Star Wars: Built on Hope (WEG) - Nic Hannish

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Name: Nic Hannish
Template: Outlaw
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Force Sensitive: No

Attributes and Skills[edit]

Dexterity 4D

Blaster 5D
Dodge 5D

Knowledge 3D

Streetwise 5D+1

Mechanical 2D+2
Perception 2D

Con 3D+1
Hide 3D
Sneak 3D

Strength 3D+1
Technical 3D

Move TBC
Force Sensitive? No
Force Points 1
Dark Side Points - 0
Character Points 7


Heavy blaster
Med Pack
Sensor pack
2x frag grenades
Synthrope dispensor
Blast vest
A device with a list of crimson Dawn operatives and contacts (special equipment)
650 creds cash


Nic is Crimson Dawn's 'ambassador' to the rebel alliance. Or at least that's what he says. He's in love with Qi'ra.

Or at least that's what he tells himself.