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Beshal Nyx

specforce sniper (human)

Dexterity 4d Blaster 5d Dodge 5d

Knowledge 2d

Mechanical 2d

Perception 3d Search 4d Sneak 4d Con 4d

Strength 4d Brawling 5d

Technical 3d First aid 4d

Gear Blaster carbine (900) Blaster pistol (500) Headstrap macrobinoculars (200) Six power packs (150) Medikit (free) 250 credits +1d phys/energy armor that covers the chest and can be worn under clothing


eshal nyx is a man with dead grey eyes and the distinct yellow piping of the corellian bloodstripe on his pant legs. The way he dresses is reminiscent of an off duty soldier, and his eyes are usually obscured by a headstrap macrobinoculars. his weapons are a blaster carbine and a blaster pistol, both lovingly maintained. He has a light tread for a soldier, and under his clothes, his chest is a patchwork of scar tissue. (Took a near miss from a medium repeater). He came to this planet in search of work, as his last gig was up. He also is a fair liar. When stealth is called for, he dons a black sleeveless hooded cloak, which neatly conceals the carbine.