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=Useful Information=
=Useful Information=
Plans for the Arkoft facility provided by Ander Bose
Plans for the Arkoft facility provided by Ander Bose
[[File:Plans_v3.png|200px|thumb|left|Arkoft Plans]]
[[File:Plans_v3.png|200px|thumb|left|Plans provided by Ander]]
[[File:Blueprint.png|200px|thumb|left|Manufactory Layout]]
=Useful Links=
=Useful Links=

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A game run by strangebehaviour using the West End Games Revised Second Edition rules. Set after Star Wars: Rebels and beginning concurrent with Star Wars: Rogue One.

NOTE: This game will be using an alternate timeline.

Current Player Characters

Malckuss as Zalkan Rannek

mistermisterw as Kaia Tahlee

Aurebesh as Beshal Nyx

Karl Green as Crann Brarak

Maya Qwan as Keia Tamara

Former Player Characters

TigerWolfe as Ryg'gos "Icky" I'kle

Malkavian Grin as Kelsi Suroon

ncc2010 as Re'ikn Haffock

The Story So Far

Recently taken over by the Empire, Arkoft is a former corporate world of pliant workers and flighty teenagers who dream of hitching a ride somewhere more exciting. The crew of the Longshot Hypothesis arrive on on the planet with the mission of disrupting the manufacture of blasters and munitions, posing as one of the many trader crews who supply the food and supplies the planet can't provide for its population.

Their base is the Rat and Blaster, run by Ander Bose who is sympathetic to the cause but unwilling to put himself in the firing line. While Kaia, Icky, and Zalkan head out to scout the facility, Re'ikn and Kelsi stay behind with the droid R5. The others return to find them gone, having left a message that something has spooked them badly enough for Re'ikn to get Kelsi - a Force user - out.

In the meantime Crann arrives at the Rat and Blaster to activate sleeper agent Nyx, who has been posing as security at the local plant. Using the information they've gathered between them, the crew plans to hit the facility during the maintenance shift when it's quietest.

To be continued...

Useful Information

Plans for the Arkoft facility provided by Ander Bose

Plans provided by Ander
Manufactory Layout

Useful Links

In-Character Thread

Out-of-Character Thread

Recruitment Thread

Alternate Timeline