Star Wars: Built on Hope (WEG) - Alternate Timeline

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The Alternate Timeline

The game takes place in the time period just after Star Wars: Rebels, around the time of Rogue One. The timeline diverges from the end of Rebels, as laid out in the opening post:

The Rebel Alliance attempt to liberate Lothal has failed. Ezra Bridger and his allies are presumed dead, although there are rumours the young Jedi was taken to Coruscant. Grand Admiral Thrawn has tightened the Emperor's grip on the system and restarted TIE Defender production. While its threat to the Rebellion can't be underestimated, there is talk of a greater threat - a planet killer meant to crush all resistance. But rebellions are built on hope, and each mission brings the galaxy one step closer to a new era of peace and freedom...

With Thrawn still around, the events of Rogue One go very differently. The Rebels never get the Death Star plans off Scarif and lose most of the fleet there. Including Princess Leia, so nothing from the original trilogy takes place. What this means is:
- No droids with plans on Tatooine;
- No Luke going off to rescue Leia
- No Han Solo
- No Millenium Falcon to get bugged, so no Battle of Yavin
- The Death Star is a real threat that can't be solved by deus ex Skywalker

Fearing the destruction of the fleet leaves them vulnerable, the Rebellion abandons Yavin and splits back into smaller cells. As Leia is already dead there's no need to destroy Aldreaan. Ryloth is destroyed in its place.

Grand Admiral Thrawn remains a real and present threat to be thwarted.

Welcome to the "this is why we need giant space whales" timeline.