was sensitive in the ways of the Force... and it was around that time she also learned of his past.

Having spent a long time away from using many of his abilities, Ocel didn't make for a good teacher. But he did at least help her make her own Lightsaber and show her how to use it. She'd need to find someone more skilled to teach her more, assuming she got such an interest as she seemed plenty fine with possessing her own laser sword and didn't seem to inclined to go down the rabbit hole that would be Jedi training.

Shortly around the age of 22, she and Ocel got separated on Nar Shaddaa, leaving her on her own for once. Fortunately, knowing how to pilot ships and the tricks of a number of local security and law enforcement groups, it wasn't too hard for her to find work.

That said, her generally indifferent and sometimes irritable attitude (which she got some of from Ocel) didn't always lend itself to keeping her employed long term. Right now, she's looking for a new job and is offering her skills to any who need them. She tends to prefer being in the pilots chair than in the middle of a shootout, but she can handle herself just as well in the latter.