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I am: Strongarm

I'm played by: Threlicus


Desire: As Ghost gets older, he struggles to keep the respect he had in his youth. He knows there will be a day he must step down as raid commander for the good of his people, but he hopes to do enough in that time so that his place of honor in the tribe is assured.

Role: Shaman

Dramatic Poles: Duty and Selfishness

History: I was named that to attempt to bring blessings on my right arm, which was withered and feeble from birth. It was a failure; though I can move the arm, and even grasp (very gently) things, it remains feeble and useless for any but the lightest work.

As a result of that arm, I am ill-suited to fighting, and therefore was made the old shaman's apprentice. He has died early in this most recent famine, taking ill quickly, and leaving the job to me, too early for my own taste -- I have seen only seventeen summers, a man by the tribe's rules but hardly old enough to garner the respect the job should have. I am also (partly due to my youth) temperamentally unsuited to the celibacy the position (formally) demands.

Ghost is my mother's brother (younger or older depends on how old Ghost is. I get the feeling he's an older warrior, mid-thirties or so, but that could be wrong).

The People In My Life

Character Player Relationship What I Want From Him/Her Dramatic Poles
Ghost Caias Ward Ghost is my mother's brother What Want Dramatic Poles
Shadow Madcat Trying to Befriend Me What Want Ruthless (how far will Shadow go to force recognition?) vs. Resignation (Can he accept his lot in life and prove himself worthy of respect despite it?)
Wind Wroclaw Secretly Killed My Master (I do not know). What Want Alliance-Builder vs. Back-Stabber
Horizon Tophocles Foster Sister What Want team player (pack mother) vs. lone wolf

What Can I Do

Rank Action How I Do It
Strong Action How I Do It
Strong Action How I Do It
Middling Action How I Do It
Middling Action How I Do It
Middling Action How I Do It
Weak Action How I Do It
Weak Action How I Do It