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Name: Zev

Stats: DEX - 4 KNO - 2 MEC - 3 PER - 4 STR - 3 TECH - 2

Skills: Blaster Dodge Streetwise Survival Persuasion Sneak Leaving one for a Mechanical/Technical Skill to help out on ship, although thinking about possibly medicine too

Background: Zev doesn’t say much about his background, but otherwise tends to be a little high strung. While he doesn’t elaborate much on his background, he does seem to calm down as he moves out into less developed space heading out to the Outer Rim. He grew up there, with a group of colonists clawing out a rough living on a frontier world, until he could scrap together enough credits to get a ride off world. He’s spent his life since then on the fringes of society, getting by on a series of dodgy scams and smuggling, not really getting ahead but not falling behind either. Zev thinks that is a better trade than scraping out a living farming.

Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol Vacuum Suit Commlink TBC