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'''Heritage''': ''Imperial''<br/>
LibDem is stuffed with bigots, yet even minor criticism toward them is a group attack.
House Connora is an old money family from Rendili.
'''Background''': ''Military''<br/>
When will you Libs decide that dissing Nazis is bad because "Not all Nazis", I wonder?
Lyta served in the Republic (and then Imperial) Navy before defecting, and served in the Alliance (and then New Republic) Special Forces after that.
'''Vice''': ''Pleasure''<br/>
Lyta grew up in aristocratic luxury.  While she acclimated to the discomforts of military deployment decades ago, she also craves shore leave.
'''Looks''': ''Lyta is a short, pale human woman with wavy dark hair and black eyes in active middle age.  She is often seen disheveled after crawling through some maintenance hatch or another, but she cleans up well, able to pull off high society elegance when need be (or on leave).''
[https://i.imgur.com/RNtvtv8.png Appearance]
'''Insight 3'''<br/>
''Hack 1, Rig 2, Study 1''
'''Prowess 2'''<br/>
''Scrap 1,Skulk 1''
'''Resolve 1'''<br/>
''Consort 1 1''
When you '''Rig''' a structure or vehicle to sabotage or impair it, you roll '''+1d'''
You may expend your '''special armor''' to resist a consequence from machines breaking or being damaged, or to '''push yourself''' when repairing or building a machine.
'''Len, a Black Market dealer +'''<br/>
When you're the gearhead for the forward operators of a desperate resistance, you need suppliers you can trust to make up shortfalls in the logistics chain. They met in a cantina on Dohlban while Lyta was trying to scrounge up supplies for her squad's next operation (attacking the compound of a Moff skimming off illicit trade out of Hutt space to help fund his personal him squads and oppress his people even worse), and they've been 'business contacts with benefits' off and on since.<br>
Whether someone you left a spacer bar with while both drunk on happy hour Supernovas is more or less likely to correctly sort into the 'trust' category is debatable, but Len has an honest face, a pillowy chest at Lyta's eye level, and an inventory that's hard to find without going to Black Sun or Crimson Dawn. The Zeltron woman is actually sympathetic to the Rebellion/New Republic, but they're legitimate authority now and Len is still a criminal, so she often asks Lyta to use the connections and standing she still has with the brass to get local enforcement to look the other way.
'''Kenn, her brother -'''<br/>
He joined the Grand Army of the Republic after the war started, and was quickly taken into Intelligence as a signals analyst, then later performed the same role in the ISB. He considers Lyta's treason an embarrassment to the family, and despite being on the losing side now, still serves his vision of the Empire fervently.  He has joined a collection of Imperial black-budget assets, ISB and COMPNOR enforcers, and other reactionaries in a
Lyta Connora grew up among the industrial aristocracy of the core world of Rendili, and when the Clone Wars broke out, she (or rather, her family) considered it her civic duty to go off to war.  As she was already most of the way through her engineering education, she was able to join the Naval Officer training corps and, a year later, joined the war at its height.  She oversaw technicians and clones repairing various capital ships, eventually serving on a Venator-Class Star Destroyer in the Open Circle Fleet during the Battle of Coruscant.
Lyta continued in service once the Republic became the Empire, and was insulated from the darkest changes at first.  Eventually, though, rumors of atrocities became mission reports.  Eventually, Lyta was Engineer's Mate aboard ISD ''Accuser'' when Alderaan was destroyed, and due to her position she was one of the few personnel that had the opportunity to read the manifesto Tycho Chelchu left behind after his defection before it was deleted.  Her own breaking point - at least the one that got her to go through with defecting herself - was the  ''Accuser'''s general bombardment of the neutral world of Kabal just because some rebel groups were meeting there.
When ''Accuser'' recieved its next automated supply freighter, Lyta stowed away in one of its holds, redirecting life support (with Tink's help) to keep her alive until its return to the Arkanis sector logistics hub on Akiva, where she slipped out with day laborers, and began the dangerous process of trying to get to the Rebellion.  The only place she was really sure she could find rebels was Dac, home of the Mon Calamari shipyards; the ''Accuser'' had been part of a failed attack on it a few months ago.  So she used part of her last credits on hand to get to the nearby, mostly-lawless planet Tatooine, and from there started signing on with smuggler crews headed in the right direction.  (She hadn't known that the ISD ''Devastator'' had left some of its garrison in Mos Eisley just a few months prior, and was terrified the Stormtroopers were actually there for her.)
Once she finally reached Dac, Lyta offered up everything she knew about Star Destroyer systems, and eventually she was approached by fellow defector Crix Madine about joining the Special Forces and applying her knowledge as a saboteur.  She spent the next five years on commando ops, attacking the infrastructure of the war machine she'd once served.
It felt... right.
Hopefully this will feel right again.
===Item: Special Pet===
Usually accompanying her is her pet lenorat, 'Tink', who often perches on her shoulder and sometimes helps with simple tasks in repairs (and sabotage).  Lenorats are endemic to Rendili, one of the dominant groups of flyers in its ecosystem -  arm-sized, black, mostly hairy creatures with four limbs modified to support finely-scaled leathery wings, bare scaly heads, a prehensile tail, and bone-white, prehensile snouts.  Smaller lenorids form large, complex social flocks called 'forums', but the true lenorat is more solitary, foraging an individual territory and usually forming close bonds only with neighbors.  They are intelligent creatures, trainable if given the proper care, and able to perform fine manipulation with their proboscis.
Lyta picked up Tink from home on her last leave before defecting.  He was technically her baby brother's pet, but Willem had neglected his care in the final year of secondary school, so she took him with her on a whim rather than leave him to be grudgingly cared for by the house-servants.  Initially she had trepidations about keeping him with her in the field when she joined the rebels, but she kept him smuggled on her person while escaping.  On one leg of the journey, she was frantically reaching for a tool while trying to divert life-support on the automated freighter so she could keep breathing, and he passed her the tool.  Ever since, he's served her in much the same role as a light-duty carriage utility droid would.  Which is good, because like many Clone Wars veterans, she has some prejudice against droids - which she has to bite back on in her present company, of course.

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LibDem is stuffed with bigots, yet even minor criticism toward them is a group attack.

When will you Libs decide that dissing Nazis is bad because "Not all Nazis", I wonder?