Star Wars: Built on Hope (WEG)

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A game run by strangebehaviour using the West End Games Revised Second Edition rules. Set after Star Wars: Rebels and beginning concurrent with Star Wars: Rogue One.

NOTE: This game will be using an alternate timeline.

Player Characters

ncc2010 as Re'ikn Haffock

Malkavian Grin as Kelsi Suroon

Malckuss as Zalkan Rannek

mistermisterw as Kaia Tahlee

TigerWolfe as Ryg'gos "Icky" I'kle

Useful Information

Plans for the Arkoft facility provided by Ander Bose TBC

Combat Tracks

An area to keep track of current combat encounters. Entirely optional.

Party Loot

An area to keep track of party loot that isn't carried by a certain character most of the time.

Useful Links

In-Character Thread

Out-of-Character Thread

Recruitment Thread

Alternate Timeline

D6 Holocron