Star Wars: Ultimate Starfighting Championship

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This is a tournament of indomitable will, death-defying maneuvers, and vicious dogfighting!

Talented pilots from around the galaxy gathered on Byblos to test their mettle and push their skills to the limit! Thousands applied but only one-hundred and twenty-eight were accepted into the preliminary rounds.

After an exhaustive series of heads-up contests and elimination challenges, the field has been narrowed to the final 36 pilots!

Now, these 18 elite elements will embark upon the XXX and journey to the Outer Rim and the very edges of Wild Space. There, the tension will heighten as they battle fiercely to prove they are the best of the best... and claim the title of Ultimate Ace!

Welcome... to the Ultimate Starfighting Championship!

The Tournament[edit]

Current Standings[edit]

Standing Element Names Victories Popularity
1st Grand Masters Bud Abbott & Lou Costello 0 0%
2nd The Odd Couple Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau 0 0%
3rd OG Comedians Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy 0 0%
4th Saturday Nighters Chris Farley & David Spade 0 0%
5th Telethoners Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin 0 0%
6th Street Jumpers Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum 0 0%
7th UK Comedians Simon Pegg & Nick Frost 0 0%
8th Saddle Blazers Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor 0 0%
9th Shake & Bakers Will Ferrel & John C. Reilly 0 0%
10th Frat Packers Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson 0 0%
11th Rush Hour Renegades Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan 0 0%
12th Classic Commedians Bob Hope & Bing Crosby 0 0%
13th Geeky Stoners Seth Rogan & James Franco 0 0%
14th Ditzy Dealers Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes 0 0%
15th Silly Sisters Tina Fey & Amy Poehler 0 0%
16th Wet Bandits Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern 0 0%
17th Dumb and Dumber Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels 0 0%
18th The Swingers' Vince Vaughn & Jon Favreau 0 0%


At any given time, each contestant's position is documented by their rank.

USC Ranks.png
  • The leader of the best element has the rank of Commander, and their wingman a Major.
  • The leaders of the second and third best elements have the rank of Major, and their wingmen are Captains.
  • The leaders of the fourth through ninth elements have the rank of Captain, and their wingmen are Lieutenants.
  • The leaders of the remaining nine elements are Lieutenants, and their wingmen are Flight Officers.

Squadron Organization[edit]

For Squadron level events, the Commander and ranked Majors will serve as leader of their Squadron and their Flight. The Captains will serve subordinate Flight Leaders.

The Squadron Leaders, in order of current standing, get to pick the Captains that serve as their Flight Leaders, and the Lieutenant that will fill out 1st Flight.

The Captains, also in order of rank, get to pick the Lieutenant that fills out the second part of their Flight.

Aurek Squadron Besh Squadron Cresh Squadron
First Flight Commander Major Major
*Major *Captain *Captain
Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
*Flight Officer *Flight Officer *Flight Officer
Second Flight Captain Captain Captain
*Lieutenant *Lieutenant *Lieutenant
Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
*Flight Officer *Flight Officer *Flight Officer
Third Flight Captain Captain Captain
*Lieutenant *Lieutenant *Lieutenant
Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
*Flight Officer *Flight Officer *Flight Officer


The Setting[edit]

Hosted by Archetype Technologies Ltd, the Ultimate Starfighting Championship is a tournament that pits the best fighter pilots from around the galaxy in a series of challenges to claim the title, Ultimate Ace.

Challenges will consist of dogfights against other contestants in actual starfighters as well as scenarios set up in the networked simulators.


Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


Archetype Technologies GNN - Sports XXXX

The Rules[edit]


Space Combat in the USC is pretty close to standard combat in Fate Core. Only four skills routinely coming into play. PIlot, Shoot, Technology, and Notice.

  • Pilot: A versatile skill used to make the fighter move where you want it to. Pilot is used to Overome in fighter to fighter challenges, such as racing to a target, and to Create Advantages related to a superior tactical position. It is most commonly used to Defend against enemy attacks, and if the pilot has a deathwish, they may roll pilot to make a ramming Attack.
  • Shoot: Used to fire laser and ion cannons. Shoot may be used to Attack or Create Advantages. To use this skill the fighter must have active weapons that have not been destroyed, ionized, or powered down for any reason. Scene and Fighter aspects may also come into play. If a TIE is on your tail, you cannot shoot it unless you get rid of that aspect or have a "Turret" or similar aspect of your own.
  • Technology: A handy skill used to operate key systems like shields, targeting computers, and jammers. Technology is most commonly used to Create Advantages such as "Shields", "Jammed". Your fighter must have an aspect granting permission to create such aspects. It can also be used to Overcome damage aspects (eliminating the free invoke if a consequence) or to remove advantages such as "Ionized" or "Power Loss." It is also used to operate the targeting computer to make missile or torpedo Attacks.
  • Notice: This skill serves as a pilot's situation awareness, keeping in mind everything he sees through the canopy and on his sensors. Each combat starts by rolling a Notice Overcome roll to establish the initiative order. The rolls will be aggravated for each side in the contest... (the players being one) essentially determining which side gets to go first. Since combat senses play the biggest part in not letting another pilot get on your tail, Notice is used to Defend against Piloting advantage rolls related to establishing a superior position, and against "Hidden" type aspects. Notice may also be used to Overcome, and possiblly Create Advantages when it comes to understanding the big picture of the battle and identifying targets or weaknesses.

USC also uses the Aerial Dogfighting mechanic from Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie. Fighters are constantly maneuvering to get a good firing position on the other. To represent this (without the Maneuver Chart from Tachyon Squadron) attacking without first having some sort of advantage over their target will do no more than ONE stress of damage, no matter the bonuses, equipment or stunts that come into play. In order to do full damage, the player must first have some sort of advantage over the target... such as the type created through the Create an Advantage action.

This does not apply to attacks against capital ships. In fact, it is recommended that pilots use hit and fade tactics in these situations to avoid getting vaped by anti-starfighter turrets.

Damage taken while in the cockpit is first taken as stress, and then consequences. Depending on the nature of the attack, this may be physical damage to the fighter or a personal injury to the pilot.

Pilots have a special "Wingman" consequence slot worth up to six stress. If the pilot chooses to fill it, the wingman is killed, shot down, or otherwise lost. Much like any other consequence, this may eventually recover by saving or replacing your wingman.


As long as the pilot's "Wingman" consequence is not filled, they are considered part of an Element and receive a +1 teamwork bonus for all rolls.

Starfighter Squadrons in Star Wars are 12 pilots (up until the most recent games/novels) so I'm expanding the concept of wingmen from Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie.

Expanding on this notion... elements of fighters can group up into Flights or whole Squadrons for bigger teamwork bonuses to take down larger capital ships.

Single Fighter... (1-1).... +0 Teamwork Bonus
Element............ (2-3).... +1 Teamwork Bonus
Flight................ (4-9).... +2 Teamwork Bonus
Squadron......... (10-19) +3 Teamwork Bonus
Two Squadrons (20-28) +4 Teamwork Bonus
Wing................. (29-48) +5 Teamwork Bonus

PC's and NPC's might group together to take on Capital ships, but I doubt this would go beyond the Squadron level. I may also use this as a way to abstract the squadron to squadron combat in the background, rather than rolling dozens of fighters individually.


Types & Generations

Types: Starfighters are classified as one of three types: an Interceptor designed for starfighter to starfighter combat, a Bomber designed for attacking capital ships, or as a multi-role... for which we will use the term Fighter... which is capable of both.

The high concept can be invoked for a bonus as long as it is greater than that of the opposing starfighter. A Fighter can invoke it to shoot a Bomber, and an Interceptor can invoke it to shoot a Fighter, but a Fighter can't invoke it to shoot an Interceptor.

Tiers: Starfighters are also classified by their tier, which is a representation of their combat ability. Older fighters struggle to keep up with newer fighters unless they are heavily modified, which can take additional resources to keep in fighting shape.

Tier Stunts Interceptor Fighter Bomber Support
S 5 TIE Defender
A 4 TIE Interceptor TIE Avenger
B 3 A-wing, TIE Brute X-wing, TIE Striker Y-wing, B-wing, TIE Bomber U-wing, TIE Reaper
C 2 Eta-2, TIE/LN Z-95 Headhunter ARC-170 Lambda Shuttle
D 1 Delta-7, TIE (original) N-1 Starfighter Cloakshape Fighter

All the main fighters, X-wing, A-wing, and B-wing will be defined B-Tier fighters in their unmodified state.

For the time being, PC's start with a B-Tier starfighter, which could be a modern starfighter or a modified version of an older fighter.

Wingmen will have the same type of fighter as their PC or NPC Element Leader.

Aspects While we could provide statistical bonuses for more aspects of each fighter, the goal of the game is to fully simulate dogfights with imaginary starfighters. The stunts chosen (which are subject to change) are designed to give the feel for each fighter. Aspects provide narrative permission to perform CAA's that simulate the other features.

  • "Hyperdrive Equipped" Can jump to hyperspace. Duh.
  • "Shield Equipped" The Pilot can use technology to Create Shield advantages. The first one of the combat has Mediocre (+0) difficulty. Only two free invokes can be active at any given time. the difficulty increases by 1 for each invoke that has been created.
  • "Ion Equipped" Can use gunnery to create CAA's related to Ionization of the target ship. Defended against via the targets pilot skill... bypasses shields.
  • "Jammer Equipped" will allow the pilot to use technology to greater "Jammed" type aspects to use when defending against attacks, maneuvering, or evading notice.
  • "Astromech Equipped" will allow for in-flight repairs of systems outside of the cockpit.
  • "Power Shunt Equipped" yeah yeah...
  • "Turret Equipped" I know...

Rebel Starfighters X-wing (NR)
“Exceptional Multi-role Fighter” “Astromech, Shield & Hyperdrive Equipped”

  • Quad Laser Cannons: Max 1 Gunnery die on Attacks with lasers.
  • Astromech Slot: Max 1 Technology die on Overcome and CAA actions related to repairs.
  • Proton Torpedoes: Tech, Corvette Scale, Weapon 2, 2 uses

Y-wing (NR)
“Venerable & Rugged Bomber” “Astromech, Shield, Turret, Ion & Hyperdrive Equipped”

  • Ion Turret: Maximize 1 Gunnery die on CAA’s with ion cannons.
  • Astromech Slot: Max 1 Technology die on Overcome and CAA actions related to repairs.
  • Ordinance Bay

A-wing (NR)
“Temperamental & Elusive Interceptor” “Jammer, Shield & Hyperdrive Equipped”

  • Event Horizon Engines: Max 1 Pilot
  • Vectored Thrust: Max 1 Notice
  • Concussion Missiles: Tech, Starfighter Scale, Weapon 2, 4 uses (Interceptors Only)

B-wing (NR)
“High Powered/High Maintenance Bomber” “Ion, Shield & Hyperdrive Equipped”

  • Heavy Laser Cannons: Weapon: 2
  • Advanced Targeting computer: Maximize 1 Gunnery/Technology die for attacks against capital ships.
  • Ordinance Bay

U-wing (NR)

Imperial Fighters


TIE/D Defender (GE) AKA "Trip"

TIE/AD Avenger (GE) AKA "Bright"
TIE/IN Interceptor (GE) AKA “Squint”
“Military Grade Interceptor”

  • High-Performance Engines: Max 1 Pilot die when defending against attacks
  • Quad Laser Cannons: Max 1 Gunnery die on Attacks with lasers.
  • Power Shunt: Max 1 Technology died on CAA’s related to power distribution.
  • Agile Frame: Max 1 Tactics die on overcome actions related to positioning.


TIE/RB Brute (GE) AKA “Wink”
“Up Gunned Interceptor”

  • Heavy Laser Cannons: Weapon: 2
  • Integrated Droid Processor: Max 1 Gunnery die on Attacks with lasers.
  • Power Shunt: Max 1 Technology died on CAA’s related to power distribution.

TIE/SA Bomber (GE) AKA “Dupe”

  • Advanced Targeting computer: Maximize 1 Gunnery/Technology die for attacks against capital ships.
  • Reinforced Hull: Maximize 1 Pilot die for defending against attacks.
  • Double Ordinance Bay (2 stunts)

TIE/SK Striker (GE) AKA "Uni"

TIE/RP Reaper (GE) "AKA "Brow”

TIE/LN Line Fighter (GE) AKA "Eyeball" "Economic Interceptor"

  • Power Shunt: Max 1 Technology died on CAA’s related to power distribution.
  • Agile Frame: Max 1 Tactics die on overcome actions related to positioning.

D-Tier TIE Fighter (GE) AKA "Eyeball"

Capital Ships[edit]


Despite the many different naming conventions found across the galaxy, the Old Republic, Empire and now the New Republic all use the this basic categorization.

0- Starfighters/transports
1- Corvette class 80-195m
2- Frigate class 200-395m
3- Cruiser class 400-895m
4- Dreadnaught class 900-1895m
5- Super class 1900m+

I like the concept of scale that FATE/FAE introduced, so I'll be working different angles to use it as a way to make Capital ships more dangerous and unique.

Inspiration & Acknowleddgements[edit]

These rules are primarily based on Tachyon Squadron (TS) by Clark Valentine and Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie (KZ)... which as it turns out is also by Clark Valentine.

Go figure.

The game was originally planned to lean more toward TS but has now shifted back toward KZ for ease of gameplay in a PbP format. There have been a few changes, most notably the die maximizing/minimizing concept from TS and slightly more detailed fighters.

In order to fit what I feel is more in the keeping of 'A galaxy far, far away', I want to capitalize on the wingman concept from KZ.

Additional inspiration came from:

  • Michael Stackpole's Rogue Squadron series. Duh.
  • Top Gun. Also duh.
  • Iustam's Salamis/Battlestar Galactica game, run using Tachyon Squadron rules.
  • Pstjmack's Raiders of the Rim/Star Wars game, which bases it's space combat on Tachyon Squadron, but expands it to ships of all sizes.
  • Discussion posts [1] between Reddit users DaStainlessSteelRat and DiceSpacer who statted many of the fighters and systems for Tachyon Squadron, which I used as a starting point.