Star Wars: Built on Hope (WEG) - Keia Tamara

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Keia Tamara

Attributes: dexterity 4 knowledge 2 mechanical 3 perception 3 strength 2 technical 4

Skills: Blaster Dodge Security Computer programming and repair Space transport piloting Astrogation Sneak

Background: Keia was born and raised on Scarif, but her family were "relocated" to Coruscant under an Imperial program when she was a 13. It did not go well - her father died from hard labour in hazardous conditions, her older brother ran away from home and joined a swoop gang, leaving just Keia and her mother. They were poor. When Keia turned out to be smart at school, her mother begged her to study hard and get a good job. That meant going to the Imperial Academy.

Keia trained as a Lambda shuttle pilot / navigator and also proved adept with computer systems. But soon after her first posting to "Junction", a planet serving as a hub for asteroid miners, she discovered the Empire's cruelty. She attempted to help a Gigoran being persecuted (by hacking into systems to transfer credits and an operating licence to him) but her small act of rebellion was discovered and she was thrown into prison.

She got caught up in a breakout and found herself joining the Rebellion - believing its cause was more powerful than her promise to her mother to be a "good girl, keep her head down and mind her own business."

Apart from her technical skills, Keia is very quick and nimble and able to climb, jump, balance and sneak like a Scarifii island monkey.